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Greg filming Shiloh crying on the phone
The Truth was a video Greg uploaded some time in July 2011 of then fiance, Shiloh, having what many consider to be a mental break down. Later in the video, the police come to his house. It was a very controversial video and was quickly deleted by Greg.

The Video

In July 2011, Greg and Shiloh's relationship took a turn for the worse and Greg left his Washington home to move in with Cyr in LA to get away from Shiloh, as he explained in his "Shiloh Threatened Me" video. To prove what he was saying in the video was truthful, he uploaded "The Truth", which takes place prior to his filming of "Shiloh Threatened Me".

The video started out with the text: "In the last 24 hours I have been publicly slandered by my ex. The time for talking is over. Decide for yourself who is right." It then cuts to Greg holding the camera to his face while we hear Shiloh crying and talking on the phone in the background. He flips the camera to show Shiloh as she tells the person on the phone, "I want to talk and for people to realize he's been telling people lies." Greg continues to flip the camera throughout the video between showing his face and showing Shiloh.

Shiloh walks in Greg's direction and stops in her tracks and backs away from Greg while sobbing. She changes expression and begins walking toward Greg telling him to "get the camera off of me, I swear to god." She begins yelling "he has a camera on me" multiple times. She asks Greg why he has a camera on her. He replies "okay, thank you." She tells him to get the camera off of her again and he replies "okay, thank you" again. She tells him once again to get the camera off of her and he explains that when he was on the phone with his aunt and mother, they heard Shiloh say she was going to kill herself. "That's two witnesses." She tells him to listen and to look at her. "I'm going to seriously tell everybody what you've done to me." He tells her, "I haven't done anything to you." She tells him that he "destroyed everything" and that she has to go back home and will be kicked out and that she has nothing. She tells him that when she ends up murdered, it will be his fault. Greg says, "we broke up." She tells him to look at her again. "I don't give a shit whether we broke up or not. I do not give a shit. What you have done to me is irreversible. You have destroyed any way for me to support myself. I have nothing. You've destroyed me." He asks her to step beck because he is backed up into a corner. She says, "no" and that he has to promise to listen to her. He tells her "I don't promise you anything. The police are- excuse me". He walks away from her. He opens the door "for the police." Shiloh walks toward Greg and threatens him: "You've destroyed everything. Everything you do isn't real. Your career is gunna be finished. Trust me, I'm capable of it. Now I actually want to destroy you because you've destroyed me. You're done and then you'll be left with nothing."

The screen fades to black with the text, "The cops show up minutes later." It fades to a clip of Greg's wall and the cops, Shiloh, and Greg can be heard talking. The cop asks Greg, "What would you like us to do sir? You called." Greg says his sister told him to leave and move away. The cop replies, "that's probably a good idea." Greg says he can't stop paying utilities or shut it off because that would be illegal eviction, so he is thinking about moving to LA to work and keep paying utilities. He says he hopes no one vandalizes him home and that Shiloh refuses to leave. The cop tells him he could kick her out if he got a, eviction or a court order. Greg says he has to work "full time every single day" and the cop replies, "you gotta get your priorities and say, hey, do I want this situation to continue on or end." Greg decides he needs to move to continue working. The cop asks him, "what has changed since the cops came out here last night?" Greg tells them Shiloh threatened to kill herself and got hysterical. Greg says he was on the phone with his aunt, then asks Shiloh what she said. He says, she said she was going to "make it look really bad." The cop asks Shiloh, "did you threaten to kill yourself young lady?" She says she did. The cop asks her "how come?" As Shiloh is about the answer, the video cuts to black. The text says "Now you know the truth." (Source)

The video was met with immediate outrage. According to Greg, most of the viewers sympathized with Shiloh, so he quickly deleted it.


When asked about "The Truth" in a 2011 live chat, Greg said he uploaded it to prove to viewers what he said in "Shiloh Threatened Me" was true and that Shiloh was unstable. He has also stated he uploaded the video because she said something publicly that made him look bad, so he wanted her to look bad. He sad when he saw that the majority of viewers hated the video and were sympathizing with her, he deleted the video. He said for the longest time he could not figure out why everyone was siding with her, even though he was right. He says he realized people that watched the video did not realize that before he began filming, she threatened to kill herself and make it look like he did it. He says they saw a girl that was upset, but no one cared that she threatened to destroy him, which he still does not understand. He says even when he is upset, he never tells someone he's going to destroy them or to kill himself and to make it look like he did it. He says he recorded so that if she killed herself, he would have evidence that it was not him. He says he regrets putting out the footage, but it's out there and there's no going back. (Source)

He now says he deleted it because he realized it was wrong and wanted to be the bigger person, but was too late and people "plastered it all over the web". (Source)


About a year later, Shiloh wrote about this incident on her blog. She wrote: "Me having the police called on me and threatening to kill myself. Yes this all happened, I don’t deny that it did. I most literally had a psychotic break down, I couldn’t take anymore emotional pain and abuse… I was being told I was not allowed to call my mother [the only person who can calm me down at the time] so I completely lost my mind." (Source)

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