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A compilation of information we have about Greg's divorce court documents from his first marriage. (Not to be confused with the original contract Greg and Skye wrote after seperating or Greg's separation agreement to his current spouse Lainey when they briefly broke up in 2016.)


In 2012 a few pages of the public portion of Greg and Skye's court documents began to spread over the internet. They have since been suppressed, but quotes exist supposedly from a legal statement from Skye. (Source) (Admin note: I have read the leaked document back in 2012, but I have not had access to since then due to all sources being deleted off of tumblr and Youtube. I do not believe the quotes were in the initial leak. The paperwork Greg reads in his 2017 video below is what was leaked. I'm not sure if this was from a different leak or if they are fake quotes. Also it seems the second quote would have been from Greg.)

“Shortly after my husband served me with divorce papers he crashed our car in Canada.”

“With regard to transportation, we no longer own a vehicle. I was in a motor vehicle accident in Montana wherein I hit a deer.”

“My husband who has a very controlling and domineering personality, informed me that I was getting divorced. He informed me that I had to sign the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.”

“After my husband forced me into signing the documents, his behavior towards me worsened. He was yelling and screaming at me in the house. It became unbearable. Two days later, on Christmas eve, I went to my mothers residence. She was concerned I was suffering a mental breakdown. I stayed at her residence. I ended up calling the crisis line.”

“My husband claims to be putting money into my account via Paypal. I have not withdrawn the funds. I did not agree to the $1,000 in the first place and do not want to accept something that I have not agreed to. I do need the funds. I continue to reside with my mom. I continue to need treatment and counseling. I would like to be able to get out and have a place of my own. I do not want to be in the family home. It brings back too many terrible memories.”

2017 Video

Seven years after their separation, Greg made a video talking about the divorce documents. He claims Skye committed perjury in order to scare him him into giving her $90,000. He reads through small quotes from Skye's initial statement to point out what he claims are lies. After reading Skye claim they started a business together, he explains he and Skye did not start the Onision channel together and points out she was only in 1 out of 5 videos when they were together. Greg reads a quote from Skye, "During my marriage my husband made the determination that he was going to file for divorce. This was not a mutual decision. In fact, we did not have any prior discussions." He says this is true. He points out (as he has many times) he is usually the one to break up with people and asks if he was so terrible why did they not leave him? The quotes continue, "was clear that I had to sign them "or else". He made it very clear to me that I had no choice other than to sign the papers that he presented to me." Greg asks "or else what?" He says she knows he would never hurt or threaten her. Skye: "I am not even certain what I signed." Greg asks how could she not know what she signed when she said she signed divorce agreements. He also points up she later showed up at his house to take her stuff and his google TV and camera. He also says she took what she thought was the only copy of contract they signed, but he had another copy. He does not read the rest of the quote that was on screen: "I only have one page of a document. He took the rest of the papers. I was able to find out by checking online that he had filed in [county] for divorce."

He continues with another quote: "I anticipate that there will be significant discovery. I also anticipate that should this proceed to trial there will be real estate appraisers and other experts to testify with regard to the valuation of the real property and family business." Greg ughs at the quote. He asks what would happen if someone comes in that knows nothing about Youtube and says this business with worth a billion dollars. Greg says this is what made him offer her $90,000 to get out of his life. He says they later considered getting back together, but he bailed after Cyr asked him why he would you want to be with someone taking money from you?

While he's talking another quote from Skye appears on screen: "The one page document that I do have that he forced me to sign awarded to him all of our property. I do not think that that is fair." Under it there is text saying this is a lie and she did not want to live with him. He also points out she negotiated on his contract to be able to come back to the house any time during the next two years. He asks how she was forced to sign. "Her story falls apart repeatedly." He says this next quote from Skye is the biggest lie: "I currently do not have any income. I have been forced out of out home and am residing with my parents. I am not employed. I do not have income to engage experts and pay them to travel to [county]. I believe that it would be appropriate to have venue transferred to [different county]." He asks in what way was she forced out? Because on his document he offered to let her stay. He claims she lied because it would look bad for her to admit she left voluntarily and lying made her claim to the house more strong. While he is talking there is text on screen that says she realized she could get more money by dangling the value of the house over him. He thinks her mother was the one that gave her this idea. He writes her mother was emotionally cheating on her husband who she was planning on divorcing when he hit 20 years in the military so she could he entitled to his retirement money. ($ource)

2018 Video

In 2018 Greg made another video going through more documents. He announces he is making this video because he thinks everyone should get a prenuptial agreement when they get married so you know both parties are not after money. The first thing he reads is Skye's expenses. The first on the list was a counselor. He says she didn't need one when they were tougher, but guesses someone asking for a divorce could be traumatic. The next is her household expenses, which is over $1,700. He laughs and says she is one person who lives with her mom. He says he mom was charging her $800 for one room. He does a mini skit to point out how ridiculous it was for her mother to charge her so much for one room while she needed a place to stay during her divorce. He sarcastically says, "what a loving family." He says when he and Skye lived with his mother after he got out of the military, his mother only charged him utilities. "$800 for a grieving divorcee. Wow." He goes into a story about how his ex-mother in law scammed a store into sending her two $160 dragon statues by reporting the first one as not being delivered so she could get a second one free. He tells the story again about how she only stayed with her husband to get his military retirement money. He claims she said this out loud. He says she dated a felon after. "I just want to point out this family is FUCKED." He says he liked his ex-sister-in-law and her father.

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