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Ghost Skin Association, or GSA, was a group of ghost hunters that Greg was a member of in 2004. Greg documented their findings on a subdomain of his MrOdd website, The website remained up until the ends of 2006/07. The site can be viewed through the Wayback Machine.

Note: The other two members of the GSA requested not to be associated with the site anymore. We will call them "R" and "Z" in this article.


The site consisted of two main pages, each containing half of the image gallery and half of the story. The gallery contains 28 photographs in which Greg believes he captured spirits, souls, mysterious faces, and auras on camera. Each image had an individual page with a written description.

Under the page "Meet the GSA Team", each member had a brief bio and picture. Each listed their interests and religious beliefs. Each member had a special title and special abilities. Greg was the "Public Representative". Greg wrote his special abilities were: "Can see metaphysical elements unseen by others. (Orbs, Lights) Has advanced senses for capturing ghosts on camera at the right moments. Has advanced ability to counsel & interpret ghosts."

Sometime between January and March 2005, Z was removed from the GSA Team page and was never re-added.

At the bottom of the page, it says "Supporter of Sicesca", Greg's self created religion at the time.


On the site, throughout the two image pages, Greg wrote out what supposedly took place over the course of a night and the next morning. The images in the gallery correlate with the story.

The written story starts off with them speaking to a spirit through a Ouija board. It tells them the abandoned building they are about to visit had three people die in it.

When they got to the building, the three spirits talked about how they died and requested they use the bodies of the GSA to escape the building, reunite with their families and confront Paul, the man that started the fire that killed them. The GSA decided not to go through with it because they did not know much about healthy possession. The spirits became frustrated, but complied.

The GSA explored the building and Greg took many photographs.

The GSA went back to the two friends' home and communicated with a spirit named "E" through the Ouija board. E became infatuated with Z and claimed they were married to her in their only past life. E felt there was no alternative life without Z. E helped keep negative energies away and requested to use Z's energy to fend them off, which Z allowed multiple times.

Greg says there were over 129 spirits observing the conversation. E told R that they were "RAT" in their past life where R would order the deaths of those they said were a witch. The spirits asked for an apology and left when R responded.

Through communicating with the board they learned there are 44 planets that have human life. R had only been to two planets and was now bound to Earth for their punishment for their past life. E said they witnessed Gregory reporting Z as a witch in the past. Greg rationalizes this by saying most likely he did this because R manipulated him into doing it.

The GSA finally went to sleep at 2 AM, even though E warned them some spirits have not left the room. Greg says after the lights were shut off, he saw "Orb-like blurs" moving around. After that he saw a bright light in his right eye, jumped up and told R to turn on the lights. He took pictures around the room after Z told him to do so and saw orbs appear in the photos, so the GSA moved upstairs to sleep.

Upstairs Greg took photos to make sure there were no spirits. He thought he did not see any, but upon later inspection realized he did in fact capture orbs in those pictures. The next morning R "moaned words of fear" in their sleep and Greg comforted R until they woke up. He then told the GSA team that if they are ever in danger they must focus on positive energy and counsel each other through it because they are stronger together.

While trying to fall back asleep, Z let out a "scared noise", but was fine. Greg blames the nightmares on the spirits. He says he and Z are excited about their next encounter, but R is "cautious".


Sometime between October and November of 2005, the GSA site was briefly removed. The URL became a redirect to Greg's Onision site. (Source) The GSA site was back by February 2006 and remained up until some time between 2006 and 2007, when Greg no longer owned the subdomain. (Source)