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Syn Within Inc. seemed to be a webdesign company run by Greg. In 2002, he claimed he had been in business for 4 years, so he started it in 1998. (Source)


Greg dedicated a page from his Hybrid Eye website to Syn Within Inc. Here is the text from the page:


Syn: Self defined abbreviation for Sync. (Perfect tone and harmony with music/art/literature etc.)

Within: Inside of oneself, opposite of exterior


Syn Within Inc.® takes no part in any religion in any way. No religion is favored over another to the extents of high morals. This is not an evil nor holy company, and it shall never be.


In the past and most recently, over 10 web sites have been created by Syn Within Inc.®. Many different types of graphics/midi's were created and still are being created today for a variety of people and companies.

Syn Within has been in business for over four years and we look forward to many more years to come.


There are hopes to expand the word of logic and ideas to broaden the horizons of the willing. With the current writing status, and aspirations to create more graphics/art pieces/animated files/music/poetry and much more, Syn Within Inc.® will be around for a while.

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