Odd's Perspective

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Odd's Perspective is a 4 part series of texts written by Greg on his Hybrid Eye website. Only the 4th page was saved by the Wayback Machine in 2002. (Source) "Odd" was the alias Greg went by on Hybrid Eye.


Odd's Perspective


A meaningful thing to remember when you read any entry, is that perceptions change over time yet the past still stands, everyone must face that demon as I do not delete what I write, what I have been is what I am now, whether or not that image has been distorted is my choice, tell others the same thing... They may just thank you...

Page IV

Throughout my existence, not many stresses have occurred before the age of 14. Many would blame the later to come downfall on puberty or other hormone imbalances. Yet, in every aspect of the young adult life, I have yet to feel an emotion out of pure adolescence. I often times set up a blank wall for people to stare at and wonder why it occurs. I often scroll many blue, white, yellow, and green texts across this black wall, and all watching seem to become even more so confused.

In this world, there are many children like I who think no one cares, they are alone, and everyone but them is corrupt and mean. We are all somewhat caring, are in the world allied with others without even being aware, and are corrupt ourselves. In most scenarios, children like me have a lack in logic and prioritizing. They seem to always look around for an answer and still look in the same place throughout their entire lives, without even pondering to move to a different location and look. Such simple ideas can become the most complex in some minds.

Stress and little errors that occur so often, seem to bring own the best of all of us. Yet the solution to becoming content, is merely realization of the others around you in worse pains then you could fathom. I currently, am going through the process of the deconstruction in a fellowship of which I do not wish to fall apart. The worst aspect of all of this, is I feel that I am told to leave so the others may work alone without me doing something wrong to worsen it, when all I did was point out the fact that there was a weak end.

Another vital stress is my sye (love of life), is becoming oblivious to what I feel, and aspire for. She forgets that I am human as well, and I wish for her companionship. The sad part of all of this is the fact that I have been demoted (if not ever promoted) to number two. A fellow is greater in rank to me, and yet I am still her number one love in the boyfriend realm. Tis a pity. The strings of this sye is getting tugged and torn apart… yet I feel as if I am stretching to grab the string that was torn, and pulling it back together, when none other contributes, but myself.

I recently came up with a philosophy on life explaining the contributors and the pawns. Whether you all believe it or not, it is so very true to the sense that life is one large game. Some lives are insignificant, and some are very important and worthwhile. You all decide which you are, not I. Yet with slacking and putting off situations you make yourself even more so a contributor. We should all be pawns, yet it seems no one really wished to put their thoughts and work into the better of humanity. Only to control and mold them into a sick beast.



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