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Snail Mail Stalker was someone that mailed a physical letter to Lainey's parents home warning them about Greg. Greg mistakenly identified the "stalker" as YouTuber MrRepzion.


On April 28, 2013 Greg uploaded a video to his speaks channel titled "Dear Stalker". In the video, he reveals his in-laws received a letter from someone explaining how they believed Greg was a horrible person. Greg says his in-laws were creeped out and he claims he knows who sent it and that it was someone that makes videos about him. He went on to defend himself from accusations against him about being a rape apologist. ($ource)

Many believed he was talking about YouTuber MrRepzion, who had previously made several critique videos on statements Greg had made. About 2 weeks prior to Greg's "Dear Stalker" video, MrRepzion had made a response video to Greg's video "The Truth About Rape". In the video, Repzion highlights questionable statements Greg has stated in videos about rape and claims that Greg is a rape apologist and/or rape enabler, which was what Greg was defending himself from in "Dear Stalkers". Repzion had also previously made a video directed at Taylor's parents titled, "To The Parents of Taylor (Onision's New Wife)". He warns Taylor's mother, explaining that he believed Taylor was in danger because of her relationship with Greg based on Greg's previous relationships. The original video is now removed. (Source)

Greg reading Rep's email
On May 6, 2013, Greg uploaded a video titled, "Please STOP This". He starts out the video by announcing it is an intervention to the person that has been harassing his wife, his in-laws and himself. He announces that many people knew who he was talking about in his "Dear Stalker" video and had received messages from people asking if it was them. He says this person is set on ruining his life, marriage, and happiness. He says his in-laws told him they received a disturbing Facebook message from this person and later a "snail mail" to their home. Greg says this person was trying to cause drama in his life and left a comment on one of his videos: "I wonder if Taylor feels as if she has competition now", referring to a girl in Greg's video. Greg responded, "Oh hey stalker scumbag, thanks for writing my wife's parents a snail mail letter telling them who assume I am, despite having never met me. You freaked them out, and the only thing you accomplished is proving what a creep you are. You really are mental, what you did was really disturbing, blocking you now. Do us a favor, get a life and stop stalking us. You are disgusting."

Greg says anyone that has been harassed or anyone who has watched their family be harassed understands his frustration. He said they sent him an email and threatened to release legal documents with Greg and Taylor's full names on them. He says this person already showed their YouTube viewers, but was now going to post it to a hate site. Greg sarcastically says, "this guy is a saint and he's just trying to help my wife get away from the evil demon that is me" He says this person is being a hypocrite because they are proving they are not a "stalker creep" by doing something a "stalker creep" would do. Greg shows the email sent by this person, covering their email address, but leaving their first name (Daniel) and picture. He repeats how this person is being a hypocrite and says, "this is why a lot of people are afraid to turn on their cameras and post video's to YouTube, because their afraid of psycho creepy stalkers like you." He says this person also made a video to his in-laws telling them he is a horrible person and trying to ruin his life. The person tells Greg in the email to ignore his comments next time. "Just a tip." Greg questions this threat and asks if he will release his social security number or driver's license next time. Greg's response email says he believes his in-laws and he could take him to court over this. Greg says he could "spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer to repair the damage that's been done", but makde a video instead. He says there's no guarantee of justice and he could possibly be wasting money into a case. He says he contacted YouTube about this person, but they haven't done anything. He says this person went too far when he brought his family into this. He says he will not release this person's name or channel. He says because this person portrayed him a certain way and made him seem abusive and controlling, Greg has been receiving thousands of dislikes on his videos. He says he and his family are trying to be happy. He ends the video by saying he has nothing to say to the stalker, but leave us alone. ($ource)

Later that same day, MrRepzion uploaded a video titled "Evidence Vs. Onision". In the video he states he knew Greg may have been accusing him of sending him a letter, but he was not the one who sent it so he decided to not address the situation on his channel. He said the night before making this video, Greg directly responded to a comment of his on YouTube, but Greg quickly deleted both of their comments. Repzion responded to this by sending Greg an email, which explained that he did not write the letter. Repzion says he sent Greg's in-laws a Facebook message over 5 months ago, but he says many people have done that and that they may be confusing his message with someone else's. He says there's nothing illegal or wrong about sending a Facebook message. He says just because he wrote the Facebook message, doesn't mean he wrote the snail mail letter and that he knows who wrote it. He says Greg only showed half of his email in his "Please STOP This" video. The half Greg did not show explains who it was that sent the letter. He points out that Greg would frequently tell "stalkers" or "haters" to write him a private email if they had a problem with him and that's what he did. He asks what was the point of privately contacting him if he's just going to make a video about it. Repzion says that if Greg took him to court, his case would be thrown out because his only evidence is that his in-laws told him it was Repzion, which is an assumption. Repzion says the user that wrote the letter made a video about sending the letter. He says Greg chose to ignore the evidence and blame it on Repzion. He says the only reason he brought Encyclopedia Dramatica (the hate site mentioned by Greg) into this was to get a reaction out of Greg, which happened. He says ED already had the document before he sent the email. He mentioned it because he knows Greg hates that site. He said now that Greg has made that video, he is now able to make a direct response video. Repzion shows the part of the email that was cut off in Greg's video. It explains the user D0NTSTANDSOCL0SET0ME wrote and sent the letter and that he makes response videos to a lot of YouTubers, not just Greg. Repzion says Greg cut off this part of the email, this because Greg likes to play the victim and is a narcissist. He then shows a message from DSSCTM, explaining he was the one that wrote the letter and that if he had a daughter in this situation, he would want someone to tell him what's going on. He also links the video where he explains it was him. Repzion ends the video by saying he would happily go to court because he did nothing wrong. (Source)

DONTSTANDSOCLOSETOME's video on the letter was titled "To The Parents of Lameybot (Onion’s New Victim)". The video shows how they were able to obtain Taylor's parents email address and later home address. The video also shows the content of the letter that was sent. (Source)

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Shortly after MrRepzion's video "Evidence Vs. Onision", Greg uploaded another video. This one titled "Dear Stalker: GET A LIFE". He starts of the video by stating it's pathetic that people are feeding off the drama and getting entertainment out of it. He tells them to "get a life". He then announces the stalker made a video response after he asked him to stop talking about him and his family. He says they're being a bully because he asked them to leave him alone. He says they're pathetic because they feed off of suffering and torture. He admits he never watched any of this person's videos in full before, but he's been told that they're arguments are baseless. He says they talk about his wife, even though she wants nothing to do with him. He says "allegedly" this person did not write the snail mail, but it was someone he associates with. He says his in-laws believed it was him because they received a Facebook message from him. He asks who would do that, try to destroy someone's marriage. He says they're "trying to save a woman he doesn't need to be saved because she's happy in her relationship." He says it amazes him that so many people support this guy because he's a creep. He says this person is "waging war" with people that want nothing to do with them.

"Well, let's see what he has to say. OH GOD! It's 14 minutes and 44 seconds. Really? Jesus." He starts off by correcting Repzion and says his wife pronounces her name "Lainey, not Lainly". He says the part of the email that explained who it was was sent while he was making his "Please STOP This" video. He says this person inserted themselves into his and his family's personal life even though they want nothing to do with him. He says they invaded his privacy when he showed the marriage certificate because it included he and his wife's full name. He says the video that shows the certificate was a hate video because he didn't say anything positive such as "congratulations". He says because this person uses his name, Onision, in the titles of his videos, he is personally attacking him. Greg says this person is harassing them. He then points out that this person's biggest channel has 90,000 subscribers. "Really?" He says his in-laws think he is a freak. He tells them to never contact his in-laws or wife again. He thanks his fans and says he didn't watch the while 14 minute video. ($ource)

The next day, Greg uploaded another video on the topic titled, "JUST. GO. AWAY.". He starts off the video by saying he was hoping to never make a video about this again, but he has received a privacy complaint on his channel against one of his videos. He reviews what MrRepzion did and adds that he tried to add Taylor on Facebook and was rejected. He says the person filed a privacy complaint because Greg showed his email in a video, but Greg points out he censored his last name and email address. He says it's hypocritical because this person showed people the marriage certificate that includes he and his wife's full names. He says the stalker is completely insane. He says YouTube should look into this person because they have made 14 minute long hate videos about him. He then says the stalker "allegedly" submitted the complaint against him. He told YouTube to track his IP address to find out if it was him so that he can lose his channel for submitting a false privacy complaint. He tells the stalker he is a hypocrite and ironic and ends the video with a "boob squeeze". ($ource)


  • This incident received a bit media attention and was followed on New Media Rock Stars. (Source)
  • MrRepzion did not lose his channel for filing a false complaint.