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Greg and Kai's guinea pigs shortly after adoption
Greg and Kai had two Guinea Pigs from 2016 to 2017.


On March 20, 2016, Kai uploaded the video "Boyfriend Girlfriend Date 2". In the video, Greg and Kai go to Petco and purchase a white a gold guinea pig. ($ource) Some video commentators expressed concern as Greg and Kai only purchased one guinea pig and guinea pigs should be bought in pairs to keep them from becoming lonely. Kai replied to the top comment and said he did not know this and they will be purchasing another one. (Source) Soon after, Greg and Kai purchased a grey guinea pig.

To viewers who had experience with guinea pigs, it was apparent Greg and Kai did not know how to take care of them. The first thing these viewers noticed was the guinea pigs were kept in a glass tank rather than a cage. The lack of air circulation in glass tanks is not suitable for guinea pigs. The tank appeared to be smaller than the minimum floor space required for guinea pigs as well.

In the video "FUN WITH FIREWORKS (FWO #23)", Greg held up his animals to the camera to show how frightened they were by fireworks. When Greg held up the grey guinea pig, he shook it back and forth. (Source) To guinea pig experienced viewers it was apparent the nails of the grey guinea pig were overgrown. Guinea pigs require regular nail clipping to prevent nail curling, which can impair their ability to walk. (Source) The video has since been deleted.

Other concerns expressed by these viewers were that Greg and Kai kept the tank in direct sunlight, which is not recommended as guinea pigs are highly susceptible to heat stroke and they did not provide the guinea pigs with anywhere to hide in the tank. (Source)


In September 2017, Greg and Kai began receiving criticism for adopting a new dog, Caterpie, after they'd been saying they were financially struggling for months. Greg responded to the criticism with a video explaining an actress he works with, Madison, took the two guinea pigs so that freed up some of their pet expenses. ($ource)

Madison explained on twitter that she noticed the conditions Greg and Kai were keeping the guinea pigs in. She says they had fleas jumping around the cage and their nails were so overgrown they were curling. She believes they had never clipped their nails. She also said their bedding was drenched in urine and feces. She says when she told Greg about the care he should be giving the guinea pigs he said, "I'm not gonna do those things so if you wanna do it then take them." She says she never wanted guinea pigs, but took them that night because she was concerned for their safety. She says one of Greg's children cried as she was taking them, so Greg promised him a puppy. (Source) After adopting them, Madison said she wishes she could interact with them, but they don't like people. They get too stressed out when she tries to pick them up so she leaves them alone. She keeps them happy and healthy by feeding them them a variety of foods and built them a really long cage. (Source)

Beck, who visited Kai and Greg's home in 2017, also confirmed the guinea pigs were kept in a small tank directly in the sunlight and it was covered in feces. She claims when she first arrived, she noticed water bowls for the dogs and for the guinea pigs were all dry. (Source)