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"Rogue" on Shiloh's Facebook. Image edited to hide the baby.
Rogue was the made-up child of Greg and Shiloh's that was uploaded to Shiloh's Facebook. The image received a lot of attention and caused controversy.


After Shiloh and Greg had broken up in July of 2011, Shiloh began lying online about being pregnant with Greg's child. Although Greg publicly stated he did not believe her, she would continue to bring it up from time to time on her social media.

On August 29th, a picture of a premature baby with the caption "</3 In loving memory of Rogue. Rest In Peace little man." was uploaded to Shiloh's semi-personal Facebook page. The image had a comment from a friend suggesting it was Shiloh's child. A comment from Shiloh's account replied without denying. Rogue, or a supposed dead premature baby, was never mentioned anywhere else on Shiloh's social media.

This caused confusion to followers, but went seemingly undiscussed until the end of September, when Greg and Shiloh got back together and became engaged. Someone traced the image and found out it was stolen. The image came from the real mother's blog. The child turned out to be a young girl that was alive and well.


People became furious and wanted answers or an apology. They went to Shiloh's Facebook fan-page and commented on the matter. She appeared to be confused. Someone explained it to her and linked the Facebook photo. She claimed to have never seen that picture and not know how it was uploaded. (Source) The image was removed and she began to deny ever seeing the picture. (Source)

Onision forum members asked Greg about it the next day through his contact page. Since the image was deleted from Facebook, they used a screen capture of the page to show him. He acted confused as well and concluded that the image was Photoshopped. (Source) Fans and critics became even more frustrated. They tried to explain that they saw the image themselves. Some even went as far as to show a Photoshop analysis of the image to prove it had not been edited. He did not budge. (Source)

During this time, the real mother of the baby became aware of the attention her image was receiving. Her blog was soon deleted.

Soon after, Shiloh made a Facebook status with her phone number. Many found this to be odd, considering how many people seemed to dislike her. It was deleted and she soon concluded she was being hacked the whole time. Many people believed it was an excuse and became more frustrated.


One of the frustrated was another mother of a premature baby. She made a long video explaining why what Shiloh did was wrong. (Video has since been removed)

Greg made a reply video on October 2, 2011 titled "U MAD BRO?" (not to be confused with a later UhOhBro video with the same name). In the video, Greg aggressively defended Shiloh from the "rumors" about the premature baby photo. He says "quite frankly, I don't give a fuck." He says he doesn't believe Shiloh uploaded the photo, but if she did upload the picture, she immediately removed it. He says he doesn't care because no one was hurt. He says there's supposedly an email from an angry mother, but questions why they would care if the child was still alive. He doesn't understand why anyone would be upset. He says the image he was shown was "highly potentially" photoshopped. He tells everyone that is "butthurt" to get a life. He calls them "fucking losers" and tells them to drop it. The video has since been deleted. (Source, Re-Upload)

Later that day, Greg uploaded, "Haters Want An Apology?". In this video, he explains why he is taking Shiloh's side in a calmer tone than the previous video. In the video, he says many people on his contact page were upset at his previous video. He defends himself by saying if he had a premature child and someone stole their picture, he would not care because they're fine. It's just a picture. He says even though lying is wrong, stealing a picture for your lie is not a big deal. He ends the video with "apologizing" to viewers by flipping off his audience. Greg has since removed this video as well. (Re-Upload)

The mother who uploaded the video made this into a personal project and documented everything on her blog. (Now deleted) People started a movement and began contacting companies and organizations they believed were associated with Onision. This effort did not change anything because all of the companies and organizations mentioned on Onision's site denied being associated with him.


After their relationship, Shiloh maintained she did not know how the photo of the baby got onto her Facebook: "I honestly have no idea who put it there, once someone called me out for it, I checked through my pictures and there it was. I have been hacked since then, so has [boyfriend]… it’s far too easy. So no, I did not post it, I think whoever did is an asshole. Poor little guy, I didn’t do much research but I hope he is alive and well." (Source)

Greg will occasionally bring up the baby picture indecent when trying to emphasize how much Shiloh lied during their relationship.

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