Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Antisocial Personality Disorder, more commonly known as Psychopathy (psychopath) or Sociopathy (sociopath), is a Cluster B Personality Disorder characterized by a pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others. Greg has been accused of being a sociopath and sometimes a psychopath by many viewers throughout the years.


The first recorded indecent of someone comparing Greg to a sociopath on the internet was Greg himself. On the original 2005 Onision site, Greg shared some emails and letters he had written that he believed held a significant meaning. In one of these emails, he tries to convince someone named Margaret that she should join his religion, Sicesca, because he is god-like due to his socipathic traits. He goes into detail about times he believed he was acting like a sociopath. (Source)

Hello Margaret

From your regards I get the impression you do not recall our last conversation... anti-drugs?

Mmm... how about my critique of your picture... you look like the awesomest girl ever? Church bells chiming, and yet we seem deaf...

<--- You freakin jerk! (me freaking what!!!??)

Mmm... sometimes... no... no... often, I have a complicated issue with resisting the blurt of negative comments despite the outcome... I have been excessively called an a**hole and a jerk ~ I really don't like the first one as the thought of the literal meaning is disgusting to me... but the second is not bad...

I am... often... a sociopath... I find that you described yourself somewhat in this way too...

If I am being damaged emotionally to an extreme extent (like if someone is breaking up with me, or someone just cheated on me... or someone just told me I should die or no longer exist --- all coming from those I care about), my emotions will shut down, and I will begin saying things that I mean, but in a stronger sense, more blunt sense.

All of the above examples really happened... I told my first love that she no longer deserved my time, and I ended our conversations until I healed... once due to her drug use, second to her cheating... there was no third (this are the significant break ups I mention.)

Then there was the various break ups on their part towards me... most did not matter, but some did, in which I smiled, not feeling a thing, sometimes never feeling at all ~

And lastly, my ex-girlfriends' sister of which I began to love like family ~ she told me she wished I would die, she wished I did not exist... I smiled, and said she was horrible for saying those things, I said she was ugly on the inside, that she did not deserve to look at me...

I made her cry many times due to what she had said to me... in a way this makes me a monster... in a way, this makes me a god.

[sighs deeply] I invented a religion, one I believe anyone who wants peace --towards-- (not on) Earth, and less discrimination in our lives would follow.

It follows the philosophy that we all come from the Earth, it is our true mother, and that any hand which hurts it, disrespects it, should fall back to it so they may be used to feed those less destructive, such as the soil.

You should see it too... Sicesca ~ most people call me crazy for making it up... so I ask them how their religion came about...

It's always started by men like me, only I am honest, I was not using drugs when I wrote what I did, I was not in a desert hallucinating when I wrote what I did... I did not base my entire faith off of my eyes, in a way, what I believe is barely a faith, it is more fact ~

So many people base their purpose on a higher power, something they have no proof of existing. I nearly bled to death in a church of God, no one was there to rescue me but my mother ~ Where is any proof valid enough to dedicate your life? To de-educate my life in such a manner, that is one of the few true sins.

I am bored of men believing strength of body equates out to universal dominance, I am bored of women saying "girl power" which only turns into girl disgrace when they put their might up to a mans...

Most have weakness of the mind which leads to inevitable failure of the body, of the spirit ~ I could never love a woman so small in heart... nor will I ever adore a man who feels women should tremble at his feet.

I am telling you all of this, Black Rose, as you want to know more about me... I may shine a new aura to you know, but I doubt it is an unwelcomed glow.

I mentioned before how people have called me a liar, I assure you, those people who name such names ~ they look into a mental reflection when they state such claims, for I'll lie upon nothing but the floor, and that day, is the day I die.

You inspire me with your wicked smile Rose, write me back ~ your words are anticipated.

Good bye Margaret.

- Gregory J.

Many critics of Greg throughout his YouTube career have accused Greg of showing symptoms of a sociopath.

In 2012, Greg met Taylor and quickly became engaged to her. In December of that year, a month after their marriage, Taylor received a message from someone linking her to a list of signs that you're dating a sociopath. She and Greg recorded themselves reading through the list and comparing the symptoms to Greg. They concluded he was not even close to being a sociopath.

Greg and Taylor's Symptom Analysis

During their video, Greg and Taylor read through the symptoms and compared them to Greg. This is Greg's own analysis of himself along with Taylor's analysis.

Red Flags Conclusion Comments
1. Having an oversized ego No They say Greg never blames Taylor for anything he did.
They are narcissists to the extreme No She says he is really insecure.
2. Lying No
Exhibiting manipulative behavior Yes Greg says everyone is manipulative.
3. Exhibiting a lack of empathy No
4. Showing a lack of remorse or shame No Taylor says he over apologies.
5. Staying eerily calm in scary or dangerous situations Yes They say Greg can't handle gore, but stays calm in scary situations.
6. Behaving irresponsibly or with extreme impulsivity No Greg says he's responsible with finance (despite previously saying the opposite while taking the Borderline Personality Disorder test) and does not lie.
7. Having few friends No Says he has a lot of work friends and few personal friends. He lists friends from his past: Jad, Michael and David.
8. Being charming--but only superfically No Greg says he is not charismatic because he is an asshole.
9. Living by the "pleasure principle" No Greg says he "does not live life in the fast lane".
10. Showing disregard for societal norms No Greg says even though there are laws he does not agree with, he still believes he had to follow them or you'll be "not a happy camper".
11. Having "intense" eyes No Taylor says Greg doesn't look at anyone he does not know.


Greg reading the definition of a psychopath
In the 2015 Speaks video "Is Onision A Psycho Child Molester? (+ Evil Hypocrite Idiot?)", Greg reads the definition of a psychopath and compares it to himself. He reads, "Psychopath: A person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent behavior." He says, in a way he does have abnormal social behavior, but he would describe it as aggressive. He says the word "violent" is too violent for him. ($ource)