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Reptar, star of the Onision series "Turtle Thoughts", despite being a tortoise. ($ource)
Reptar, sometimes refereed to as Sir Turtlesaur by Greg, is Greg's deceased pet Russian tortoise. Dubbed as "Turtlegate", his death caused a lot of controversy as Reptar was "very likely accidentally" killed by Greg. (Source)


Reptar began appearing in Greg's videos in 2013. Reptar was more than likely named after the cartoon dinosaur from the 90's cartoon Rugrats.


Greg featured Reptar in a few Onision videos.

Reptar had also made a cameo in "Dog Thoughts 4".

Possible Mistreatment

Greg filming Reptar in unsafe conditions
Some people expressed concern for Reptar after watching his Turtle Thoughts videos. They believed Greg was mistreating Reptar. One of the major examples they give is how Greg holds Reptar in the air when he runs around with him. They say turtles panic when their feet dangle, so it would be better for Reptar if Greg held Reptar with his feet in his palm, rather than pretending he can fly.

Another concerning moment for Reptar was on April 3, 2013, when he became stuck between a rock and the side of his tank. Rather than helping Reptar right away, Greg posted a photo of him to Instagram: "Reptar got stuck and passed out on a rock... LOL." (Source)


Greg mourning Reptar on Instagram.
On August 14, 2013, Greg decided to let Reptar get some sun. Since his dogs, Dobs and Leelu, were also in the backyard, Greg made the decision to leave Reptar under a plastic bin so the dogs would not bother him. A few hours later, Greg returned to the bin to find that Reptar had passed.

Greg announced Reptar's death with an Instragram photo of the bin Reptar dies under.(Source) Later that day, Greg posted a picture of himself mourning Reptar's death next to his tank. (Source) Greg also uploaded a video that day about Reptar's passing to his Archive channel titled, "Sad News". ($ource)

These two Instagram photos and the video set off a series of events that lead to what is known as Turtlegate. For more information, go to the Turtlegate article.

Greg has since deleted both of these posts from Instagram and Tumblr.