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Greg summarizes the outcome of Cuddle Gate in "Re: I Betrayed My Wife".
Cuddle Gate was a series of events that were triggered after Greg cuddled his spouse's girlfriend in 2016.

**During the events in this article, Kai went by the nicknames "Lainey" or "Lain" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos will not.


In 2015, Greg announced he is allowing his spouse, Kai to date women outside their marriage so Kai can explore his bisexuality. (Source) In December 2015, Kai began dating an 18 year old YouTuber named Billie. The three of them were very public about the arrangement and Greg would post photos of Kai and Billie kissing and would film them making out for videos. (Source) Billie visited Kai and Greg in Washington twice and would collaborate on their YouTube channels.

The Cuddle

On January 23, 2016, Kai began tweeting about being heartbroken. (Source) The next day, he asked his followers if it's cheating if your partner cuddled with someone of the gender they are attracted to. Many of Kai's followers agreed that it was cheating, and he would re-tweet fans that said it was cheating. (Source) Kai began answering questions and giving details about the cuddling, but would not reveal who he was talking about. He said this person was told by their partner to not cuddle another person that they were attracted to, but did so anyway while watching a movie. He also posted a selfie where no ring can be seen on his finger. Greg and Kai both also tweeted about crying. (Source)

January 25, 2016
The next day, on January 25, 2016, Kai announced he and Greg are separated. (Source) Kai answered fan's questions about the situation for the next couple of days, slowly revealing what had happened. According to his twitter, the situation was currently that Greg left him for Billie and is in love with her. (Source) Also, Kai took their child and dogs and moved out of their home. (Source)

That night, Billie and two friends opened up a YouNow live stream. She was bombarded with questions about what happened between her, Kai, and Greg. For most of the stream, she ignored them, but began to open up about it toward the end. She expressed that it was a complicated situation and that viewers don't know all of the details. She says Kai and Greg are good people and she hopes they will get back together. When asked why Kai was freaking out, she replied "I don't know." She says Kai and Greg were okay with the situation until "they weren't". Billie says she thinks it was immature of Kai to instantly post that information to twitter, even though the internet is his escape, because Kai "has a following and needs to understand what [he] says takes a toll on people". Billie and her friend say that they will not reveal all of the information because it's not everyone's business. (Source)

In a Speaks video called "I Betrayed My Wife", Greg revealed, in detail, everything about his and Kai's relationship with Billie and their separation. Greg says one night he, Kai, and Billie had a threesome, but Kai stopped it when they got to third base. The next day, he told Greg he did not think he would be having sex with Billie within the next few days, even though Greg told him he wanted to go further. Greg says he told Kai many times in the past that he wanted to "make love to her while she stimulated another woman." He says Kai's decision not to be intimate with Billie for the next few days disappointed him and made him feel like Kai let him down. "Essentially I was reacting like she broke a promise she never made." He says he felt like marrying someone that is bisexual was a "dream come true" because "seeing two women make love to each other is absolutely beautiful to me." Greg also says because of the experience the day before, he became emotionally connected to Billie.

Greg asks Kai if he can cuddle Billie
After this conversation, Greg went downstairs to tell Billie what was going on. He says he and Billie were confused and did not know what to do. They played video games and watched a movie. Greg texted Kai saying he "needed affection" and that he was "really aroused and I feel an intense need for cuddling as well." He asked for permission to cuddle Billie, "followed that with or you can cuddle me?". Greg says Kai became upset and wanted to leave their home.

Greg says while he helped Kai pack, he told him he wouldn't do anything with Billie that friends wouldn't do. He admits he was being manipulative and "trying to slip something by [him]" when saying this because he had a female friend in high school that he would cuddle that Kai knew about. He also says he would cuddle with his male friends, although he would never ask them to cuddle. When Kai left, he cuddled Billie. Greg also says his mother was a masseuse and once gave him a full body massage with lotion, but avoided his gentiles. Greg says he used this as justification to give Billie a full body massage. He says he applied lotion and the massage included her chest and butt. He says after, they took individual showers, then cuddled while watching movies. He says they feel asleep cuddling in Kai's bed. Greg says they did not have sex.

Greg told Kai about what he and Billie did the next day and Kai broke up with him. He says Kai did not care about the full body massage because Greg and Billie had given him one "48 hours prior", although it did not involve lotion. Greg says he believes what he did with Billie was harmless, but Kai was upset that he specifically told Greg not to cuddle her and he did anyway. Greg refers to this as a "betrayal", rather than cheating. He says he also told Kai that he loved Billie according to the definition, "an intense feeling of deep affection". He says although he says he told many of his male friends this as well, he meant there was something more than a friendship.

Greg says he signed an agreement to give Kai a monthly sum of money that a friend of Kai's agreed was fair. He also signed away full custody of their child to Kai. He says he planned to see their child on a regular basis, but it is Kai's right to take that away from him if he wants. ($ource)

Back Together

On January 25, 2016, Kai announced he and Greg were going to go to counseling to try to work on their relationship. (Source) Soon after, Kai was back to showing off his ring in pictures and Greg announced in his January 29th "Re: I Betrayed My Wife" video they were back together. ($ource)


Viewers had very mixed reactions to the drama. A significantly large number of Greg's fans blamed Kai for bringing Billie into their marriage, while Kai's fan-base mostly blamed Greg and/or Billie. Critics and drama followers seem to mostly blame Greg and Billie, although they seem to give Greg more credit for causing the break up because he seemed to have his eye on Billie for some time and was quick to "mutually" agree to break up with Kai and sign away custody of his child.

Billie texts Greg after she thinks he and Kai broke up again
Soon after Greg and Kai were back together, Kai took a short break from the internet while Greg immediately began joking about the recent events on twitter, which is something he continued to do for some time. (Source) In the following month, Greg would make several jokes and parody sketches about the break-up and cuddling in videos and even created two prank videos on his main channel pretending to have separated from Kai again. ($ource) After seeing the first prank video, Billie thought it was real and texted Greg that she was ready for a relationship with him. (Source) Greg later showed off this text in his reveal video, giving everyone that believed his prank video the middle finger. ($ource)

When asked about the prank and joke videos, Kai revealed that he did not believe what he went though was a joke and the videos made him cry. (Source) Kai denied having anything to do with his prank videos. (Source)

For the next few months, Kai and Billie continued to occasionally attack one another in various ways on social media and in videos without directly saying who they were talking about. In Early May 2016, Kai began expressing missing Billie on Twitter. (Source) By July 2016, Kai and Billie were back together.


Greg concludes he is a "cuddle cheater"
After Kai, Billie, and Greg decided to peruse a full three-way poly relationship, Greg began to defend himself from criticism about cuddlegate and argued that he did not cheat on Kai. An example of this is the October 2016 Speaks video "Life After I "Cheated" On My Spouse". In the video, Greg recaps what he said in "I Betrayed My Wife" and admits he was "manipulative", "dishonest", and "betrayal". He said they did not kiss, do oral, or have sex, yet people still say he cheated. He says when he and a lot of people think of cheating, they think of kissing, oral, and sex, not cuddling and a massage. "What's next? Are long hugs cheating? That's literally vertical cuddling." He says once someone's a cheater, they'll always be a cheater. He says this applies to him because he is "cuddle prone". He says he still sees no harm in cuddling because it is a loving and non-sexual act. As for the massage, [while pointing to boobs he drew on a white board] he says there is a difference between someone sexually grabbing body parts and non-sexually doing it. He says he, Billie, and Kai are all happy and love each other very much. ($ource)

After their relationship with Billie came to an end, Greg continued bringing up the indecent. In a 2018 stream, Greg went into detail about cuddle gate. He justified cuddling and massaging Billie by saying they were all in a poly relationship. He justifies the body massage by saying it was platonic and he was not aroused. When asked if Billie was naked he said, "she had the same amount of clothes on that I had on when I was getting massaged from my mom." He says his mom is a massage therapist and he was copying her. He said Kai hates that he doesn't feel terrible about the massage, but Greg says he doesn't feel terrible because he knew what he was doing and it wasn't sexual. He said didn't touch her breasts sexually, he was locating muscles under her breasts and massaging the tissue. When asked if he gave Billie a massage because he was attracted to her he answered, "maybe, yeah." "Things only sexual when you make it sexual." He says he specifically doesn't remember being aroused by the massage, "but cuddling, I can't really talk about that." When someone says they would wreck their boyfriend if they massaged a girl, Greg says they'd feel different if they were in a "poly potential relationship." He admits he didn't respect Kai's boundaries. (Source)

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