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"Shiloh Has Sepsis" ($ource)
Sepsis is a life threatening body reaction to an infection. After their miscarriage, Shiloh and Greg claimed Shiloh had Sepsis, when she clearly did not.

"Shiloh Has Sepsis"

Greg uploaded a video titled "Shiloh Has Sepsis" on Dec 15, 2011. Throughout the video Greg is talking, sitting on a chair as Shiloh is cuddled over him. He begins the video by announcing that there will be no Onision videos uploaded for the next few days. He mentions that this is "very abnormal" because he kept to his schedule for years. He says that when Shiloh was blood-tested to find out if she was pregnant or not, results said she was not pregnant and she had sepsis. When he is talking about this we see a clip of Shiloh about to give a blood sample. He says that a urinary infection got into her blood and she needed to be rushed to the hospital in Canada. He says that she needs to get on a plane soon, so he will spend his time with her instead of editing videos. He says he doesn't know if we'll see her in future videos and that hopefully she'll pull through and everything will be fine. He thanks his fans for loving and supporting them. The screen turns to black and there is white text: "Please send love to as she fights this horrible disease..." The last scene is Greg and Shiloh hugging as Shiloh is seemingly crying. (Her head was behind his, so it cannot actually be seen)

This video was removed from his main channel and uploaded to his archive channel on December 17, 2011 with added text: "I made the mistake of believing a lie, the following appears to be that lie and for that I am sorry." ($ource)


Many video watchers realized Shiloh and Greg's story was not adding up. One point many suspicious viewers made was that Shiloh did not appear to have sepsis. The other point was that if Shiloh really had sepsis and needed to be rushed to a hospital, why were they spending the next few days together before sending her on a plane to a hospital all the way in Canada?

Greg and Shiloh received a ton of backlash after announcing Shiloh had sepsis. The video received many negative video responses. (Source) The day Greg uploaded "Shiloh Has Sepsis", his average subscriber gain/loss was at -333. (Source)

Many people believed the recent relationship drama was all faked. When they announced they were expecting, although they were telling the truth, some did not believe them. Some suspicious people predicted that Shiloh and Greg would "conveniently miscarry", just like Shiloh's previous faked pregnancy. When this seemingly came true, they were certain it had to be fake. Then, when Greg announced that Shiloh had sepsis, they were truly convinced and many more people converted to the "Fake Drama Theory".

"Goodbye Shiloh"

"Goodbye Shiloh" ($ource)
On December 17, 2011, Greg uploaded "Goodbye Shiloh" to his main channel. The video is a montage of their last day (or days) together. They go to a Mexican restaurant, open Christmas presents, ride a carousel, shop, go to a pet store, go to an arcade, use massage chairs, go to a car wash, get matching necklaces that say "forever". The eventually get to the airport and they separate. The music stops and Greg films himself crying in his car. He gets a call from Shiloh and he tells her he loves her. During the video they adopt Nibbles. ($ource)

To skeptics this video conforms that Shiloh did in fact not have Sepsis. The only indication she might have been ill in the video is when she seemingly vomits a pink drink.

Return to the Internet

After taking two days off, Shiloh and Greg returned to social media to find the generally negative reaction to their videos. After reading what people had to say, Greg questioned if Shiloh was being truthful. She responded believing people were brainwashing him against her. (Source) To prove she was telling the truth, she uploaded a hospital album to her Draculoh Facebook page containing 40 images of her hospital stay. (Source)

On December 17, 2012, Greg uploaded the video "I'm Sorry". (Source) In the video he explains that he always tells the truth and that he is going to admit he was wrong because he was lied to. He explains that he never heard a doctor says that Shiloh had sepsis. He only heard it from Shiloh herself. He says that there is no evidence that she has Sepsis. He says that she said that her nurse in Washington forwarded her documents to the doctor in Canada. The doctor said it was an emergency and that she needed to get there as soon as possible, but Greg found out when she got to Canada, she went home first instead. He asked her why and she said because she felt better. He said he uploaded a video to his Speaks channel asking her why she humiliated him (video removed) and she "conveniently" could not have internet access because she was in the hospital. He apologizes and says it was never meant as a joke. He then questions why she would lie about having a disease. The video was re-uploaded to his Archive channel on December 25, 2011. White text was added to the beginning of the video that stated he now believes Shiloh because of the hospital images she uploaded and that the rest of the video is no longer relevant. ($ource)


This event had an extremely negative impact on Greg and Shiloh's public image at the time. The story was featured on a few news sites*, almost all negative. The story was also covered by Troll News, a YouTube channel dedicated to reporting YouTube trolling. (Source) The Sepsis incident also sparked a petition to remove Shiloh and Greg from YouTube. The petition received over 3,000 signatures. (Source)

Greg now maintains that although he believed it at the time, he now believes Shiloh lied about having Sepsis.

About a year and a half after their relationship, Shiloh made a questions and answers video with her friend. In it, she said that the sepsis incident was a misunderstanding. She says that she was told that she had sepsis, when really her body would not pass her miscarriage so she went septic. She says it was a completely different infection and she was never going to die, but she believed she had sepsis at the time. (Source)


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