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Luxy wearing Kai's merch, 2016
Luxymoo, or Haylee, is a young woman who spoke with Greg and Kai as a potential third when they were looking for a new girlfriend in late 2016. After staying silent for 3 years, Luxy now speaks out against Greg and Kai through Twitter.

**During the events in this article, Kai went by the nicknames "Lainey" or "Lain" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos will not.


(Admin note: All information from this section is from Luxy's words. Greg and Kai have not publicly spoken about the details of their relationship with Luxy.)

Luxymoo says she was a long time fan of Kai's and began watching Kai when she was 17, right after Greg married Kai. She began watching Greg when she was around 13 or 14, but was never a big fan of his. She was already questioning her sexuality when Kai came out as bisexual. She says she saw Kai as an idol for guidance while she was questioning.

In February 2016, Luxy began tweeting at each Kai and Greg from her Luxymoo Twitter account. Luxy first came in contact with Kai when he took notice of her selfie and re-tweeted it. In the selfie, Luxy was wearing one of Kai's merch t-shirts. Kai followed her on Twitter and they began talking.

In November, Greg and Kai broke up with their ex, Billie. After Billie left, Kai began speaking to Luxy more and they began flirting. Luxy says this began on November 18th. By November 21st, Kai asked Luxy if she liked girls and Luxy told him she was heteroflexible. Luxy notes at this point she had a crush on Kai. This is when Luxy pin points as the time they began officially talking.

On November 26th, Greg messaged Luxy for the first time. On December 1st, Greg gave up on a relationship with Luxy. Luxy says she was pushed by Greg to get into a three way relationship even though she didn't want it, which is why the relationship between the three ultimately ended. (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4)

Luxy's reaction to Billie's return
Drama Followers began to take notice of Luxy due to her public conversations with Kai and Greg on Twitter after Greg and Kai broke up with their ex Billie. Some speculated Luxy could be the next Billie. Some also noted Luxy had blue hair, a trait Kai had publicly stated he was attracted to. It was also the color of Billie's hair.

After Kai and Greg took Billie back, Greg abruptly announced her return to the public with her appearance in gaming video. Luxy replied "Triggered" to Greg's tweet announcing this video. Luxy's reaction tipped off drama blogs and sites that she may have been involved with Greg and Kai. Luxy did not publicly speak about her relationship with Kai and Greg at this point.


On December 16, 2016, the troll "MilkAnon" shared screen shots of a private Twitter conversation they had with Luxy to a drama image board. When Luxy found out, MilkAnon convinced her to share her story on the site. Luxy told her story without getting into personal details and answered some questions. She said she shared her story because the blogs that had been posting her tweets mixed tweets about her personal life with tweets about her relationship with Greg and Kai and she wanted to set the record straight. She said she was not trying to expose anyone. (Source) Posts can be read here.

The next day, Greg interrupted the UhOhBro video "People Who Were Caught Cheating" to announce he was emailed by someone informing him Luxymoo was "talking crap" about him. This person sent Greg cropped screen shots of Luxy talking about Greg with MilkAnon. Greg shared the screen shots in his video. He shared Luxy's Twitter in his videos and told his fans to ask her about the situation. (Video deleted)

Later that same day, he uploaded "We Moved On, You Should Too" where he reveals Luxy was duped by someone with fake screen shots (MilkAnon) into revealing information about himself and Kai. He reads through the screen shots released by MilkAnon and defends himself from what Luxy says. He says he did not pressure her into a three way relationship because at first she said she would be okay with a three way and she called Greg handsome. Greg says when she changed her mind, he told her it would be okay for her to just date Kai. He says the relationship ended because she acted like she didn't want to be with Kai anymore. He also says Kai blocked Luxy because she was a "snake." (Source)

Luxy privated her Twitter and changed her "Luxymoo" Twitter username.

In a 2019 interview, Luxy said after Greg directed his followers to contact her, his fans found her last name, which lead them to her Facebook and Youtube channel. She woke up to 2,000 follower requests. His fans commented on photos and videos of herself and her family members. She said she feared for her little sister, who was in those videos. Luxy says she felt her security and sense of safety was taken away by Greg. She said when his fans found her she was terrified. She locked down her social media accounts, stopped Tweeting, and deleted videos with her family members. She believes he did this to run her off the internet and to silence her. (Source)


TLDR of Greg's texts to Luxy
In January 2019, Greg and Kai were accused of grooming a teenage fan turned friend, Sarah. On January 4th, Luxy began speaking out on Twitter in support of Sarah. She shard a screen shot of Greg's texts to her to show how manipulative he is. (Source)

On January 11th, Luxy went live on Younow to talk about her experience with Greg and Kai in more detail. In a Tweet, she explains she was sharing her story in hopes that it might reach potential victims. (Source)

In September 2019, Sarah came out and revealed she had a sexual relationship with Greg and Kai after turning 18, confirming the grooming allegations. This started a chain reaction of Greg and Kai's exes creating Twitter accounts to tell the public about their experiences with them, including Greg's ex wife who had had not been seen publicly on the internet for 7 years. Luxy returned with a new Twitter account on September 14th, once again with the username "Luxymoo". She used her Twitter to post over 100 screen shots of her conversations with Greg and Kai. Luxy also tweeted a video scrolling through her messages with Greg to prove they were real. (Source)

On November 27, 2019, Luxy appeared on Chris Hansen's Youtube channel to be interviewed about her relationship with Greg and Kai. (Source)

Luxy continues to use the Luxymoo Twitter account to speak out and support others that have spoken out about their experiences with Greg and Kai. (Source)

After Luxy began speaking out against Greg and Kai, Greg began bringing up Luxy in videos, livestreams, and interviews. He will accuse her of claiming to be a victim of his and he points out he had never met her in person. He claims all he did was tell Luxy she could date Kai. He also points out she was in her 20's when they spoke and was almost the same age as Kai. Greg usually refers to Luxy as "some chick." (Source)

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