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Dobs, Kai and Greg
Dobs, or Detective Dobs, is the first dog Greg and Kai's adopted together.


Greg and Kai adopted Dobbs in December 2012. Kai says they got him from a foster home. They saw a dog online and called to ask if they could see that dog, but the foster parents didn't know what they were talking about. The foster parents told them to come by to pick out the dog they want. He says there were 50 dogs in this person's garage and they picked out Dobbs because he was the only one not barking. He says the moment they got home "he turned into Satan". Within the first hour he peed on their comforter, tried to pee on their TV, and got out of the gate and Kai had to find him in the cold. He believes Dobbs is part dalmatian. ($ource)

Kai introduced Dobbs through an Instagram post on December 15th with the caption "Our new puppy <3". (Source) When asked what breed Dobs is, Greg responded saying, "He’s like a dalmatian and a terrier… if that’s even possible. That’s what the foster parent said" (Source)

A year after adopting Dobbs, he appeared with LeeLu in many of Greg's videos, including his "Dog Thoughts" video series. After a couple years, Dobbs and LeeLu's video features were not as often, but they could still be seen in videos.

Since adopting him, it was clear Dobbs was always Kai's favorite dog. In the September 2017 video "WE GOT A NEW PUPPY! (Meet My Dogs)", Kai calls Greg his #1. He describes him as a sweet boy, but says he is like an old man because he doesn't like their new puppy to be near him. In the video, Kai also reveals Dobbs was recently diagnosed with arthritis in his back legs and they are currently trying medication for him. ($ource)

In April 2018, Greg uploaded the video "OUR PUPPY GOT STUCK IN MUD! (Dog Thoughts X)". This video caused controversy as Greg filmed his dogs when they were stuck in muddy water filled with large branches. Viewers were particularly worried about Dobbs as he had arthritis in his back legs and there was a scene where he struggles to use his back legs to lift himself out of the water onto a branch. ($ource)