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Luxymoo Account is a collection of posts made by LuxyMoo, a young woman that spoke with Lainey and Greg when they were looking for a new girlfriend in late 2016. She shared her story on a drama image board.


Luxy's posts are purple. December 16, 2016

Luxy 10 hours ago No. 324474>>324475>>324476>>324477>>324480>>324483>>324484>>324485>>324486>>324487>>324489>>324493>>324496>>324497>>324502>>324508>>324519 >>324534>>324750
I got messaged by the person who posted the screen shots. I'm upset that they did that without asking me, but I realize now that this is very important to talk about. I will only talk about my experience, I won't bring up private information that they told me (not that I know a lot anyway) but I still respect their privacy on certain issues.
Anonymous 10 hours ago No. 324475

>>324474 Holy shit, this cannot be real

Christmas cannot be so early, I refuse to accept it.
Anonymous 10 hours ago No. 324476


Could you talk us through what happened from beginning to end? Just the information you're willing to give out.
Anonymous ## Admin 10 hours ago No. 324502>>324506>>324519


I can confirm that this is Luxymoo and not a troll.
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324533>>324535>>324537>>324540>>324541>>324542>>324543>>324544>>324545>>324546>>324547>>324549>>324550>>324551>>324552>>324553>>324554>> 324555>>324571>>324662>>324669>>324750

I tweeted a picture of myself to Lainey wearing their merch. They retweeted it and then followed me immediately after. I was in shock, excited, I think i even screamed. Then, out of no where, Lainey messaged me. I was so stoked. I thought, "This can't be real." We talked for awhile on twitter, they asked if I was interested in girls and I told them I felt like I was heteroflexible. That I liked certain girls, that I had a type. Lainey said they didn't know if they were my type or not. I said that they were. Soon after that, Lainey said it would be easier for us to text. I gave them my number, and they started texting me the next day. We were flirty with each other. We got to know each other on a more personal level and I ended up liking them.. a lot. Greg messaged me telling me that if I was not serious about Lainey, to not lead them on. I told Greg that I wasn't that kind of person, and that I really liked Lainey. At the time, I still thought this is what I wanted. Lainey and I continued to talk for a few more days when greg messaged me again, pitching the three way relationship. I told myself that I would not be Billie. I would not be with Greg AND Lainey. That if this were to continue, I would only be interested in Lainey. However, when Greg pitched the idea to me, I had already started liking Lainey a lot more than I expected. I told him I wanted to try. After that I started doing research on what it meant to be in a three way relationship. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't for me. Which killed me, because all I wanted to do was be with Lainey. I wanted to try for them, but at the end of the day, I had to consider my personal feelings on the matter. I knew I couldn't be what they wanted, because I wanted Lainey. I told Lainey as soon as I came to that conclusion. I wanted to be honest. I didn't want to drag it out. Lainey didn't respond to me.. but Greg did. He said that if he were in my position, he would do whatever it takes to be with Lainey. He said that I didn't really care about Lainey, that all i was looking for was friendship. He said that he thought my mind was broken. He said he thought I may be sexually dormant. He then would say that he thinks i'm a good person and that i'm the safer alternative. He called me a good distraction. He wanted me to still come up. But that was a fleeting thought. He said friendship would be hard, and that I was doing everything I could to avoid a relationship with Lainey. Then he pitched the idea of me being with Lainey exclusively, while he's with Lainey exclusively. Like we wouldn't be doing sexual things together. I still declined because 1. he had spent so much time invalidating MY feelings on the matter, attacking my personality, pressuring me, etc. and 2. I also knew that that wasn't what they wanted, and I told him that we would still hit that road block of me wanting exclusiveness. He had said in a previous conversation that it was like him and Lainey were on an island and I had a boat, but I wouldn't throw them a life line because I wasn't the right boat. Said that they didn't know what they were going to do about Billie, because Lainey was talking about bringing her back I guess at that time? He told me to stop responding, because I was just making it worse. All while I'm feeling like a shitty person, like I really did hurt them. I felt so terrible about myself over the whole situation. Not shortly after, Greg posts a video with Billie. I was immediately enraged. I felt so used. Lainey then texted me, but only to say hey. We didn't talk about the situation. They would stop texting me randomly and then text me again randomly. Now I'm blocked, and all of this has come to light. I didn't know people knew it was me. I didn't know there was a tumblr with people talking about me. I thought only a select few people knew. But I was wrong, and now it's all out in the open. ALSO. SIDE NOTE. While I have tweeted about this situation a few times, most of the tweets that are screen shotted of me are based on situations that I'm going through in my real life. Family/normal friend drama. No one follows me on twitter that I know irl so I feel comfortable venting there. Please stop assuming what my tweets are about.

Aside from that, any questions?
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324537>>324539


Are you doing preferred pronouns or are you talking about both Greg and Lainey? Super confused.
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324545


I'm sorry we took some of your tweets out of context, but just know for the most part the people will e on your side. We don't want to see anymore girls getting trapped in the McMansion. It's a good thing to tell your story. People NEED to know the shit he tries to pull.
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324546

>>324533 Thank you for taking the time to tell us your side.

God, Greg is a monster. Im glad you didn't fall for his manipulation
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324547

>>324533 Firstly, thank you.

Secondly, you didn't do anything to hurt Lainey, don't worry, it was probably just Greg trying to emotionally manipulate you again.

Also the whole bit about your mind being broken, I'm sorry he said those types of things to you, he is a tool and this is what he chooses to do in his spare time instead of being a father or a decent human being.

I do think poly couples are valid, but in no way was Lainey ever poly.

I'm sorry that this happened to you.
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324551

>>324533 >>Greg messaged me telling me that if I was not serious about Lainey, to not lead them on

So he inserted himself into the situation almost right away, under a false guise of protecting Taylor

>>Lainey and I continued to talk for a few more days when greg messaged me again, pitching the three way relationship

He uses her as bait, or, he reads her messages

>>I told him I wanted to try. After that I started doing research on what it meant to be in a three way relationship. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't for me

Oh Lord thats like waving a red flag at a bull for a narcissist. Then they pounce and call you a liar / bad person / went back on your word. Because you aren't allowed to change your mind (you totally are, he's an ass)

>>I knew I couldn't be what they wanted, because I wanted Lainey. I told Lainey as soon as I came to that conclusion. I wanted to be honest. I didn't want to drag it out. Lainey didn't respond to me.. but Greg did. He said that if he were in my position, he would do whatever it takes to be with Lainey.

And he inserted himself right back in. Because his needs come before your feelings or needs, of course. What a fucker.

>>He said that he thought my mind was broken. He said he thought I may be sexually dormant

Because he cannot fathom someone NOT wanting to sex him, so to him, it jst must be a dormant feeling. NO. NO.

>>He called me a good distraction

Fuck him. Asshole.

>>All while I'm feeling like a shitty person, like I really did hurt them

NOPE. You are a good and reasonable and kind person. He is a sociopath, and he wanted to parlay your need to be a good person and your interest in Taylor into him fucking you against your very strong desire to not fuck him.

Girl. You've been through the ringer. All of the hugs to you. You did nothing wrong. He is a fucked up narcissist and sociopath, and god knows how much Lainey is involved in helping him bait women (or whether she's another victim). You got out with minimal involvement. You are great. You are strong. You are loved. Your feelings are valid.
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324555


So his calling younsexually dormant and his other insults is basically a pickup artist move, negging, to lower your self-confidence and make you more susceptible to doing what he wants you to do. So good for you for sticking to your guns. It can be very difficult to resist that sort of psychological pressure, especially when it is done by someone as practiced as Greg.

I am so sorry all that happened to you and the other anons posting tonight.
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324556>>324557>>324559>>324560>>324564>>324565>>324569>>324750
About Lainey's private twitter, I followed it because.. well.. I'm still not sure why. I didn't think they'd accept it, nor did i think they would follow me back. But regardless, their twitter is private so that they can vent, just like I was doing. I don't want to expose any of that. I will, however, talk about my involvement and anything that has to do with me in the situation. Talking about anything else, regardless of how shitty things turned out, is wrong.
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324563>>324572>>324573>>324575>>324750

No, I did not know that Billie was coming back. Lainey did not talk about their relationship with Greg with me. Not in detail anyway. Yes I am using their preferred pronouns.

Greg tried talking me into the three way relationship, but I wasn't budging. I felt terrible but I felt they deserved someone who was 100% in, and i wasn't. THEN Greg pitched the idea of me being exclusive with Lainey, meaning I didn't have to do anything with him. I still declined because I still wanted exclusiveness.
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324582>>324586>>324588>>324594>>324595>>324750
I did not ask Lainey if they wanted a threesome. Lainey didn't talk to me about details of anything. We talked about netflix, flirty stuff, how our days were, what we were up to. All of the detailed conversations about the three way relationship was with Greg.
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324587>>324590>>324593>>324596>>324598>>324600>>324603>>324750
Tell me something. If i'm doing this all for attention and self promoting, why do people already know about me? Why are people already speculating about me? Saying things about me? False things? I NEVER WANTED TO GO PUBLIC WITH THIS. But i'm not about to sit here and watch people make assumptions about me when they don't even know my side.
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324590


That was a response to the video further up, Luxy. It wasn't for you. No one here is accusing you of anything.
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324577>>324584>>324585>>324589>>324592>>324594>>324595>>324599>>324750
They don't really have any private info on me. If he wanted to, he could make a video. I don't want that, but what choice did I have? Let people keep thinking that i'm this certain way when I'm not? I would hope this situation isn't big enough for him to want to do that. That's why I didn't want to be in any kind of spotlight. Let me be clear. I wanted a relationship with Lainey at first. I wouldn't have continued talking to them if I didn't. Heck, even after it all went down I STILL liked them. A lot. But I knew I couldn't be what they wanted. Having them BOTH wasn't what i wanted. Having someone who couldn't be exclusive to me wasn't what I wanted. I thought I could try, and maybe that was wrong. I should have been 100% certain before jumping into it and I apologized a million times for that. I take responsibility for that. Even if you guys don't feel like that was wrong, i still feel bad about that part.
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324602>>324605>>324606>>324607>>324613>>324615>>324616>>324623>>324662>>324750

File (hide): 1481949916315.png (153.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2663.PNG)


This is the only screen shot I'll post. I also want to say that we all had some really good conversations too. Greg was kind at first when I came forward, and understanding too. These conversations weren't all terrorizing or mean.
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324603


Luxy, did you knew about all the rumors regarding Onision? I mean, the whole leaving all the girls she dates crazy? Did you think everything was a lie and that he was a good person? Or did you just not know anything about the things people say about him? i'm curious
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324605>>324610


Kind at first is how it always works with manipulators. If they were awful out of the gate, everyone would stay away from them. You're welcome to your privacy, of course :D

Very curious, though. Without divulging anything you'd prefer to keep secret, do you think Lainey loves Billie?
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324606

>>324602 Man, he really laid it on thick. This has every bit of manipulation he could muster, coming at you from all angles so no matter what you'd feel like a bad person for having feelings and being honest about them.

Guess greg doesn't like honestly so much when it's not his own, huh?
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324612>>324618>>324750
I knew rumors, but just like a lot of people, I wanted to form my own opinion. I will also say that I was open to still being friends with them after Greg invited me to come up. I was willing. I was willing after all the pressuring. Because I still thought they were good people. Up until Billie came back into the picture almost immediately after everything. I was angry because I felt used. I didn't use anyone. I was genuine. I was honest 100% of the time during that situation. I knew Greg had haters, I knew people made forums like these to bash him and I felt like it was all so.. silly.. like why waste your time on it when you don't even know him? Heck, I still don't even know him. I only know what we talked about, what he said to me, what i said to him. What Lainey and I talked about. I felt like they were good people, because I still felt so shitty about myself. Not anymore.
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324614>>324750
I don't know how Lainey feels about Billie being back. I don't know anything about that because we didn't talk about it. I know that when we DID talk about Billie, it was about how horrible she was to them. I actually ranted to Lainey telling them that they deserve the world, and I meant it. In a way, I still do. I'm very conflicted with my feelings because I let myself get a little too emotionally involved in that whole ordeal. As for how Lainey feels now, I'm blocked, and I doubt they will talk to me again. So I don't know.
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324616

>>324602 >Lainey's theory was that you dont really care about her

I'm using Lainey who you care about to say what I am thinking to try to make you prove you care about lainey by agreeing to what we want.

>I don't know what we're going to do about billie

Making it clear that Billie is an option and to have Billie not come back, all you have to do is agree to be her replacement. Trying to get you to feel jealous that Billie might come back if you dont.

>We're screaming for you throw us a line

He is making it sound like him and lainey need you and you can be the "right boat" only if you fulfill all the requirements.

Ah, manipulation.
Luxy 8 hours ago No. 324621>>324625>>324626>>324627>>324629>>324632>>324634>>324639>>324662>>324750
I'm probably not going to post anymore on the subject. I'm sorry if you guys still have questions but I just want this to be over. I'm glad I got to tell my side, and i'm grateful that you guys understand.
Anonymous 8 hours ago No. 324634


Thank you, Luxy. And no matter what he's told you (and might say in the future) you did nothing wrong.
Anonymous 8 hours ago No. 324639>>324641


Take care of yourself. Researching manipulation tactics and anecdotes might help you understand this a bit more. A good book to start at is Why Does He Do That? by lundy bancroft. Thank you for sharing all you have.
Luxy 8 hours ago No. 324646>>324647>>324648>>324750
They're not in contact with me. I just want this to die down, that's all.
Anonymous 8 hours ago No. 324647


Good. Please do consider locking down your accounts for a few days though - a week of going private would keep Greg's army of tweenaged minions from harassing you, should he have one of his good old fashioned strops over being seen for what he is.
Anonymous 8 hours ago No. 324648


ok, sorry for assuming, and again, I hope you can heal and be happy.
Luxy 8 hours ago No. 324649>>324652>>324750
My account is currently private for the time being. It'll probably stay that way until i'm certain everything has blown over.
Luxy 6 hours ago No. 324770>>324772>>324779
Real quick. I took screenshots of our conversations prior to all this, just in case he did decide to make a video. That's why it says "yesterday." Sorry. Just wanted to clear that up
Luxy 2 hours ago No. 324957>>324961>>324962>>324967>>324968>>324969
Just wanted to stop in and say thank you.. when I originally came forward, it was to clear my name, not to expose anyone. I couldn't stand people thinking I'm this certain way when I'm not. I'm not normally in any kind of "spotlight" and I didn't want that, but it wasn't avoidable anymore. People had assumed things about me on the hate blogs based on a lot of unrelated tweets to the situation. Someone had said on tumblr that if I didn't want people assuming they were about Lain and Greg, then they weren't vague enough. Please understand that I thought only a select few knew. Lainey has flirted with other girls on twitter, so I didn't think people would find out it was me in the first place. I don't like the video, obviously. I dont want anymore attention from this, but I still felt like I needed to thank you guys for understanding, and for listening…

December 18, 2016

Luxy 21 hours ago No. 326327>>326328>>326330>>326332>>326334>>326335>>326336>>326342>>326344>>326587
Real quick, just to clear one more thing up, the new "Luxymoo" twitter account isn't me. If they tweet anything or whatever, it's not me. I'm hoping they took the name to stop anyone else who might use it to stir up more stuff.. but it's NOT me.. thanks again.