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Onision is a name Greg has been using online since 2005.

Origin and Meaning

In 2004, Greg began going by "OniSan" and "Unision" online. The following year, he began going by Onision. (Source) It seems he may have combined his two previous usernames to come up with Onision.

Throughout the early years of using "Onision" online, Greg gave several explanations on the meaning of the word. In 2005, he said: "You will not find this word anywhere but where I have placed it, it is me, it is original, it is exciting, odd, frightful, deep, honorable, harsh, mighty... strong ~ it is something no one can be, but he who created it... it is I, Gregory J... not one person can say a greater word to my ear... to the world it is worthless, to my world, it is all that truly matters, as long as my soul burns." (Source)

In 2008, in his FAQ, Greg states, "Onision" does not mean anything, it is a word I made up. So I suppose because it did not exist before me, "Onision" essentially is me." (Source)

On a 2008 video speculating the meaning of Onision, Greg replied, "an alternative to Onision is "Demon Savior" my wife looked up the two words, and that's what it came out to." (Source, Source)

When Greg began perusing a career on Youtube, he began talking about an "Onision Revolution" and began breaking down the word Onision as "Oni: One, Sion: Divine Community" (Source):

The Onision Revolution is about making the world a better place. Both through laughter, and by spreading a message of peace.

You will find I am often conflicting with my own beliefs if you view them from a far. I am against harming others in every aspect, and yet my sense of humor finds the topic to be humorous when it is hypothetical.

My life experiences have lead me to believe that countries all over the world are very similar to one another when it comes to the people within them. We all cry, we all feel anger, we most all have loved ones.

Regardless of this unfortunately delayed realization, my humor has not changed.

For the sake of making what I do meaningful, I often try to place a moral into my sketches. However both standards are not always my focus for each video.

YouTuber's are not subscribing to a person who can only do comedy, or who can only speak an opinion. They are subscribing to a human being with many sides.

I am open and honest with my viewers. I reply to all the constructive letters I get in my YouTube inbox, and ultimately, parts of my future are curved based on my fans.

Onision means "One Divine Community"

We are in this together. Without you I would be alone. How far my words reach depend on you. I have not forgotten where I came from, and I plan to take quite a few people with me to where I'm going.

Thank you for being part of the revolution, lets change the world together, for the better.

Greg continued to use the "one diving community" definition as late as 2011, but also began saying: "I just made it up. I typed what sounded good in my head, into Google, and at the time, nothing came up. So I went with it." (Source)


In 2005, Greg launched Onision.com, his Gregory J. Daniel website. The site was used to host all of his creations and to to be used as a portal to all of his websites. (Source)

Greg created the Onision Youtube channel in 2006, but did not seriously start perusing a Youtube career until 2008. He later created several "Onision" branch off channels: OnisionSpeaks, OnisionArchive, and OnisionEncore. He uses various Onision URLs to host different iterations of the Onision Forums for his Youtube fans.

Since his Youtube career took off, Greg continues to go by Onision online on various social media.