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Nibbles, originally named Mr. Captain Dr. Titty Nipples, was a puppy Greg briefly adopted with then fiancé, Shiloh. Nibbles appeared in a good number of Greg's videos despite only being with him for a short period of time.


Greg announced adopting Nibbles on December 16, 2011 with a video titled "My New Puppy". In the video, he announced he and Shiloh adopted Mr. Captain Dr. Titty Nipples, Nibbles for short, from an animal shelter. This video has since been re-uploaded to his Archive channel. ($ource) The next day, Greg uploaded "Goodbye Shiloh", which was filmed before "My New Puppy". In the video, Greg shared his last day with Shiloh before she flew back to Canada to undergo a medical procedure. In the video, you can see Greg and Shiloh's first interactions with Nibbles. ($ource)

Vegetarian Controversy

Soon after adoption, Greg announced he is feeding Nibbles a vegetarian diet. This caused backlash from viewers that believed dogs could not survive off a vegetarian diet.

On December 23, 2011, Greg uploaded "YES! A VEGETARIAN DOG!" to his Speaks channel. Greg starts the video by saying idiots do not understand why his dog is a vegetarian, so he will "try to enlighten" them so they can "accept the idiot that looks at them in the mirror". He says a non-vegetarian dogs will eat hundreds of animals in its lifetime as opposed to vegetarian dogs that eat none. He says some people believe it is humane to feed dogs other animals because that is what nature intended. He counters this by stating dogs don't live in the wild and they live in unnatural environments. He says non-vegetarian dogs eat kibbles of "cock" and "asshole" and live shorter lives. He says vegetarian dogs are fed very specific ingredients made to make them live longer and eat a "great fucking meal". He ends the video by saying, "this isn't debatable. If you're debating morals with me... you just lost." ($ource)


Shiloh never returned to Greg's home and they had broken up for that last time in February 2012.

On March 3, 2012, Greg uploaded "A Better Home" to his Speaks channel. In the video, Greg explains he is going in depth about this when he could have told no one because he wants to be honest. He says he is sharing it because he wants people to know exactly who he is. He says the original plan was that after Shiloh healed from her condition, she was to move back in with him and give Nibbles her full attention. He says because he uploads over 14 videos a week and he maintains his fan and business mail, he has no time for Nibbles. He says because Shiloh made the decisions she's made, there's no one to take care of Nibbles. He says as he's making this video, Nibbles is sitting alone in the other room. He says he will move soon and Nibbles won't have his own room anymore. Also, Greg says he will have even less time to spend with Nibbles. He explains the process he had to go through to adopt Nibbles and that he felt like he was competing for him. He says the contract he signed said he would have to give Nibbles back to the animal hospital if he could not take care of it. He says Nibbles is better off without him. He says he is not a good owner because of November 14, 2007. He says every day is bonus so he dedicates his life to love and his job. He says his house has no one to love him except Nibbles. He says if the animal hospital doesn't find Nibbles a better home, he will take him back. He says he could wait until he moves, but by then he won't be a puppy anymore and people will find him less appealing. As he wipes a tear away from his eye, Greg says he is tired of hearing Nibbles wine because he can't spend time with him. He says even though he's going to be lonely in his house, he can't hold Nibbles back anymore. He says he will make a couple of Encore channel videos with Nibbles, then that will be it. ($ource)

On March 9, 2012, Greg tweeted that Nibbles was adopted to a family with five kids. (Source)

Shiloh was upset when she found out about Nibbles' new adoptive family. She says she cried when she found out because she feared Nibbles would be tormented by the children. She says she and Greg called Nibbles their child and he was just given away. "So heartless" (Source)


Since Greg's announcement of Nibbles' departure, some viewers believed his reasons for re-homing Nibbles were suspicious. They began speculating on possible ulterior motives.

Five days after uploading "A Better Home", Greg flew down to New Mexico to meet Kai for the first time, who he had been online dating for a week at that point. (Source) Some viewers believe Greg got rid of Nibbles so that he could visit Kai and eventually live by him in New Mexico without having to make accommodations for Nibbles.

Others believe he got rid of Nibbles to get back at Shiloh for cheating on him as he mentioned a couple times in his "A Better Home" video that if Shiloh hadn't done what she did, he wouldn't have had to give Nibbles back.

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