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Warning! This page is not complete. There will be information and sources missing.
Sicesca "light" (Source)
Sicesca is a belief system created by Greg. Greg followed (using the term loosly) Sicesca from 1997 to the present. At one point he attempted to turn Sicesca into a religion and maintained a site dedicated to it for several years. Text from the site is available here. Although the Sicesca site is long gone, it can be viewed through the Wayback Machine.


Greg stated he followed Sicesca since 1997. (Source) He would have been 11. Greg also says he wrote his ideas down when he was 17, which became Sicesca. (Source) It may have been that Greg began following his own belief system when he was 11, but did not write it all down and create a name for it until he was 17. It may also be that he was referring to the Sicesca website being created when he was 17.

As a Religion

Greg created the Sicesca website in 2003, when he was 17. (Source) On the site he wrote out Sicescan beliefs and guidelines to live by. The site encouraged interaction with Greg through forms where viewers can submit feedback and contributions.

Sicesca was described by Greg during this time period as "an amazing system of facts involving human origins, our future and general existence. Discover the purpose of all life, and a new reality beyond the teachings of all others." (Source)

Sicesca is often referenced and linked on some of the sites he owned and created around 2005 to 2006. (It may have been since 2003, but the Wayback Machine only goes back to 2005 so we can't confirm this.) (Source) A notable example is at the bottom of his ghost hunting website, in green text it says "Supporter of Sicesca". (Source) He also would list it as his faith or religion on site biographies. (Source)


The following is a summery of the information from the Siceca site, written by Greg. - (This section is incomplete.)

The Earth creates energy at its center. Humans came from the Earth and our purpose is to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. The Earth also created other non-living and living species that live among the humans. Humans are the most advanced species on Earth and they were not meant to kill each other or other species, unless they use all remaining parts of the animal or plant.

Our bodies are shells used to feed our spirits.


Described on the site as, "the souls which have never experienced human occupation of given right. Often times sociopaths due to lack in experience of human emotion through a first person perspective." (Source) Zodin attack weak humans, which would explain haunted houses.


Described as "Post human souls which have experienced the honor of being awarded a human body to dwell in." by the Sicesca dictionary. (Source)


"The space/realm unseen by human eyes which all sivontes and zodins dwell." (Source) The Sicesca site states some humans can travel to the Divant to help the Sivontes keep away the Zodin. Greg suggests by occupying the Divant realm, humans could escape physical threats such as murder or biochemical attacks.


Alien abductions are real and they are just more advanced species from other planets studying us. Some people think they may have been abducted, but really they were suffering from sleep paralysis. The reason outside species study us is because they don't understand the energies the Earth creates and shares with its creatures. Although, alien's long life spans and memories that we could never understand.

Aliens and Zodin both have no emotions, which is why when aliens visit us, we interest them.

The Book of Sicesca

At the bottom left of each Sicesca page there is a link named "The Book of Sicesca". The page it directs to reads, "Because the Sicescan belief system is relatively new, the minds at work have only explored the top of our philosophical Grand Canyon. Please check back soon for additional pages." It seems Greg planned on writing a book for Sicescan followers. It may also be possible that he considered to be The Book of Sicesca.


On the Sicesca site it states, "[Sicesca] is now finding homes in millions of information-hungry minds all over the Earth". It is more than likely Greg was over exaggerating the number of Sicescans on Earth. He now says Sicesca "found it's way into a few thousand "homes"". ($ource)

On the Sicesca website there are 4 routes someone that is interested in Sicesca could interact with Greg. The first was through the "Feedback" form where viewers can submit feedback, good or bad. The second was the "Community" form, which would put someone that submitted it onto an email list that would notify them when the Sicesca messaging board was created. It is not known if Greg went through with creating the board. The third was the "Contributions" form where viewers can get into contact with Greg to contribute with encouragement, recruiting followers, or donations. The last is a link to the Sicesca email which can be seen on the bottom left of the site.


There are two examples of Greg attempting to recruit new Sicescan members. One is in a 2005 email conversation and the other is on his The Evolutionary Psychology Forums he created in 2004.

Greg would heavily talk about Sicesca on his Evolutionary Psychology Forums in 2004. He would attempt to bring up his religion and Sicescan terms such as "Zodin" into casual conversation or debates. Sometimes he make himself out to be just a follower "I personally am a huge fan of Sicesca... it has a web site that lines everything out for interested viewers... are you interested? ~". (Source) While other times, he would tell fellow forum members he was the creator: "For those of you who do not know me too well, I am Gregory J. Daniel, creator of Sicesca (, a religion dedicated to saving this planet from it's destined demise, and post/present leader of many online communities dedicated to exploring the minds crevices." (Source) From what was archived of this forum, it did not appear that anyone there was interested in Sicesca.

In a 2005 archived version of Greg's Onision site, there is a page where Greg would post emails and letters he had sent that he believed held some significant advice or information. One of the emails was written to a woman named Margaret. In the email, he tries to recruit her to become a follower of Sicesca and explains that his sociopathic traits make him like a god. (Email below) (Source)

Hello Margaret

From your regards I get the impression you do not recall our last conversation... anti-drugs?

Mmm... how about my critique of your picture... you look like the awesomest girl ever? Church bells chiming, and yet we seem deaf...

<--- You freakin jerk! (me freaking what!!!??)

Mmm... sometimes... no... no... often, I have a complicated issue with resisting the blurt of negative comments despite the outcome... I have been excessively called an a**hole and a jerk ~ I really don't like the first one as the thought of the literal meaning is disgusting to me... but the second is not bad...

I am... often... a sociopath... I find that you described yourself somewhat in this way too...

If I am being damaged emotionally to an extreme extent (like if someone is breaking up with me, or someone just cheated on me... or someone just told me I should die or no longer exist --- all coming from those I care about), my emotions will shut down, and I will begin saying things that I mean, but in a stronger sense, more blunt sense.

All of the above examples really happened... I told my first love that she no longer deserved my time, and I ended our conversations until I healed... once due to her drug use, second to her cheating... there was no third (this are the significant break ups I mention.)

Then there was the various break ups on their part towards me... most did not matter, but some did, in which I smiled, not feeling a thing, sometimes never feeling at all ~

And lastly, my ex-girlfriends' sister of which I began to love like family ~ she told me she wished I would die, she wished I did not exist... I smiled, and said she was horrible for saying those things, I said she was ugly on the inside, that she did not deserve to look at me...

I made her cry many times due to what she had said to me... in a way this makes me a monster... in a way, this makes me a god.

[sighs deeply] I invented a religion, one I believe anyone who wants peace --towards-- (not on) Earth, and less discrimination in our lives would follow.

It follows the philosophy that we all come from the Earth, it is our true mother, and that any hand which hurts it, disrespects it, should fall back to it so they may be used to feed those less destructive, such as the soil.

You should see it too... Sicesca ~ most people call me crazy for making it up... so I ask them how their religion came about...

It's always started by men like me, only I am honest, I was not using drugs when I wrote what I did, I was not in a desert hallucinating when I wrote what I did... I did not base my entire faith off of my eyes, in a way, what I believe is barely a faith, it is more fact ~

So many people base their purpose on a higher power, something they have no proof of existing. I nearly bled to death in a church of God, no one was there to rescue me but my mother ~ Where is any proof valid enough to dedicate your life? To de-educate my life in such a manner, that is one of the few true sins.

I am bored of men believing strength of body equates out to universal dominance, I am bored of women saying "girl power" which only turns into girl disgrace when they put their might up to a mans...

Most have weakness of the mind which leads to inevitable failure of the body, of the spirit ~ I could never love a woman so small in heart... nor will I ever adore a man who feels women should tremble at his feet.

I am telling you all of this, Black Rose, as you want to know more about me... I may shine a new aura to you know, but I doubt it is an unwelcomed glow.

I mentioned before how people have called me a liar, I assure you, those people who name such names ~ they look into a mental reflection when they state such claims, for I'll lie upon nothing but the floor, and that day, is the day I die.

You inspire me with your wicked smile Rose, write me back ~ your words are anticipated.

Good bye Margaret.

- Gregory J.

Possible Sicescan Events

(Events, for lack of a better word.)

Ghost Skin Association (GSA)

Main Article: Ghost Skin Association

In 2004, Greg created, along with the subdomain (Source) On the ghost website, he and two friends called themselves the Ghost Skin Association. Greg would write about and take picture of ghost encounters they would have. Greg describes using a Ouija board and using a digital camera to make sure the room was clean of "energies which could attempt a bodily evasion." There is a gallery of 28 photographs in which Greg believes he captured spirits, souls, mysterious faces, and auras on camera. At the bottom of every page of the site in green bold text it says "Supporter of Sicesca", which links to

On the "Meet the GSA Team" page, Gregory is the only member to have his religion listed as Sicesca. Under special abilities, Greg wrote that he can "see metaphysical elements unseen by others. (Orbs, Lights) Has advanced senses for capturing ghosts on camera at the right moments. Has advanced ability to counsel & interpret ghosts." The last line is similar to what he describes on the Sicesca website, that some humans with special knowledge can assist spirits. (Source)

Onision Philosophy: Episode 3

In 2008, Greg ran a video series titled "Onision Philosophy" in which he talked about his ideas and opinions on different subjects. (all videos now removed) It may have been a precursor to his Speaks channel. During August 2008, Greg uploaded a video titled "Onision Philosophy: Episode 3". (Video deleted) In a blog post promoting the video, Greg says he talks about "The afterlife, portals to heaven/beyond. The light ghosts walk into, helping others through Ouija board, pendulums, energy detectors or other forms of communication devices." (Source) Many of these things seem to still follow his Sicescan beliefs and the GSA adventure he had.

Post Sicesca Site

Sicesca "2.0", Click to enlarge. (Source)
During August 2006, it is assumed Greg decided to demote Sicesca from a religion back to a personal belief system and not to support the Sicesca website anymore. He removed all references of it from his various sites and turned into a site for his Onision music and later into an early version of the Onision forums. Eventually, he turned it into a redirect to his Onision site until he no longer owned the domain. (Source) The last and seemingly only update he made to his Sicesca site throughout the course of its three year life was in August 2006, before its closing. He posted two text "Anti-Christianity Rants" to the home page of Sicesca. The bottom of the first rant was signed "The Atheist Recruiter" and the second was not signed. (Source)

Sicesca made an online re-appearance in 2008 on Greg's Onision website biography. Under his "religion" section, he states he followed Sicesca from 1997 to the present. He says when he was 11, after deciding not to follow Christianity anymore, he began searching for answers on his own and did not ask anyone else for help. These beliefs became Sicesca. He describes Sicesca here as "Sicesca takes various beliefs from various religions that seem most logical, and compresses them within one understanding, that understanding is that there are unseen elements at work in the universe. Yet in Sicesca, none of these entities should be relied to change the course of one's future. In Sicesca, reliance on self is essential." Under this, he lists his belief system on different topics such as souls and the function of the human brain. It seems Greg re-vamped his Sicesca belief system. The information he provides is a lot simpler and less specific than the old site. For example, on the 2008 page, he talks about souls going to the "soul realm" rather than the Divant like before. (Source) After 2008, Sicesca once again disappears from all of his sites.

Oddly enough, when Greg filed for divorce in December 2010, on the public court records it can be seen that Greg requested his last name legally be changed to Sicesca. (Source) It seems Greg was planning on making the name change for a while. In his 2008 "I'm so Emo" video, he tagged his name as "Greg Sicesca" next to Skye's full name. (Source)


In a two part video series called "Onision Exposed: Youtube's own cultist!", YouTube user SomeGuy827 revealed his discovery of Greg's old religion, Sicesca, through searching archived version of the Onision site on the Wayback Machine. In the videos, he reads passages from the Sicesca site and the email to Margaret. In the video, he accuses Greg of pretending to be an atheist on YouTube so he could get away with spreading his religious ideas and morals to his fans. (Original videos removed, mirrored: Source)

The videos began to spread and people began to contact Greg about his alleged old religion. This came to a shock to many Onision fans because up until this point during his newly successful YouTube career, Greg strongly stated he was an atheist and made many anti-religion statements and videos. Greg replied to the commotion on August 26, 2010. He uploaded "Cult Leader Nonsense" to his Speaks channel and directed people to look at a post he made on his Onision site explaining what the Wayback Machine was showing. ($ource) On the site he said that he never had a religion and the site was older than the Wayback Machine made it appear. He said 5 years ago, when he was 17, he just wrote down ideas he had. (Source) These statements are a little confusing because 5 years ago would have been 2005, which is when the Wayback Machine recorded his site. Also, Greg was 17 in 2002 - 2003, not 2005. Greg turned 20 in 2005.

At some point after the re-discovery of Sicesca, Greg censored many words on his Onision forums including Sicesca, Wayback Machine, and SomeGuy827. (Source) It is believed he did not want more people to look into his past and talk about it with his fans. All censored words were cleared from his site in December 2011. (Source)

Post Re-Discovery

In December 2011, when asked about Sicesca in a live chat, Greg said he never really followed Sicesca because he did not have enough energy to follow a religion. He said is was not a cult because he was not the leader. About being 17 when he created the religion, he said, "when you're a teenager you tend to make up a bunch of shit or you tend to think of a bunch of imaginative things and you don't necessarily live entirely in this world." He said Sicesca does not really matter because it was something he did when he was 17. (Source)

Sometime between 2013 and 2015, Greg created a post to his information blog titled "Onision’s Teenage Religion". In the post, he copied and pasted the text from his old Sicesca site and mocked it with silly images and his comments in red text. He mostly makes fun of the way he wrote and his assumptions. He occasionally agrees with what he stated in the text and commends himself on things such as being "pro-gay rights 10 years ago". At the end of the Sicesca text, he concludes that he proved his point, that Sicesca had no leader and he never asked for donations. He says what he stated in the Sicesca website was demonized too much and that's why he shared it on his site. He tells the reader he is now agnostic and although he loves a lot of the ideas he just read in his old Sicesca text, religion is not for him. ($ource)

Video Series

In January 2014, Greg created a 3 part video series about Sicesca on his Speaks channel. He announced he was going to be changing the format of his Speaks channel because his fans did not support it enough. His decision to talk openly about his Sicescan beliefs and ideas on YouTube may have been because he felt this would be his last true advice/opinions videos on his Speaks channel before ultimately making the switch to a comedy channel. These videos are longer than all other original Speaks style videos he's made. They are hefty and packed with a lot of information.

Life After Death

Thumbnail of "Life After Death" ($ource)
The first video was uploaded on Jan 26, 2014. It was titled "Sicesca: Life After Death". He starts off the video by talking about Sicesca. He said he created it when he was 17. He said he only followed it for a year, then became agnostic. (Editor note: Both those statements are false. Evidence for the length he followed his 17-year-old version of Sicesca seen throughout this article and he boastfully identified as an atheist for many years. It was extremely prevalent in his early YouTube career. He did not begin identifying as agnostic until around the time he was with Taylor.) He says the reason he quit Sicesca was because he felt dumb and it is an awkward thing to create your own religion. He says because he is agnostic, he believes in many possibilities and he would like to "play this little religious game" and pick out theories he thinks are post possible and logical. He says he calls it "Sicesca" because it is easier to identify, but it is really made up of ideas and theories from other religions.

He announces today's topic will be death. He says in his experience a lot of people "just stick around when they die." He believes some people move on to other planets depending on if they behave properly on this planet or not. He says there are good and bad planets, but Earth is half and half. He says Earth is the middle stage or learning planet. He says some people decide to stay on Earth because there are so many possible outcomes and it is a good learning experience, rather than a higher level planet where people live an easier life. As an example he says if you are a serial killer, depending on how many people you kill you would either stay on Earth or move down to a lower level planet.

He begins to describe karma passing through lifetimes. An example he gives is if you murdered someone in a past life, you could be killed in your next life. He says the concept of one life does not makes sense because not everyone is born with the same blessings and opportunities. He says he believes when you die, you get to chose what your next life is, unless your were a piece of shit in your last life. He compares it to a competition, but instead of competing with others, you are evolving. He says the goal is the final level, nirvana or heaven. He says you get there by becoming a good person after many trials. In the end you won't even look like a human anymore. Greg says when you chose your next life, if you chose a hard life and overcome it, you skip ahead and evolve faster.

Greg says it makes more sense to have many lives, rather than one, because it's made up of obstacles and balance. He says life is about a balance of good and evil. He believes there's a steady progression past evil into becoming completely good. He says as people grow, they begin to look at others suffering and sometimes feel the suffering themselves. He says it's like when children hit each other until you show them it hurts.

Greg says people over complicate things like "there's an explanation for everything" or "the mysteries of life", when it's actually really simple. He says he believes on higher level planets there is no rape and no murder in some cases. He says as you get better, you earn living there and life gets better.

Greg says the people that stay on Earth after death refuse to accept reincarnation because they are stuck in their religious ways. He says they're mistaken because we should not wait for god, even if he believes there may be gods or a god, because it's not about one person, it's about the universe. He says the universe is made up of the physical and the spiritual. He says the spiritual side gives it depth, otherwise it's just a "dark cold mass".

Greg says he believes animals can reincarnate and evolve too. He says dogs have a lot of human qualities.

Greg ends the video by saying "curse" the people that freak out when he talked about religion because it's healthy for society to explore these new ideas. He says people are relying on ideas from thousands of years ago because people are afraid to be religious due to the bible. ($ource)

The Soul

The next day, Jan 27, 2014, Greg uploaded "Sicesca: The Soul". He stars off the video by replying to people saying his video implied that if someone is the victim of a crime, they did something bad in their previous life. He says that was not what he was saying, he meant if you do something bad you could be subjected to it in their next life. He says it's just a theory and it's not the victim's fault. He says it's a way for your soul to learn the pain it caused. He says if a dig bites you and you smack it in the face, the dog will associate biting with receiving pain. He says he's not saying it's okay to hit your dog.

He begins his discussion on souls. He says souls are like us, but they are not fully aware. He says when you die, you see what you want to see. He says you can maybe see your dead relatives or maybe you can follow a light and sit in purgatory until you realize your views were wrong. Then you can reincarnate and chose your next life. He says he believes human souls can only go in human bodies or something similar.

Greg brings up Alzheimer's. He says our bodies are only vehicles for our souls, so when you get a condition that makes you forget people, it's the same as an air-conditioner giving out. He says this theory explains why people with Alzheimer's forget and become someone they are not. He gives and example, if someone has a good soul, but your brain makes them verbally assault everyone, it's not the soul's fault. He says your soul is a more superior entity than you. He says old souls don't remember their past because their brains and society can't handle it. He asks if society can handle itself if they accepted this concept as the truth. He says it's a shaky concept, but it has ground. He asks if people would murder each other if they knew this concept was how it was. He says maybe we would make Earth like a heaven and destroy the Earth's purpose as a learning ground. He says he thinks the planet would be better off if everyone accepted reincarnation.

He saying maybe all of your suffering has an explanation and you'll move onto a better place. It's like money in the bank. He says's that's Sicesca's stance on souls and he encourages people with questions to contact him on his website. ($ource)


On Jan 28, 2014, Greg uploaded "Sicesca: Angels". He starts off the video by asking his viewers if they understand the concept of guardian angels. He says he was only taught briefly about it as a child, but he thinks it's a cool concept. He says Sicesca is not so different to the concept of guardian angels. He says the difference is that instead of the angels being created and sent to you by god, it's created by yourself. He says you can chose your guardian angel, you could even have a goat. He says its purpose is to defend you in the spirit realm. He says you think about something that makes you feel safe. He says like when you wake up and have sleep paralysis, you should imagine your guardian angel taking care of negativity. He says you can create an 20 foot tall guardian angel because you have the energy to do this. He says it's a deep subject how the spirit realm envies living bodies because they have more power and energy. They are also protected by their shell. He says that's a whole different subject and he gets back on track. He says the guardian angel protects your state of mind and sense of safety.

Greg says what's cool about this concept is that he interacted with the spirit realm and they described people's angels. He says he did this with blind writing, you close your eyes and spiritually write. He says you could also use a Ouija board. He says you can ask them or have someone else ask them about your guardian angel. He says the ghosts can see your guardian angel creation.

He encourages everyone to think about this concept, unless you're uncomfortable. He talks everyone to think about something to keep them safe.

He says the spirit realm perfectly described his creation and it blew his mind. He says they might be real, but they described him just as he created him. He says maybe he's not so much of a guardian angel as a Sisescan soldier. ($ource)