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New Channel, 2018
New Channel is a channel created by Greg in 2018. For a short time, it was the only Youtube channel to host new content created by Greg. A month after its first upload, Greg stopped uploading videos to the channel. ($ource)

Channel description:

A YouTube channel run by one who has many voices & faces.


Greg announced the new channel on August 12, 2018 to his Patreons in the exclusive video "Who I Am". In the video he announces he will only be uploading new videos to his new channel and to Patreon. He says he is doing this because of his identity. He says he wants to be make videos about creativity and art like 360 videos and music videos. He does not want to be himself involved in the video because he doesn't know who is really is. He says he treasures his creations more than he treasures himself. He can now separate himself from his creations. He explains himself is not really him, it's a mutation of what he thinks he is and it's not real. How he acts in videos is not how he acts in real life. (he gets up, turns around and yells "DOBS!!" at a barking dog in the background.) He says he wouldn't normally do that in real life, but since people are watching him he acts differently. He wants his videos to center around his characters and make it clear it's not him. He says he wants people to know he's not what the world sees. He says he wants to make videos for his audience about his characters, the many personalities that exist in his head, who are pieces of him but not a representative of him as a whole. He has a name for the channel, but is waiting until he can claim the name, but it starts with an "E". He says it's symbolic like Onision. It's an embodiment of all his characters, "so many things of what I am." He says he doesn't think this is a good move for view or subscribers, but it's a good move for quality and inspiration. He tells his Patreons he thinks about them every day and thanks them. (Source)

Greg uploaded a similar video on August 18th to Speaks titled "This Is It". ($ource)


The last video uploaded to the channel was "An Onision Character Is BACK!", uploaded on September 11, 2018. ($ource) Around that time, Greg made an announcement on three other channels that he was no longer uploading videos to those channels. It was assumed New Channel was discontinued as well.

In November 2018, in a Patreon exclusive video, Greg explained he changed his name to "Character" because he was sick of people "hijacking" his name (Onision) to get views. He explains if you look at the "Onision" search results, it was just "a bunch of assholes making up stories" about him. He thought is he had a name that wasn't unique, people can't mess up his analytics anymore. He revealed he was going to go by the name and make a new channel, "ethovie". He says it has seven letters, just like Onision. He came up with the name by picking letters out of the numbers one, two, three, four, five, six and seven. He explains he did not use the name because it would take him years to start from scratch to become successful. Instead he decided to use the algorithm. He admits he's been making more money recently. He says he has a tax thing coming up in 6 months and he has to pay for things like fines. He announces he is going by Onision again because he doesn't have to have it as hijacked as before. (Source)

On November 12, 2018, Greg spoke about New Channel in the video "I Dyed My Hair And Failed". When asked when he would upload to New Channel again, he said "never". He explained he is only uploading to Onision, Speaks, and UhOhBro. When asked why he stopped uploading to New channel and Character Vlogs and return to Onision and Speaks, Greg explained the channels did not perform. He says most fans didn't get the memo and mostly haters came over to the channels. ($ource)

YouTube Channels
Channel Status Sub Peak Current Subs
Onision Active (2006-) 2.2m 2m
UhOhBro Active (2012-) 2.4m 1.8m
OnisionSpeaks Active (2009-) 1.9m 1.4m
OnisionArchive Active (2008-) 649k 511k
OnisionEncore Active (2011-) 168k 143k
Onision Reacts
(prev. Onion Son, VR Creepypasta)
Active (2017-) 94k 59k
Onichan Active (2017-) 55k 35k
Onision Channel
(prev. Onision Games, Oni Chan, VR Box)
Active (2017) 33k 20k
New Channel Discontinued (2018) 19k 14k
Character Vlogs Discontinued (2018) 4k 3k
Comment Cranks Deleted (2017) 1k n/a
Crovati Discontinued (2012) 900 800
OnisionTrolls Discontinued (2012) 500 500
OnisionSongs Discontinued (2011) 200 200
PlayStationGames Deleted (2007-2009) 80 n/a
James Jackson Active (2019-) 39 n/a
Vaitavious Deleted (2012) 30 n/a
Vighkel Deleted (2007-2009) 9 n/a
OnisionGames Deleted (2008) n/a n/a