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2008 Blog is a collection of archived 2008 blog posts from Greg's blog he maintained from 2007 to 2008. Oddly enough, he kept it on at least 5 different URLs simultaneously (onision.blog.wugame.com, onision.onision.com. blog.onision.com, onision.wordpress.com, and Mr Odd - link). Most of these sites were removed, but the Wordpress remained untouched for a while. After screen shots of his blog posts began appearing on his Encyclopedia Dramatica page, he deleted the blog from Wordpress.

The text portion of this page was obtained through the 3 blog locations using the Way Back Machine. The images are from Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Notes: Dates sometimes slightly vary from URL to URL, usually only by a day; Last names have been removed; Faces (besides Greg's) have been blurred.

May - August 2008

January - April 2008 Blog Posts


April 26th,2008

I'm So COUNTRY - Country Music Video - Parody/Comedy Song

Posted by on Saturday, 09:35 PM

I'm So Country - Country Music Video A country song unlike any other, one that will make you smile instead of frown, laugh instead of cry.

To download this song, please go to http://www.youtube.com/onision and select the appropriate link in the list of links.

Please rate, comment, and share this video with everyone.

Tags: im so country comedy music video parody song hick red neck redneck you might be jeff foxworthy blue collar original mp3 download made with sony vegas pro 8 fl fruity loops 8 weird al tom green john wayne clint eastwood the south texas north carolina

URL: http://www.youtube.com/wa

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Thursday, April 24th,2008

Taking A Break

05:46 PM

Fortune & Wisdome With Izukia Hey everyone, this is just to give you a heads up. I'm not uploading a video tonight as I am taking a break with my wife, but you sure can expect a video every day for at least the next three days --- unless something horrible happened :)

I greatly appreciate your friendershipism on YouTube, and I realize that I am getting more and more popular every day because of fans like you. The video I'm sending you was uploaded yesterday, Skye thought it was really funny, and I was too sad to laugh at the time, so what is your opinion? I've gotten 14 comments on the video so far, and I appreciate those immensely --- I'm just wondering if you think I should continue to pursue this character.

Something else... checked "I'm So Emo" the music video and it has gotten 104 comments, I've replied to 99% of those... :)

I didn't think I did that much, but I did... and I am beginning to understand what people mean when they say that I am reliable in that way.

All I'm doing is returning the favor...

I imagine when my videos get featured I will continue to reply to all the comments I can... I just want to let all of you know however, that when this does happen, I will not be forgetting anyone so easily if they stay in touch with me... so please continue to write emails, don't ever give up on me ok?

And if you ever want to help, just keep commenting, rating the videos a five, posting the videos on your MySpace pages, blog them, digg them, etc --- everything is so greatly appreciated...

Thank you so much for all you do for me. Thank you.

URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=dBfJZRMv2KA

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April 20, 2008

Tutorial - High & Tight Haircut - Do It Yourself - Video #3

[Broken embedded video]

High & Tight Haircut - Do It Yourself Video

I’ll show you exactly how to cut your own hair with a common shaver, 1 mirror & practice. If you want to know how to cut your own hair for the rest of your life, this is the video to teach you.

In this video I use a WAHL shaver with three different shaver heads. I learned how to cut my own hair through trial and error. I did not have a video to teach me, but because I have been cutting my hair for the last two years in this way, I have, and you will too, saved hundreds of dollars and time as well.

Tags: howto cut your own hair high and tight style haircut buzz air force army marines diy ow military tutorial do it yourself how to cut your own hair haircut high and tight jarhead jar head army marines us diy ht howto do it yourself video

Tutorial - High & Tight Haircut - Do It Yourself - Video #3

High & Tight Video Tutorial 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3sEq3…

High & Tight Video Tutorial 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuxUNL…

High & Tight Video Tutorial 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehc584uDwEk

Visit my home page any time:


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April 20, 2008

The Future of Onision

[Broken image named Onision Will Be Successful]

URL: http://www.youtube.com/onision

URL: http://www.onision.com

URL: http://www.myspace.com/onision

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April 18, 2008

I’m So Emo Song - Music Video - Comedy/Parody

[Broken embedded video]

A song about emo & gothic people all over the world, a high-quality & hilarious parody of the modern social world.

I’m So Emo Song - Music Video - Comedy/Parody

Created by Onision



I’m so dark. I’m so emo. I’m so dark. I’m so emo.

I’m so dark. I’m so emo.

Sometimes I like to watch you change. I’m so emo.

I can meditate for 4 or 5 hours. I’m so dark..

I’m afraid of milk, and I don’t take showers. I’m so emo..

It’s fun to pretend my eyes have lasers. I’m so dark..

Your mace won’t work and neither will your tazers. I’m so emo..

I’m not just emo, I have special powers.

I’m into bondage and I love golden showers.

I’ll write you a crappy poem instead of giving you… flowers.

And it won’t even rhyme because I’m so emo..


I’m so dark… I’m so emo.

I’m so dark… I’m so emo.

I have few emotional problems. Nobody really… understands me.

I have a few. I have a few. I have a few. I have a few.

[mix "I have a few" "I'm so emo." "I can meditate"]

I can meditate for 4 or 5 hours. I’m afraid of milk, and I don’t take showers. It’s fun to pretend my eyes have lasers. Your mace won’t work and neither will your tazers.


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Remember don’t tell your friends to subscribe, FORCE THEM TO!

Also, add “&fmt=18? to the end of the video if the high res option is not already apparent.



Sites To See


Onision’s Site - http://www.onision.com Onision’s MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/onision Onision’s Music - http://www.soundclick.com/onision Tantaga’s Site - http://www.tantaga.com Tantaga’s MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/tantaga

Tags: im so emo song music video comedy parody original track emotional goth gothic high school middle pop culture teens teenagers kids social society singer humor electronic techno electro emo music humor goth parody jokes jabs joke jab fun funny mtv on vh1 amatuer novice high quality sony handycam vega pro professional fl loops fruity loops frooty vegas las cx7 ux1 hdr made with by gregory sicesca james [...] skye

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April 15, 2008

Video Blogging & Travel (very contrasting)

VBlog - BLOG NUDE? - Re: Chris3ff - The Naked Vlog Campaign

[Broken embedded video]

VBlog - BLOG NUDE? - Re: Chris3ff - The Naked Vlog Campaign

There’s a risky trend that is about to infect YouTube, who cares if people over 18 do it, it’s not about them, it’s about the kids… please help stop this.

Make a video of your own, and post it in response to a nude video blog… hopefully we can help prevent anyone from being stalked, or intensely observed…

It makes me sick thinking of all the horror stories thanks to oblivious fads like this.

THESE ARE THE KEY WORDS THAT CHRIS THOUGHT WAS APPROPRIATE FOR HIS VIDEO: naked vlog nude topless sketchy schemes to inspire seedy sweater wearing somnambulists or sex xxx hardcore love fest

Love Fest? What does “hardcore” have to do with anything!?

Tags: the naked vlog campaign vblog moobs chris3ff video blog naked on camera reply response vid movie pedophiles are looking for these videos watch out say no!

Travel - Korean Breakdancing At The Korean Folk Village

[Broken embedded video]

Travel - Korean Breakdancing At The Korean Folk Village

A Korean Folk Performer busted out and started break dancing on the dirt floor during a drum performance.

I edited it a bit for a little extra… oomf. :) Korea can be very awesome.

Travel - Korean Break Dance - Korean Folk Village

Tags: travel korean breakdancing at the breakdance break dance folk village dancing south korea tourist attractions tourism drum music shows events suwon train station tour special occasions parade dances festivals entertainment show theatre audience drums drumming drummers drummer

Travel - Riding A Giraffe in South Korea

[Broken embedded video]

Travel - Riding A Giraffe in South Korea

This was an outstanding and creepy experience. Watch to see why.

Tags: travel riding a giraffe in south korea korean folk village suwon city sk amusement park festival old fashioned rides motorized electronic robotic robot

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April 14, 2008

Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 - Video Filters And Review

[Broken embedded video]

Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 - Video Filters And Review

View a ton of video filters usable in Sony Vegas Pro 8 and a video review of the video editing software.

Tags: sony vegas pro filters and review professional studio platinum edition dvd producer product review video editor editing software

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsJX1QdR9iU

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April 13, 2008

Music Video - Zip Zip Zipper - Original Song

[Broken embedded video]

Music Video - Zip Zip Zipper - Original Song

Song & Video created from nothing by Onision aka Gregory Sicesca on April 13, 08 - It took a total of 16 hours to compose the song, record the lyrics, record the video, and then edit the video.

All of this was done by Onision, and Skye [...] also played a role in being the bearded man, as well as offered a few ideas during video recording.

You can download the MP3 for this video at http://www.YouTube.com/Onision

To visit my web site, check out: http://www.onision.com

To add me to your MySpace friends list, go to: http://www.myspace.com/onision

You can also add this song to your MySpace profile, it is currently at: http://www.myspace.com/onemandband

Thank you for the support.

Music Video - Zip Zip Zipper - Original Song

Tags: music video original song zip zipper comedy like vanilla ice and jonlajoie mtv rap hiphop hip hop white rapper television movie mp3 download songs comedian humor gregory sicesca onision

Url: http://youtube.com/watch?v=pMRuP5aJL5Q

Song Download Url: http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-music-video-zip-zip-zipper-FINAL.mp3

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April 12, 2008

Bloopers + Vegas + Comedy Videos - Ahhh!

Comedy - Pretty YouTube Princess Contest - Re: nayders07

[Broken embedded video]

Comedy - Pretty YouTube Princess Contest - Re: nayders07

Enter yourself in the contest today! All you have to do is talk about your qualifications (1) Why you should be THE Pretty Pretty YouTube Princess of 2008-2009 (2) What special skills you have! (3) And what your favorite chocolate product is!

Enter at http://www.onision.com —

Tags: nayders07 pretty pretty youtube princess contest comedy sketch humor transvestite dress dressing up tranny cross dresser 2008 2009 twisted comedian unique original strange background music made using sony vegas pro professional 8.0

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1d8xXYTXvQ

AWESOME! Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 - Compositing

[Broken embedded video]

AWESOME! Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 - Compositing

I’m testing out Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 and it is F’ing sweet, I am totally buying this program now that I see the capabilities of compositing in this software, and am friggen blown away.

The only down side is that it is $450.00 on Amazon (buy it there if you do!)

Which honestly, that’s actually not a bad price…

Anyway, I’m going to abuse the crap out of this program, so I hope you enjoy!

Tags: sony vegas pro 8 compositing composite comedy mockery professional studio platinum edition dvd producer product review production spoof parody comic humor hilarious

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g385WMdE5mc

Bloopers - YouTube Intervention

[Broken embedded video]

Bloopers - YouTube Intervention

This video had so many disturbing/odd points in it, I decided to turn it into a blooper fiesta with both deleted scenes, awkward moments and complete screw ups :)

I hope you love them!

Tags: bloopers blooper youtube intervention comedy sketch humor fun funny deleted scenes odd disturbing fiesta awkward moments complete screw ups omg lol bearded viking gothic guy onision gregory james ha haa lawl rotfl weird strange

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybB3XpcjMrI

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April 11, 2008

Sketch - YouTube Intervention

[Broken embedded video]

Sketch - YouTube Intervention - Biggest Stars On YouTube Confront The Giant

Sketch - YouTube Intervention - Biggest Stars On YouTube Confront The Giant

YouTube’s biggest stars go on camera and confront YouTube about some issues that could be fixed on the site.

Ideas By The Stars

1. YouTube should have a public site for purchase of YouTube branded products & also YouTube should have a message board.

2. Screen shots should be uploadable and/or be selectable from the video itself but contain a larger selection.

3. YouTube & Amazon should join forces and all product review on YouTube should be available on Amazon.

4. Contests that are expired should be clearly marked, and all active contests should show up on one page (instead of having to search for them).

5. Stats on all users should be kept in regards to how many thumb ups they get, how many thumb downs, how many times they’ve been blocked, or denied/had a video removed to develop overall karma points.

6. Donation links should be available for non-profit organizations including an image button link, that use PayPal, next to each video related to donations.

7. Category selections should be much more detailed so users can more accurately find the videos they are looking for.

8. YouTube should always contact users with updated features via their YouTube inbox so they can readily utilize the new features.

9. Subscriptions should have a ranking system. Based on what your subscription rank is, is who will have priority over being seen when their new videos are released.

10. Idea 10 sucked so it went bye bye.

Tags: sketch youtube intervention biggest stars on you tube comedy confrontation 10 ideas top ten suggestions 8 eight friends subscriptions subscribe options subscription favorites flamer flamers ranking system transformers costume transformer voice changing helmet

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L92xZTIV3GE

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April 9, 2008

Comedy Sketch - Hobo Hate Crimes & Corrupt Cops

[Broken embedded video]

The Bum, The Witch & The Wardrobe Changing Man entertain you with pure insanity.

A bum, who only wants 25 cents encounters a mad woman with her nose in the clouds, relentlessly she resists donating to the bum, as she does not believe in helping the poor, [spoiler avoidance clause], she speaks with a police officer who will not take her seriously, and becomes very frustrated.

This is one of my personal favorites!

Tags: hobo bum fight beating hate crimes comedy sketch begging for money mad tv saturday night live type skit crime madtv chocolate milk continued story

Comment on/Promote This URL Please: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xQI4-QwMcNw

[2 Broken images: SnapShot(57), SnapShot(56)]

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April 8, 2008

Comedy - My Cat is Always HORNY

[Broken embedded video]

Comedy - My Cat is Always HORNY

You think your cat is bad? This is terrible! My cat has sexually assaulted my granddaughter!

I am offended by this horrible behavior! We must find a way to make sure this never happens again!

Tags: horny cat in heat comedy sketch always funny perverted animal wanting to get pregnant sex eew mating call meow moan mow

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoBmgMxsiz0

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April 7th, 2008

My Perverted Cat & A Video Game

Comedy Blog - My Cat is in Heat & It’s Disgusting

[Broken image]

Comedy Blog - My Cat is in Heat & It’s Disgusting

Video of my cat in heat & grossing us out.

I have a real problem with how my cat has been acting, it is really disgusting.

She shakes her tail at us, and then when we come close she bends it in a really awkward position…

I felt like barfing most every second I saw what she was doing, I really just don’t want to be around her at all.

Tags: cat in heat my is disgusting gross nasty sex sexual pervert animals cats kitten kitty animal mating moaning shaking tail meowing grunting video

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ0lGcUNSYI

Game Review - RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2 - FPS Video Critique

[Missing image]

Game Review - RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2 - FPS Video Critique

We rated it an 8.3 out of 10.

Correction: The experience points only need to be improved on the lowest difficulties, on the higher one’s they are fine! :)


1. Significant amount of weapons, costumes, armor, face selections & add-ons.

2. Extremely well-done portrayal of swat tactics.

3. Excellent replay value with numerous modes.

4. Impressive graphics & voice acting.

5. Perfect controls, and character movement.


1. Insignificant story line, absent of much emotion.

2. Short story mode with an unsatisfying ending.

3. Face capture, for placing your face on the character your playing, seemed nearly impossible and took far too long to accomplish.

4. Weapons too difficult to unlock, leveling up is also very slow.

5. Characters did not interact with each other enough. Very little communication between player 1 and player 2.


1. Include the community surrounding Las Vegas, and have more domestic opportunities (psycho killers, scientists, whatever)

2. 3rd person perspective option would be awesome.

3. Player 2 should be just as customizable as player 1 (from the main menu).

4. Each player should have at least one swat member to control.

5. Have an option to play from the terrorist side… just throwing that out there.


1. Make a game where you have the option to go rogue at any point, or completely switch teams. There should be various points where you can make real life decisions… for instance, you shoot a hostage intentionally, the other swat teams should recognize it, and turn on you, or follow you pending what you say to them. You should then be able to select new missions, where you attempt to rob banks, or hold your own hostages… life is a constant choice, video games should have that choice.

Tags: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Video Game Review Las Ubisoft Entertainment Phys X Ageia Bink Video Dolby Digital Blu-ray Disc gamepro the perfect shooter sin city playstation 3

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n9_yFciTUA

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April 6th, 2008

Comedy - All My Problems - As My Crotch BURNS

Comedy - All My Problems - As My Crotch BURNS

Parody of As the World Turns, General Hospital, The Young and The Restless, All My Children, One Life to Live, Search for Tomorrow and pretty much every other soap opera you can think of.

This one may not be what you thought you were in for, but I hope you love it regardless.

Tags: soap opera parody comedy sketch all my problems as crotch burns world turns general hospital the young and restless all my children one life to Live search for tomorrow

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvYbFtuFA70

Music used in this video:

1. All My Problems BG - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-drama-background…

2. All My Problems Theme - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-drama-show-theme…

3. Intense Moment - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-drama-intense-mo…

Comedy - All My Problems - As My Crotch BURNS Comedy - All My Problems - As My Crotch BURNS

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April 5th, 2008

Creative Eyes, Pain & Blood

The dream I had last night covered multiple days, for a few days I was just working, I was trying to keep my thoughts internal, walking around, doing what I was supposed to do, and when I was traveling on foot to deliver things for work, I was diverted to an ATM, where I didn’t have anything to do there, however I stayed anyway, and just got $40 in cash.

(representing trying to find my path, yet stuck on one right now, having money in the bank, but not needing it, and fate)

A woman came out to give me cash, and she stopped and held a card up to my face. She told me that according to the card, the shape of my eye meant I was a free soul, that I had a future in expressing myself to the world —

With my shaved head, and somewhat mechanics outfit on (covered in dirt and paint) I started sobbing hysterically, I couldn’t handle my stress anymore, I knew I was in the wrong place, the wrong position).

I grabbed the card when she handed it to me, and looked for myself… I couldn’t read it — and gave it back. I left her there, crying… and went back to work… (showing I’m not connected to my soul, nor do I entirely understand it, or who I am)

They had a church day, but it was unlike any church I had been to, they were mean to me in certain rooms when I was just trying to find the subject I was interested in… there was no class in that church for me… (the real religion others follow has no place for me)

Again I cried, walking through screaming, I had no place with so many people… I felt unfit for the world at the time, as if I was the enemy of all, even the gods.

Regardless, my co-workers were painting something, and doing it terribly in another room, so I went to grab paint and help…

When I went in to get paint, the lights went out in the whole building, and so I walked out to find someone with a flashlight. They walked in with me, and we were trying to find what I needed. His light went out, and he started to freak out. So I told him everything would be fine, and I accepted the darkness immediately. (somewhat like me facing my own truths, and accepting the darkness to come in my future, while others fear the same fate)

I led him out of the darkness, and stopped to find the eye card in my pocket. I began looking at it once again, trying to decode it, compare.

My boss came back, and told me if I did not get back to work, they would send me back to the states… I ignored him, and he began going berserk.

Even then I ignored him.

He then stomped off while I continued to look at the eyes… he came back later, and I was already walking off to go home. He told me that I had to work another 24 hours, or I would be fired and sent home to the states.

I didn’t even acknowledge his existence, and started to scream “LET ME SPEAK WITH JACK, LET ME TALK TO JACK NOW!” — many people didn’t know how to deal with me… someone just handed me the phone, and Jack didn’t pick up (Jack was the highest honcho in my dream) —

While I was trying to call, my cat ran by, and I followed her, freaked out that she was in a wide open area, but I could not catch her.

The next shift came on, while I stayed behind still trying to resolve the issue and sobbing over my cat running away… someone I know from my past came up to me, and she saw I was crying. I had not seen her in years, and was amazed she was there with me at that moment.

I kissed her neck when we embraced each other, I kissed her cheek, I kissed her other cheek, then I kissed her lips over and over again.

She was so glad to see me, and I her… I don’t know why, but I was not married in the dream, she was just a friend who had mutually owned the cats with me.

The picked up the girl I had not seen in so long, and carried her to a bed. We were kissing quite frantically, (disturbing words alert!) — we were going to go all the way, and we did… however I still had spilled paint on me, and my hands were everywhere. She has blue, white and gray all over, and then when I closed my eyes for a few moments, and looked up again, she had red all over her face.

I came to realize she was on her period, and she became somewhat embarrassed. As I do always, I told her I didn’t care, and that it didn’t change how I felt (though realistically, blood from that area on someone’s face is kind of going to far) — someone knocked on the door, so we both dressed ourselves, and I left.

I saw my cat again, and began chasing her down, when I picked her up, I saw my other cat, and chased her as well. When I got both in my hands, the animals kept switching into different animals. One changed into a seal, and then changed back.

I brought the animals to the pet shelter, as I was unsure as to what they really were, seal or cat… and decided to leave both animals there, as I knew I would no longer be able to take care of them with my new status.

I woke up.

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Video Review - Appleseed Ex Machina - Rating: 3/10

Video Review - Appleseed Ex Machina - Rating: 3/10

1. Very clean look.
2. Great voice acting.
3. Some characters were designed well.
4. The environment was beautiful, but suffered from lack of depth/shading.

1. Poor shading effects made video feel shallow.
2. Robot designs were lame. (human arms hanging out??)
3. Main character had a giant forehead, a really 2 dimensional philosophy on life, and was overemotional. (not something many can bond with)
4. The action sequences made little sense. They were clearly created to impress, but were not at all practical. The level of ammunition wasted in the film to kill a small amount of people was monstrous. When a door was available, they would most always use a window. And their swat teams would blow holes in beautiful, historical buildings when other options were available.
5. Their swat team was completely unrealistic. I've had one months worth training in swat at various schools and they used no tactics that I've ever seen. Running in a room, lighting up everything you see, is not a civilian SWAT tactic. The reason that this is, is due to the potential for non-hostiles being in the area, the chance for surrender, and apprehension & just the general logic says, become aware of your enemies locations, surroundings, potential cover before you start. SWAT is not just about killing, it is about survival.
6. Storyline was boring, characters did not have interesting personalities, and ultimately they all caught on pretty damn slow to a certain element of the story, it took them 30 minutes to figure out what I had figured out instantly before there was a hint of it. Just think "Glitch mind-controlling new technology" and you'll see... But the iPod couldn't possibly be pure evil... YES! It is!

1. Include a guy that likes to punch girls with big foreheads in the face. And he should punch her, till she's no longer a main character.
2. Stop trying to make your characters sound like Solid Snake, there is only one snake just like there's only one Chuck Norris.
3. We noticed characters were not realistic, they did not move normally, they had mostly short hair, and they were all very fit. Fat people are people too.
4. The music should be more intense, and inspiring. This music was kind of boring, and nothing related to captivating. Maybe ask the creators of FULL METAL ALCHEMIST, BLEACH or TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE where they got their music.
5. Better/darker shading, more dimension/texture to characters, lose the black lines around the faces of characters and add shadow effects to under their chin.
6. Maybe in the next movie, the two characters will actually reflect on them killing people, and feel some kind of stress or emotional conflict after they just shot a human being full of lead instead of looking into each other's eyes talking about how hot they are to each other.

BANG BANG BANG [blood splattering everywhere] "Why, why, am I dying? Is this heaven? But what about my wife??? My kids??? Oh why... oh it hurts... I feel so col..." [main characters interrupt after having shot him] "So like, do you totally like my hair? I think my hair is super fly. I think we should date, and you should lick my super short fly hair."

Movie Ideas
1. I don't want you to make any more movies. So I won't give this idea to you... but here is an idea regardless.

We really need another space invasion film. Much like independence day where all countries unite to eliminate one threat. The video should show the true power of Human beings in modern times, and in detail, express what we are capable of. <br />Maybe even make the video, from the alien's perspective, to see what their intent is.

Tags: video review appleseed ex machina rating machia john woo seishinsha shinji aramaki dvd blu ray blue sony cyborg bioroid anime wb warner brothers high def


A Survey/Quiz On My Psyche

When was the last time you drank? ---------- When I was 15.
When was the last time you said "I love you", to who? ---------- Five minutes ago, to my wife.
What kind of grades did you get in High School? ---------- D + C + B = C
Who do you miss right now? ---------- Stephanie, Misti, my Mom, Tia, Shiree, Peri, Tanya, My Family... and so many more...
If you could change one thing about the world. ---------- I would make it so whatever violence you inflicted on others, would instantly be inflicted on yourself, stop hitting yourself.
What do you want to be when you grow up? ---------- A movie director, actor, write & music composer.
If you could change something about your own life... ---------- I would put trillions of dollars on my account so I could make everyone I know & love = wealthy.
What is your worst nightmare? ---------- I've felt a lot less these days... I'm certain that no matter what you do to me, or those I love, it won't be my nightmare... I would hate for those I love to be hurt, but if the incident would occur, I feel as if I would disallow myself to be effected by it. As if I can just turn off the pain, turn off the terror, and walk into the blaze.
Who do you love? ---------- The same people I miss.
What is love? ---------- Love is having the willingness to be for someone when they need you. Love is crying when that person dies, it is feeling what they feel when they express their emotions around you. Love is the willingness to die for them. Love is an alliance, if they ask for your hand, you give it to them. Love is everlasting ---- yet you cannot always love the person of the now, as you love the same person in your past ---- sometimes people grow ugly over time... and the only thing you can love anymore, is a memory.
Who would you die for? ---------- If I were to see someone about to shoot a dog, a cat, a rabbit or otherwise, I would jump in front of the bullet the same I would my wife or my mother. My life is no more valuable than any other being with the potential to live a good/positive life. I will not kill pure evil, but when it comes to the few I will not die for, evil is the one entity I will not protect.
Where is your home? ---------- Wherever the river is, the mountains are, the grass is, the trees, the animals, the flowers, the sunshine &amp; the rain... wherever nature warms my face and survival is not a concern.
When you die... ---------- I will be free.

April 4, 2008

Onision on how to make video.png

[Missing entries]

March 27, 2008

The Future of Onision on YouTube

The following is a message posted at: http://www.youtube.com/onision

March 28th, 08: Plans to release video for Post-It contest. (I really don’t expect it to win, but it will be outstanding)

Videos In The Works: 1. Guess Who Comedy (2 weeks?)
2. Rainbow Six 2 Review (1 week?)
3. Easter Holiday Comedy (1 week?)
4. Unnamed Product Review (???)
5. Random videos to come randomly!

Onision Sites ——————– Blog: http://onision.onision.com
MySpace: http://myspace.com/onision
Network: http://www.onision.com

Onision Music ——————– 1. Channel 7227 News Theme - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-channel-7227-theme.mp3

2. FART SONG - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-fart-songs.mp3

3. Cover Band Cover 1 - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-cover-band-cover-1.mp3

4. Cover Band Cover 2 - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-cover-band-cover-2.mp3

5. I Am Zombie - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-i-am-zombie.mp3

6. Mufosuo Theme 1 - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-mufosuo-the-cowardly-warrior-1.mp3

7. Mufosuo Theme 2 - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-mufosuo-the-cowardly-warrior-2.mp3

8. Mufosuo Theme 3 - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-mufosuo-the-cowardly-warrior-3.mp3

9. Ninja vs Commando - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-ninja-vs-commando.mp3

10. Phenylalanine Is Good - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-phenylalanine-gum-commercial.mp3

11. Stop Motion Antics - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-stop-motion-animation.mp3

12. Walking Man (no lyrics) - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-walking-man-no-lyrics.mp3

13. Walking Man (with lyrics) - http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-walking-man-with-lyrics.mp3

[Missing entries]


Viking Blog - Venting About YouTube Members

The Viking has had it! And he's now dishing it right back out to the community!

A few frustrations have come across. I figured this is the best way to get it off my chest.

Tags: viking blog venting about youtube members ranting complaining arguing comments feedback comedy negative bad mean rude shocking tired annoyed upset

URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=i5KPyg5WS3c&fmt=18

Viking Hair, Wig & Helmet Costume Viking Hair, Wig & Helmet Costume Viking Hair, Wig & Helmet Costume Viking Hair, Wig & Helmet Costume



Comedy Song - WALKING MAN & The Psycho Stalker

[Broken video]

Walking Man, what a beautiful mystery beast he is... oh how I love thee walking man.

Your Chinese hat, your striped backpack. You are a god walking man, and I love you so!

Tags: creepy stalker video watching someone changing naked dancing man hot body sexy shirtless muscles psycho blog insane crazy dork nerd weirdo disturbing walking man stalking following watching watcher

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sVdImcVeSM

[4 broken images]

Comedy Song - WALKING MAN & The Psycho Stalker Comedy Song - WALKING MAN & The Psycho Stalker Comedy Song - WALKING MAN & The Psycho Stalker Comedy Song - WALKING MAN & The Psycho Stalker


March 10th, 2008

Mufosuo: The Cowardly Warrior Ninja Man


Comedy - Mufosuo: The Cowardly Warrior Ninja Man

Video URL: Comedy - Mufosuo: The Cowardly Warrior Ninja Man

Mofosuo is a member of the Chung Shi Quan Do Po Yung Sow family. He was kicked from his family name and household due to an unspoken shame he placed upon his family’s name.

Mofosuo is now out to regain his honor by making a video to show his father he rightfully carries the Chung Shi Quan Do Po Yung Sow.

5 Zillion years ago lived a great warrior, Mufosuo.

Mufosuo: He realized something in battle that few others had ever fathomed.

Each move a person makes in battle, is inevitably exposed by the motion of one’s eyes.

He also realized that he could see through a piece of shirt he ripped off his enemy.

Tags: ninja tekken virtua fighter bushido blade soul caliber the last samurai comedy parody sketch street fighter mortal kombat combat side scroller scrolling fighter game video videogame warrior heroes fight hero battle

[4 broken images]

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It seems in a society so diverse with so many different types of people… it is truly impossible to maintain an unscathed path of purity… yet in a journey with few changes, is it not likely that you will live a life of greater ignorance? It is likely… yet would you be happier? It is likely…

The default Windows XP wallpaper… you know… the endless hills… take a look at it…

I’ve begin more and more, admiring those hills… I want to be there… I want a glass of water, and something to support my back while I stare at the cloud-filled sky…

I just want to get away… and admire nature alone… free of fuel-powered machinery, free of judgmental people, free of part of myself even… the side of myself that comes out when I am around others… others who not I or they create productive conversation when placed in a voice range location…

[sighs] I want to run away from them, I want to run away from myself when I’m near them…

I can only think of one person I’d want to take with me to those hills… days later, others may visit… but for the moment… just her.

[sighs and makes a sad wimper]

It doesn’t

March 7th, 2008

Comedy - To The YouTube Haters - YOU WIN!

Haters win

[Broken image]

Comedy - To The YouTube Haters - YOU WIN!

You want to leave comments on my profile spreading HATE MESSAGES! HUH! FINE! YOU WIN! OK!? FINE!!!!

Your word is that of a god, if you say someone sucks, it a fact, not just an ignorant and pointless opinion!

You are wise beyond your years! You should be KING OF THE UNIVERSE with your great wisdom over who sucks and who sucks worse!


Whatever. :) I figured I’d eventually make a video, and Mother Trucker helped me out with that.

But please don’t be mad at Mother Trucker. I really don’t care.

I was laughing when I read it… like I haven’t been called that before.

Tags: haters on youtube you tube hater spam flaming response hat words comments reply anti video flamer flamers swear words name calling anger rage

Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGTLA0GklEg

[4 broken images: SnapShot(93) SnapShot(94) SnapShot(95) SnapShot(96)]

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March 2nd, 2008

Burger King Stalker - Creepy TV Commercial Parody (Onision)

[Broken image]

Burger King Stalker - Creepy TV Commercial Parody (Onision)

Are you creeped out by the King? You’re not the only one.

Burger King Stalker Syndrome runs rampid in homes all over the world. Are you a victim?

Watch this video to witness homes broken by the King.

The King is Back, Burger King

Useful Links

Gregory - http://www.onision.com Skye - http://www.tantaga.com

MySpace Links

Gregory - http://www.myspace.com/onision Skye - http://www.myspace.com/tantaga Kasey - [Personal MySpace link]

Tags: burger king commercial mcdonalds ronald mcdonald tv parody sketch creepy stalker bk advertisement ads gimmick television mascot fist fights fight fighting punching psycho funny comedy humor burgerking kings american fast food fastfood resturaunt restauraunt restaraunt resterount restiraunt restaurant wow my spelling rocks!

Note: This video was one of the hardest videos to edit I have ever dealt with!

YouTube Suggested These Tags: Blooper, Improv, Parody, Pranks, Series, Short Film, Sketch, Spoof

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February 29th, 2008

Cover Band Cover: The Mysterious Gregory Skye[...]

[Broken image]

Cover Band Cover - PART 1 - The Mysterious Gregory Skye[...]

It was a day like no other when I met those two in the grocery store. When I say them, I knew they were the targets, they were the ones notorious for the skills they withheld.

I confirmed it, and it was true, my destiny was with them. Only three days passed, and we were already uniting as a band, meshing like some beautiful god in the heavens above.

It’s just a shame things had to change when I revealed the truth to them, when I showed them the reality of who I was, what I represented.

I’ll always admire those two for their music skills… but some good things do die fast.

Tags: rock band music acoustic guitar casio yamaha keyboard key board performance csi crime scene investigations jonlajoie plays way better than us law and order svu jag arrest cops cop police stick up plot plottwist twist member members m night shamalon whatatwist regardless this is a great video movie comedy entertainment spoof sketch parody bit humor hilarious disturbing entertainment unique tv show pilot abc nbc fox tbs lifetime mtv vh1 awards shows channel

YouTube Suggested These Tags: Airplane, Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, Motor Sport, Train, Animation, Blooper, Improv, Parody, Pranks, Series, Short Film, Sketch, Spoof, Stand-up, Video Blog

I don’t quite understand why…

[Broken image]

Cover Band Cover - PART 2 - The Mysterious Gregory Skye[...]

The Gregory Skye[...], a brand new band with a mysterious secret behind each member.

A band unlike any other, not the best band, not the smartest or coolest band, but a band nonetheless. This band is a band banded together bandingly band band.

The CIA is watching this band, they are… observing this band for band behavior. And if things get messy, things will also get band.

The Gregory Skye[...]. No one quite knows what this video is, a comedy… a drama… a revolution.

This band is the band.

Watch now child. Go to sleep, and watch now.

Tags: band bands members music video law and order csi miami davedays should be in this group drama series comedy strange odd unique chilling thriller video gregory skye [...] onision tantaga kasey rock rockband three trio 3 members download what a twist serial killer kills smuthered with a pullow smothered pillow i spelled bate wrong meant bait oh well enjoy the show kids and be sure to leave feedback ok

Suggested Tags: Blooper, Improv, Parody, Pranks, Series, Short Film, Sketch, Spoof, Blooper, Improv, Parody, Pranks, Series, Short Film, Sketch, Spoof, Stand-up, Video Blog, Athletics, Media, Performing Arts, Social Science, Visual Arts, Entertainment News, Performing Arts, Short Film, Web Series

Video URLs

Cover Band Cover - PART 1 - The Mysterious Gregory Skye[...]

Cover Band Cover - PART 2 - The Mysterious Gregory [...]

Related Links: http://www.onision.com http://www.mrodd.com http://www.tantaga.com

MySpace Pages:

Gregory: http://www.myspace.com/onision

Skye: http://www.myspace.com/tantaga

[...]: [Personal Mypace link]

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February 28th, 2008

Leave Tom Cruise Alone - (& Britney Spears + Chris Crocker)

[Broken image]

Leave Tom Cruise Alone, Leave Britney Spears Alone, Leave Chris Crocker Alone & Leave Onision Alone!

Tom Cruise is a Scientologist who has an amazing career in acting. He has played a major role in some of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and even though he is a little bit crazy, just leave him alone ok!? He has feelings!!!

Chris Crocker and Britney Spears are whatever, but leave TOM CRUISE ALONE!!! OK?

Tags: leave tom cruise alone Britney spears Chris crocker Scientology video them em emotional humor crying crazy blond goth kid gay guy disgusting funny eating poop rosarita canned beans crap Mexican food emo gothic meet the spartans mock mockery

Suggested Tags: Blooper, Improv, Parody, Pranks, Series, Short Film, Sketch, Spoof, Stand-up, Video Blog

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February 23rd, 2008

Massive PWNAGE + You’re Fired! - Channel 7227 News (Onision)

[Broken image]

Massive PWNAGE + You’re Fired! - Channel 7227 News (Onision)

[Missing video]

Channel 7227 News - February 23, 2008

Richard Donnigan teams up with Jimmy the weather man and Edward Ellison to form today’s episode of Channel 7227 News with Richard Donnigan.

These clips include profanities, death, and someone gets fired. Insanely enjoy!

Tags: you’re fired you are motivational speech donald trump hair ron burgundy news show weather man anchor parody humor comedy sketch spoof commercial jumping off a building eerie feeling horrible gore dead man scene scenes disgusting blood everywhere mua ha hah phenylalanine phynelalanine gum big red wrigley commersial you cant spell so bite me!

Movie URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAPux2e6tDo

Richard Donnigan: http://www.onision.com

Female Character: http://www.tantaga.com

Jimmy: [Personal MySpace link]

Blog Listing Links: Windows Live - Word Press Home - Word Press Remote - Live Journal - BlogSpot

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February 21, 2008

Old MySpace Profile Introduction

Greg's Meez
by onision

[Image seen right]

I’ve updated my MySpace profile, which you can check out at MySpace.com/Onision.

The following is the old introduction / description.

I am often no one mixed with a hint of nothing.

I am very happy. I have a good job, a wonderful wife and I have inspiration to accomplish significant objectives.

I embrace my past for the negative and the positive to which I have often equally created. I look toward the future to cleanse myself of all the dirt I was born in.

I am a musician, I have many songs… though I have interests in other fields amongst music, it is something I am very good at… so I choose to pursue that very section of my mind…

I dream often… of all the things I never want to happen… my nightmares do not contain monsters, or screams… they are all of my wife leaving me… my nightmares are watching myself throw my love away… and walking through the exit door, I ice the room as I pass.

I believe in no god, nor do I worship… anything… I do believe the dead… some of them are amongst us… the passed and those who have never lived.

I believe some people are born without human souls… I believe many people are born without souls at all…

I’m very tired… I’m going to sleep now.

I’m not afraid to tell you everything that’s on my mind… even if it is…

I suppose you could call me a humble person… but what I truly believe is quite the contrary. I am, whatever I believe myself to be.

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February 21, 2008

Two Very Different Videos

[Broken embedded video]

Crying on Camera - Fun With Logitec PC Cam (Vighkel)

Skye and I had a little fun with our Logitech PC camera… the only down side is that the camera microphone is terrible… regardless… this is a good example of me crying on camera…

Tags: logitech desktop pc camera cam web cam demonstraition filter demo demonstration example review eighty 80 dollars dollar funny filters weird cute warping fun freaky give me money your lunch money humor humorous

[Broken embedded video]

North Korea vs South Korea - Education (Vighkel)

A discussion about a few fact on North Korea and the difference it has with South Korea.

I was recently confronted by someone who didn’t know a whole lot about the two countries and I decided it was time to upload an educational video to help broaden the knowledge spectrum.

Tags: north Korean vs south Korea politics political education information facts essay class school research documents kim jong ill sung communist ruler college communism country oppression concentration camps torture starvation cannibals cannibalism eating one another human tastes like pig pork pigs pepperoni ham meat resorting to those who are darker sides of human beings disturbing.

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February 21, 2008

Tanya [...] - Gregory Misses You Terribly

The one that got away.

[Broken image named Tanya [...], Auburn WA (Photo originally by Leah [...])]

Tanya [...]

I had a dream about her last night… I woke with an immense feeling of loss… a feeling of desperation, and that which is one of my greatest levels of remorse.

Tanya [...] is the epitome of the girl who got away… however in my case, she is the one I couldn’t survive…

She is the girl I dated just prior to marrying Skye [...], who is in every way compatible with me… making us a better pair than I imagine Tanya and I could ever become.

When Tanya broke up with me, I took it harder than I had any girl I had ever dated prior… I cried for days strait, I couldn’t breathe normally, I didn’t want to get out of bed… and for six months after, I wasn’t attracted, interested, even appreciative toward any other girl… I walking pit of despair.

I was angry with Tanya… I told her I would never speak with her again, and then call her days later apologizing… I was so desperate. I even showed up at her house (fortunately entirely stable, and serious, not a mess like I normally was) and spoke with her about the possibilities of our future… her mother told us repeatedly that they were to watch a movie, hinting I leave. After the third time of her mother reminding us they were to watch a movie, I left. Saddened by the loss of my most marvelous relationship to date (until Skye…).

There was a time which I was so poor (as a 17 year old) that I decided to make Tanya a stuffed super hero with stuffing, cloth, and string… I worked for 12 hours on it, and she threw it aside as if it were nothing. I was hurt…

It seemed at times that Tanya didn’t care for me at all… I would call, and receive no call back… I would tell her I loved her, and in return she would say thank you… or nothing at all. Only on the rarest times would she state her love for me…

It was Christmas Eve when we first kissed… my family was gathered together, and Tanya was brought over by my cousin Michelle. She and I had talked before, we had obtained a significant liking for one another… and later that night we walked off into the darkness alone together…

It was one of the most remarkable times of my life… [sighs]

On a regular basis afterward, I would find a way to see her… asking my grandma if I could visit, only to head strait over to her house just after arriving.

We would disappear into the woods, exploring… finding any chance to be alone.

She began to obtain priorities however… she was a member of her High School debate team… she was the only girl I ever argued with who won arguments 90% of the time… every time I debated with her, I would find that I was a better person at the end of the discussion… did she think I was a fool for thinking I had ever won? Why did she leave me?

I used to work on her mom’s house for money. I had no job, I couldn’t find one… I felt somewhat ashamed of taking the money, but I couldn’t afford most everything… so I did… I called her again and again, and she had me work on her home again and again…

Even after Tanya broke up with me, I would still work for her in hopes that Tanya would see me… she never did, she was always gone…

I suppose it was due to the fact that I’m instable at times… that when I see an angel, for what they are, I become obsessed… I lose control of my reason and logic… everything I would prior represent, and dive in. I would take advantage of every outlet just to witness the glow, and grace of such a beauty.

[sighs deeply] Tanya is unlike me… the difference between here and I is that if someone were my ex, and they were obsessing over me, I would support them, and explain everything in regards to how I feel to them… I would provide them closure of some sort… I would care for them.

I have no closure… I am cursed to forever admire her, to forever adore her as if she were better than me… she is amazing when it comes to her mind working like a machine, solving problems, creating retorts to every statement, fighting a verbal battle till her opponent is in submission…

[sighs] The woman I married has become my everything. We love the same things in life, we both have the ability to design graphics, web sites & we are in possession of a similar sense of humor.

There are moments when I see the difference between the two of us… she is not able to create music, just like Tanya was not able to create music. Skye is willing to kill for survival and other reasons, I am not. Skye is not as confident as I am when it comes to speaking to others, which is a skill she will only obtain with experience, and I know she has it in her, I’ve seen it. Skye is… I honestly can’t think of any other differences.

Tanya is a better debater than I am, she is more educated than I am, she has a different view on the world than me, she holds her friends close, and I push mine away till they are friends no more. She is ultimately more capable of conquering the world using her mind alone… I believe her to be my superior in many ways, however I feel she has always lacked the attributes that Skye and I both have, which I would not trade for anything.

She is a different soul. She is a powerful mind, and yet I don’t believe she can feel like we do, not more, or less, but the specific sensations, and logic we possess she does not have, nor will ever acquire in this life.

She did not see me for what I was, due to such immense incompatibility between us, yet a glorifying similarity, I became so very unstable… all these words prior are simply for me to find out what it is that I feel now for her, what it is that has made me feel so remorseful for this past… not for our love… but for our separation as it was…

I believe Tanya is a truly good person, she is one of the greatest human beings I have ever met due to her capacity for divine logic, and her confidence in who she is. Those things combined are immortal in pair, and not even my ability to dissect issues & compromise ill logic could often counter her graceful massacres.

I imagine I’ll get a letter from her mother, or even Tanya, requesting I remove this for degradation of their image. However I can’t pull this down till I get recognition… I want her to know about the dream I had last night…

I was with Skye, much like when Skye and I were dating, and yet I’d contact Tanya in a student/teacher subject matter. I was always out to learn… yet this time I attempted to reacquaint our love. I wanted to be with Tanya again, I even said I would divorce Skye for her… I was so desperate in that dream to see the light of love from Tanya again, that I was willing to sacrifice my life, my love, my everything for her… Tanya.

This is not true to my conscious self… I would not leave Skye for anyone. She is ultimately the reason I live today… I could never betray her, nor would my logic allow due to my incompatibility with Tanya…

However I woke up with a sense of great remorse regardless of the obvious logic to never consider such a thing…

I want Tanya to know that I still think of her as my greatest friend next to my wife… and that I am desperate to talk with her again some day… my mind evolves when I speak with her, and I had always hoped hers did too…

I miss her so terribly… Tanya… please contact me some day, when you’re ready.

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February 20, 2008

Conflict: Denied Ops for RETARDS (Onision)

[Broken embedded video]

Conflict: Denied Ops for RETARDS (Onision)

The game got a 4.0/10 on IGN.com, maybe it will fit our fancy and will give it a good shot at a better review? Maybe… maybe if they had our voice acting, they would have done much better…

If anything you’ll learn from this stands out, it will be that you should never co-op with the likes of me. I will f’ing shoot you and laugh all day about it. I really am that pathetic.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy what is my wife and I playing the PlayStation Network Store Download (free) demo of Conflict: Denied Ops.

You will witness somewhat of a broke back mountain feel mixed with a little incest.

Tags: conflict denied ops parody humor review video in game gameplay play playstation 3 comedy sketch ps3 first person shooter fps voice over actor acting retarded silly brokeback broken broke back mountain disturbing relationship incest family co-op coop killer killing attack assault destruction destroy war bends you breaks you speech from metal gear solid 4 guns of the patriots is where I got the idea I did I did!

Useful Links:

EGHQ - http://www.eghq.com

Onision - http://www.onision.com

Tantaga - http://www.tantaga.com

Mr. Odd - http://www.mrodd.com

YouTube Suggested Tags: Aviation & Space, Computer, DIY, Electronics, Environment, Gadget, Mechanics, Medicine, Video Game

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February 18, 2008

Embarrassing Moments Tranny Perv Extras & Bloopers (Onision)

[Broken embedded video]

Embarrassing Moments Tranny Perv Extras & Bloopers (Onision)

If you haven’t seen the first video, you may want to check that one out first (check the response section).

In this video I get caught doing various things, includes a bit of what the original was, and then some.

Shortly after video taping, my wife decided to humiliate me… and she did :) Yes! Real embarrassment!

Tags: violated on camera embarrassing moments perv extras bloopers tranny humiliate humiliation sadness humiliate comedy getting caught sketch and funny hilarious humor humorous bit manly woman bed sad guy pathetic weak off womanly strength strong woman muscles jerking in uncomfortable situation situations awkward weird disturbing fetish fancy fantasy thoughts imagination weird odd ugly smeared goth lipstick marilyn manson anyone? Animation, Blooper, Improv, Parody, Pranks, Series, Short Film, Sketch, Spoof, Stand-up, Video Blog

Good Links to More Materials:

http://www.mrodd.com (official video site)

http://www.onision.com (official author site)

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February 17, 2008

Sketch: Embarrassing Moments - Video Tag Game Vlog (Onision)

[Broken embedded video]

Sketch: Embarrassing Moments - Video Tag Game Vlog (Onision)

I expose the three darkest realities of my history. Unfortunately they all relate to my marriage, and I capture all the events on camera just for this video.

I was tagged by DaveyDaquiri who is F’ing awesome for tagging me, as I’ve never been tagged before, and am so humble to have watched his video even uttering my name.

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcXgrAGPQCg

Featured Site: http://www.mrodd.com

Related Links:

Where My Video Was Requested - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MURRS3W-QY

People I Requested A Video From:

Boom - http://www.youtube.com/varietyshowbyboom

Misti - http://www.youtube.com/furandmisti

FireFly - http://www.youtube.com/firefly2021

Tags: video tagged game embarrassing moments three 3 times blog sketch comedy vblog video youtube you tube tag tagging jerking room off in apartment bed next to woman wife spouse dressing up skirt tshirt t shirt outfit britney spears fan nsync and mention backstreet boys as a opposite gender dressing differently tranny and smeared dancing around closet of the embarasing lip stick lipstick red embarrasing forgot name secret gay coming out rainbows oh my tigers too! vlog vlogs

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February 14, 2008

Discussion on Suicide & Dealing With Depression (Vighkel)

[Broken embedded video]

Discussion on Suicide & Dealing With Depression (Vighkel)

URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=mFVjVqGoLZQ

This video confronts this issues, and describes the reasoning behind suicide and depression.

Video includes first-hand experience on the subject, and will hopefully clarify this topic for you.

This video is very abnormal for the norm when it comes to my videos, but I feel there is a need to post this for the sake of broadening the knowledge base on this subject.

Tags: suicide depression surviving cure curing psychology psychological help medical medication celexa drugs head medicine kill death education information info explanation moving on change blow gun pistol finding out survivors hurt pain emotions emotion drug suffering painful sorrow sadness dealing education howto how to religion religious beliefs belief killing murder war self termination

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February 13, 2008

Happy Venereal Disease Day! - Valentines Day STD (Onision)

[Broken embedded video]

Happy Venereal Disease Day! - Valentines Day STD (Onision)

URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VGNPltyxA0Y

Video Description: It’s Venereal Disease Day again folks! Make sure you check yourself for any burning or itching! And if there is some! Go to your local doctor! There is help! And it’s waiting for you!

Happy Venereal Disease Day & Happy Valentines Day! May all your holidays be wonderful!

Tags: venereal disease day valentines February feb comedy parody jokes sketch humor 14th love std condom wear protection psycho chick insane call phone from hell scary obsessive woman girl with personal issues that requires medication or antibiotics holiday fourteen 2008 14 th

Script (Not Followed Precisely)

Sally Gunderson - Hey Ass Fuck! This is Sally Gunderson, your GIRL FRIEND.

Jessy Strokes - Um…

Sally Gunderson - You haven’t called for five fucking days, and Valentines Day is tomorrow!

Jessy Strokes - …

Sally Gunderson - Hey, here’s a little headline for you ass hole! I went to the doctor today. Guess what?

Jessy Strokes - …what?

Sally Gunderson - Venerial Disease ass hol!

Jessy Strokes - Woah…

Sally Gunderson - Woah! Whoa!? That’s all you have to say! You said you were a virgin ass hole! Fuck you! I’m never talking to you again you piece of shit!

Jessy Strokes - …ok.

25 Minutes Later

Sally Gunderson - Hey… um… listen… I’m really sorry. [cries] I didn’t mean to yell at you like that. [pauses] I Mean… you’re really a good guy, and I didn’t mean to blow up on you like that, it’s just, you were my first you know? You were… [cries] I just really like you and now I’m breaking out and pissing blood and I don’t know what to do. People have been covering their noses whenever I walk by… it’s so embarrassing. I just want you to know that it’s ok… I don’t care who you’ve been with, as long as you stay with me from now on, it’s ok… well… aren’t you going to say anything Johnny?

Jessy Strokes - I… uh… I think you have the wrong number, my name is Jessy Strokes, I live in Midwest City…

Sally Gunderson - What!? Who the fuck are you!? This is the number he gave me what the fuck!!

Jessy Strokes - I think you should probably get some help or something… but… uh… whatever. Bye.

Sally Gunderson - [crying hysterically] Oh my God whhhhhhyy

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February 10, 2008

MrOdd Launched!

I’ve just launched the web site: http://www.MrOdd.com - for now you can only go to the www version and I’m currently working to fix that, but oh well.

Anyway, I hope to post many many more videos soon, as this site is exclusively for Onision Videos.

A lot of people have been saying that I should make more video journal entries, but we shall see…

Regardless, here’s another cool photo to look at till next time :)

[Broken image named Me & Skye's Old Kitty]

As far as we know this kitty is no more, I just wanted to share it as it expresses my love of animals :) I hope this better aides you in understanding who I really am.

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February 9, 2008

Pay Me Or This Baby Dies (Onision)

[Broken embedded video]

[Broken image named avatar2]

I’ve figured out a new method of making money! By punching babies!

No, this is not legitimate, please do not actually send me money unless you just want to buy me a new camera, in which case, by all means!!! :)

Tags: pay me or this baby dies child kid son cute abuse punch kick slam newborn adorable babies sequel humor joke funny lol laugh out loud fun britney spears treats her baybay really well leave her alone dumpster diving chokeslam choke hurting born new hurt protection services feelings emotions daughter hostage taker taking death die dead baby jokes kidding joking dont shake never shaking ever always please do not disturb

URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=m6iF1YOzaS4

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February 4, 2008

Everlasting Success


Metal Gear Powder - MGS Parody (Onision)

[Broken embedded video]

Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=TApbtRKlD0Q

Stonercon and Powder Snake head on a mission to a warehouse. Now, what that mission is, and what the warehouse has to do with anything is in question.

Tags: metal gear solid snake hideo kojima david hayter parody comedy guns of the patriots liquid revolver ocelot meryl otacon mgs mgs1 mgs2 mgs3 mgs4 snake eater nintendo playstation ps1 ps2 ps3 gear1 gear2 gear3 solid1 solid2 solid3 solid3 gear4 1 2 3 4



The 100th Episode (Onision Journal)

[Broken embedded video]

I talk about the future of Onision, the past & the news in the right now.

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and watched this far, expect plenty more videos to come.

If you have not added me to your friends list, or subscribed yet, please check out my videos and see if I'm worth you time!

And as always, please stop by Onision.com for the latest :) Thank you!

Tags: onision journal oni blog oniblog oni one gregory daniel jackson james gamersshadow eghq onemandband one mand band man show comedy online internet blogger



Save This Poor Little Baby: Extras & Bloopers (Onision)

[Broken embedded video]

Click this link to go directly to the video. (please leave a comment, feedback is always very helpful.)



YouTube Video: Child Protective Services - Severe Baby Abuse (Onision)

The last video I made on this topic was called "disturbing and offensive" by sponsors of YouTube, so this time around I figured I'd tone it down a little by turning my Becky into a Satanic human-murdering monster wielding a kitchen blade.

So congrats, you've censored me. :)

Please do visit this link and leave a rating + feedback. I love hearing what positive things people have to say, and every vote DOES count.

Thanks for staying tuned, click this link to go to the video now!

[Broken embedded video]

Child Protective Services - Sever Baby Abuse (Onision)


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January 29, 2008

YouTube User Writes: "I won't be writing you again"

Onision on Youtube haters 0.png

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January 25, 2008



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January 7, 2008

Hania - Female Musician from Australia


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January 3, 2008

Alicia: My Sister-in-Law

Alicia aka NetunesaAlicia, my sister-in-law is going through a tough time, much like I am I suppose… she and I have had a complicated past, and I’m hoping to see her soon regardless of all the stress that we have experienced with her (my wife and I). We both love Alicia, she is one of the most important people in our lives. I just hope she knows that, and can see how willing we are to help her if she needs it…

I won’t post too much about her, I’ve hurt some dear friends in the past by saying too much publicly, regardless of the knowledge I have that no one really reads my material anyway. Thumbs-down

Regardless, I hope Alicia and I both get better. And if anyone does ever read this, please be kind to others, online or otherwise. I’ve gotten my feelings hurt in the past, and I’m sure hundreds of thousands of others have too.

Being online is no excuse, if you attack someone, they can feel and do horrible things in response…

If Alicia does come out here, and spends time with us, we’ll probably make some funny videos or something… I hope so, I miss those.

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January 1, 2008

The End or The Middle

Onision depressed.png

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