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Leelu and Dobbs
LeeLu was Greg and Kai's dog from 2013-2019.


Kai introduced LeeLu to Tumblr on May 1, 2013 with a photo and the caption "Meet Leelu :)". Kai says they found LeeLu though a Craigslist ad and that her previous owner couldn't take care of her anymore. Kai says LeeLu is a miniature dachshund. (Source)

LeeLu's Youtube debut was in the video "Dobbs meets LeeLu for the First Time", which was released on May 4, 2013. (Source)

After adopting LeeLu, she and Dobbs appeared in Greg's "Dog Thoughts" video series where Greg would give his dogs silly voices and speak out their "thoughts". He made LeeLu a crack addict in these videos, which became a popular joke within his fanbase. (Source) LeeLu would appear regularly in other videos. After some time passed, LeeLu was longer featured in as many of Greg's videos, but sometimes could be seen walking in the background.

In 2014, Greg uploaded the video "Vegetarian or Meat Eaters? (Puppies Decide)", where he places vegetarian dog food and dog food that contained salmon in bowls and lets Dobbs and LeeLu decide which one they like better. Both dogs chose the vegetarian food over the one that contained fish. ($ource) Because of this video and because Greg previously boasted about feeding his previous dog, Nibbles, a vegetarian diet, many people believed Greg and Kai fed Dobbs and LeeLu a vegetarian diet. They received a lot of criticism for this, but Greg always corrected them, saying they fed their dogs salmon. (Source)

Around 2016, Kai began streaming frequently through Younow. On there, he occasionally expressed on stream his dislike for LeeLu.

In 2017, while staying at their home, Beck told Instagram that Greg and Kai think LeeLu is annoying and stinky. She says she gave her a a bath so now LeeLu is just annoying. (Source)

In the 2017 video "Why I'm Not Leaving My Marriage", Greg holds up LeeLu and says Kai has fought to keep "this animal" so much even though he has not. He says LeeLu constantly pees herself whenever he gets close to her, even thought he hadn't been mean to her in years. He says he was mean to her because she was peeing so much. He would put her nose in the pee and she would pee herself whenever he would- he cuts himself and sighs. He says he's grateful Kai is so compassionate with animals. ($ource)

In 2018, Greg and Kai moved to a new home. After moving, viewers noticed in Greg's videos it seemed Greg and Kai kept their dogs in a gated area in their backyard. The area always seemed to have trash in it. (Source) Later that year, Greg and Kai's ex-friend Madison claimed on twitter they kept their dogs in the gated area and it was always filled with pee and poop. She also claimed LeeLu was always filthy and kept outside and Kai told her multiple times that he "hated LeeLu". (Source)

In September 2019, an ex-friend of Kai's claimed Kai told her they gave away LeeLu to a friend. She claims they got rid of LeeLu so they could get a new dog, Blossom. (Source)