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Suk Mi was a meme that originated among drama followers in 2011. It is used in a mocking manner toward Greg.


On October 16, 2011, Greg's ex-girlfriend Adrienne granted permission for anti-onision pages to share her previously leaked email after Greg and then fiance Shiloh began publicly suggesting Adrienne has STDs. The long email, or as it's more well known as "The Letter", detailed her short relationship with Greg. She wrote about how Greg asked her for a blow job in what she believed to be a funny manner:

But, oh my GOD, I’ve been dying to tell someone this aside from my best friends in real life! Let me tell you how I woke up the next morning! Please grab a towel to sit on before you read this, because you will pee yourself with laughter. I don’t know how I managed to keep my composure when it was happening to me.

*G shaking and tapping me*
Me: I roll over, sleepy eyed, “What?!”
Him: “Do you suck me?!”
Me: “Wha… no?…?!?!?! What the fuck?!”, I roll over and go back to sleep.

I wish you could hear how he says it. He refers to blowjays as being “sucked on”. Ugh, ew! When he wants a beej, he goes, “Suck me?!”. He says it kind of like an Asian man at a restaurant, asking you if you would like some additional “Suk mi” with your order. And he always says it with a raised inflection on the “me”, so it always sounds like a question. It is really very tragic.

"Suk Mi" became an inside joke within the Onision drama following community and some began to spam "suk mi" on Greg's social media.


On October 17, 2011 Greg uploaded a Speaks video titled "SUK MI? LOL!!!". In the video, he explains someone pointed out to him since the drama started the number of ratings on his videos increased. He says "drama whores" come to "bask in the reality show that is Onision". He says when the drama is over, they will go away and he and his fans can get back to topics like religion, vegetarianism, and circumcision. He says he realized this doesn't hurt him because he has the same number of thumbs ups on his videos, but he is now getting more thumbs down because of the drama whores. He says enemies he had in the past are now his friend because of the recent drama. He says he hasn't hurt anyone, is honest, just, consistent, and didn't do anything illegal. He says says the person that is spreading information about him and his loved ones went "below the belt" and made up "screwed up" things. He says he still has lots of likes, fans, popularity, success, and comments. He says people that are leaving hate comments helping the Speaks channel, "so there is no downer". "You Can believe in the whole suck me thing. That's something that's been spread around, but even if that were true- and I'm only bringing this up because it's the funniest thing about what's going on, the suck me thing. SUCK ME! [laughs]" He says he never understood when people say "blow me" as opposed to "suck me" because "would you rather have a ceiling fan or a suction thing?" He says he doesn't remember saying suck me. He says this while thing is stupid and funny because he's the only on gaining anything from it. He says he hopes his fans are laughing with him at the haters because "you guys are fucking stupid". He ends the video with, "Thanks for the hits idiots." ($ource)

Suk Mi music video
On October 22, 2011, Greg uploaded a music video to his main channel originally titled "SUK MI (Man Song)", now titled "SUK MI (The Song)". The video featured him and Shiloh. ($ource) In the video description, Greg says he created the song as a parody of stories his girlfriends told him about guys. (Source) The song has noting to do with Adrienne or what she said in her email, but he still spelled "suck me" the same way she did in her letter (suk mi). Some believe he created the song to distract viewers from the "suk mi" story.

Adrienne reacted to the song on Facebook:

LOLZ, once again Bananaman lends both validity and attention to everything I have said! There is seriously a SUK MI music video now which, however disturbing, is honesty is pretty funny. I hope he does something useful with the money he's making off me!!!

I also hope this doesn't spawn more repulsive behavior as means of beefin' up his wallet! Oh well, it wont be my problem anymore!!!

I am just LULZing because he is seriously that butt-hurt over it that he took the time and effort to make a music video. You know, to show how much he DOESN'T care. A music video of which exploits his sexual escapades with me, while including his current girlfriend. How sad and degrading (yet still LULZy) is it? (Source)

The song is available to purchase on itunes. (Source)

On October 24, 2011, Greg posted a Facebook status "Oh yes, the origin of "SUK MI" ~" and linked a fan video titles "Suk Mi Remix with Onision as Chibi Derf" (video since deleted). The video was clips of Chibi Derf to remixed music and audio of someone saying "suck me love" over and over. (Source) Some believe Greg made this status to deter fans from looking up the actual origins of the "suk mi" meme.

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