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HybridEye.com in 2002
Hybrid Eye was a site Greg ran and created back in 2002. It only survived for less than a year. The site can be viewed through the Wayback Machine.


Hybrid Eye appeared to be created to share Greg's literature and music and to advertise his Syn Within Inc. webdesign company. Eventually he began to posts other's literature and artwork as well.

"Odd" was Greg's alias on Hybrid Eye.


Greg wrote his opinion about various topic on the site from the stone age to terrorism. The only surviving texts from the site were Religion and Odd's Perspective. Greg also posted poems made by different viewers, including a poem titled "Oddikaun", written by Greg himself. This poem was not saved.


Although none of the music files can be accessed anymore, Greg made ten songs he created available for download on the site. The song titles were: BLITTLE, UTARICK, QUIOVA, UTIROSYX, ANARKSHA, WAYTHER, DEMISE OF MINE, WASHINTAVE, T.O.A.D., and KOMOTION


By September of 2002, HybridEye.com because a re-direct to Greg's Gamer's Shadow forum. Greg does not own the Hybrid Eye domain anymore, it is currently owned by a UK company of the same name.