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Kai and Greg in a video
Kai, or CoolGuyKai (previously known as Lainey or LaineyBot), is Greg's current spouse. They have been together since early 2012.

In 2019 Kai announced he identifies as a trans man and goes by he/him or they/them pronouns. ($ource) The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but pre-2019 images, quotes, and videos will not.

Kai has not posted publicly on the internet since December 2019. (Source)

Early Relationship

Main article: Lainey Early Relationship
One of Kai's tweets to Greg. (Source)
Kai says he discovered Greg online when Shane Dawson uploaded the video of Greg kissing Shane. The video was released August 6, 2011, so Kai would have been 16 at the time.

Later that year, when Greg began having relationship issues with his then fiance, Kai began fangirl tweeting him almost daily for months. (Source) Over time, Kai began sending more obsessive tweets, from saying Greg is in his top 5 Youtubers he would marry list, to eventually proclaiming he loved Greg despite never personally talking to him at that point.

Kai would directly respond to Greg through twitter whenever Greg was going through a break up, usually saying something along the lines of Greg not being at fault and that Greg has a big heart. It is believed Kai would watch Greg's Twitter feed and wait for him to tweet so that when he tweets at Greg, Greg would be more likely to see it. (Source) Inspired by Greg, Kai went vegetarian for the 2012 new year and used a picture of Greg as his phone background. On the first day of the year, Kai tweeted: "My #2012 wish is for @Onision to be a big part of my year." Looking back, Kai described himself as a creepy fangirl. (Source)

After breaking up with his fiance Shiloh for the last time, Greg tweeted "Soulmate... where are you?" on February 12, 2012. Kai replied "here". Greg DM'd Kai on twitter: "You really think you're my soulmate?" "If so... what makes you feel this way?". (Source) When talking about this moment in 2015, Greg says "I was already following this girl on twitter and I think we texted a few times prior, so it was extra meaningful to me." ($ource) According to Kai, they had also had a short Skype conversation once before this in January. (Source)

The nearly daily tweets from Kai to Greg ended on February 15th.

Greg and Kai began privately dating on February 27, 2012. (Source) Kai was 17 and Greg was 26 at this time. Greg and Kai say Kai had originally lied about his age, claiming to be 18 when they began talking. ($ource) Greg first told Kai he loved him around this time over text. (Source)

New Mexico

In early March 2012, Greg began wearing a ring. (Source) When asked about the ring, he seemed proud to say that he had been keeping his life private. (Source) Around that time, Kai began showing off an engagement ring on social media. (Source) In 2015, Greg revealed he proposed to Kai before ever meeting him in person by telling him, "you know I'm going to marry you, right?" over Skype. He gave Kai the ring when they met in person for the first time. ($ource)

Kai says they met in person for the first time on March 8, 2012. (Source) In 2019, when talking about the first time they met, Greg says it was "definitely not" love at first sight for him. He says when he was looking for a relationship after his ex-fiance, he wasn't going for looks, he was just looking for a good person. He said he wasn't excited about the relationship until later on. Kai says it was love at first sight for him and he was excited when they met. ($ource) Kai says they met for the first time at a coffee shop and got lunch lunch. He says after they their first kiss at a park, then went to the mall. (Source) Greg says they had sex within hours of meeting. ($ource)

Greg filming in New Mexico. ($ource)
Eventually, due to Greg and Kai's Twitter activity, people began comparing Greg's indoor filming locations with Kai's Instagram photos. The rooms were identical. Also, Kai began dropping hints he was dating Greg by wearing articles of Greg's clothing in photos and paralleling their tweets about what they were doing when they were together. When this was pointed out in videos and on blogs in late May, Kai deleted the images in question and made his Twitter account private. He would flip flop between private and public until their relationship was revealed.

Viewers also began to notice Greg had begun filming in a new location that was not his Washington home. Soon, it was found out that Greg was renting a home in New Mexico. It turns out he was in New Mexico to be with Kai while he finished up High School. Some speculated they were keeping their relationship a secret due to the immense amount of criticism Greg received in the past for dating a teenager.

Kai continued to post hints about Greg and posted images where his and Greg's reflection could be seen. (Source) Greg seemed to be making similarly careless mistakes as well. One example is when he posted a full page screen shot of YouTube, but Kai's Twitter can be seen in his bookmark toolbar. (Source)

There were two more major sightings of Kai and Greg before Greg's reveal of Kai to his fans. On July 18th, an image of Kai and Greg was taken from Kai's private Twitter and spread on Tumblr. He soon deleted it and began to be more careful (such as using reflections). The second sighting was on September 16, 2012. Kai can be seen in the background of Cyr's video "Going Away...". It seems that Cyr came to New Mexico to make videos with Greg and they played mini golf together with Kai. (Source)

It was later revealed Kai's father did not agree with the relationship since Kai was 17 and Greg was 26. Kai was banned from Greg's home. (Source) Greg moved back to Washington and they continued their relationship long distance from June to August 2012. (Source) Afterword, Greg moved to New Mexico so he could live with Kai. Kai's parents believed Kai was living at his college dorm room at the time. (Source)

Publicly Dating

On October 22, 2012, 6 days after Kai turned 18, Kai officially announced their relationship with an Instagram image of them kissing. (Source) A month later, Kai appeared in his first Onision video. (Source) For a while, Kai did not appear in many of Greg's videos due to his dislike for being filmed. (Source)

In the early years of their relationship, Kai and Greg would pretend they're splitting up on social media to create fake drama. Greg had also uploaded a fake breakup video about Kai in 2013. (Source) This confused numerous viewers and Kai and Greg would be plagued with questions and concern from fans about their "breakup" for months at a time on Tumblr and Twitter. (Source) The confusion was so persistent, Greg had to address this in his 2013 FAQ. He explained they faked breakups to play off everyone who made up fake rumors about their lives. (Source)


Greg and Kai in a 2015 video
When Kai and Greg began publicly dating, Kai began going by "Lainey", or "Laineybot", online. He created a Laineybot Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Kai says Greg gave him the nickname "Lainey". (Source) Kai explained Greg chose the name Lainey for Kai's middle name at the time, Elaine. (Source)

In October 2012, Kai was thinking about changing his username to LaineyBug. (Source) This is thought to be inspired by Shane Dawson's then girlfriend, LisaBug. The month before, Kai listed Shane Dawson as one of his favorite YouTubers. (Source) He did not make the switch because LaineyBug was already taken.


Greg and Kai were married through the New Mexico court system on November 14, 2012. They did not announce their marriage online and Kai kept it a secret from his family. The internet found out about the marriage a week later when an ex-friend of Kai's went to Tumblr to reveal what has been going on between Greg and Kai. (Source) (More info on the ex-friend's post and Skype leaks)

Greg and Kai did not have a wedding until 2013. In 2019, Greg ripped up Kai's wedding dress in the Laineybot video "Trying On My Old Girl Clothes". ($ource)


After word began to spread of Kai and Greg's secret marriage, Kai's parents received a letter around April 2013. The letter informed them Kai was now married and warned them about how they believed Greg was dangerous. This caused a string of angry videos from Greg accusing a specific YouTuber of being the Snail Mail Stalker, and saying that Kai's parents were creeped out by the whole situation.

Because of these videos, many viewers got the impression Kai's family were right away on Greg's side and got along with him. Although, within the next few years Greg would reveal this was not exactly the case.

On October 10, 2015, Greg uploaded "Draw My Wife (Onision's Relationship Story)" to his main channel. In the video, Greg talks about how he became married to Kai, but mainly focused the video on a family member of Kai's he refers to as "Mr. Grump". He described how upset Mr. Grump, who is assumed to be Kai's biological father, was when he found out his teenage daughter was engaged to Greg. Greg says Mr. Grump tried different ways of separating Kai and Greg such as threatened Greg and claiming their relationship was illegal. Greg says he no longer associates with Mr. Grump because Mr. Grump joked about stealing their child. Greg also revealed private family issues to sway viewers that were sympathizing with Mr. Grump. ($ource) In April 2015, it seemed Greg was trying to convince Kai to stop associating with his father. He indirectly called Kai "immoral" on twitter for associating with someone that threatened his significant other. (source)

Greg has also shown friction with his in-laws when he lashed out multiple times at other specific in-laws over his public Facebook fan-page, which has over 700,000 followers. An example of this is when he attacked certain members of Kai's family for being pro-circumcision. Another example is when Greg ranted about how horrible he thinks a specific younger member of Kai's family is and revealed a lot of private information that he heard them tell Kai. Greg is also known to poke fun at his in-laws religious beliefs.


Two instances of Greg publicly shaming specific in-laws.


On June 26, 2013, Kai announced he was pregnant with a picture of his baby bump on Tumblr. "Newest addition to the family coming late December/early January :)".Later that same day, he deleted the image and posted to Tumblr and Twitter, "Congrats guys you’ve officially lost all of your picture privileges. Good job. Thanks for being extremely rude." When asked why, he replied "people are cunts & I'm not putting up with it." (Source)

After going back and forth on the matter, Greg and Kai decided to keep their child off of the internet. For the first year, Kai would talk about their child on social media and answer fans questions fans asked about him such as the baby's appearance and Kai's parenting decisions. After the first year, Kai became more private with the information shared about their child, usually talking about things like his pregnancy and breastfeeding, but not talking directly about the child. Greg consistently kept quiet about the child, only occasionally mentioning he is a parent in jokes and during arguments/rants criticizing other parents or doctors. Greg had also made a music video and song for his son. ($ource)

In 2016, Kai and Greg had their second child. Kai hid the pregnancy from the internet, going as far as to film himself from the cheat up not to show his pregnancy bump. Kai later talked about the pregnancy on the Laineybot channel and showed off pregnancy photos. ($ource)

Relationship Tattoos

Kai's tattoos for Greg as of 2019
Kai has gotten many tattoos with and for Greg over the years.

On October 24, 2012, Kai tweeted about getting his first tattoo and revealed it was going to be his lucky number. (Source) Later that day, he posted a picture of his new "27" hip tattoo to Instagram. Kai and Greg got matching "27" tattoos, most likely for the day they started dating, February 27, 2012.

On March 27, 2013, Greg uploaded "ONISION'S NEW TATTOO" to his speaks channel. He showed off his fresh touch-up on his "27" hip tattoo and he and Kai's new matching "14" ankle tattoos. ($ource) In a 2019 video, Kai explained the tattoo is meant to to be for the day they were married, November 14, 2012. Kai says the tattoo could be a "14" or a "11-14". He says people often mistake it as crosses. ($ource) Four months after Kai's video, Greg said the "11-14" is for the day he almost ended his life, November 14, 2007. He says he unintentionally got legally married on the same day. He says he got the tattoo for his relationship, but jokes if they break up he will still have the other meaning. ($ource)

In 2017, Greg and Kai got themed tattoos together of characters from the Mario video game series. Kai got Yoshi and Greg got Toad. (Source) In 2018, Kai got a three flower tattoo designed by Greg. Each flower represented a member of their family, the biggest one representing Greg. ($ource) Shortly after, Kai got a surprise tattoo for Greg on their 6th wedding anniversary that said "You are my strength" in Greg's handwriting. ($ource)

Online Career


Since going public with his relationship with Greg, viewers wondered if Kai was going to create a Youtube channel. For the first 3 years of their relationship, Kai maintained he was not planning on creating a channel. (Source) Kai explained in 2013 he is in school to peruse medicine and is not interested in the entertainment industry. He says it's not his job to entertain people on the internet and he is only concerned about Greg and school. (Source)

Although Kai was not interested in having his own channel during this time, he would occasionally make appearances in Greg's Youtube videos and Youtuve livestreams. For example, Greg's UhOhBro video "WIFE FAIL", where Greg went through Kai's tumblr to make fun of his posts. ($ource)


Laineybot channel, 2017
In early 2015, Kai created a Laineybot Facebook fanpage, Younow, and a Laineybot YouTube account. He did not use the Youtube channel until later in 2015, when he began uploading challenge videos and re-uploads of Greg's comedy videos that he was in. For a while the channel consisted mostly of videos of Kai and Greg sitting and asking each other questions. Many fans of the channel have commented that Kai seems uncomfortable and/or quiet when filming with Greg and many have expressed they prefer videos he filmed with friends. (Source)

For most of the channel's life, Kai's videos were centered around Kai either telling stories or trying out products.

Throughout Kai's Youtube career, many drama followers theorized Greg actually ran Kai's channel. This is mainly due to the style of writing used in the videos, the video descriptions, and the video titles were more similar to Greg's writing style than Kai's. Another reason this theory was so popular was because for years video titles and descriptions on Kai's channel would misgender him, referring to him as "wife" or "girlfriend" and uses "she/her" pronouns, even though for most of his Youtube career, Kai identified as agender and preferred they/them pronouns. Greg did not begin using these pronouns and referring to Kai as his "significant other" (rather than "wife") until late 2016, but Greg did not do it consistently. Later on Greg began referring to Kai as his "spouse" and now his "husband".


On September 2, 2017, Kai created his BeautyBot channel for his makeup videos. Kai uploaded his last beauty video to the channel on October 7, 2018. ($ource)


August 17, 2019 username change announcement ($ource)


Kai broadcasted on Younow to talk with fans all throughout 2015. He became partnered on the site and began to receive donations from fans. He abruptly stopped broadcasting and did not use Younow for a year and a half. (Source) One of his last broadcasts before the break featured Greg after many fans requested he come on. Kai and Greg fought throughout the broadcast and Greg made mocked fans and anyone that donated. He stated he did not like Younow because it was like begging for money and Kai asks "why do you ruin everything I do?" After the broadcast, Kai explained to viewers this is why Greg does not come on the broadcast and that's how he is most of the time. (Source, Source) Greg shortly came on Kai's broadcast a second time to advertise his book This Is Why I Hate You. (Source)

In early 2017, Greg began using Kai's Younow to host debates and a broadcast with his fans. He explains he did this to help Kai financially so he could be financially independent if Kai wants to divorce him. (Source) This is something Greg expressed two weeks before the broadcast on twitter. (Source)

Kai began broadcasting again on Younow in late 2017. This may have been due to the 2017 Adpocalypse, which greatly cut down Greg and Kai's Youtube revenue. Greg and Kai became more aggressive in trying to get money from fans during this time. For example, in 2017, during a broadcast, Kai told fans he would get a volcano tattoo if her fans bought him enough "volcanoes" that day. On Younow, volcanoes were a gift/donation fans could buy streamers for around $40. Kai asked for more until he hit 10 volcanoes that day, or around $400 in donations. (Source) Kai got the tattoo shortly after and made the lava rainbow for his bisexuality.

Kai stopped consistently broadcasting on Younow in 2018, only occasionally broadcasting to clear up information during scandals he was involved in, like when he was accused of grooming Sarah in early 2019. (Source)





Public Fights

Unlike any other of Greg's relationships, Greg and Kai would get into heated fights publicly on twitter. This began a few years into their relationship. One of the more infamous instances was a fight triggered when Kai expressed excitement when a member of one of his favorite bands tweeted him. Greg became upset because this individual had blocked him on twitter and he believed because Kai did not dislike someone that disliked him, Kai was not being loyal. (Source)

Kai and Greg would also vent tweet after private fights between them. Kai would usually vaguely or bluntly complain about something Greg said or did and Greg will tweet about how he is not deserving of his significant other because Kai is too good for him. During these types of tweets, Greg would talk about how he is verbally or emotionally abusive. (Source) Once during one of these vent tweets sessions, Kai revealed Greg told him he did not want to be married to him anymore. (Source) Occasionally, Greg will upload a video soon afterword to explain the private details of what happened between them.

Stop using twitter for personal, rumor b/c greg, private twitters, twitter purge b4 july 2017, rumor b/c people would bring up old offensive tweets


In 2013, some viewers began speculating if Kai was bisexual. This was mainly due to his twitter activity. He would frequently joke-flirt with his female friends and call them his girlfriend. A social media profile Kai had when he was 16 was discovered. One the page, Kai listed himself as bisexual and wrote he was looking for athletic boys and petite girls. (Source) Kai's Tumblr likes also revealed a number of NSWF images of women. (Source) Whenever Kai was asked about being bi on twitter or tumblr, he denied ever being out as bisexual. (Source)

It was speculated Kai denied his bisexuality because it was a common belief at the time that Greg did not trust bisexuals in relationships. This was due to a 2012 video where he yelled about how bisexual girls he had dated cheated on him. ($ource) Also, in a 2011 leaked email, Greg's ex Adrienne claimed Greg got mad at her after she made a status about receiving a massage from another woman. "He told me that because I am bisexual, that by nature I am inclined to be promiscuous and that I shouldn’t let anyone but him touch me. That because I am bisexual, I cannot be trusted — that I have been inappropriate with a member of one of the sexes I am attracted to".

Greg replied to a tumblr anon asking about the profile by saying Kai could be whatever he wants to be and he denied saying "all bisexuals cheat". He included the tags "lol, silly, whatever". (Soruce) In a 2013 livestream, Kai was asked if he was bisexual. He said no, but said Greg believed he was. ([ Source])

Two years later, on July 1, 2015, Kai came out as bisexual on twitter. (Source) On August 7, 2015, Greg and Kai made a coming out video together for the Laineybot channel. ($ource) Kai credits Greg with helping him realize he was bisexual.

A month after Kai came out on twitter, Greg announced that he is allowing Kai to date girls to explore his bisexuality. (Source) Kai began contacting girls through twitter in hopes of finding a girlfriend.

Billie Luxy

Brief Break Ups


Kai and Greg in a video, March 2013. ($ource)


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