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Character Vlogs, 2018
Character Vlogs was a channel Greg created in August 2018. Greg discontinued the channel 18 days after its creation.

Channel description:

This is the new OnisionSpeaks, only this time, it's not Onision - It's just Character.


On August 30, 2018, Greg made a post for his $2+ Patreons titled "Exciting Speaks Poll :)". He explains he made New Channel for funny videos, but wants to go back to his roots and make serious and meaningful videos again. He made a poll asking fans if they would like to see that again. (Source)

The next day, Greg created the Character Vlogs channel and uploaded its first video, "Introducing My New Channel". He says this is his chill channel, his opinionated channel. and not really him channel. He explains people don't really know who they are when they turn a camera on. He says people (youtubers) have said horrible and great things, but they are not a representative of who they really are because the camera blocks you from knowing the truth. He says it gives them incentive to say things that will give them more attention, views, and money. He says calling himself "Character" is the most honest thing he could call himself because he doesn't know how he'd act if you were talking right in front of him. He says this channel exists because he wants to express certain views, but they aren't representative of the real him. He says he has said things in the past, but he doesn't know if they are representative of him or if its something he felt needed to be said even if its was something people didn't want to hear. "It's complicated, but it's simple at the same time. I am Character. I am not Greg, not Onision. I am Character." He says he created this channel because he knows people care about it and he cares about it. He says regardless of how many views or subscribers it gets, he wants people to love this and matter to you. "Real perspectives from real characters or fake." ($ource)

Similarly to classic Speaks, Greg would upload videos of himself sitting in front of a camera, talking to the camera about his views. Although, viewers pointed out these videos seemed less genuine than his old Speaks videos because it was obvious he would film multiple videos in one sitting and upload them throughout the week. (Source) His old Speaks videos were either covering a topic his fans were discussing that day on his Onision Forums or more off the cuff talking about something that was on his mind that day, sometimes even filming right after he got out of the shower. It even because a bit of a meme that Greg would film serious videos with drenched hair.

On September 18, 2018, Greg announced his departure from the channel with the video "❤ G O O D B Y E ❤". The video was a text video directing fans to Onision, Speaks, and UhOhBro. ($ource) At the time of abandonment, Character Vlogs had 3,890 subscribers and 50,523 views.

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