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First text displayed in "Shiloh Forgot Me".
Shiloh Forgot Me was a highly controversial video uploaded by Greg in June 2011. The video featured Greg trying to help Shiloh as she has a seizure-like episode followed by memory loss. It is still discussed to this day whether or not the video was possibly faked by Shiloh or by Shiloh and Greg.


On June 23, 2011, Greg uploaded a video titled "Shiloh Forgot Me". In the video, Greg explains that he could not upload a video that day due to a strange episode Shiloh had after a fight. In the video, we follow Greg as he tries to help Shiloh as she is having what appears to be a seizure. As she is laying in her bed she repeats seemingly random and childish phrases such as "I want to make a rainbow". Later, he decides to edit a video while recording himself and Shiloh wakes up scared of him. They figure out she lost 3 years of her memory. After catching up by looking at friends and family members' photos on Facebook, Greg reminded her she was a vegetarian and gave her vegan cheese. The video was narrated with white text over a black background. (Source)

The video was soon deleted due to the backlash it received.


Many people that watched the video criticized Greg's decision to record her for YouTube instead of seeking medical assistance. Others were deeply upset by the content and sent them well wishes. While many others thought it was all faked for views.

Other criticisms the video received was that he was exploiting and attempting to profit off of her illness. Another being his seemingly strange priority of making sure she remembered she was a vegetarian.


"I Respect Her Wishes" ($ource)
That same day, Greg uploaded a video titled "I Respect Her Wishes" to his OnisionSpeaks channel. In the video he explains why he did not have Shiloh seek medical help for her memory loss while Shiloh prepares food in the background. He explains that if he had memory loss he would not want to go to a doctor. He also explains that a doctor could not help her because they already know her memory loss is triggered by stress. He says she is already getting memories back and she doesn't want to feel like a lab rat. He says that proves that he made the right decision in not calling an ambulance. He goes on to repeat himself and talk about how they now have a dog, Freya. ($ource)

Shiloh blogged about her memory loss on her Draculoh Blogspot. On June 23, 2011, she blogged about how she had lost 3 years of her memory the day before. She says the last thing she remembers is talking to her ex-boyfriend when she was 15 in 2008. She says she didn't recognize Greg and threatened to hit him with large objects until he was able to show her proof of who he was. She said they Skyped with Damon because she knew him for years. She talks about how later that night she felt a connection with Greg and she says she trusts him. She ends it with defending him for not taking her to a doctor. (Source)

On June 25, 2011, Shiloh made a video (now deleted) and a blog post explaining why she did not want to be taken to the doctors. She says that they made her feel like she was not human. She also talks about how she had been misdiagnosed many times and knows why she had the memory loss. She explains it is her body's defense mechanism to handle large amounts stress and that it happened before. (Source) That same day she posted another blog about the memories she's been getting back. She says that she's only been able to remember bad memories and fights she had with Greg. She says she feels like she is slipping into a depression. (Source)

Post Break-Up

After breaking up with Shiloh for the last time in early 2012, Greg began stating that Shiloh faked everything that happened in "Shiloh Forgot Me", even though he believed it was real at the time. (Source) He continues this stance to this day.

For the next year, Shiloh adamantly stuck to her story about her memory loss being caused by post traumatic stress disorder on social media. She even when she came clean about her negative contributions to her relationship with Greg:

Yes I did lose 3 years of my memory because of a horrible panic attack which sent me into a past traumatic stress shutdown of sorts. I eventually got everything back, within about 7 months, although I wouldn’t know if I got EVERYTHING, because I lost it, how would I know if it was there in the first place.
Yes the video is real, why he thought to turn the camera on right away I have no idea, I found it cruel…. I hope no one has to suffer the depression and post traumatic psychosis I experienced. (Source)

(Admin note: Information on the type of PTSD memory loss / seizure it is speculated Shiloh claims to have suffered from: Here)

Rod Danger Reaction Video

In early April 2012, Greg posted two polls on his Facebook asking fans if they think he should upload the footage of Shiloh having a seizure to prove she is a liar. He explains that he would give her a "robot voice" filter and blur out her face. The results of the polls showed that fans wanted him to release the video. (Source)

Shiloh took to her Draculoh fanpage and asked Greg not to upload the footage of her memory loss. She claimed to have spoken to a lawyer and threatened to take legal action if the video is uploaded. (Source)

Greg replied with yet another poll asking his fans if he should still go through with the video. Most fans voted "Honestly? I don't care! I just want a funny video. Screw drama." Greg agreed and decided not to upload the video. (Source) Greg goes on to explain that he just wanted to make a funny video and not hurt anyone's feelings, but now that's not happening because he was threatened with legal action by Shiloh. He says that makes Shiloh look guilty. He says he was looking foward to Rod Danger laughing at "I want to make a rainbow" in robot voice. (Source)

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