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Greg begins publicly talking about his alimony, January 19, 2012.
After Greg was court-ordered to pay his ex-wife Alimony, he began speaking against it online and complaining about the agreement he had with his ex-wife.

Greg also threatened suicide over his alimony payments in April 2012.


In late 2010, Greg divorced his first wife, Skye. After having a brief friendship with her, he announced they were no longer friends.

Alimony Complaints Begin

On January 2nd, Greg began bashing alimony on social media with statuses such as, "Alimony: For the greedy/shameless ex's who never really loved you." (Source)

On January 19th, he began to specifically talk about his alimony agreement with Skye. He made several tweets (Source) and upload "Her Easy Life" to OnisionSpeaks. In the video Greg starts off by saying he intends to "share pretty much everything in my life with you", but he has been holding back something important. He says he doesn't know why he hasn't talked about it and that he should have told his viewers about it a long time ago. He says after they separated, Skye perused him for $150,000 saying she worked with him full time on the "family business" (hand quotes). He says when they were talking again later on, she revealed to him she did something "tricky" to get more money. Greg says that Skye told him she included her graphic design website as part of the family business to make it seem like she worked with him. He says her websites had nothing to do with him and she only updated it once every 2 or 3 months. He estimates she made one dollar off her site. He says she did edit OnisionArchive videos for him for a while, but he would pay her for it monthly. He says he paid her about what she is now making off of his alimony. He says he will be paying her alimony for the next 5.5 to 6 years, "Which sucks cuz survival isn't the easiest thing in the world sometimes". He says she ended up with $90,000. Greg says if you ask someone to sign a pre-nup and you fall for them crying and telling you you never loved them, "you're a sucker like me". ($ource)

Later that day, Skye replied to Greg in a long Facebook status. Skye says the past year and a half have been the most difficult times she had experienced in her life. She says she got help, talked to family, got legal advice, and found a great counselor to help her through everything. She now found her true dream and won't let anyone put her down ever again. She says "I refuse to play this continual mind game of an abusive cycle." She says she will keep quiet on her side of the story because she does not want to be part of the drama. She says she was able to rise above months of harassment and still receives "the odd jab here and there." (Source)

Skye began to receive regular harassment and threats from angry Onision fans. More extreme threats included death threats and rape threats. (Source)

On January 23rd, Skye wrote a second long Facebook status. "I shouldn’t have to get on here to defend myself. This is sick and this is wrong." She says everything that needed to be said was said through the court systems under oath. She says the court system, lawyers, her counselor, and the judge know what really happened. Everything Greg is saying was already presented to them and they made their decision. She says she had situational depression and PTSD due to the mental abuse she suffered and had to go through a year of heavy counseling. She says this is all in the court documents and they she takes the opinion of a professional counselor over people that know nothing about her life. She says she had evolved and grown since that dark time in her life.

She says the adult thing to do when you are in a situation like a sudden divorce is to seek legal and mental health, not broadcast it all over the internet. She says she is moving on and remaining professional. She says she is going to school, seeking a more stable job, and trying to follow her dream of becoming a film maker. She thanks everyone that remained neutral and says this will be the last time she will be talking about this. (Source)

On January 28, 2012, Greg made his only attempt to stop the hateful comments from his angry fans. He made a Facebook status asking his fans not to send rape threats to his ex. (Source)

Alimony and Suicide

"Please Move On" ($ource)
In April 2012, Onision began talking about his alimony again. He posted a few videos and many statuses talking about becoming suicidal over the alimony agreement and begging Skye to terminate the agreement. The first of these videos was "Please Move On", uploaded to his Speaks channel on April 25, 2012. In the video he explains even though this video is "un-pro" of him because he hasn't talked about his private life in a while, but he tired to handle it privately and had no success. He states this video is a "formal public request for my ex-wife to let me move on, to let me be happy and to go her own way." He says he has been paying her over $1,000 every month for over a year and she won't stop taking from him, even though "business, as of late, hasn't been very good". He says she keep pulling and sucking his energy from his because of his financial debt. He says the agreement is unfair and he signed it out of fear that he would lose more money. He said even if he doesn't make enough money he will still have to pay the alimony. The only way to stop it is if he was dead. "At least if I kill myself I don't have to pay my ex-wife anymore." He says even if he was sick in the hospital or he filed bankruptcy he would still have to pay her. "You know who holds the key to my happiness, my freedom, to my ability to be able to move on in my life? Me ex-wife." He says she doesn't care if he suffers and she'd rather take his money than get a job. He says there's nothing he can do but die. He talks directly to Skye and tells her to let him move on and to live her life independently without other's aid. He said he will forgive her if she honors the original agreement he made. ($ource)

"Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts" ($ource)
On April 26, 2012, Greg began posting many negative and suicidal statuses about Skye and their alimony agreement (see below). That same day, he uploaded "Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts" to his Speaks channel. In the video he says he has been feeling suicidal, so he decided to make an anti-suicide video because he likes to speak from experience. He says he was suicidal the night before and he thought of all the ways he could kill himself. He lists different methods of suicide. He then asks what would happen to his fans, family and friends when he dies? He said he realized someone he was married to for 5 years wouldn't care. He says they ignored him begging for mercy and they ignored him talking about how he was suicidal. He says this person is a sociopath because they see someone they once said they loved on the "brink of destruction" and they do nothing. He talks about how his mom talked him through it, but what really helped him was asking himself, "What's the point?" He said he thought about doing it to send a message because he is well known. He says maybe if people find out he killed himself after talking about being suicidal, people will realize suicidal people are serious. He then says he doesn't know if that message would even be conveyed. He says he realized nothing good would come out of his suicide and it would be selfish. He said he decided not to do it because he thought about a loved one finding his body. He begins to tear up on camera. He talks about good things in his life, but he says he just can't stand people that don't care and just want money. He says the whole thing is unfair because he had been so honest, true and consistent the whole time, yet someone that was dishonest and corrupt can get off "scott-free". He says he is the slave and he has to work for money that he will never profit from. He says it's now his burden to carry. He says people offered to donate to him, but he says he doubts the donations will reach enough money to end this burden. He says it's one thing to hurt a loved one in the heat of the moment, but it's a totally different thing to torture someone for years for purely selfish reasons, especially when it was built on the basis of corruption. In the end he announces he will not kill himself and he hopes his video will help people. "If you wrote me telling me to please stop doing something or to please help you in some way because you're suicidal, ignoring you completely would not be an option for me." He says he couldn't ignore people asking for hep and that's why he has a contact page on his website. ($ource)

Suicidal Statuses

On April 28, 2012, Greg uploaded ALIMONY vs SLAVERY to his Speaks channel. In the video Greg explains that alimony is similar slavery because someone is working for nothing in return. He asks who does the person that worked hard during the relationship have to pay the person that was sitting on their ass the whole relationship. He says "One of the lack of similarities is the fact that when you were a slave you got free food, free shelter, free water, some cases free medical... what does a guy paying alimony get?" "Jack shit." He says the people that pay alimony and support their exes are heroes and the recipients are too lazy to get a job. ($ource) This video received a lot of criticism and reply videos from people explaining why they believe Greg should not relate alimony to something like slavery.

The Facebook statuses and Speaks videos sent some fans over the edge and they began to increase the threats and hate on Skye's accounts. The attacks were noticeably more extreme and frequent than ever before. (Source) The fans' attacks along with Greg's statuses and videos directed toward her are rumored to be the reason behind her abrupt disappearance from her YouTube and her FellFromTheSkye social media accounts.

Greg continued to publicly complain about his alimony on blogs and videos for years. He had not mentioned being suicidal over it since April 2012.


March 2017 tweet about his alimony
Other than the slight joke/comment here or there, Greg seemed to have stopped complaining about his alimony to Skye online around 2015. One theory says this may be due to the burst in popularity he gained that year due to the success of his UhOhBro channel. Greg noticeably began living a more expensive lifestyle beginning in 2015 and the alimony payments may have no longer a burden financially for him. It is also speculated if somehow the alimony was stopped early.

Greg's last alimony payment to Skye is set for 2017.

In the 2016 video "Re: List of Onision Abuse Accusations", Greg admits he used threatening to kill himself as a manipulation tactic against Skye: “That is true. I did publicly threaten to kill myself. I have no defense for that because publicly threatening to kill yourself is really stupid. Especially since that was a manipulative tactic and I had no actual intention of killing myself.” He says he was angry at Skye for lying in court to get more money from him. (Video since deleted, Source)

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