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The Einzige Account is a post a user that went by Einzige posted to the Onision Forums, or OFO, in September 2010. They claim to have known teenage Greg through an online forum and account their experiences with him.

Some words and phrases are replaced by things such as "[OFO EDIT] numa-numa" or "*** **** *achine" due to censors Greg installed on his forums. "[OFO EDIT] numa-numa" is most likely Sicesca, "Someew**8374" is SomgGuy827, and "*** **** *achine" is Way Back Machine, a site that archives webpages. Many of Greg's old sites are archived there and it is believed he did not want people looking into his past, hence why he censored Way Back Machine.


Greg did in fact own a Metal Gear Solid site and forum, created around 2002. The site was Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance located at (Source) It is highly possible this account is true.



Posted 09 September 2010 - 02:01 PM

That’s it—I can’t remain silent any longer.

I’ve “known” Onision online for a long time now. Since before the airforce, since before he graduated. He must have been about 15 when I came across one of his old forums. It was a small community, before message boards really started booming. We were a nerdy group, mostly centered around gaming. I remember early on me and a real life friend joined the board because of our mutual interest in Metal Gear Solid. Onision was a fan as well, as was Cyla (his old best friend online—they don’t speak anymore, apparently, I’ve contacted him after I found Onision’s youtube), and Ilya, the Russian kid. There were other members early on but those three seemed to be the major players on the board. I went by many alias’ back then. I believe one of my first was GreatGoatGod. I eventually became Nyder, SertraOD, and some others. I was banned multiple times; as were many other of the regular posters. He knows who I am very well. I with some later members (Adam? I can’t remember if that was his name) literally broke him down emotionally in response to the way he was acting. Not something I’d do again, but you also must understand that I am younger than him.

Onision was admin. He ruled with an iron fist. He furiously attacked anything different from him, even taking administrative action. He turned his entire community against him.

His behavior was always… erratic. He would get EXTREMELY angry if you EVER questioned him, criticized him, contradicted him, etc. It became very apparent to all of us early on that he was mentally ill. At first, his delusions were minor. They weren’t totally unrealistic, but he definitely saw himself as “above” other human beings. He would refer to himself in ways that would separate himself from the human race. As time went on, the delusions started manifesting in more serious ways. He invented [OFO EDIT] numa-numa. Now, I see a lot of you acting like this is no big deal. But it truly is. He really, really took that sh*t to heart. He literally believed in the supernatural things [OFO EDIT] numa-numa involved. He even made a ghost hunting website. Imagine my surprise when I saw those ghost parody videos… he was making fun of himself, denying his past all the while. Which would be all peachy, that is if you don’t understand the extent that this ghost hunting went. Him, his wife, and his sister in law all became deluded together. They would walk around taking pictures of dust orbs and calling them ghosts, COLLECTIVELY, mind you. Not only that, but they had a profile section where each of them claimed to have specific supernatural powers. Yes, they believed they had supernatural powers. Do I need to repeat that? Onision and Skye believed they had superpowers. I’m not kidding you. Many of us got banned for arguing the ghosts were dust orbs. He was extremely intolerant.

He is until this day.

You can find this information at through the *** **** *achine.

I’ve been subscribed to Onision a long time now. When I first rediscovered him, I found it amusing. But, slowly, his videos became disturbing. Especially considering how young his audience is. The way he portrays his opinions is very dogmatic. The control he takes over some of you guys is f*cking terrifying.

Look, I know you all humiliated the “haters” when they accused him of being a cult leader. But what you don’t understand is that he SERIOUSLY has a LONG history of cult-like behavior. He manipulated his wife and sister in law in to believing this sh*t. Not only that, he manipulated them in to no longer believing it. Onision has an incredible talent for manipulation, he always has. But he’s gotten much, much better now.

I’ve remained silent a long time. I figured the sorts of beliefs Onision was pushing on people weren’t that dangerous. But his erratic, dogmatic expression of them is dangerous. It’s not WHAT he believes that needs to be looked for. It’s how he sees the importance of his own opinions. Maybe he’s no longer 100% cultish, but his opinion videos are 100% demagoguery.

I felt bad for Onision. I felt bad that me and the others had attacked (we weren’t the first to attack, by the way, we responded) an obviously mentally ill person. I felt bad that we did damage to an important part of his life, his website and message board. Being older and more mature nowadays, I consciously decided to keep this information to myself. I didn’t want to take youtube from Greg. It seemed important to him. It seemed to help him cope.

But it’s become extremely apparent it’s no longer a coping mechanism. He’s living his life vicariously through it. And you all are feeding him.

Greg is very obviously bipolar, perhaps schizoaffective when you consider the extremity of his delusions. Which is not to say he is untreatable or permanently damaged. He’s simply unmedicated and, as far as I know, does not seek treatment. He likes to “redefine” his mental illness in to some sort of martyrdom. That’s where the cult-like behavior stems from… he can’t bring himself to admit what he is, so he redefines it as a social leader. Some sort of ubermensch come to save us all. A larger than life sort of person…

Simply by looking at his videos, you can tell when he is in a depressive stage or a manic stage. He has long periods of nothing but dark, self-hating videos. And then he wipes the slate clean and starts over with this ridiculous super happy not-so-funny immaturity, and he becomes EXTREMELY productive during these stages (but also the quality of the writing is non-existent—very common for creative bipolars).

Bipolar is also affected strongly by diet—I noticed a change in his behavior when he went vegetarian (he’s much better now). Yes, I’ve been watching, Greg. I’ve been watching closely. You have potential to be dangerous—deep down, you know this.

Now, regardless of ghosts and [OFO EDIT] numa-numa, I know that Greg will continue making videos. I know people will still watch them. But the community needs to put him in the right context. Greg should NOT be a role model for children. It’s not right. His overall behavior has not changed since I last knew him. I promise this to you. His beliefs are actually very malleable; they change constantly. It’s not so much that he has conviction, because conviction is very solid. His beliefs are fluid. The assuredness you see in him is not due to legitimate belief, it’s due to delusion. He believes in it strongly not because of life experience, but because he uses delusions to help him cope with feelings of low self-worth. Think about vegetarianism—a worthy diet, a legitimate cause. But think of the way he converted. He came on soooo strongly… and then claimed it was a tactic. But this is repeated behavior I’ve seen in him, he finds some kind of purpose in life and then dives in head first. It’s so disingenuous. I’m glad you found something Greg, but you need to turn it in to solid ground and not let this just be another stage. Knowing you and knowing your behavior, this very much seems like another stage directly related to a manic episode.

Which is why when you add a fanbase of teenagers, he becomes dangerous. He portrays his manic-depressive delusions to you as legitimate beliefs (even though the delusion is capable of being legitimate, in his case it’s not), and you see the passion in his eyes and voice and you want to believe him. He doesn’t manipulate on purpose, that I know. Simply, most people can’t distinguish between genuine passion and mental illness. Understandably so, I wouldn’t be able to if i hadn’t interacted with him years before.

Please, please, please take me seriously. I’ve sat on this a long time. I have no intention of attacking Greg. I think if he properly managed his disorder he would be a fine human being. Deep down, he is a good human being. He’s obviously smart, but that’s not really the problem here. The problem is a bunch of kids with not enough real world experience to understand who Greg really is. They believe he is who he WANTS to be, that larger than life sage full of wisdom and enlightenment…

And it’s important that you understand why people criticize him rather than blowing them off. I understand they come on strong. Someew**8374 definitely did; he attacked him as if he was a Hitler (and Onision does come off that way). I don’t want to do that. I just don’t want him messing with your heads unintentionally. Be a fan all you want, just don’t take this “revolution” seriously… because it’s just an egomaniacal bipolar defense mechanism, and that’s all it is. That’s all it’s ever been. Ever since I first met him.


Posted 09 September 2010 - 02:05 PM

Greg, have you seriously censored w@y b@ck m@chine? He really doesn’t want you guys to know this…