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Example image Greg uses to show what Christina looked like
Christina, he also calls her Christine, is an ex-girlfriend of Greg's. They dated during high school when he was living with his Father in Ohio. Greg based his This Is Why I Hate You character, Ashley, off of her.

Everything here is from Greg's own words.

"A cool girl... an outstanding girl that I once dated... we dated for a month... she was the first "prep" I had dated while having been on the "dark side" ~ She lightened my days, and I will always appreciate her for that." (Source)

Early Relationship

Greg says he noticed Christina because she laughed at everything he said. He says although she was not extremely attractive, he thought her freckles were cute. He began talking to her and learned she liked anime and was part of the school marching band. (Source)


Every day, Christina and Greg walked home from school together holding hands. Greg says they would laugh and sometimes stop to kiss, "just like I have with almost everyone I've fallen for."

Greg says one time at lunch, he tried multiple times to talk to her and get her attention. She ignored him, which he said she had a tendency to do when she was with her friends. He began to walk away and she asked loudly where he was going. "I raised my arm half bent snapping like a switch blade, my middle finger high."

She found him after school and asked why he acted the way he did at lunch. He explained that she disrespected him and he was "enraged" by it. She asked how she could fix it, so he told her to come to school "as gothic as possible" the next day. She complied. (Source)

Greg says one day he wanted to go see her, but his dad would not let him. Greg called his father's wife "an effing bee" and his father started choking him. Greg warned him then began kicking him and ended up in juvenile hall. ($ource)

Break Up

He said for a week before he left to move back to Washington, he and Christina would only talk. He said one day, when they hugged, she kissed him hard. The next night, she came to his house. She told him she needed to "settle down", so she ran around his house a few times. He says he found it funny, but he did not want her to go. She soon came back and they stayed together until 7am. He says he did not walk her home and that was one of the biggest mistakes he ever made. He says he left three days after that night.

Post Break-Up

In 2005, Greg says, "She barely knows who I am now..." (Source)

In a 2017 video, Greg spoke about Christina in a video. In the video, he spoke about how he asked his recent ex, Billie, to dye her hair green, shave her eyebrows, and get a fake tan to prove that she cared about Greg and his wife Lainey after she betrayed them. He tells the story about having his ex (Christina) dress goth for a day to prove her loyalty to him. He explains she and her friends were preps and would prioritize her friends over him. He said having her dress goth was "a way to prove where her loyalty lies". He says he took her virginity when they were both 15 and he still cares about her to this day. "That was generally an awesome relationship." ($ource)

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