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Inc was a website created by Greg in 2001. Since it is hosted through 5u, the site is still available to view. (Source)


Inc seemed to be created for Greg's webdesign company, Syn Within Inc.. The site contained Greg's thoughts, photos from 5th though 8th grade, and advice.

Welcome Message

Welcome to, this sites main purpose is to express philosophies, link intriguing music, expose strange and entertaining art, and other subjects.

9/11 Thoughts

Most of the information Greg kept on this site is available at his The Cries of the Crypt website. Something unique to this site was Greg's thoughts on the 9/11 attacks.

Plane Attacks

Osama Bin Ladin? Suspect number one for the ever so repetetive stories of how America shall soon strike back... I feel the actions of most the people I have seen on tv have been completely wrong. Focusing on vengence is not the key, discriminating on one race isn't right either. People in Afghanistan that are celebrating is completely pathetic. Yet have they not been taught to act that way and that Americans are pigs? If we were to bomb them would you not laugh and dance like they do now? Who is right? The answer to that is simple, neither is right for what they have done, or will do... The other entries have been mysteriously deleted, to hear more, email me