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"Shiloh Threatened Me"
Shiloh Threatened Me was a video Greg uploaded in 2011.


Sometime between July 14th and July 16th, 2011, Greg uploaded "Shiloh Threatened Me" to his main channel. The video seems to be filmed in a hotel room. In it, Greg speaks about fearing for his well being. He says Shiloh threatened to destroy him and hack him. He also talks about calling the police on her twice because she was acting "hysterical". He mentions that both times the cops sided with him. He says Shiloh was threatening to lie and tell people he abused her. He claims that she was holding him prisoner in his own home until she was taken away to Western State Mental Health Facility, "the mental asylum". He says that she would scream at him and "put him in corners". He says he fears for his life because people she knows want to hurt him and he will try to get a restraining order against her. He says he uploaded the video so that if something happened to him or his channel, everyone would know the truth. (Source)

The video was removed not too long after, possibly around the time they got back together.

Video Description

In the extremely long video description to the original video, Greg listed what he talked about in the video. Greg had also posted to his blog under the title, "I Ran Away From Home".

(Click "Expand" to read the video description/"I Ran Away From Home" blog post.)

I Ran Away From Home
Because Shiloh has threatened to spread false-information (false being she denies the evidence & claims it's all slanted against her) about me on her facebook (and because of her threats behind the scenes), I'm releasing the following, police-documented information.

(1) In the last 48 hours, I've called the police on her twice. Both times the officers sided with me, acknowledging she was mentally unstable. My actions were described as "reasonable".

(2) In the last 48 hours, Shiloh has threatened her own life twice. I have witnesses, including my family & the police.

She was taken to the Western State Mental Health facility in Lakewood, WA earlier today because of her threats.

She said, and I quote "I'm going to kill myself & I'm going to make it look bad" ~ At that moment I got off the phone with my family & dialled 911.

The first night I called the police on Shiloh was because she refused to leave my room, all I wanted was to sleep in my own room alone but she could not respect that. After she refused approximately 30 times, I stated I was going to dial the police. She still insisted she stay in the room, so in attempts to avoid having to call the police I tried to pick her up and move her out of the room.

She fought with me, so I pushed her out of the room & closed the door.

She then yelled the following "I'm going to tell everyone you abuse me" - I then opened up my door & notified her I was phoning the police.

I explained to the police that she threatened to slander me by stating she was going to tell everyone I abused her. I also explained that the reason I called them was because I could not risk her spreading lies about me, and the police being witness to the incident would guarantee the truth was known.

Shiloh told the police the truth about what happened & they left once Shiloh agreed to sleep in her own room (she's supposed to sleep on a bed in her room, I sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor).

The following day Shiloh became even more emotional. This time she cornered me multiple times in my own home, refusing to let me move freely in my home.

Because of this, I dialled my mother and asked me what I should do. My mother claimed that she was well aware of how mentally unstable Shiloh was, I called my sister, she said the same & lastly my aunt, my aunt also stated that Shiloh was unstable. Throughout all three conversations with my family members Shiloh continued to scream & sob hysterically in the background incoherently.

All three of them advised me to leave the home as soon as possible as Shiloh had refused to leave herself.

Please be warned, if anything happens to me, I have Shiloh on tape threatening to "destroy" me, stating she wouldn't need to "hack" me, because she was going to "ruin" me through other means, which was recorded earlier today. I will not release any footage unless she attempts to harm me as she has threatened.

In conclusion, I have police reports, I have three civilian witnesses & I have footage proving everything I'm saying.


Shiloh, I left you in my home with electricity, running water & plenty of food. You have multiple people offering to take you in, yet you refused them, just as you refuse to leave my home. I hope some day you realize how wrong you were for constantly making me a prisoner in my home over the past few days.

The only reason I finally got away is because the police had you at the mental asylum miles from my home. They gave me enough time to escape, so I took the opportunity.

After all the nights you kept me up lecturing me about what a piece of garbage you believe me to be, after all the times I've tried to help you & haven't gotten even a thank you in response... I still welcomed you in my life...

...but then you threatened to ruin me, you threatened to spread lies & you threatened to kill yourself.

I stayed with you when your step-dad threatened to break every bone in my body, when he repeatedly threatened to kill me if I didn't leave you. I stayed with you when your uncle (according to you) tried to send truckers after me... to hurt me? To kill me? I don't know.

I planned a future with you... and I was willing to die for it... but I was not willing to let you die for it - you threatened your own life, and that is why we can never see each other again.

Please move on with your life... though I expect you'll try to have me hurt... and if that is the case, to all my fans... I"m sorry I let you down.

I'll try to survive, I'm getting a restraining order as soon as I can on her...

Please move on Shiloh... I genuinely fear you, I'm asking for mercy.

- Gregory

Note: To everyone reading this, Shiloh has claimed to me to be a hacker. If she is indeed a hacker this message may not survive on my posting it alone.

Shiloh's Reply

Shiloh replied on July 17, 2011 through her Draculoh Blogspot under the title "The Truth". She explains the situation with the people that are apparently after Greg. She says she knew them when she was younger and somehow they found out about their ugly break up. They wanted to hurt Greg and have successfully crossed over the Canadian/US border. She also talks about carrying his child, which we now know was a lie. She also pastes quotes from Greg's social media updates where he seemingly realizes Shiloh might have been lying. She replies saying she was only trying to help and claimed that now that she ratted them out, her own life is in danger. She tells him she loves him. She also explains that when she said "I am going to ruin you", she meant with the truth and not lies. (Source)

In reply to her blog post, Greg uploaded a video under the same title, "The Truth" where he released the footage from the day he fled his house.

The Truth

(Click "Expand" to read Shiloh's "The Truth" blog post.)

Sunday, July 17, 2011
The Truth
I'm going to start out by saying my own life is in danger now because of all of this and so I have nothing to lose writing it.

I was the person who warned Greg about the people coming after him, No it was not canadian mafia I don't know where that came from. The people who went after Greg were a bad crowd I got involved in when I was younger .. [I did not tell them I don't know who did] but when they found out this whole breakup went down so ugly, they went after him despite me communicating through a few people to them that I wanted them to stop. When they wouldn't I called the police and said they were headed for the border and not to let them through, they had already gotten through so I tried everything I could to tell Greg...he finally called me back after I called and called and called....he had fled where he was staying and I was worried sick [still am]. I called him every few hours to make sure he was safe and okay.

I had to tell him about my carrying his child because I felt he deserved to know. He said he would do what he could to take care of his baby. I am pregnant with his child, I never lied about that. I have stopped caring about myself and the hurt I felt from the last few days and purely focused it on his safety. I just called a little while ago to make sure he was alright...and no answer, I left a message.... Then i saw the facebook posts. "..I just talked to a friend... kinda made me realize a lot.

I don't know what to believe anymore... is she lying just to get me back?"

Who knows anything about this? I was the only one with information on this whole own mother didn't know I was pregnant until after I told Greg. and this????!??

"I can't believe I fell for it this long... I'm just now realizing it was all a lie... I'm so stupid."

He has turned his phone off and does not have the guts to explain to me what is going on. My life is in danger now because these people know I ratted them out.

I do love you Greg, I am not trying to get back with you...I have been trying to help you. I am truly hurt.

As for me saying "I am going to ruin you" I had no intention of telling lies, just the truth...what he does not know is i have witnesses I kept on skype while he called the cops, and a little bit before that...I have people who have witnessed who he is. I have no desire to post the whole story for the simple fact that I just want him to be safe, and I do not want to effect his career in a negative way.

Posted by Draculoh at 2:04 AM

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