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Greg's first interaction with Adrienne, OFO

Adrienne was an ex-girlfriend of Greg's. They only dated for three weeks in 2011, but their relationship became infamous thanks to the drama caused by Greg's smear campaign against her hygiene and a leaked email she wrote to a friend that contained many private and embarrassing details about their short relationship. While dating, Adrienne made the decision to keep their relationship private, which is why she is never featured in any of Greg's videos and was only photographed with him once on his social media.

Unless specified otherwise, most of Adrienne's point of view information on this article is from her leaked email.

Early Relationship

Adrienne says she first became interested in Greg in early 2011. After a break up, she began watching many of his Speaks videos and began following his relationship drama with Shiloh. By August, she joined his forums and began to post. She says, after reading many sad stories from young forum members, she created a topic where she tried to encourage anyone looking for the right relationship. Greg quickly replied "So... our wedding date... is Friday ok with you?" (Source)

Adrienne says he messaged her through his forums and that night they began texting and joking about marriage. Soon enough, they were Skyping nightly.

Officially Dating

"I Found Her" and some fan reactions

According to Adrienne, by the third day of them talking on Skype, Greg asked Adrienne to be his girlfriend. She says things began moving fast and he already was talking about marriage and wanting her to move from Texas to live in Los Angeles with him. She also says he began saying he loved her on night three.

On Sep 3, 2011, Greg uploaded "I Found Her" to his Speaks channel. In the video, he announces he asked Adrienne to be his girlfriend and she said yes. ($ource) Viewers seem to be divided. Half seemed to be fed up and tired of listening to Greg talk about his dating life, especially after witnessing his relationship with Shiloh up until that point, while the other half seemed happy for him.

The next day, Greg uploaded "I Got Dumped" to his Speaks channel. "I am about to make the most pathetic announcement in the history of announcements right now." He explains that his relationship ended horrifically and laughs about it. Greg says it was his fault because he was being a dick. He speaks directly to Adrienne and tells her to have a good life and that she deserves better than what he was being. ($ource) They were soon back together.

Austin, Texas

Greg eventually flew to Austin, Texas to meet Adrienne in person for the first time. On September 10th, Adrienne says Greg officially proposed marriage to her and said they could go ring shopping when she moves to Washington with him, although she did not mention if she accepted his proposal. On the other hand, Greg says she was actually the one who tried to marry him. (Source)

After his trip to Texas, Greg uploaded "She Fixed Me" (video since deleted) on September 13, 2011. Greg explains he just got back from visiting his girlfriend Adrienne and says, "she continues to fix every little thing that's broken in me." He says he wants to thank Adrienne because she repaired all the damage his last girlfriend inflicted on him. He says when he was married, he only cried three times, but when he was with Shiloh he cried 10 or 13 times. He goes on to explain that Adrienne fixed him and filled his void and he wants her to be his last. "Adrienne, I know you're watching this. I fucking love you so much." (Source)

The next day, Greg announced he and Adrienne broke-up yet again in "Single Again" (video since deleted). He says he broke-up with Adrienne, but he won't go into detail about it because he promised Adrienne he wouldn't. He says she deserves someone better and he deserves someone that will put up with his bullshit. He says it's awesome most people don't know who she is, but to the viewers that do, not to harass her. He says he will be single again for some time. He says he doesn't smoke or drink, but he puts people through "emotional garbage" and that is worse. (Source)

Soon after, Greg and Adrienne were once again back together.

Moving Plans

After their meet up in Texas, Adrienne says Greg began pressuring her to quit her job, re-home her pets, and move in with him earlier than planned. Eventually, Adrienne says she complied. She says she quit her job, re-homed her pets and was ready to fly to Greg.

Greg says she was the one who suggested re-homing her pets. He says she got rid of them even though he insisted it was not necessary. ($ource)

Final Break-Up

"She's Right" deleted video

Adrienne and Greg broke up for the last time on September 19, 2011. That night, Greg began to suggest Adrienne has STDs on his Facebook and Twitter.

The next day, Adrienne replied on her Google + account, defending herself and detailing bad parts of their relationship. (Source) Greg replied with a video, "She's Right", although the video was quickly deleted. (Source) Greg says he made the video without reading Adrienne's whole Google + post because he hates to read. Once viewers explained to him people were upset with him because she painted him out to be a bad guy, he deleted the video. (Source)

Greg also uploaded "DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA" (video since deleted) that same day. He says he created an Onision Speaks facebook so that he could still talk about his personal life and keep it separate from his Onision stuff. He says crazy stuff just came up in his personal life and Skye and his friends are guiding and helping him. He says making videos and his ex-wife, Skye, are the only things keeping him alive. He announces he is getting an STD test and a fertility test. (Source)

Borderline Personality Disorder

Main Article: Borderline Personality Disorder

After witnessing Greg's recent break-up, a forum member created a topic telling Greg they believe he has Borderline Personality Disorder. They listed symptoms and compared them to Greg's recent behavior. Specifically his relationships and things he had said about himself in Speaks videos.

On September 21, 2011, Greg uploaded "Borderline Personality Disorder" to his Speaks channel. In the video, he goes through the list of symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder and explains why he believe most of them sound like him. He says that he now figured out what was wrong with him and that he does not need professional help because he can fix it with his fans' help. ($ource)

That same day, Greg left Adrienne many voicemails, which Adrienne had saved to a hard drive. In them, he tells Adrienne he was recently informed that he has Borderline Personality Disorder. He tells her that his emotions and relationships are out of control, compared to her who is in control. He says he if gets himself under control they would make a good pair. He says he feels complete and happy around her.

After giving up on getting back together with Adrienne, Greg stopped talking about his self-diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder completely. Many drama followers speculated he was using BPD to try to get Adrienne back.

Post Break-Up

"Goodbye Dear"

On September 22, Greg uploaded three videos about Adrienne and his relationship drama. (They seem to mostly be in response to Adrienne's Google + account of their relationship.)

The first was "I Will Not Fight Her" (video since deleted). In the video, he questions if he should defend himself from what someone he loves has said about him. He questions if he should maintain his dignity and make someone he loves look like a liar. He asks if it's worth it to make them look bad. He says the negative feedback he is getting is not fair because the only people that know what happened was him and the other person. He says they won't even talk to him anymore, but he can't say why. He says he wants to be nothing but good, so he's going to take the heat for this one. (Source)

The next video was "Reality Check". In the video, he replies to someone that said "look at all of Onision's failed relationships. Isn't it obvious who's at fault?" He says he hates to "burst their bubble", but he is the one that ended all of his last three relationships. He says there first was a risk of freedom and life, the second was sanity, and the last was too much pain. He says he kept getting back together with the last one because he did not want to give up until he was sure it was over. He wants it to be clear he broke up with his last three exes. He says if he was at fault, wouldn't he be the one that was dumped? He says his ex shouldn't publicly slander and make up lies about him. He says doing that proves they don't know what love is. ($ource)

The last video that say was "Goodbye Dear" (video since deleted). He says he almost made a big mistake by releasing all of the negative information about he had about Adrienne because she slandered him. He says it's too "Jerry Springer" and that he wants to be the bigger person. He says he told Adrienne he would be releasing this information because she publicly slandered him. "That's not love. Why would you do that?" He says he begged her for mercy just like she begged him to take her back a few days ago and he did. He says it's obvious he fell in love with someone he thought she was. He says he typed up a long detailed story about their relationship, but thought about her crying. He imagined his subscribers "giving her crap" about all the time and money he lost because of her. He says there's not point in hurting everyone in the situation and that he should look beyond his emotions and be the bigger person. He ends the video with a message to Adrienne: "Goodbye Adrienne. I'm sorry you aren't the person I thought you were, but I'm not going to make you cry, I'm not going to make your days as miserable as mine have been. Live a long happy life. Find a guy that's right for you. Treat him better then you treated me." (Source)

Friendship With Shiloh

Adrienne and Shiloh briefly became friends after Shiloh read Adrienne's Google + post about Greg and decided to contact her. They began publicly mocking Greg together on Facebook, mainly for his (at the time) distrust in dating bisexual women, which caused some friction in Greg and Adrienne's relationship as she was bisexual. Shiloh had also written a blog post summarizing similarities they experienced when they dated Greg. (Source)

Eventually, Shiloh and Greg got back together. They announced they were together and now engaged on September 26, 2011. Adrienne says she believed Shiloh used her to get information out of her to get closer with Greg.


House Analogy Video

The day after Shiloh and Greg announced they were back together and engaged, they each uploaded paralleling videos on their rant channels about Adrienne's alleged dirty vagina. Shiloh uploaded a video titled "Dutteh Vajayjay", where she talked about how much she dislikes people that don't keep their genitals clean. (Source) Greg uploaded "Desperate For A Home", where he compared his recent relationships to living in different houses. He made it clear that the house that represented Adrienne was "dirty". (Source) These infamous videos became known as "Dutteh House" among drama followers.

These videos are now deleted.

STD Test

Greg walking out of PP with the STD test results

On October 11, 2011, Greg uploaded "Do I Have STDs" (video since deleted). In the video, viewers follow Greg and Shiloh as they drive to Planned Parenthood for Greg to get an STD test. After the test, Greg suspensefully reads through each STD and says he does not have each one. In the end, he is relieved he did not have the STDs he read on the list. (Source)

The next day, he uploaded "Onision's STD Test". In the video, Greg lists all the STDs he does not have and lists the STDs he is not sure about yet. He tells his audience to be safe and get tested. He says not to trust your significant others if they say they got tested because he trusted people in the past when they may not have been honest. ($ource)

"The Letter"

After the break-up, Adrienne wrote a long email to a friend detailing her and Greg's relationship from her perspective. The email also included a short email exchange Adrienne had with Shiloh's mother, which was dated September 24 - 25. The long email, or as it came to be called, "The Letter", eventually leaked in early October 2011 on a drama follower and Anti-Onision chat room. When Adrienne found out her private email was leaked, she was embarrassed and asked everyone not to spread it and drama/anti pages and channels obliged.

After Greg released his two STD test videos, Adrienne had enough and gave permission to release her email, under the condition all information about Skye was deleted. "The Letter" was publicly released on October 16, 2011.

The next day, Greg uploaded "6 Years vs 3 Weeks" in response to the email. In the video, Greg says Shane Dawson, Cyr, and other friends could verify the truth. He says the person he was with for 5 years has good things to say about him and they are currently friends. The second person, who he was with for months, is dating him again. The third person that only knew him for a few weeks is "on a slandering rampage" because they got dumped and they want to take down Shiloh. He says if they had information about Skye, they would probably want to take her down as well. He says this person is using all the information they have on him and turning it into a weapon. He gives hypothetical example: when he was 15 he got into a fight, then they would turn it into "when Greg was 15 he brutally murdered someone."

He says many people can confirm he is rational and he is being attacked by an irrational person. He says he will not attack this person, just defend himself. He tells people that hate him that they are promoting him by watching this video. "If you're going to call anyone stupid, look in the mirror." He says people that are against him should move on with their lives. He says "the most horrifying thing for the haters" is how honest and reliable he is. He tells them to ask Skye and Shiloh. He says he's made mistakes, but not as bad as how he's being slandered. He says he's bigger guy this time, but in the past he was not the bigger guy to Skye and Shiloh. He ends the video by thanks Shiloh and Skye for still loving him. ($ource)

A Horrible Rebound

Main Article: A Horrible Rebound
"A Horrible Rebound"

After the release of "The Letter", Adrienne stayed relatively quiet, while Greg would continue to occasionally talk about her in videos. This changed on January 8, 2012, when Greg uploaded "A Horrible Rebound" to his Speaks channel. The video was a seven and a half minute long explanation of his side of the relationship. He only took the time to debunk a couple of stories she had told and told viewers to assume the rest of her story was a lie. He spent most of the video proving she was a "low moral individual" and a liar. ($ource) Along with the video, Greg had also made several corresponding social media statuses. (Source)

This video received immediate backlash. It quickly spread to other YouTube communities and resulted in many angry video responses to Greg's video. The main part of the video that received the most criticism is when Greg says "That's funny coming from someone who slept with over 20 people", when trying to debunk her claim that she felt pressured into having sex quickly after they first met up. This quote, along with other things Greg had said in the video, not only labeled Greg as a slut shamer, but a rape apologist as well, a title Greg was not happy about.

This video caused a domino effect of drama and is credited in being the snowball that turned into the avalanche that got him banned from VidCon 2012.


Main Article: The Voicemails

On January 19, 2012, Adrienne announced she will be releasing voicemails from Greg that she had saved. (Source) That same day, she released them to Anti-Onision YouTubers and the video soon was spread a re-uploaded by many. (Source) Adrienne later explained she kept the voicemails because she knew Greg would eventually cross the line and make a video about her similar to "A Horrible Rebound". She says she hasn't spoken to him in months and they only dated for three weeks, yet he keeps launching "slanderous smear campaigns" against her unprovoked and she want to show that even though she's not perfect, she doesn't deserve this. (Source)

Greg soon responded to the voicemail release by saying he believes it's illegal to release private voicemails (Source), despite previously sharing Shiloh's private voicemails to him a few times previously in videos. ($ource) After this status, Greg began specifically attacking his ex-wife over their alimony agreement for the first time. (Sorce) Some, including Adrienne, believed Greg began doing this to distract his viewers from finding his voicemails. (Source)

After listening to the voicemails, Greg uploaded "ONISION VOICEMAILS RELEASED", where he says the voicemails confirm everything he was saying all along. He says it proves she attacked him in the beginning and he was only defending himself. He says the evidence is overwhelmingly clear that he was the victim. He tells haters that are now fans "welcome back." ($ource)

Reactions to the voicemails were mixed. Some listeners believed the voicemails showed how manipulative and controlling Greg was, while others thought it showed how loving and lonely he was.


After witnessing Greg's emotional videos about his break-up with Shiloh in late February 2012, Adrienne sent Greg an email. In the email, she explains she saw his break-up videos and it reminded her of what she went through with one of her exes. She apologized for not telling him she did not want to be with him anymore and letting him leave all those voicemails and texts. She says she too was broken when they dated, but all the feelings were genuine and she had no malicious intent in dating him. She says even though what he's said about her was hurtful and cruel, she is apologizing for the hurtful things she had said out of anger. She says she does not want to contribute to the hate any longer. "So, to make a long story short: you have my apologies for my share of the wrong doing in the last few months and I hope you have since healed and moved on from it." She says she does not expect an apology, but wished him the best. (Source)

Greg responded, "All is forgiven." Greg also apologizes for not being mature. Adrienne wrote back offering her friendship and gives him her number. She reveals she's moving near him. She calls him a "good person" and expressed she wished people understood him more. (Source)

In March 2012, Greg uploaded "Onision- TOTAL VICTORY" where he says he was the good guy in all of his relationships because he was the one that ended all of the relationships he had in the past 5 years. He also says all the women that hate him do so because they were rejected by him. ($ource) Greg also made several social media statuses explaining why he was morally superior in all of his recently ended romantic relationships and friendships. When listing Adrienne, he wrote, "Accused of being a liar/slanderer only to admit she was wrong/apologize/requested a friendship with Onision." (Source)

Adrienne responded on her Google +, saying Greg was distorting her words and that what he's saying is making her regret her apology. She says she did not take responsibility for everything that happened between them and never admitted to being a liar. She said she apologized for her part in the negativity in an attempt to end their feud. She says he conveniently left out the part where he apologized too. She says he also left out that after they had broken up, he begged her back and she was the one that ultimately rejected him. She says she only gave him her number because she sympathized with his break-up and wanted to provide a "listening ear". She begs him to stop talking about her in posts and videos. (Source)

To this day, Greg continues to share his screen shots of his email conversation with Adrienne on various sites, blogs, and videos. He would still misrepresent Adrienne's peace emails for years, using them to prove that she admitted to lying when she never did, although he eventually stopped.


Adrienne has not spoken a word publicly about Greg since the backlash of their last email exchange.

On the other hand, Greg continues to speak about Adrienne in videos, on blog posts, and in comedy sketch videos. Greg tends warps the facts of the relationship in his favor, which became obvious when in 2015 he posted a less than truthful timeline of the events between him and Adrienne. (Source) He continues to not only talk about their relationship, but still adds details about her hygiene and sex practices in order to show how "low moral" she is. Greg also outright changes facts in his favor, for example he now calls Adrienne's leaked email a "hateful blog post", insinuating Adrienne maliciously intended it to be released to the public.

Real Timeline vs Greg's Timeline
Actual Timeline Greg's Timeline
Meet on Forum Meet on Forum
Begin dating (Sep 3, 2011) Begin dating
Meet in person Meet in person
Fly home, break up (Sep 19, 2011) Fly home, break up
Greg suggests Adrienne has STDs on social media
Adrienne makes statement on social media about their relationship in response to the STD claims, even starts off status addressing the STD claim Adrienne releases blog post/letter full of lies (in timeline he questions if she did this because he broke up with her)
Greg doesn't read it and says what she said was true in a video Greg doesn't read it and says what she said was true in a video
Greg is informed of the status' contents and retracts his statement Greg is informed of the blog's contents and retracts his statement
Adrienne releases his private voicemails
Greg makes videos about how he's not going to release negative information about her and he was the one that was in the right because he broke up with her Greg makes videos about how she's unhygienic and was just a rebound because he's hurt by her actions
Greg gets back together with Shiloh Greg gets back together with Shiloh
Shiloh and Greg each make a video hinting Adrienne has STDs (Sep 27, 2011)
A long email ("the letter") Adrienne wrote to a friend about her relationship with Greg is leaked. Adrienne suppresses the spread of the leaked email.
Greg makes a video series about being tested for STDs due to his relationship with Adrienne (Oct 11, 2011)
Due to the STD videos, Adrienne gives permission to release the letter as long as what's written about Greg's ex wife is cut out (Oct 16, 2011)
Greg responds with a video (Oct 17, 2011)
Greg makes a video about how she's unhygienic and was just a rebound (Jan 8, 2012)
Adrienne releases the voicemails in response to the video (Jan 19, 2012)
Greg and Shiloh break up (Feb 2012) Greg and Shiloh break up
Adrienne sends an email sympathizing with his break up and apologizes for things she said out of anger Adrienne sends an email "apologizing repeatedly for how she was before, but also gives me her phone number, offers her friendship, says I’m a “good person and says she’s moving near me.”
Greg responds forgiving her and says he could have acted more mature
Adrienne responds and offers her number and friendship an calls him a good person and says she's moving near him


  • Adrienne and Greg broke-up many times during their short relationship. Although only three of these break-ups were announced by Greg, Adrienne detailed more of them in her leaked email.

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