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Example Greg gives of what Shiree looked like
Shiree was a girl Greg dated in high school. He dated her in 2001, so he would have been 15 / 16 years old. By 2005, Greg and Shiree were still friends.

All information here is from Greg's own words.

Early Relationship

Greg says his sister introduced him to Shiree one morning before high school. She complimented his SlipKnot shirt and they spoke until the bell rang.

They spoke over the phone, met up at school and he eventually asked her out. (Source)


Greg says he dated Shiree briefly. He says he broke-up with her because some guy acquaintances told him she was ugly and that he was dating a dog. After thinking about the break up, he cut off association with the acquaintances and took her back. He says they were both happy to be dating again.

Greg says they dated for 7 months and during that time, they broke up about 8 times. He says they were never apart for more than three days.

He says they would speak for 9 hours a day, non-stop and wrote long love poems to each other. He says even though she was his opposite, they were drawn to each other. (Source)


Image Greg shows while talking about Shiree
Greg says he would break-up with her because she cheated on him, did drugs, lied, and ultimately did something ridiculous he does not want to mention that caused their final break-up.

He also mentions she was bi-sexual and one time before getting serious, he asked her to "end her ties" with her girlfriend. She offered "alternatives", but he turned them down. (Source)

In a 2015 video, when talking about Shiree, Greg shows images of random goth girls with short hair, but also includes an image of a goth girl with longer hair with a long wound on her arm stitched up. ($ource) This may have been Greg's way of showing that Shiree was a cutter, which could have been the "ridiculous" thing she did that caused their final break-up. Greg mentioned many times that he once dated a cutter, but never said who it was.

Post Break-Up

In 2005, Greg says Shiree is married and expecting a baby. At that point he still talked to her once a week over the phone. "Shiree [...] is one of the most influential individuals in my life now." He says he does not regret the relationship, although she was the source of more emotional pain he ever experienced in his life. He says he learned a lot from their relationship. (Source)

On the 2006 version of his Onision site, Greg posted pictures of Shiree (as well as other friends) and wrote: "This is Shiree [...], one of my most memorable ex-girlfriends considering how long our relationship lasted (added up excluding all the break ups) - She's one of the most intelligent people I know..." (Source)

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