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2005 Journal was an online journal Greg kept on his Onision Website back in 2005. (Source)

He continued the journal in 2006.


December 29th, 2005 - 6 Days Off

The next few days I won't be working at all, I have another 4 days to relax as I worked through Christmas voluntarily... anyway, all is pretty much down around here... if you'd like to read more from me, just check out a site I made long before Onision ever existed, a forum called "MessageHoard.com" ~ find me there, almost any time...

Soon I'll have new music posted as I purchased all the things I needed, yesterday.

Look forward to it... that is, if you liked my old tunes, and judging from the high traffic to OneMandBand.com ~ you will...

December 25th, 2005 - Ode To Lealan

As it turns out, I don't have to work today afterall... the plane I was supposed to guard isn't there, so they sent me home at about 0507 ~ and now I get to work on this site a bit because of it! Yeah!

Anyway, Lealan, a guy I met in tech school who is pretty much one of the coolest people I know, wrote me in regards to a recent post, and if yall didn't notice, I tend to give those who write in to my site a voice...

Ok, so check this out:

Feedback From Lealan:

I was really intrigued at your December 23rd posting. Very deep, very inspiring, the same as when I knew you. Sorry you're getting the typical testosterone of mankind at work and about your personal convictions. I hope you can take comfort that I, assuming I was one of your harshest, rudest critics, still consider you a close brother-man regardless of your beliefs.

I'm so thrilled you got Sicesca.com up again. I'm going to take real time to read and learn it so we can have a real conversation about it somtime, especially to make up for the Camp Bullis field talk.

As for people throwing a fit about unconventional beliefs, they can piss on their party because we work 10 to 12 hour shifts to, in the long run, protect that good old 1st Amendment Constitutional Right. So, I just wanted to say you still have my support and I still consider you like a brother, and that I miss the old days! Happy Holidays, and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Thank you Lealan, I appreciate the kind words sent my way ~

As for everyone else, if you would like to send in feedback, and possibly find it on this site, please click this ~ or you can visit messagehoard.com ~ and I will post anything I find particularly inspiring from there. And again, I hope you all have a happy holiday season...

December 25th, 2005 - Merry Christmas

(I really don't know what that means anymore, but if it makes people happy...)

Hmm... what am I doing for Christmas... oh right, it's 3:47, which means it's 13 minutes from the time when I leave for work... [laughs] I'm not kidding. That's what I volunteered to do... guard planes on Christmas...

December 23rd, 2005 - Performing For You

Another short-clip was released today on this site, it features myself playing the piano, expressing my true feelings... HA HA HA! Download "MY BRAIN TINGLES" Now

December 23rd, 2005 - Losing Purpose

Today hmm... maybe I shouldn't say anything about that...

Skye [...], you know I love you... more than anything... I have a past though, one with other people, I've loved as friends... I've loved... sometimes, you just can't lose that... if I had to kill the world away, just to leave you alive, in my life... I would likely do it, that is, if I had forgotten about my family... but what I'm saying is, no one compares to you, my wife... and yet understand... everyone... understand, I still care about a lot of people... I think about the shining smile on Tia [...]... I think about the soft voice of Tanya [...]... I remember the cute rebellion of Shiree [...]... I miss the inspiring spark in Christina [...]...

I would miss my wife the most of all... because she is a collection of so many amazing things, and yet is still a challenge, to make her happy, to make her smile... I look forward to going home, every day ~ I'm so in love... I hope I never lose that...

All I'm saying, is today was bad... the people I work with, they spoke of horrible things, like their wives were objects... like the girls they made love to were the equivelent of a bad video game "yeah, I've played that... it sucked..." ~ how a man is losing his wife, and does not care...

We're all guards... Security guards... the others speak of how they hate their job, they want to quit... but can't... I was happy with this job, if I didn't hear what I did today, I would never question it...

So I'm going to IRAQ some day... so I've gotten screwed over on a couple work shifts and I just started yesterday... so standing in place, only to let a rope down when someone comes by is degrading... I thought I loved it ~ then they told me how miserable I should feel for having the job I do... like the person who loves candy until someone tells them it'll rot their teeth...

I just want a life... where I can lay back... and love every moment I'm alive... I want to speak to millions, and let them all see the light I want to bring to this world... I can be black, and cold... but I never hurt anyone, not intentionally, not taking pleasure from pain... but rather, learning to not let the blades pierce my skin, those scraping my ears every day... and when I learn to be bright, when I glow... I did it in the wrong place today... I'm sorry... to myself, my heart, my soul, my mind, my body... I'm sorry I let you down...

They asked me if I smoked pot today, if I had ever tried... They asked me if I drank... if I was ever drunk... If I smoked cigarettes, or slept around even... I told them no... I smiled... they didn't... then I heard what they had done... I felt like a child in a room of old men... and I cried (metaphorically) because I realized that I could have grown up like they did... that I could have been old by age 20.

I don't ever want to grow if that is what the flower blooms to be...

I love you... children of the world, those old in body, who chose to stay young...

They asked me if I was Bible-built... if "God" was my savior... I laughed, as it was before I lost the mood... I didn't tell him God was dead in my heart... I didn't tell him that the man never did anything for me, and that I shine on my own... brighter than what any god could ever give me ~ I didn't say that I didn't believe in the god he was trained to follow.

I am not pure... but I am not rotten... I am not white... but my spirit is not dark...

Skye [...], you are one of the few people I can rely on, to make me squint my eyes when I look at you... I picked a wonderful woman to spend my life with... and in many ways, I would be burnt out without you... losing purpose.

December 23rd, 2005 - Losing Fans

At 3:49am I read an email from a former fan of Onision.com telling me that he was no longer going to visit my site because I said "God Is Dead" ~ which hit a sore spot for him. I did that knowing quite a few people would become agitated, I also did it knowing that it was a massive insult to God-believing religions... the truth is, we live in America, I can say what I wish here, not representing anyone but myself, AS I DO NOT REPRESENT ANYONE BUT MYSELF (please, I emphasize this with all my will, I really am not the spokesperson for anyone, or anything else) ~ I am happy to say "God Is Dead" ~ as really, it's a joke, the man/woman/thing was never alive in my perception, and for anyone to boycott me for my beliefs is kinda... well... prejudice... I don't stop visiting sites just because they are Christian... I'm a believer in Sicesca (Sicesca.com) ~ That we all don't have to rely on some bullsh** god to get us out of ever mess we make.

I believe in myself, not some image that will never help me in any way unless I use my imagination, much like in Neverland. [sighs] I have to go to work, but for all of you who are sensitive on the Christian subject, just give up now, I'm not going to please you if you are bound by your imaginary gods. Alright? So get real, or go away. I only want open-minded people here ~ it leaves me much less judgment to face.

But thank you sir for informing me of how you felt, I respectfully decline the option to change my opinion however.

December 21st, 2005 - Oh, F*** No

Today they told us that if we stayed an extra hour at work, that we'd only work tomorrow for 3 or 4 hours... so after we agreed, and had stayed that hour... then added a couple more hours on it (just for fun) they told us that we would be working the next day, for eight hours + the travel time & gearing up = 10 hours... not to mention I have to show up at 4am ~ holy freakin crap!

It's ok... it's ok! I know things will get better... but sh** what a bunch of bull... if we had said "No, we're leaving now." ~ we would not be at work till 8am tomorrow, and we would of got off by 2pm ~ I guess what I'm saying is, now I don't have a weekend (because I've been signed up for a new shift thanks to today's decisions) I'll be working through Christmas, and I have a splitting head ache which makes me really just want to hold my breath till I pass out.

:) Merry Christmas ~ Seriously, I send good will and fortune to you... because even when I'm in the worst mood possible, I do my best to act like I'm perfectly fine... unless I don't give a fark about you... and right now, I don't know who I'm talking to... so really ~ God is dead, Merry Christmas.

December 18th, 2005 - Comeback Kids

I've decided to bring back Message Hoard ~ join the message board, and begin your chatter ~ messagehoard.com ~ I'll be there, posting if I get a chance... ;) ~ In other news, this site is pretty popular according to statistics... wow, thanks! But sadly, OneMandBand.com is MORE popular, which is weird because I shut it down for a month or two and it's still kicking ~ Bah!

Anyway, thanks for the support.

December 16th, 2005 - Oncoming Day

1. My site gained rank in Google today, now it's 30 out of 100, kinda good, but that is the equivalent of getting a 30 on a test, know what I mean?

2. I posted some of my old sites, like Sicesca.com for historical purposes... go to the addresses to see if the site you like is up again.

3. Today is Friday, so that means I have a couple days off, a couple days to play SOCOM 3, a couple days to unpack, then, back to work!

4. I'm wearing an unshaped beret, I look like an idiot.

5. I'm looking forward to two things coming up... Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, and Kingdom Hearts 2... WOO!

6. These lists are probably going to get their own section what with them being so damn long, but yet, informative.

7. Hmm... yesterday we went shopping at Dillard's, we got a foot massager, blender, shower curtains, a clock, and... I forget what else...

8. I have to go to work in ten minutes... they let me off for lunch almost for two hours, it's so nice... I'm really starting to enjoy the Air Force.

9. I've been talking to some Navy guys as of late, they call me "Greg" like I have a funny name, and basically act like they're 12... at times... it's fun though.

10. Soon I will have a new email account, I will post it publicly if any of you want to contact me at: gregory.daniel(at)tinker.af.mil ~ oh gosh, looks like I just posted my new email account didn't I? Silly me... it's not active yet... but whateva.

December 14th, 2005 - Hello!

A few things...

1. I went to a military briefing yesterday, they said as a welcome gift, and to support my moving in to a new duty station, they're giving me $1,600... wow!

2. I asked another "stupid question" in a public presentation, this time it was to the base commander... rrg.

3. I'm having trouble with speeding, I seem to always be going 5-10 miles over the limit...

4. Today I watched a PPT on the laws behind being a homosexual in the military... but... I'm not gay?

5. I'm getting up tomorrow at 6:30am ~ work starts at 8 where I'll be spending a bit of time outside...

6. I found out I'll be working through the holidays, but really, maybe not, 6 days on, 6 days off... hmm...

7. The cat just came up to me, I think it wants my burritos, I eat them often, I went shopping today, I got more...

8. My birth father just sent me $250.00 to spend at Dillard's... as a wedding/birthday gift.

9. I watched a medical video today, and almost passed out, I couldn't watch it... I found out the site of large amounts of blood makes me want to... go to sleep for good?

10. Within the next year I will most likely get deployed to IRAQ, hopefully I don't pass out if I see blood... arg... sad really, my own blood does not bother me...

11. I'm in love with an amazing woman, Skye [...] is the best wife I could ever have... I'm so grateful for her.

12. I bought Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance... but after playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater... it's difficult going back in time...

13. I have projects running around in my head... maybe I'll show you all what they are... eventually.

14. I invented something only to find a few days later it already existed...

15. I tipped the baggage lady today, $20.00 ~

16. I like the way Asian people look... the women are so cute, and the men are filled with honor... most of them.

17. I have a grudge against Germany... the holocaust will not be forgotten. Bastards...

18. I want to learn a new language, Japanese... will someone help Mr. Odd out?

19. Hello Lealan!

20. I'm going to go take a shower... goodbye.

December 12th, 2005 - Satellite Photos

Mmm... I have a few photos for all of you to view as ya please ~ I'll describe them as I go ~<

Photos of Jackson Hole, My Old Home - Click This

Hope ya enjoyed them...

December 12th, 2005 - High-Speeder

I just got myself hooked up with HIGH SPEED INTERNET!!! WOOO! But I know what you're thinking "What the heckers? Did he say 'HIGH SPEED' He didn't have that already?" NO YOU SILLY GOON! I DIDN'T! IF YOU'VE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION, YOU'D KNOW I HAD A WIRELESS CARD WITH SPRINT, CAN YOU SAY CANCEL!!!! HA HA HA! I don't get a signal here anyway, so the wireless is pretty lame...

Anyway, I'm sooo psyche, because this also means I can start uploading... well... MOVIES AGAIN!!! YA!

Ok, so look forward to it will ya? I hope to be updating more, but with my SP job, I'm not sure how much time I'll have... anyway, frick yeah!

Link: COX High Speed Internet

December 10th, 2005 - Soul Caliber III

This is just me publicly admitting and demanding that Sould Caliber III, though entertaining at times, is an extremely retarded game. "I feel feelings." - A rough example of what the game creators would make the characters say, and trust me, it's not below them.

I just finished up playing the game... ya, it can get hard at times, especially when you playing "hard" difficulty against the Lizard Man in Sudden Death mode... did I mention "Lizard Man" is the characters real f**king name? Ya, they couldn't think of anything better, why not "Reptilious Bloodasa" or something that's not so obvious... hey namco! YOU NEED ME!!!!

I could write scripts so much better... like instead of pre-battle phrases like: "How foolish of you to anger me." or "Well, at least your stance is correct." or "Lady Luck is on my side today" say something badass like "What you will soon evolve to see before you is more than just my face, but your last memory, and your greatest fear." - Gregory J. Daniel ~ OR ~ "I've been given orders to end your life, yet ultimately whether you live or die is up to me... I've decided to take your head, so at least I can provide you with a more immediate death." - Gregory J. Daniel ~ OR EVEN ~ "I will not kill you simply because you are here to slay me, for I fear not death, I will only end your life in consideration of the fact that you inadvertently trying to make my offspring orphans, and this is entirely unacceptable." - Gregory J. Daniel

And one last one, "I sense evil bloom deep within you aura, and sadly, the only way I can remove this evil, is with my sword." - Gregory J. Daniel

I had to put my name at the end of every single one so the slower ones could catch on... not that I'm too proud or anything...

Regardless, the story line for Soul Caliber III is pretty lame as well, every single character has pretty much the same experience right up to the end, where more terrible scripting continues... bah... whateva ~ later maybe "Lady Luck" will hit you all next time namco.

Don't get me wrong though, I thoroughly enjoy Tekken, but then again, they're aren't many speaking roles in that game are there... maybe this is a good thing? Closed minds are best matched with closed mouths... just some wisdom, maybe even for my ignorant little self.

Mmm... I too love KATAMARI

Oh yeah, and what the hell does the game have to do with Souls? And how are souls calibrated exactly? Ok ok, one last thing, WHY NOT SHOW SOME DAMAGE WHEN YOU HIT SOMEONE! The characters look exactly the same starting as they do ending, that's farkin idiotic, same with hannibal mask girl... what the hell were you thinking when you designed her? (see image left)

December 7th, 2005 - Cash = Less

I feel sooo broke right now... I once had $3,000 and now I'm below $1,000 what with moving from Lakewood/Kent/Spanaway, Washington to Midwest City, Oklahoma... grrr! Anyway, hopefully I will be reimbursed soon... bargh.

Anyway, I have a few pictures of the new place, [still feels pain and discomfort from loss of moocho) --> Check em out ~

Greg/Skye's Oklahoma Apt:

Also, a couple of lame-o links I made... playstation3.onision.com PS3 Fan - metalgearacid2.com MGA2 Must Die

PS. Metal Gear Solid 3 is totally badass, by far, the best PS2 graphics I've ever seen.

December 2nd, 2005 - Huntington Place

Skye and I just successfully rented out an Apartment, for $500 a month we now have a 3 bedroom, 2 living room, 2 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 laundry room "crib" all to ourselves, but there's a problem... where the heck do we get things to fill the place up? [laughs a little] Anyway, we're working everything out... I've gotten a ton of financial burdens as of late, but I'll manage I'm sure... I've just been hit left and right by a trillion bills, I'm paying all of them... but holy crap!

Anyway, I'm working towards survival, and cozy survival at that ~ you'll know about it if anything goes wrong, hopefully I'll have pictures of the new place soon... wooo!

November 30th, 2005 - No On Prop. 911

I witnessed a crazy commercial a few moments ago... it contained the advertisement for voting on whether or not police will be able to locate you if you call 911 on a cell phone... they say it will save lives..."Proposition Mass Murder" - I call it...

So I'll tell you how it will end lives... if your child has a cell phone, if a criminal happens to know how to hack... can they not locate your child? You wife/husband? You mother? Your friend... whenever they wish? ~

Say I know where a very dark ally is, a road that a person takes every day, say I have access to government technology, maybe I'm even dillusional - psychotic... [rolls eyes] I could kill anyone I like in that ally... I know exactly when they'll be there, I'll see them coming, I'll know where everyone else is as well, when they carry cell phones, that's simply how GPS works...

[sighs] If a person is on a cell phone dialing 911 ~ the operator will ask them for their address... if they cannot answer, then it's too late for the police to show up anyway ~ they're probably already dead.

Hope this makes some sense to you... if not, I'll be seeing you in a dark ally someday. (note: if you think I'm serious about that, wow.)

November 29th, 2005 - Kind Words

I just read what Nicole wrote me a while back... I really appreciate it Nikki, thanks.

Feedback From Nicole:

Stupid computers, this is the second time re-typing this. All I really want to say is that I have so much respect for you, and always have. I know it probab;y dosen't mean too much coming from me, but I'm glad that you chose your beliefs over breaking them for something you really wanted. It just proves me right in all the love and respect I have for you. Stay safe ok? And let me know whne things a re a bit more settled. I'm still waiting on that coffee... Be safe!


Posted by The Melodic Dischord of a Broken Heart... on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 at 11:01 AM

November 29th, 2005 - The Arrival

I'm here at Tinker AFB, in temporary housing, tomorrow I begin my inprocessing, today, I was released to finish whatever business I had... food, preparation of uniforms and so on, and on Thursday, I'll meet the commander... this should be interesting.

Regardless, I have nothing much to say, other than that I've spent a lot of money, and I hope to see it again, compensation for my journey's ~ as promised.

November 28th, 2005 - Progression

Today we went through Colorado, Kansas & finally made it to Oklahoma, however encountered sand storms, massive tumbleweeds, ice storms, snow storms, and pretty much all the other weather types excluding those involving rain...

Bah, anyway I also encountered something else, but that's secret for now...

The wind on the roads was so hard core that we actually found a semi-truck flipped upside down... wow... ya, surprised again we made it so easily.

Yesterday the I-70 highway was closed, and this morning, so we took back roads all the way here... arg... woo! Arg...

November 26th, 2005 - unWrecked

So... today we went through pretty much the same conditions on our road to Oklahoma... grr... I almost got in another accident (if you did not know, I've 'almost' been in 4 accidents now... where ever time, I get us out of it at the last second...) it was snowy out, I was traveling... fast, especially considering the speed limit was 75... the fast lane was icy, so driving east on I-84 I came to an odd view, squinting my eyes and putting my head forward I realized the quickly advancing left lane, entirely stopped, then the right lane slowed down, me seeing this all from about 1000 feet away, I began tapping my breaks to get traction so I could slow down... same speed, no slowing, tapping the breaks viciously now, I put my hand on the emergency break, nothing, just sliding now, so finally about 25 feet before the vehicle, sliding about 65 mph toward the stopped traffic ahead, I powerhoused the steering wheel to the left, launching off the road into the stooping area full of snow.

All this including the common phrases I speak while in a panic "Bullsh*t!" "F*ck f*ck f*ck!" --- and so on...

Anyway, like I said, that's like the fourth time I've avoided an accident. What was kinda funny is the people a couple cars ahead of us didn't swerve like I did, and lets say, they're going home in a Taxi ~

I also realize the XBOX 360 is being released today... I'm watching it on G4TV... apparently the celebrities all get 2 consoles free... yeah, that makes a lot of f*ckin sense, make the rich richer ~ bastards.

November 25th, 2005 - On The Road

My wife and I are currently in Boise, ID (Idaho) at the Best Western off exit 57... room 303... ha! We're on our way to Oklahoma... so basically 4 more nights of writing on this site about how I'm in a new state, new hotel, now situation ~ kinda... all day we drove through harsh conditions... I'm beginning to think that semi-trucks should have their own highway, I've been hit by various rocks, blinded by water shot up by their wheels, and have been delayed by an 18 wheeler ho decided to drive 30 miles between two lanes... bah!

Anyway, that's no biggy, I survived... even though I have 7 level driving skills and the conditions were level 20, including rain, snow, ice, fog, level 1 drivers, harsh turns, darkness at 4:30 etc... gargh...

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, as today we've been going through Oregon, and Washington mountains... speaking of that, OREGON???!!! What the F&CK is up with your mountains???!!! In Washington we use dynamite to blast a hole right though the mountains so we don't have to go around, in Oregon, you drive all the way the fark around it... GRRR! UNNECESSARY!!!

Ah well, see ya tomorrow...

November 21th, 2005 - Bathroom Floor

Yesterday I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire... towards the ending I had the strangest need to... well, get some fresh air... so feeling bloated and woozy, I ran to the bathroom, stumbling down the halls as if I was a drunken mad man... I made it to the bathroom, began to apply toilette paper to the seat so I could use it ~ and, BAM! I'm on the floor, not knowing how I got there, but staring at the ceiling of the Auburn SuperMall Theatre (Regal Cinema 17) Men's Restroom half of my body in the stall, the other half out ~ no one saw me, as it was the small bathroom towards the western exit, but basically lets just say I missed the last half of the movie, not caring, as I felt like exploding, or dying... whatever...

By far, the worst I've ever felt in my life... when you hurt so bad, that your body shuts down on you... wow... you hurt something sinful.

November 19th, 2005 - WHY?

Ok, quick update ~ 1. my computer broke itself 2. I sent it in to get fixed. 3. I graduated tech school. 4. I flew home. 5. I started another temp job for the AF 6. I got my computer back... I updated this site... finally ~

Sorry about me being gone all this time... my HP Pavilion zd8000's hard drive self-destructed... grr... anyway, the people at HP did a great job of helping me out... so I'm back in business... however... all my files are gone... all I really have is what was already online... talk about an oh sh*t factor...

November 5th, 2005 - New Wallpaper

I've created a few new wallpaper's by using custom filters and resizing techniques ~ these are all military-related, but universally interesting ~ the last one is me... all the others are of people I know in Security Forces Training.

[6 pictures]

I also have two new pictures of me in my USAF Security Forces beret ~ I'm working on getting it shipped the right way, it'll be a couple more days before it shapes out right... anyway, clock these: Picture 1 - Picture 2

November 5th, 2005 - Critiques

I overhauled the reviews section, it's all packed into one place now, check out the literary critiques section for new reviews on movies, products, people etc etc etc ~ click this.

November 5th, 2005 - Going Home...

I should be headed home soon until around the 25th of November... I just want to embrace the Washington Air, Scenery, Ground... I miss it, my family... I miss my old life... and now that I'm about to graduate military tech school, I'm home bound, until I'm sent to my first Air Force Base... then to be deployed... the to contribute to the protection of ourselves... of America. [sighs] Whatever I'm in for, I look forward to it... click this to see my ticket ~

November 4th, 2005 - Night Shift

Last night was such a bummer, we've been working the night shift... 11 hours ~ tonight it should be worse as for what I understand, I'll just be standing in front of a plane trying not to fall asleep or lose my mind... [sighs] Life goes on.

November 3th, 2005 - Conversion

Most all of my web sites are now directed to this site via frames... I feel this site pretty much covers everything, and why not? I have not updated the others in a while, so why not point them all toward one that is updated on a regular basis? Anyway, enjoy what there is, and expect plenty more ~ ;)

November 2nd, 2005 - I Have Nothing To Say To You Other Than What I'm About To Say To You... Not Technically of Course.

I Find I Tend To Capitalize Every Other Word... Often... Gosh... It's Kinda Annoying... What With The Immense Unneccisaryness... Speaking of Made Up Words... Moralistically ~ Someone Said I Made That Up... What A F***ing Nit Wit... Even Though He's Awesome... We Just Had A Huge Religion Debate The Other Day, and He Ended It With "I know that no matter what I say you'll think you're right, and I know you're going to tell all your buddies that you proved another Christian wrong, so whatever." And I Told Him "I don't have any buddies, but I know you're just giving up because if you had something to say, you would." ~ Whatever, We're Over it... or He Is, I Tend To Drag It All On, When I Want To... Mmm... Also, I Drank Soda For The First Time In About 3 Years Today, NOT WORTH IT! And I Ate Cow For The First Time In A Few Weeks... I Felt Sick Because Of Both, And Regretted It...

November 1st, 2005 - GI Fighters x5 Mega

During lunch break we decided to make another film... this time, not funny, just kung fu, the way we like it, slow motion. This is one of those movies that I am particularly proud of... just due to how unique it is in accordance with what I normally make... the two people taking the main role in this clip are Leelan [...], and Anthony [...] ~ Enjoy - Download Now

November 1st, 2005 - Clarify!

Alright, let me clear this up, I DON'T HATE HALLOWEEN, I JUST DON'T LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE HOLIDAY AN EXCUSE TO ABDUCT CHILDREN, DRESS GROSS AND GET WASTED OFF THEIR MINDS... Halloween is actually the coolest holiday... it just seems most people know how to treat it like something positive and yet moralistically respectable at the same time... so for those of you who have been writing me saying I hate Halloween, no bad!

October 31st, 2005 - More Videos

A couple more videos that verify my insanity ~

Emotional Insanity Me making a ton of faces.. all somewhat scary as I recorded it when I had shaved my head... a while back. Some people said I should post this... so I did... here...

The Day I Crossed The Road The last video I made before I left to Texas... Skye helped video tape... I still think it's kinda lame...

October 31st, 2005 - Ma & Doug

My mom dressed up for a Halloween party... and so did my step-dad Doug ~ check it out ~ send your pictures in if you'd like to see em on here ~ submissions(at)onemandband.com

October 31st, 2005 - unHappy Halloween

So Halloween hits us again, another day of random child abductions, another day of kids running out and beating the crap out of other kids for candy, another hypocritical celebration of a thought that contradicts the common American religion, another day for people to have an excuse to get wasted off their minds, another day for me to complain about the wretches of society and how we should all be burned in the pits of Hades... if it only existed...

[looks around and sniffs the air] Well, that was pointless... whatever, Happy Halloween f***ers.

"I'm not crazy, I just wear a clown mask while scaring the sh*t out of kids coming up to my house and then ask them to take candy from me, once a year, every year..."

You know what grinds my gears? Parent who have their kids go out and get all that candy from strangers who they TRUST SO MUCH and then say, "Ok, only 1 a night..." F**K YOU DAD! I JUST RISKED MY LIFE FOR THIS GOD DAMN CANDY! I'M EATING IT ALL F**CKING LIKE... RIGHT NOW! HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAA!

October 30th, 2005 - NEW VIDEOS ~

Ok, so we went all out a created a few new videos... YA YA YA! Enjoy!!!

RAISEN HELL! (I spelled it wrong... HA HA HA!) It's pretty damn funny... Delmonti and I decided it was time for a showdown... we duked it out, he was a bag of raisins, I was a water bottle... NOTE: WE HAVE O ASSOCIATION WIT THE PRODUCTS USED IN THIS FILM AND DO NOT REPRESENT THEM IN ANY WAY.

Delmonti The Rock Cannon Delmonti and I had just finished a land navigation course 20 minutes too early, so we tried to think of something that would entertain us...

TKO Kings Not funny... but somewhat entertaining, a movie inspired by two guys asking if I could make them fighting look cool... whateva.

October 30th, 2005 - Delmonti No Hair

My room-mate asked me to cut his hair... I probably should not of let him watch me do it... WOW... he was all "What the hell are you doing?" "Oh my god I'm UGLY!" ~ I was laughing hysterically... medium story short, it looks fine now and he's happy with it... he looks like he had Freddy Prince Jr's dew... it's craaazy.

October 28th, 2005 - Cockroach ~

A while back I was showering and I looked up when washing my hair, and saw the most odd thing, a cockroach ~ normal guys would probably try to smash it, but I decided to make an agreement, Mr. Cockroach, you don't mess with me, I won't with you... after that it had been visiting me off and on for a while... ") Anyway, here's a picture.

October 28th, 2005 - Time...

I'm 19, going on 85... before I know it, I'll look back, and wonder where my life went... that, or I'll die young and never have a chance to shed a tear... I just want to find a way to... do whatever I wish... live however I wish, with missions, inspiration, creativity... power and emotion ~ a life of few categories as mentioned before... is no life worth my time... anyone with strong aspirations... [sighs] For once I'll say never mind...but I assume you understand regardless.

October 27th, 2005 - Whateva

I have not updated much lately, I'm mostly working on advertising... I've realized as of lately my movies are more funny & entertaining than I thought... or... so according to 7+ people that watched them in the past week... I think they all may have potential, especially odd dolls...

Anyway, if you're looking for movies, you can find a few here, and others are hyperlinked from here to their core site, being either Odd Dolls or Mr. Odd Videos... regardless, I thank everyone who's participated in them this far, Misti, Alicia, Skye, Anthony, Leelan, Weng & Miller ~ Ya, the cast grows.

I'm working to entertain, hopefully you're on this oat with me, but if not, I have a question for you... "Why are you here?" ~ seems most criticize and complain to be what seems endless in regards to other people, and yet they continue to attract to that same person that agitates them on a regular basis... gee... kind of like my life and anyone who does not wasnt to accept me...

Do you think I'm too serious on the update section in contrast to how I am in the movies? Submissions(at)OneMandBand.com ~ Thank ya...

October 22nd, 2005 - PRTee Off

Today, we performed a USAF PT test, I got a total of 75 push ups (in 1 min), 59 sit ups (again, 1 min) & a 10:51 min run in 1.5 miles. The best I've ever gotten is 9:29... so I'm not impressed... [sighs] Anyway, my knee injury seems to be healing ~ my mom ha been performing Reiki from a far... I'm sure that helped.

Last night I dreamt of living corpses... again... my room mate found it interesting that what would be nightmares to him is a good dream to me ~ honestly, whatever controls my sleep (probably just a level of my conscious), can throw anything at me, I have no fear but the loss of my family, it's just too bad my subconscious can be tremendously unsympathetic, that area of myself probably won't even care in the slightest to see any atrocity occur, torture doesn't even make me cringe when it comes to dreams,,, and yet they're all so clear... but in real life? I'll die with my family... I'm sure my heart will shatter... and like my mom wrote me today, my subconscious will live on, leaving nothing but the other area living on... and uncompassionate, twisted & sadistic mentality...

When I woke up this morning... I told my room mate "I'm sorry you were killed by shrapnel..." in a very calm voice ~ I don't remember saying this, but it's what he said II had told him... the idea is sad though, because he's active duty Air Force, just like me... and we're both going to Iraq or some similar hostile nation ~ I hope I was wrong...

Everyone who reads this, I want you to know, it's not that I am wicked, nor am I good... I'm just a villain with morals... that's all ~

I don't see purple animals dancing in the clouds, I don't feel strange sensations of floating, I don't feel surges of rage randomly ~ and I'm not completely intolerable like many people who don't seem to understand much of anything I, or my associates say ~ some would call me "mad" or "loony" ~ not in the modern world, but you get it...

Just know, as you read... I'm probably more sane than you are... now that's a scary thought ~ [grins] Whatever... I'm just bored of all this judgment... can you honestly tell me you're not controlled by your emotions? I find those things easy to ignore, and in the right state of mind, everything seems sharp, clear ~ like I can see right through the flesh that breeds (human beings... animals...) ~ Or I could just be talking again... every so randomly.

No matter how odd I may be... I won't hurt anyone... not physically... I feel sad when spiders die for Christ's sake... I refuse to step on any bug unless I think it'll hurt me... defender? Yes... the same goes with human beings...

But really, my voice is the one thing I don't control as well... I'll... speak the world to you in a sentence. Simple as this: "Everything is everything, nothing is something by mere thought of it, which makes it a part of everything else, there is no such thing as non-existent, for we all leave an impression no matter how dead and rotted we are... to not exist is to never be imagined, to never have have any substance of any sort, to never effect anything, anyone or otherwise." (I just made this up, but if there is a concept out there like it, I have no idea of its existence, and yet, like I said, because you do, it must exist... no?)

If you understand that, kudos, if you don't, email me, and I'll gladly explain submissions(at)onemandband.com will be sufficient for now.

October 20th, 2005 - Chub Chub!

My little sister, Alicia has a birthday today, the classic age where the mom has to realize her kid is growing up, and when the kid takes on the world, deciding what they'll be one day, becoming an independent and all that scary junk...

I've already done that, and she likely knows I'll always be here to help her along the way if she needs it ~ Alicia, happy 16th, you re one of the coolest people I know, let the rest of the world see what you have to offer ~ you're too smart to be dumb, and too inspiring to burn out like the rest of these silly bastards we call 'adults' ~ Like I said, we all love you, and I'm here to back you up if you ever need me... ok?

October 19th, 2005 - MOVIE!

Mmm... I created a massively awesome movie... actually I just wonder if my wife will still love me after she see's this.. because... wow! (kidding, she would have been rooting me on if she had seen it I think ~) anyway, it's somewhat refreshing, because it reassures me that even though I have been through a lot of crap in the last 1/2 year, I still have a twisted sense of humore ~ CLICK THIS TO DOWNLOAD NEW MEGA AWESOME MOVIE 19+ MB WOW THAT'S HUGE!!!!

October 17th, 2005 - Tribute

I'd like to take this one moment to pay tribute to Nobuo Uematsu ~ Sir, you are a wonderful composer, you've built the best soundtrack to any video game ever made, and helped form what SQUARE/ENIX is today, Nobuo, you are the best composer I've ever witnessed ~ thank you for your music, it's inspired me repeatedly, ever since 1997 ~ click this to visit Nobuo's site.

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