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Page 3 of 2008 Blog. (August - December 2008)

May - July 2008


December 25, 2008

Our Christmas Bounty :)

We are so lucky to be able to receive gifts, and this year I was exceptionally fortunate. Thank you Mom for the gifts seen in this video. Thank you Anthrit for your donation! Anthrit’s Link: http://www.youtube.com/anthrit Thank you random anonymous person for the oven mit! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! :) Join the community at http://www.onision.com

Tags: our christmas bounty what did you get for xmas holiday gifts gift revealed reveal show off presents present cheer happy love family holidays happiest time of year

August - November 2008

[Possibly missing entries]


Onision Goobers 10

[Broken video]

Click to Play

Onision's bloopers, deleted scenes, and extra content for the last month :)

Visit Onision.com for more information.

Tags: onision goobers bloopers deleted scenes cuts cut clip clips comedy funny Onision oni sketch humor



Jessie's Political Attack Ad

[Broken video]

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Tired of every other commercial being more mud slinging making both canidates look like human garbage?


[barfs all over the place]

Visit http://www.onision.com anytime you're not barfing.

Tags: jessies political attack ad parody funny humor comedy sketch politics politician attacking other politicians hate commercials ads advertisements vote voting democrat republican barf



The Future is Yet To Come

[Broken video]

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A large portion pertains to speak of our future, Onision, the viewers and the world. While the rest of the video is what would be Onision QnA 13.

Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com

And again, thank you for watching.

Tags: the future is yet to come onision qna episode 13 ep thirteen questions and answers question n answer q&a w oni gregory ask me youtube youtuber you tube vlog



You Killed Halloween

[Broken video]

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There's no question, you killed Halloween. This holiday is going to need a serious Phoenix Down if you want it to come back next year... jerk.

Gangsters don't play at http://forums.onision.com

Tags: you killed halloween Halloween costumes post parties party haunted house hillbilly costume pregnant wife beating victim woman outfit evil holidays dont exist omg hello holiday



The End of The Beginning

[Broken video]

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There are significant changes coming about. Hopefully this video will both inform you of the future, and clarify my stance on a very important issue.

To keep in touch with me while I am away, please writ my inbox, comment below this video or join the forums at http://forums.onision.com

I'm very excited to see you all again when I am better off. The exact date is to be determined. Look for me again in November.

Tags: the end of the beginning youtube video evolution conscientious objector refuse to fight anti war protest peace love happiness joy activism freedom liberation from constriction torment and injustice live happy fade away content


October 17, 2008

Viva Con Korea

I live in Korea, I have for over a year. If you plan on coming here, or are interested in a quick low-down on the place, then this video will probably be refreshing to you.

Check out my site anytime: http://www.onision.com

Tags: viva con korea it lives with Korea korean life lifestyle culture country pros cons con i love hate visiting traveling vlog description education tutorial information south kor kore kora southern seoul suwon incheon

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October 16, 2008

Puke Flavored Pie

Ever hear or see something disgusting when you’re just about to take a bite of food? Kind of makes you want to barf… no?

Visit http://www.onision.com if you… dig this kind of thing.

Tags: Puke Flavored Pie chicken flavor succubus monster woman forcing man to eat his own vomit mmm now thats what i call regurgitated food because it is

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October 15, 2008

Onision QnA 12

Today a couple people asked questions which suggested that had no idea what I represent, and generally who I am… it’s a bit much to ask everyone to watch all of my videos, but for the sake of not looking out of place, please watch a few before you send any.

I kept their names secret so they would not face any… flak for their off-questions.

Regardless, I look forward to future questions. Post a video response, or send my account an email to ask your own.

Visit my web site at http://www.onision.com

Tags: qna question and answer questions n answers q&a with onision bio biography learn more youtube youtuber director video producer online movie maker

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October 14, 2008

How To Fold A T-Shit

Learn how to fold a T-Shit once and for all. Stop listening to everyone else, take your shit in your hands, and fold it the right way.

Don’t let a single shit lie mashed up inside your drawers ever again… unfolded. Straiten your shits out, and make sure your shits are tidy.

Check out my site at http://www.onision.com

Tags: how to fold a tshirt t shirt shit howto do it yourself diy tutorial for morons and people with a warped twisted sense of humor funny if you’re crazy offensive maybe

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October 13, 2008

YouTube Emotions

Hello… I Am Charlie.

It has been a while since I’ve spoken my thoughts to the world… the time has come, tonight is the night.

I want you to do something for me… it’s just a short list… so if you don’t mind.

Stop telling me which of my videos are not the best. I’m not interested in your negativity.

Stop writing me and complaining about your problems when you’re the problem. If you beat your girlfriend, and wonder why she treats you like a monster should be treated, seek a psychiatrist, not me.

Stop leaving comments saying “First Comment” or “Second Comment” — I honestly don’t care if you do that or not, but the reality is that anyone who does it gets tons of thumbs down… I’m trying to help.

Stop writing me telling me your my number one fan when I have no idea who you are, and days later I never hear from you again. If you say something, mean it.

Stop offering me donations to help buy costumes and fund other aspects of my videos and then fall through, again, I never hear from you again.

Stop sending me hate mail, posting racist comments, and then complain to everyone about how unfair I am for blocking you.

Stop telling me you like one of my videos, and then turn and tell me I suck. If made something you enjoy, then I may make something you enjoy again, if you insult me, you’re simply poisoning a flower… and this flower is having a hard time growing as it is considering you’re standing in it’s sunlight.

Stop acting like I am a leader of a religion. Stop acting like I am the messiah, I’m not interested in your religious desires. I despise most every aspect of religion, I will not be a part of your insanity.

Stop asking me how to become me… stop trying to become me. Stop acting like I’m better than you… stop praising me…

Stop rating my videos less than a four and acting like you’ve helped me.

Stop pretending, stop lying, stop throwing your problems on me, stop killing me with your thoughtless words…


I am not your puppet… I will tell you what I am… I will be who I want to be.

If you do not like me, and you don’t want to fix the problem… then go away…

I will be whatever I wish to be…

And today, I wish to be free from the shackles you have chained to every joint in my body…

Even if I am the most unpopular free man in the world… I will be free.

Visit my web site any time: http://www.onision.com

Tags: Emo Charlie vlog about youtube drama comments viewers fans celebrities community society relationships viewership subscribers conflicts

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October 12, 2008

As The Crotch Burns 2

Jimmy just caught his girlfriend Sally cheating on him with Tom, but what Jimmy doesn’t know is that Tom is not the only man Sally has been with behind Jimmy’s back.

Oh my, all you housewives in TV land get your popcorn ready, because this retardedly overly-dramatic emotional cesspool is waiting for you to devour with your succubus queen lifestyle. Ooh my indeed.

Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com if you dare! But be careful on your journey to our internet oasis, because dark creatures lurk in the interweb, and will consume you before you embark upon the adventure that is the Onision Forums.

Tags: soap opera drama show parody comedy humor sketch funny world turns days of our lives all my problems as the crotch burns sally gunderson jimmy tom brocon

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October 11, 2008


I am so sick of noise pollution! Jets flying over, kids hollaring non-stop outside, trucks driving by, some guy trying to sell apples with a megaphone, my kitty meowing and random other noises are blowing my mind!

It wouldn’t be a big deal if I wasn’t trying to make videos… but dang it I am! LEAVE MY EARS ALONE!

Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com

Tags: the noise must die kill off all pollution anti unpleasant sounds control soundwaves waves wave acquire silence revitalize ambient natural tones peanut butter frog fish bargh!

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October 10, 2008

You Gots Jokes

Post a video response or comment of your favorite joke. :) Please keep it PG-13 :D And happy.

I look forward to reading, and watching you tell your favorite jokes.

Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com

Tags: you gots jokes funny joke comedy humor bad jest jests clown comedies youtubers telling youtube tells a knee slapper post video response resposes with your favorite top jokez yo fo sho

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October 9, 2008

Onision Is FAKE!

You thought you knew Onision, you thought he was being honest with you all this time. But the truth is he’s a suicidal, cross-dressing, pill-popping psychopath!

I am Dylan, I uploaded this video to make sure you all knew who the real Onision was. He betrayed me, and now it’s time for some payback :) <— That’s my vengeance smile. It’s my favorite.

Discuss how fake Onision is at http://forums.onision.com

And if you don’t realize this is a joke by now… oh my.

Tags: onision is fake a loser close minded jerk face sucks the truth about gregory who he really is haters of dylan rivalry with Onision ONISION acting not real actor directors writers etc omg its so true that it isnt at all

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October 8, 2008

Onision Philosophy 5

I hope you have it in you to watch this from start to end. My hopes are it will change you for the better, that today will be a remarkable day for you, that today, you will see the world in a new light.

I want you to close your eyes, and imagine that everyone is a color… like crayons in a box. Then I want you to open your eyes and see how beautiful the colors are. Not everyone is the same color, but all the people who show their colors with good intent are equally vibrant and beautiful in their own way.

Now look in the mirror… are you a gorgeous yellow, a beautiful red… a pretty pink?

We are separated only by the line we draw in the sand…

I encourage you to liberate yourself from these superficial boundaries and see the world for what it is. See yourself for who you are…

No one can see your color shine if you hide it from the world.

Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com

Tags: onision philosophy 5 prejudiced hate discrimination homosexuality homosexuals gay rights homo heterosexual vs lesbianism lesbians bisexuals bisexual not by choice choose biological chemical brain chemistry born into inevitability alternative desire becoming reality

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[Missing entries]


How To Not Suck at YouTube

[Broken video]

Click to Play

Emo Charlie gives Steve instructions on how to un-Suck his video upload to YouTube.

In no way am I suggesting that I do not suck, nor am I suggesting I suck. In no way am I suggesting I am a ham sandwich, a volleyball instructor, a pirates fake leg or an expert on videos.

I'm just making a video, if you grow from it, wonderful... :)

Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com (my home on the web :)


Tags: How To Not Suck at YouTube how to not suck at YouTube make a good video better videos upload uploads get more subscribers by increasing quality of your picture sound ideas content update rates etc cuz emo charlie says so



Techno Suxizzle

[Broken video]

Click to Play

Vighkel offers a public apology for recommending anyone listen to techno.

Having listened to the supposed "Greatest Dance Songs of All Time" a cold and sad realization has come across us all. And that is... that Techno Suxizzle.

Please fix techno by making tunes that are not for crazy people thank you.

Discuss this video at: http://forums.onision.com

Tags: techno sucks sux suxizzle onision vighkel the viking vlog on dance rave music lame stupid repetitive tunes not entertaining very boring thus i am the newest hater on electro boyz yo fo sho



Leave Emo Kids Alone!

[Broken video]

Click to Play

Onision keeps picking on Emo Kids! Even though he is one, that's no excuse! We must stop Onision, he is a mean jerk!

Haters Unite Group yeah!

Visit http://www.onision.com to spy on his big jerk face plans to make fun of Emos.

Tags: leave emo kids alone stop making fun of the emos scene kid defending emotional boys and girls from onision making fun of them we are so heroes right now omg



Pedo (Hurt Parody)

[Broken video]

Click to Play

HTML clipboard

This is a parody video of Johnny Cash's rendition of Nine Inch Nails' song "Hurt" - The tune is based of the actual song, but is not exactly the same, and is unique to this video.

To download this track, please visit http://www.onision.com

The subject matter of this video is referring to Mr. Fitzgerald exclusively. Likeliness to any other celebrity is purely coincidental, and not intended.

Video protected under US CODE: Title 17107

Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com.

Tags: pedo pedophile song music video parody of hurt by Johnny Cash Trent Reznor nine inch nails nin comedy funny sense the humor or crunch your face


A Song

I felt it in my soul, When you tore my heart away A piece of me is rotting, I'm bleeding and dying.

You felt a pulsation, Your sliced me right through, You let me take your love for me, And I found it's untrue.

Running away Running away You take me away You take me away I'm fading away I'm fading away I'm pushing away I'm pushing away

And it feels so good, I'm leaking high pressure fluids, We live in a war torn world, Those immune become the druids.

This pain feels so fine, It feels so calm, Knowing it's over, The pain will be gone...

Running away Running away You take me away You take me away I'm fading away I'm fading away I'm pushing away I'm pushing away

Take me in my sleep, To a land far from here, Lets travel into space, Where emotions are clear.

You'll love me then... You'll hold me then, When it's just you, and me... And you and me...

Running away Running away You take me away You take me away I'm fading away I'm fading away I'm pushing away I'm pushing away

You made the mistake, My mistake was you... A random love selected by destiny, You became my whole reality... My whole reality...

So suck it all dry, Consume my whole world, Finish what's left of me, Spin me around till I die.

Because... Running away Running away You take me away You take me away I'm fading away I'm fading away I'm pushing away I'm pushing away

Thirty more seconds, Any last call, a hint, a piece, The truth to it all?

You ruined me, I ruined me, By finding you... We ruined me...

Because... Running away Running away You take me away You take me away I'm fading away I'm fading away I'm pushing away I'm pushing away


September 26, 2008

Post Your Icky Face

Show your regular face, and then post the most disturbing facial expression you can make. Today I realized that most people are what they make themselves. Beautiful people can look unattractive, and regular people can look beautiful all depending on what kind of vibe they send, what kind of expression they place on their face.

You are what you make yourself to a certain degree… take advantage of this.

If you like, you can discuss this further at http://forums.onision.com

Tags: post your icky face video response photos before and after picture photo pic pix ugliest facial expression prettiest ugly smile we are what make ourselves

September 25, 2008

Nutshot + 2x Goofy = Fun Time

Lets travel back in time and see the source of tard :) Boy was it fun… except for the part where I was smacked in the balls with a plastic pipe… Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com :) I’ll see you there.

Tags: nutshot smacked in the nuts kicked inthe balls testicles blue ball nut shot crazy clip clips clipshow pwnage sword fight onision history old classics classic source root onisan da screemin teridactal egyptian

September 24, 2008

PS3 vs 360 vs Wii - Console War

The one stop shop to find out the true importance behind the console wars. PlayStation 3 is awesome, the Xbox 360 can hold it’s own, and the Nintendo Wii can be so very fun, but which is better? Does it matter?

Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com

Tags: ps3 vs 360 wii console war nintendo playstation play station microsoft xbox x box gaming consoles gamers which is better the best future game station stations

September 23, 2008

Manwoman Lovers

Stud and Fred seek out a creature that has been violating the local dinosaur population. The Stud and Fred show, killing creatures mindlessly.

Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com

Tags: man woman lover stud and fred show king kong donkey money gorilla toy stop motion animation action figures figure stopmotion frame by frames comedy sketch parody funny spoof hardcore hunter violated by big angry ape needs to wear a diaper the rest of his life killing creatures mindlessly

September 22, 2008

How To Dance Sexy

For all mating rituals, one should refer to this simple, quick and efficient “How To Dance Sexy” guide. Discuss this video with other sexy people at http://forums.onision.com

Tags: how to dance sexy howto do it yourself diy ht tutorial dancing guide moves learn dancer groove grooves How To Dance getting served uber serve pwn pwnage booyaka boo

September 21, 2008

Lazy Dates: Sally

Dating video of Sally Gunderson, a promiscuous transvestite who wants a boyfriend through the Lazy Dates service. Discuss this video at http://forums.onision.com

Tags: lazy dates sally gunderson dating video date movie seeking a partner spouse wife husband on demand funny comedy socially retarded joke spoof parody sketch

September 20, 2008

QnA With Onision - Episode 10

Quite a few controversial/deep questions this time around thanks to my viewers. If you would like your question to be in an Onision video, I only take questions through video responses and emails to my YouTube Inbox, please write me there :)

Users in this video: emosswords, Hockeymanhero2, Pureownage1, iliketurtles6667, greg4all3, HwthrnHghtsGrl, fromTheHMCstudio, Megametalwolf, deemdre, RedDragonProductions, ONlSlON, Robby66242, Karafan0909, Atamagahen08, ShitBallsBanana, donniedarko85, Melirune, CCDDR, starz953, nicklasholm, mightytechnodeity

The questions asked in this video: - Do you believe anything about the world that you do not share with us? - What do you think about people who don’t care about a lot of things in the world” - Who do I think got to America first? Vikings or Native Americans? - Do you like being called Onision, or Greg? - Will Barrack Obama have any assassination attempts on him if he becomes president… - Are you happy being you? Or would you change something? - the photos on your my space account one showed you sitting in a chair with a guitar on your lap and a man standing behind you, who was the man ? - Do you like Irish people? - Do you think poetry helps release depression? - If something happens to you, does your wife have your password so she could make a vlog about saying what happened to you if anything happens to you? - Do you feel embarrassed and that you feel that you need to impress others when you dress? - What do you think is the SECRET of this world we humans call home? - How can I help the Onision Revolution? - If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? - Do you think physical discipline makes kids work harder? - If you had a chance to go back in time to high school knowing what you know now, would you do it? - How do you feel about celebrities coming up with outlandish names for their children? - How do you think time will effect the revolution? - What do you think about girls as young as 12 getting pregnant? - How do you think the world would be with out murder and crimes? - Do all your electronics have Euro adapters?

For more information on Onision, please visit: http://www.onision.com

Tags: qna with onision episode 10 youtube youtuber interacting with viewers questions and answers question answer Onision gregory forums discussion debate discussing world issues personal subjects on you tube

[Missing entries]

September 16, 2008

Are You A Whore?

Find out now if you’re a whore, but you already know… don’t you?

Discuss this video at: http://forums.onision.com

Tags: are you a whore quiz test slut prostitute promiscuous do don’t sleep around many men women sleeping around consumed obsessed immoral

[Missing entries]

August 17, 2008

Pedophile Confrontation

Post a video response telling pedophiles what they need to hear, tell them they are not welcome around your friends and family, tell them they are not welcome in your neighborhood, let them know what they are doing is wrong.

If we don’t make a stand, and tell them loud and clear that we are against what they do, they’ll continue to make excuses, they’ll continue to convince themselves that it’s ok to be who they are.

Society does not keep the message in the open enough that the behavior is unacceptable.

For the sake of our world’s children, if it saves even one child, we have done a wonderful thing.

Tags: pedophile confrontation video response to sexual predators predator pedophiles stop child abuse end sex with kids refuse do not give up change the world for the better anti criminal

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August 16, 2008

Insane Fan Posse

Onision fans unite to decimate all haters of Vighkel (the Viking) and friends. :D I hope this answers a few questions.

WARNING - this video does contain graphic scenes and very disturbing humor. If you’re into that kind of thing, awesome, if not RUN! AHHH!

In no way does Onision represent any company of any kind. This video should reflect upon no one but Onision. There are no sponsors, there are no associations. It’s just Onision.

Click the following link to start your own personal magic show: http://www.onision.com

Tags: insane fan posse fans gone wild hater slaughter onision odd dolls playing with doll figurines like a crappy version of robot chicken but worse fight homicide in crazy town

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August 16, 2008

Missing You, A Piece of Me

A song I sang this morning when thinking of a friend I have not spoken to in some time…

I originally wrote a poem, however I decided not to recite those words, and instead just sing the first words that came to my mind.

The song you hear in this video, is what I came up with.

You can of course comment below, or talk about this song on my forums at: http://forums.onision.com

Thank you for listening.




Feeling all alone… left inside a room. Wondering where you’ve gone… wondering to whom.

I’m losing myself… as I lose pieces of you. You’re taking away… and there’s nothing I can do.

A fleeting love for everything. A fleeting tear shall fall.

Robbing my mind from memories… taking me from it all.

I’m missing you every moment… I’m missing all the days. Wondering what I’ve lost… and the price I have to pay.

Call me… Write me your letter. Tell me sweet things… like how things will be better.

Call me… and tell me everything’s ok. Call me even if… you have nothing at all to say.

Tags: missing you a piece of me song and poem by onision to the sound of rain wind thunder in the background poetry calm sounds love of a friend music lost memories broken past

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August 15, 2008

YouTube Terms of Service Summary

I’ve read over the policy, and searched the web. Hopefully this can help you better understand YouTube’s Terms of Use (Service).

For anyone who has gotten their account suspended, deleted or had videos suspended or deleted, please try to work with YouTube. These are professionals we’re dealing with. I am very certain they have justification for their actions.

When uploading videos to the web, it is essential you do not use copyrighted materials. Automatically assume that any music, video or photos you use in your videos that you yourself did not make, are copyright.

The safest route to avoid any problems with YouTube is to always upload only content that you created yourself, avoid racism/real violence/general offensive content & for the sake of the world, try to make it constructive.

Visit my site anytime you like: http://www.onision.com

Tags: youtube terms of use summary service suspended account questions about you tube policy faq explanation paraphrase rules laws legal issues court cases sue sued problems video uploading guidelines banned barred ban

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August 14, 2008

Pedophile Trap

Those who are technically aiding pedophiles exposed themselves on one of my recent videos. Check out the feedback on “I’M SO PEDOPHILE” to see what I mean.

Regardless of what you have to say, we all know pedophilia is wrong. Children should be given a healthy, full childhood. No one should take away what innocence they have — they should never be betrayed when they rely on us the most.

Protect your children, protect each other, and stay smart.

Discuss this issue on the forums if you like: http://forums.onision.com

Tags: pedophile trap viking vlog onision anti pervert perversion rapists molesters molester its wrong we’re against child abuse and violations take your stand stay strong

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August 13, 2008

Onision Philosophy - Episode 5

Subjects: Alicia [...], 2008 Olympics, Teamwork & How to be a good coach.

When I watched the Olympics today, I witnessed a very cold and unsupportive team for the USA’s female gymnastics team. Alicia [...] screwed up on her routine, and her team failed to catch her fall. I am seeing it through the television screen, it is no where near as good as a first person perspective, however this is a universal problem, not just with the USA, but it’s worldwide.

We need to support one another. We need to be what we are, and stop acting like robots.

Tags: alicia [...] 2008 olympics united states usa beijing chine [...] onision philosophy how to howto be a good coach team work teams building morale love caring support

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[Possibly missing entries]

August 12, 2008


Music video about sexual predators on MySpace and around the web.

I’M SO PEDOPHILE is a song that is meant to discourage people from giving away person information through the internet to people you do not know already in person. Young or old, you can become a victim of a sexual predator, please be safe, and enjoy the video.

Visit my pedophile-free site: http://www.onision.com

Tags: im so pedophile myspace sexual predator song music video online internet pervert perverts registered sex offender pedofile pedafile anti perversion campaign prevent abuse onision

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August 11, 2008

World Has Skillz

Parody of “America’s Got Talent” which points out quite a few disturbing realities and of course completely humiliates Sally the transvestite once again.

Visit my web site if you dare: http://www.onision.com

Tags: americas got talent america’s world has skillz american idol simon paula randy talents show television sharon that british guy and the hoff

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August 10, 2008

Vlog - Paint Fumes & Brain Damage

I was painting today in a poorly ventilated area, with no mask… [sigh] I know smart? Well… my brain was temporarily (hopefully) effected by it, and I’ve decided I’m never painting without 100% protection in the future.

Please do not make the same mistake I did.

Discuss this on the forums at: http://forums.onision.com

Tags: paint fumes and brain damage vlog damaged nerves due to oil based water based strong thick concentrated permanent temporary effects inhaling inhalation smell smells

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August 9, 2008

Onision Bloopers - Episode 7

These bloopers contain clips from: I’M SO WHITE GANGSTER, Tastes Like Torture, Unsubscribe And Die, How To Be A Whore, & I’M SO NERDY

Visit my web site: http://www.onision.com anytime you feel the craving for some ORev ;)

Tags: onision bloopers comedy sketch humor funny show channel television movie credits roll best moments cant stop laughing could not hilarious

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August 8, 2008

Onision Art Contest

Whichever viewer creates and submits the best Onision art will receive $100. Please submit your art before September 8th, 2008.

Contest Rules

1. Artwork must have at least one Onision or Tantaga character in it.

2. Artwork must be original (you created it).

3. Artwork must be submitted as a video response, through email, or uploaded to the Onision forums.

4. No voting multiple times for your own art ;)

5. Entry must be submitted by September 8th, 2008

Visit the forums for more information: http://forums.onision.com

Tags: onision art contest artwork work graphic design image photo photography class contests creative visual arts character charlie the emo and his vlog

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August 7, 2008

Viking Vlog - Desperate for Flame

I was accused of putting videos on YouTube for the sake of fame… we shall call this “The great Viking adventure on a quest for the holy fame!”

:) Seriously though, really?

Visit http://www.onision.com to make me famous.

Tags: viking vlog desperate for flame trying to get famous on youtube fame through you tube u getting popular online web vlog videos video movie

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August 6, 2008


Music video for white gangster rappers all over the world.

I am Onision, I make fun of myself, and everyone else for the sake of entertainment and smiles. If you feel I have wronged you in any way, please write me and we’ll talk about it.

Visit my site anytime: http://www.onison.com

Song Lyrics


I’m So Gangster I’m So Rap I’m So Homie I’m So Crap

My mommy calls me buddy boy, My friends call me gangster gay, This world aint a playground So I don’t play.

I’m know to be a killa, I’m as cold as it gets, But when you point a gun at me, I tend to get the shits.

I’m so Gangsta Just like Vanilla Ice I’m a white boy rapper, I’m the antithesis of nice.

Let me freestyle for you, Diggity biggity bog frog, Did you see my skills, Skigitty friggity chicken pox.

I grew up in the ghetto, So you know I’m not a gangster reject, One time I held up a laundry machine, Sometimes I call people collect.

I got a woman in every room of my house, Not all of them are imported brides, I’m so gangster that I get pulled over on the highway, Just because the cops are jealous of my ride.

I’m So Gangster I’m Gangster as Shit I didn’t graduate middle school, But I aint not no idiot.

I never went to college, I don’t have a GED, Some people call me cancer, But I think I’m a gift to society.

See I’m a productive person, I sell drugs to people of all types, If you got money I have your poison, But honestly most my customers ride bikes.

I’m So Gangster I’m So Homie I spit rhymes like they be nothin… Let me rap my rhyme cuz I’m runnin out of… uh… pine… cone.

Yo homie gangster Mc Muffin, Let me slap that bottom, And get to butt stuffin,

Oh damn are you a dude? Oh bro I didn’t mean to be rude, Please put down the gun Bro… Oh my god, FETAL POSITION!

I’m so gangster, Gangster as cows milk, I’m so homie, Homie as goat shit.

I’m so intelligent, What’d you say? That’s not how I pronounce it? I’ll cap you for mocking MAY.

I like to say YEAH! YEAH After every single lyric, YEAH

I don’t really agree with everything, Uh Huh. It’s just I have nothing better to say. YEAH!

I’m living on welfare, The only protection I use is my piece, I’m like a plunger and women are my toilettes, When you put me in, nothing but shit comes out.

I’m a white freaking rapper, I’m a white freaking drug dealer, I’ll cap you if you insult me, Because I’m not intelligent enough to beat you mentally.

I don’t need school cuz I’m gangster, I don’t need condoms cuz I’m gangster, I don’t need a job cuz I’m gangster, I’m mindless and violent cuz I’m so gangster.

I’m so gangster I’m gangster gay If you don’t think I’m gangster than… You’re right.

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August 5, 2008

QnA With Onision - Episode 7

I have accepted one question from each viewer who submitted a list of questions. I hope you enjoy them.

The users that submitted today are:

Reketsu cida333 rofferjak banquetANDbryon cintanix roxas64 PaulPhoenix22 Richard466 MikesAtomicDustbin dancehallreject Jochem110 Cory9090 mansondevil33 RobbieGotts jameson727 Blaireausaphyr XxPlanetaryRebelxX

Please bookmark my web site: http://www.onision.com

And download the background music at: http://www.soundclick.com/onision

Thank you for watching.

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August 4, 2008

Onision Philosophy - Episode 4

Abortion is the topic of the day. Whether your pro-life or pro-choice, republican or democrat, I hope you give this perspective a listen.

If you do not agree with what I have to say, I appreciate you putting our differences aside, and not letting it ruin our overall positive relationship.

Thank you all for the amazing support, I truly appreciate it.

Visit my site anytime: http://www.onision.com

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August 3, 2008

Tastes Like Torture

Ricky Tulsa has made up his mind… his next victim is revealed. A great battle between the surreal and sanity is about to be fought on one channel - The Onision Revolution.

Rick Tulsa was originally introduced in a failed Psychic book sales commercial. Since that time he has killed his sister, attempted to kill his mother, gotten in a fight with Zogtar and lost, and visited a shrink only to kill a Piñata.

Ricky Tulsa has completely lost his mind, and no longer roams the earth in the same realm as the rest of us do.

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August 2, 2008

Unsubscribe and Die

Congrats! You’ve been pre-approved to unsubscribe! Once you are an official unsubscriber you will receive one free complimetary video, but just in case you don’t want to unsubscribe, and just want to see the video now… we have it here for you!

It’s super secret, so only tell everyone else about it if you’re like a total gossip whore OMG!

Visit my site: http://www.onision.com whenever you’re done sending this video to a billion people ;)

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August 1, 2008

Onision Philosophy - Episode 3

Today’s Subjects: The afterlife, portals to heaven/beyond. The light ghosts walk into, helping others through the Ouija board, pendulums, energy detectors or other forms of communication devices.

Discuss this topic at: http://forums.onision.com

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