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Greg introducing Blossom in a video
Blossom is a dog Greg and Kai adopted in 2019. Blossom has not made an online appearance since October 2019.


Greg introduced Blossom in the August 2019 video "Brooke Houts & Her Dog". In the video, Greg says they adopted Blossom from a shelter and suggests viewers should adopt through shelters. (video deleted) Some viewers found this hypocritical as Greg and Kai recently dropped off their dog Caterpie to a shelter after adopting her through Craigslist.

Some controversy arose after viewers realized Greg recently uploaded a video of himself shaving a white dog, who they believed to be Blossom. ($ource) Some viewers were upset as the type of fur Blossom has should not be shaved. The dog in the video was actually Greg and Kai's dog Dobbs.

After the initial introduction, Blossom has not been featured in any other videos. She could sometimes be seen in videos walking around their home and backyard. Unlike their other dogs, Greg and Kai do not feature Blossom on their social media. Dobbs and LeeLu especially had many photos posted of them to their social media.

After October 2019, Blossom was no longer spotted in videos and was no longer mentioned by James or Kai.


Although Blossom's online appearance was short, there were some small controversies surrounding her. The first was when Greg shaved Dobbs in the August 1, 2019 video "I Shaved My Dog's Hair Off". ($ource) A rumor started that he shaved Blossom. It seems some viewers mixed them up since Blossom and Dobbs both have white fur. Blossom is assumed to be a Great Pyrenees, which is a dog breed that is double-coated. Double-coated dogs should not be shaved for various reasons. (Source) This rumor, of course, was untrue.

Blossom spotted outside
Another small controversy started when Blossom was spotted in a video staring through the glass door from the backyard. During this time, it was known Greg and Kai would leave their dogs outside. Some viewers believed Blossom's fur looked dirty and matted. People accused Greg and Kai of once again adopting an animal without doing research on how to take care of them. Great Pyrenees' fur can matt easily.

The last controversy, and the smallest, is the mystery on what happened to Blossom. The most popular theory being Greg and Kai gave her up like Caterpie and LeeLu.

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