Fake Drama Theory

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The Fake Drama Theory was a popular theory around 2011. The theory was that all of Greg's drama, especially his relationship drama, was all faked for YouTube views and money.


In 2011, Greg's personal life was spiraling out of control and he broadcasted a good majority of it for everyone to see on his YouTube channels. From December 2010 to December 2012 Greg divorced his first wife, filmed his fiance having multiple break downs, had many dramatic break ups, and married a girl he knew for less than a year. Many people following the drama could not believe it was all real and suspected it was all fake. While the scope of who was in on the fake drama was debated, most subscribers to this theory agreed that they believed Greg was fabricating his life for views. This would not be the first time something like this happened on YouTube.

When Greg found out that people believed his drama was faked, he was not happy. He stated many times that his life is YouTube and he is honest and shares everything about himself online. He even uploaded surveillance video of first responders aiding Shiloh after passing out in-front of his house as proof that his videos are real. ($ource)

Many Fake Drama Theorists would point out that The Amazing Atheist revealed in a video that Greg tried to get him to debate him on the The Steve Wilkos Show as their proof that Greg would fabricate drama. Greg did not acknowledge this until 2013 when someone asked him about it on his Tumblr. (Source)

Actual Fake Drama

After marrying Lainey in 2012, Greg began to fabricate fake break-ups with her, although these fake break-ups would never cause any drama. Greg talked about this in his Hater FAQ: "Any “break ups” that were posted to twitter etc regarding their relationship were posted as a play off everyone spreading BS rumors about their personal lives." (Source)

In 2016, after briefly breaking up with Lainey for her girlfriend, Billie, Greg began to create fake drama videos about his relationship. Soon he began creating fake drama with Cyr and faked cancelling a tour due to fake death threats.