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"A Horrible Rebound
A Horrible Rebound is a 2012 infamous video Greg created to tell his side of his relationship with Adrienne.

An article was written by the Daily Dot chronicling the events that took place after Greg uploaded the video that lead up to his VidCon 2012 ban. (Source)


Greg and Adrienne dated for three weeks. Their relationship officially came to an end on September 19, 2011. Both have negatively talked about each other back and forth publicly online for a couple of months. In October, an email Adrienne wrote detailing the relationship was leaked. Greg refused to go into detail about his version of events, although he continued to talk about her online. Adrienne kept quiet after the email was leaked.

This all changed on January 8, 2012, when Greg uploaded "A Horrible Rebound" to his Speaks channel.

Video Summary

Greg starts the video by saying he wants to talks about rebounding because he does not want his viewers to make the same mistakes he made. He explains rebounding as, two parties get together when one of them significantly lowered their standers because they are lonely and desperate and the other party is taking advantage of that fact. He says under normal circumstances they would not be together.

He says months ago, he got out of a heavy relationship and was lonely and desperate, "a deadly combination". He says he dated someone that had slept with over 20 people before him, 18 men and 3 women. He says even though she slept with 4 times the amount of people in her bed then he had, he overlooked this and dated him. He says she only had "sex for love" three times, which he has he only has sex for love. He says she was previously a druggie and an alcoholic and may have still been an alcoholic. He says he was told she lied about being a vegetarian by someone that saw her eat a steak on Skype in spite of him. He says they spread lies about him and cheated on one of her boyfriends. He says everyone told him not to date her because "in their opinion she was a total whore. To be only 26 and to have slept with over 20 people is ridiculous." He says he forgave it because she made up a story about how she thought that was all she was good for. "How low do you have to be to resort to sleeping around?" He also questions why she cheated on someone. He says she told him about times where she drunkenly yelled at a cop and when she and her boyfriend would beat each other, things he would want nothing to do with. Greg says this girl tried to marry him over the internet, but he told her they should wait at least a year.

He questions if she was after his money or if she wanted to have sex with a YouTube celebrity. He says she bragged to all her friends that she got with the "Banana Man" and that he was great in bed. The, when she was dumped told everyone he was average. He says the relationship was disgusting. Another red flag he lists is personal hygiene. "Why didn't she wash herself? Horrible, horrible stench when he made love for the first and second time." He says he got baby wipes and suggested she use them, but she didn't get the hint.

He tells his viewers they saw how chaotic and out of control he was at the time. He was crying all the time, even in the video announcing he had a girlfriend. He says if you're crying when you get a girlfriend you shouldn't be dating someone because you're not in the right state of mind. He says she didn't care and dated him even though how messed up he was. He says she yelled at him because she pushed him away when she tried to cuddle her. He says she did not care about him.

He says this person revealed in a letter they were a hater of the Onision Speaks channel the entire time, despite telling him they were a fan. He said they were a member of his site, lying to him there too.

He says he didn't stand up for himself this entire time because he still cared about her. He now realizes she doesn't care and he was used. He says she didn't lose money and that she came up with the idea of getting rid of her cats. He told her there was a pet fee and she said she was getting rid of them, even though he told her she didn't have to. Then he gets blamed for it. "You guys know how much I love animals. That's just ridiculous."

He says she spread rumors about his ex having a penis, "that's retarded". He says she also spreads a rumor about a dog eating his ex out. He says she talked to his exes mom to try to get dirt on both of them. He says it's ridiculous people would side with this low moral individual.

He says he might as well been drunk because his decision making skills were so poor at this time, even though he's never been drunk so he's just assuming that's how it is.

He says she lied by saying she loved him when she really hated him. He says he called her out and she texted him saying "everyone has their own version of the truth." He says that she basically admitted to lying over that text. He says she's not going to tell you that though, or that she slept with 20 people or that she cheated or yelled at him for crying.

He says she lied that he pressured her into making love. "That's funny coming from someone who slept with over 20 people."

He says he's been taking a beating for months by not defending himself. He says he even said she was right about everything because he thought she would take him back.

"I'm just so sick of everyone believing a lie and I'm glad the truth is finally out because its been bugging me for some time knowing everyone believes a complete bullshit story about me." He says to respect himself, he needs to tell the truth about what he's been through.

He says there are more things she said about him, but you could just assume they're all lies. He says she did the same to her exes.

He tells his viewers to get a puppy when they are rebounding. He says you shouldn't text and tell someone on the phone all the sexual things you want to do with them, like giving them oral on a road trip back home. "You shouldn't be extremely sexual with someone if you don't plan on being sexual with them and then turn around and be surprised when they have sex with you when they met you two, three hours after." He says that was true, but he regrets it because of the horrible smell and horrible experience. He says they didn't want to make love, they wanted to "F-word". He says he was disturbed when she told him they had "hate sex" because he doesn't believe you should associate the word "sex" with "hate". "Why would you call it hate sex? Unless of course she actually hated me... I had sex with someone who hated me." He says she admitted that when she said she doesn't like his speaks videos because his speaks channel is who he is.

"I know people who go through rape are far worse off then I am, but I laid down thinking I was with one person and I got up realizing who I was really with and I felt extremely violated."

"That was the biggest mistake of my life."

The video was deleted, but Greg eventually re-uploaded it to his Speaks channel on August 2, 2013.


This video received immediate backlash. It quickly spread to other YouTube communities and resulted in many angry video responses to Greg's video. The main part of the video that received the most criticism is when Greg says "That's funny coming from someone who slept with over 20 people", when trying to debunk her claim that she felt pressured into having sex quickly after they first met up. This quote, along with other things Greg had said in the video, not only labeled Greg as a slut shamer, but a rape apologist as well, a title Greg was not happy about.

"My Foolish Words"
On January 16, 2012, Greg uploaded “My Foolish Words” to defend himself against accusations about being a rape apologist. He starts the video by announcing, "this channel is not about making me look good. It is not about boosting my ego. It is about me being honest and transparent to all of you and in that I have to admit a mistake I had made quite a few days ago." Greg says he made a quote that if taken out of context, makes him look bad. He says he insinuated people that slept around don't have a right to say someone pressured them into having sex. He says this is ridiculous because it does matter how many people you had sex with, you could still say you were pressured. He says the fact that he suggested that is ridiculous. He says real victims hear that all the time from the person that made them a victim and from other people that don't know what they are talking about. He says they say, "you're a slut, you were asking for it." He says it doesn't matter, you could still be violated, even if you're a prostitute. He apologizes to everyone he's hurt by saying this.

He says no one he met ever accused him of rape, so it should not bother him other people are calling him a rapist. He says it should be obvious he didn't not rape anyone considering his views on rape. He says rape is the worst crime in his opinion and the only thing that competes with it is genocide. He ends the video with another apology. "I'm sorry. I'm humiliated.. and for everyone who lost faith in me, I understand. You deserve better than the trash I fed you. ($ource)

On January 24, 2012 "Rape Apologist" ($ource)