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Onision Philosophy - Episode 2

July 30, 2008 by onision

Why do aliens not invade? With such a large universe, why have no aliens communicated with us? The answers are clear, it’s time we face them.

My web site is: http://www.onision.com

Tags: onision philosophy episode 2 aliens alien ufo ufos abduction space travel superior beings lifeforms supernatural violence war visitors from another planet

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Onision Philosophy - Episode 1

July 30, 2008 by onision

I have much discomfort for the world we live in. The planet is so beautiful itself, and yet the people on it fight one another which ruins the world’s beauty.

It is time we stop fighting. Even if it means those who refuse to fight have to suffer, than so be it. You will never end violence by showing violence for others.

This is not just your life we’re talking about, it’s you’re soul.

My web site is: http://www.onision.com

Tags: onision philosophy episode 1 perspective on the world class education activists activism anti violence campaign revolution great change in the world

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July 30, 2008

The Future in Question

Someone from my work saw my most recent video "I'M SO DEATH MACHINE" --- they did exactly what I expected them to. They forwarded my video to the biggest boss there is at my work.

Either I'm going to jail, or I'm going to be fired soon, it has come to that.

When I made the video, I was very careful to not violate any significant rules - I did not state who I worked for, I did not state I was representing them, there was no indication of what specific section of the organization I belonged to --- in general, people don't even know what I do for a living, which is exactly what I'm supposed to insure.

I keep wondering when my work is going to realize that I am doing more damage than I am good, they've released everyone who screwed up at work already, but when I request removal with no screw-ups whatsoever, and do so based on religious and moral obligation --- they instead torture me with meaningless tasks, and give me a paycheck I don't need to somehow make me feel better about it all.

I'm still cleaning the devils' feet while he kills hundreds every day, yes, I'm not doing it myself, but certainly am helping.

They just don't get it.

Regardless, like I said, if I disappear, than you know why, it means I'm in some prison in South Korea.

Someone made the attack on me, bringing in mention of my wife... it disgusts me.

I hope anyone who reads this will raise hell if I do disappear... I would hate to let the revolution die because of my absence. I would hate to be away from my family because I stood up for what I believed in.

And yet I still regret nothing, because I have done everything I could to ensure that my faith, my morals and integrity are not put into question. I've done what I thought was best, regardless of the mindless punishment that is to be placed on my head.


Soscla Rox!

[Missing media]

She was the winner of one of my contests, and oh my did she deserve it.

Such an outstanding video that she made... probably the best fan video I've ever seen ;)

Thank you Soscla!

Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2r5xrU-emI



July 29, 2008 by onision

A anti-war song about the military and death. Anything said negative is not directed at any country, but more specifically the governments and armies of countries.

Please refrain from flaming this video, whatever you have to say about me, you likely do not have the information one would need in order to pass the judgment you have in your mind.

I hope this opens some eyes, and closes no positive doors.

I wish the best for the world, and yet I am not willing to condone any kind of violence. This is just my stand, and is non-negotiable.




Let me stand of strait for you. Let me represent. Let me pretend I respect you, But first let me vent.

Don’t be scared of the facts, You fear me making the call, You’re afraid the truths I tell, You wish I would just go AWOL.

I’m So Death Machine I’m So Heroic I’m So Military I’m So Prehistoric

Let me tell you a story about a boy, He grew up believing in freedom & choice, Yet when he joined the military, They took his freedom & silenced his voice.

He said he was against every form of killing, In Korea he found the world was gray, He told your he found his morals & religion, And yet you’ve ignored him even to this day.

Let me tell them what you did in the desert, Let me tell them about the families you’ve killed, War is so patriotic, and you’re heroes, But if it was your family I’m sure you wouldn’t be so thrilled.

Is this the house of the enemy? I don’t know. Screw it, lets raid it anyway. Lets kill everyone inside, and call ourselves patriots, The government will cover us the whole way.

It’s all fine and dandy, As long as johnny boy comes back, But johnny is now a murderer, Your real son died in Iraq.

Welcome to the world we live in, Where boys grow to be wicked and cruel, We are just more demons of the desert, And yet we have the whole country fooled.

I’m not going to stand by and comply sir, I’m not going to let you turn me into a killer sir, You know I’m the only person in the military with integrity, Because I’m the only one who refuses to murder mindlessly… sir.

BUT YOU SIGNED THE DOTTED LINE I signed believing a lie, now I’ve found my destiny, BUT WE’LL PUT YOU IN JAIL IF YOU SAY NO I understand that well, and your prison is next to liberty.

I won’t kill women and children like you have, Everyone has friends and family, How would you feel if I killed your family? I see… Ignorance is your only reality.

They say we’re imprisoned and obligated, They say we’ll go to jail, and they’ll throw away the key, But I’d rather be in jail than contributing to their war, I’d rather have a pure soul, over being a tool of liberty.

Judge me as if you know me, Speak of me as a coward and a traitor, Defend murder, war, atrocities in your countries name. Because your a true patriot for promoting needless slaughter.

You act as if your country is the only one that’s free, Yet we’re the only one in full fledged war, You think this is all ok because it’s someone else’s life, What if it was your family that was killed? What if the soldiers chose to kick down your door.

Tags: im so death machine song music military anti war death killing army air force united states politics navy usa usaf usarmy commercial

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July 28, 2008 by onision

This video will explain the basics of what you need to know if I am ever away for a long period of time.

You can also check the forums at http://forums.onision.com if I am ever away as well.

This will apply till there is an update.

The main message I want you to get from this video is that if I feel my religious or maralistic beliefs are being stepped on, I will not stand by and let it happen. I will do what I think is right, and sometimes doing what is right, means you may get burned…

In the long run, I am doing what I will never look back on and regret, so if I do have an absence like that, please stay tuned, I will do what I can to get back to you.

Today I had a bit of a scare, and I worried my viewers would not know what happened to me if I ever did get in trouble for following my integrity — this aspect of integrity was standing up for myself.

I just can’t lay down and be trampled when I am told to…

The only reason I have complied so far with the people I believe to be so morally corupt is because I want a future, I don’t want them to have a reason to control my whole life.

I’m doing everything I can to follow my dreams, and yet my work keeps destroying those dreams. And then they laugh at my morals and religion.

In this video you will notice I am splitting into two people… it is true, I am losing pieces of myself due to my life being consumed by an organization of death.

No matter how simple my job is, I am still a member, and I can only tolerate this for so long.

I will do nothing to hurt others, it is against my beliefs, but that does not mean I cannot make a stand.

Thank you for watching.

Tags: use in emergencies if onision is ever away where where’s why has not posted a video did he go i miss come back soon law legal

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How To Be A Whore

July 27, 2008 by onision

Not sure whether or not you or someone you know is a whore? After finishing this video, you may be certain!

Make sure you send this video to all your friends, so they too can find out too, IF THEY ARE A WHORE!

Visit my site anytime: http://www.onision.com

Tags: how to be a whore howto do it yourself diy quiz hooker slut am i a is my friend an girl dirty woman paid for sex whores hookers and sluts oh my

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QnA With Onision - Episode 6

July 27, 2008 by onision

Find out everything you need to know about Onision, and post your own video response asking more :)

Visit my web site: http://www.onision.com

Tags: qna with onision episode 6 post a video response ask any question questions and answers youtube celebrity rock in roll booger man

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July 26, 2008 by onision

[Broken embedded video]

Click to Play

A music video inspired by our lovely hater friends all over the intertube. Visit my site anytime: http://www.onision.com

I’m So Hater Everything About You Everything You Ever Do I Hate You

So you posted a video You very first vlog, I call you a faggot, Go lick a fucking frog.

You’re 12 years old, You’re hearts in jeopardy, You expect a compliment, You wanna be a celebrity.

But you’re a fucking fag… You’re so fucking gay. I hope you fucking die… Now let me hide behind my user name.

Shit balls banana. I wanna watch you die, Never upload videos again, Why’d you fucking block me?

Faggot maggot fuck sauce, What is the cost of my words, A taco served with shit salsa, Oh my god are you fucking crying?

Welcome to YouTube I hope you hate your time, I ruin the web with my bullshit, People lose faith before even trying.

Epic Fail You wasted my life! I want my 3 minutes back! I could have been beating my wife!

OH MY GOD… OH MY GOD… That was so gay… That was so lame…

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD You stuttered at 3:45 So you should kill yourself.

Sorry about the one star, The rating of death, You suck universally, As if I read your biography.

I don’t make movies myself, I just shit on other peoples parade, I can’t do this shit myself, So I put people down to detract from my own shame.

Stop wasting my time, Like I’ve wasted my whole life! I got online priorities, I threaten kids and I’m in my forties.

I watched your all your videos, I didn’t laugh ever, Oh wait the volumes off… OMG Onision I’m you’re #1 fan forever!


Is my comment unique Onision? Did you get this one a thousand times!? Should I say EPIC FAIL like the others did!? As if I had something unique to say!?

But serious Onision, will you mention me in your next video? I just uploaded a video I stole from FOX, I hope I get subscribers… I put my user name in the corner so you know it’s mine. Oh and, you suck.

Tags: im so hater music video by onision sony hate spam spammer negative commenters comments comment rude jerk jerks mean people crab peoples

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Mother’s Padded Cell

July 25, 2008 by onision

I’ve been deprived of uploading videos for five days now… I was taken from my cameras, my internet… I’m back now… but I wonder if I am the same as when I left… this video should help you decide.

Visit my site: http://www.onision.com

Tags: mothers padded cell split personality personalities mother ghost villain joker monster maniac psycho crazy ranting babbles madness for i am batman

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Tranny Phone Sex

July 20, 2008 by onision

Leo the psychic gets a phone call from a tranny who is promoting 1-800-SAD-PEOPLE a phone sex company she works for.

Call 1-800-SAD-PEOPLE now to get sadly disappointed by the quality of customer service!

Visit my web site anytime http://www.onision.com

Tags: tranny phone sex conversation recorded caught on the telephone with sally gunderson and leo the psychic who really can read minds no matter how many times it’s proven that he can’t manbearpig is real!

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QnA With Onision - Episode 5

July 20, 2008 by onision

I have some more answers for your latest questions, if you would like to ask a question, please write my inbox, and if it has not already been asked, I will seriously consider your question for answering.

The list of questions for today:


1. Why do you hate emo’s?

2. Are there any other groups that you hate?

3. You seem to not like your job, why did you take it in the first place?

4. Do you drink alcohol? (if no) even at weddings or thanksgiving dinner?


1. What PC games do you play?


1. Doesnt it take a lot of time to reply to all the comments and take a lot of time

2. Do you have to keep going back to old videos to reply.


1. If some day you become a famous comedian would you continue to post videos on YouTube?


1. If I for some reason I passed you in the street and asked for a hug because I love your videos, would you give me a hug?

2. Were you bullied at school and did you help out other kids that where getting bullied?

3. What is your job? Do you only make awesome videos all day long for us (your fans) to watch?


1. If you could find out how and when you are going to die would you want to?

2. Would you ever be able to kill another person (in the right situation eg, war, REVENGE)?

3. Do you have any regrets?

4. Would you never make a movie again (in your entire existence) for 5 million pounds?

5. Would you ever have cosmetic surgery, if so were?

6. If you could find out the truth behind one thing what would it be?

7. Do you have milk on your cereal?

8. Have you ever had food poisoning?

9. Whats your least favorite piece of technology?

10. Would you shoot a child to save your wife from dying of an incurable disease?


1. Do you ever find yourself acting or behaving like any of your characters when you’re not trying to?

Visit my web site anytime: http://www.onision.com

Tags: qna with onision episode five july 20 2008 revolution subscribers ask questions oni answers enjoy your potato :)

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How To Cheer Up an Emo Kid

July 19, 2008 by onision

Having troubles with your little emo kid? Take these simple steps to making your emo happier, and more bearable for everyone.

Note: This video is meant for entertainment, it is not actually intended for implementation. Do not try this at home.

Visit my site anytime: http://www.onision.com

Random info - When I was a kid, my father used to force me to get haircuts, I refused, but one time he tricked me into getting a haircut by agreeing to only an inch off, then he told her to cut more off when she was already cutting. I told her not to, and made a big scene about it. I was so angry about it because I’ve always loved having long hair.

Tags: how to cheer up an emo kid howto emos kids make happy diy do it yourself simple steps child childhood depression sad sadness children of the corn are coming for you

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Vlog - Freedom of Censorship

July 19, 2008 by onision

Many viewers are complaining that I am a censor buff, they’re so mad that I won’t let them talk, that they post on other people’s videos complaining about how I won’t give them a chance to chew me out publicly.

Well here’s the fix all solution — I’ve enabled everyone to comment freely on all of my higher-rated videos, I may enable all of it soon. The reason I did this is because I can no longer manage the comments the way I used to. So now, for the sake of not wasting people’s time with never having their comment seen, I’ve enabled it.

Yes, the viewers do have a say, and yes I do listen.

Visit my web site anytime: http://www.onision.com

Tags: freedom of censorship speech vlog censor comments onision haters anti censors all his american rights right feedback ranting filter filters system

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FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2008

Vlog - Onision Featured on YouTube's Main Page

[Broken video]

Click to Play

What a surreal moment it was waking up at 5am, logging onto my YouTube account as I do every morning, and having to rub my eyes and blink repeatedly just to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

I was featured this morning... I've gotten a ridiculous amount of hits, tons of comments, and very rosey cheeks...

Anyway, here is the skeleton of what is said in this video (I wrote a general idea of what I wanted to say, then I went ahead and said something loosely based on it)

Good news

1. I was featured on the main page of YouTube.

2. I found out that I am very likely going to be fired from my job in a few weeks which means I'm going to dedicate a significant amount of my time to my videos, which is where you'll see the Onision Revolution really begin.

3. I have plans to do a massive character profiling on Onision characters coming up on Onision.com

Bad News

1. For five days I will be completely enable to post videos as I will not be home... at all. I won't be able to see my wife for five days, I won't be able to use the internet for five days, I won't have a camera for five days. This is something that is out of my control, and is depressing to me considering I've posted a video every day for a while now, and I will feel like something is missing in my life while I'm away.

A few of my friends and subscribers have been suggesting that I am going to change now that I have been featured. No, this is very wrong. I plan to maintain my personality until I die. I know where I came from, and honestly, I'm still not where I want to be, I have a lot of growth to do still, and I'm taking my true friends with me.

You can still email me anytime, I'll still post on the forums, I'll still reply to comments, and I'll still act like a human being, and not some self-loving maniac like you may see elseware.

The Onision Revolution is not just me, it is everyone who supports me, and the future of Onision.

Thank you for being so wonderful thus far. I'm having fun, lets keep it up.

Visit my site any time: http://forums.onision.com

Tags: vlog onision featured on youtube's main page im so gamer music video gaming category july 18 2008



Onision Bloopers - Episode 6

[Broken video]

Click to Play

This episode takes you to "How to Circumcise a Baby From Home" and "Doctor Bad News" two recent episodes that had many people laughing, and not so many screaming angrily.

Visit my site any time your heart desires: http://www.onision.com

Tags: onision bloopers episode 6 how to circumcise a baby from home doctor bad news doctor Allen im so doctor



Viking Vlog - Idea Stealer

[Broken video]

Click to Play

Onision has been accused of stealing ideas, go figure, it was bound to happen with me making a video every day.

Regardless, everyone sending me any ideas need to cease their actions - When I want to make a video that the fans suggest, I go to the forums. Me doing such things has been quite a success in the past, which is why everyone is a part of the O.R. not just me --- but you must do so through the forums from now on, I'm tired of people who are not even members accusing me of using their ideas when I sincerely did not. Especially if they failed to get an email that confirmed I was going to use their idea.

Regardless, to join the forums, go to: http://forums.onision.com

Please write me about other things via my inbox whenever you want to talk :) Thank you!

Tags: idea stealer stealing ideas youtuber youtubers steal take pool no inspiration need for videos movies video movie onision viking vlog


TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2008


[Broken video]

Click to Play

Music video tribute to video gamers all around the world. Regardless of your console, this video is for you.

Download this original song at http://www.onision.com



I'm So Gamer I'm So TV I like Pac Man Poke'Mon

I'm so Tetris I'm so Smallville Super Mario Supernatural

Dawson's Creek was lame. Metal Gear is fly. Will you play me Digimon? I'm a gamer till I die.

Power Rangers in Space Put a smile on my face No one will take it's place VR Troopers are a disgrace.

Sit back and watch the master I beat Grand Theft Auto 4 five zillion times. Screw having a real life, or friends. The TV has completely consumed my mind.

Resident Evil

Silent Hill

Ape Escape

Ooh what a thrill.

Ooh what a thrill.

Welcome to my world, Sit with me on my sofa, I got a bucket for pooping, So I don't miss a second of opera.

People lie about TV, They say it's bad for you too. My eyes are not that bad, Marco... where are you? ...Polo?

Final Fantasy 7 has no competition, The fans demand a remake, but Square won't listen, Metal Gear Solid 4 was the final edition, Hideo Kojima decided to make it Snake's final mission.

No one can contest me, In SmackDown I'll teach your ass a lesson, Play me online, my true friends are there, Gamers have no rage, gaming consumes any aggression.

First Person Shooters are a gift to humanity, They complete our fantasy, soothe our reality. Killings ok when it's just a game, Screw you Jack, Your philosophy is insane.

Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, Robot Chicken, Venture Bros, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, The Getbackers, Devil May Cry, Soul Caliber, Tekken, The Darkness, Dynasty Warriors, Metal Gear... Metal Gear... Metal Gear.

Tags: im so gamer onision music video original song download mp3 file games ps3 playstation console sony fanboy fan boy gaming addiction play station psx


MONDAY, JULY 14, 2008

Emo Vlog - Thou Shalt Not Kill

[Broken video]

Click to Play

For anyone who ever questioned killing, war or violence in general. Emo Vlog is a one stop solution to ease most minds from their daily inquiries.

10 Reasons Not To Kill in War

- You may die, so many people desire to feel what it is like to kill someone else, believe it or not, I know they do. Yet what these people do not want to feel, is their soul leaving their body... witnessing their intestines in their hands, legs gone, arms torn, eyes bleeding. You want to kill, but you sure don't want to die, and the enemy feels the same way.

- The enemy is your brother, your friend and comrade - You just don't know it, because you've never met them. There is no conversation before you shoot someone, you have no idea who they are, if they are a nice person, or dark mind.

- They are you - They are fighting for what they believe in, just like you. They fight for their friends, their family, their religion, everything they were brought up to believe in. If you were placed in their exact situation, the chances of you ending up behind a weapon, against the current force your on, is likely. You're killing yourself.

- The young primarily kill - there is a reason young people kill, and old people don't. Many elderly have learned what I am trying to teach you now, there is no point to war, anger, killing... priorities in your life change when you realize how important love is.

- You are the villain - If you were watching a TV show about the enemy, you would be able to sympathize with them. You would see where they grew up, the friends they played with... the people they dated, fell in love with. And then you would see you, shooting and killing them. If you saw that movie, you would hate yourself, but you've never thought about this, have you?

- Family - When you die, your pain is over, and your family's suffering only begins. When people who truly love someone lose a dear friend, brother, sister, son, daughter... it is not rare that those associated think of suicide, sometimes they actually do kill themselves. So now you have not just died, you've killed your family members by dying. The same goes for the enemy, those that love your enemy risk dying as well, they risk suffering as well.

- Corrupted Soul - Whatever form of afterlife you believe in, you will face what you have done when you die. Whether it be years after you kill someone and they greet you when your soul leaves its body, or whether it be when you're trying to get into whatever form of heaven you have and they look at the wrongs you have committed in your life. No the circumstances, the blood is on your hands.

- Nightmares - Once you've killed that person, the memory will be imprented on your mind until you die. You will never forget them. Nightmares, hauntings, stress & alteration of your core personality are common after taking someone elses life, save your life now, suffer years until you die. Die now, suffer only for a moment. Self defense is over-rated.

- Black & White Lies - The world is not black and white, wherever you go there are all kinds of people. Just because you grow up in an oppressive society does not mean you are incapable of being an individual. There is no true evil, everyone sane is capable of reason.

- You're Oblivious - You don't know what that person could have accomplished if you had not killed them, you do not know what life they lived, you don't know why they're there. Even if they're shooting at you, you are oblivious of the consequences of your actions. All people are capable of change, you have no idea who they were, or who they could be. All you know is that they are shooting.

You play judge and executioner, you act like your life is more valuable than those who face the muzzle of your weapon. You believe you, and those who are members of your country are truly good, and they are truly evil, but what you don't realize is that they are fighting for the same ignorant reasons you are, and that the people you're fighting for can be just as bad, if not worse than those you are fighting.

Whether you live a million more lives like this one depends on what decisions you make now, you are what you make yourself to be. It is better to die innocent now, than to die a murderer many years from now.

Visit my web site at: http://www.onision.com

Tags: emo vlog thou shalt not kill 10 reasons not to murder in war conscientious objector religious belief against killing murderer anti conflict protest protester reasons it is wrong enemy ally enemies allies battle civil revolutionary world weapons death destruction mayhem crimes atrocities genocide


SUNDAY, JULY 13, 2008

How To Make Nerd Techno For Silly Ninnies

[Broken video]]

Click to Play

Quak the British Nerd is here to teach you Techno in FOUR STEPS ONLY!

Enjoy these sweet beats until your eyes melt out, yes. Then enjoy them some more.

Visit http://www.onision.com if you desire a good browsing and thank you for watching.

Tags: how to make nerd techno for silly ninnies music electronic compose write howto diy do it yourself song songs musician composer beats beat tunes tune



Doctor Bad News

[Broken video]

Click to Play

Doctor Allen has a 99% failure rate when it comes to surgery, today is no different. Watch Dr. Allen as he tells the family members the bad news thanks to his severe malpractice issues.

Visit my web site anytime: http://www.onision.com

Thanks for watching.

Tags: doctor bad news malpractice dr tells family members horrible death in surgery female baby dies due to circumcision member dead


Viking Vlog - 2012

Will the world end in 2012? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The Viking will tell you exactly why it won’t end. In addition to this there is also the YouTube Haters to talk about, and the Boyscout Disaster that happened in IOWA today :(

Visit my site: http://www.onision.com

Visit my forums: http://forums.onision.com

Tags: 2012 two thousand and tweleve the world ends end iowa disaster tornado june 12 2008 boyscout eagle scout hit by horrible storm oh my god its the fastest tree in the world

FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2008

Vlog - "Onision is Racist"

[Broken video]

Click to Play

I have been told that I am racist due to the video I posted yesterday. I feel it is time I expose my true stance on Racism so there are no further misconceptions of what kind of character I have.

I start this video out explaining why I had a focus on circumcision as of late, and again, I describe briefly why I am against it.

Visit my web site anytime: http://www.onision.com

Thank you for watching.

Tags: vlog onision is racist people racism in america americans are american i have no hatred for jew jewish jews skin color voice speak out activism activist "activise"


[Missing entries]

SUNDAY, JULY 6, 2008

How To Dress Like A Serial Killer

[Broken video]

Click to Play

We took a random person of the street and turned them into an extremely creepy serial killer.

If you're looking to obtain the appearance of a cold hearted murderer this is your one stop guide on how to look like a top notch serial killer.

Visit my web site at http://www.onision.com

Tags: how to dress like a serial killer howto diy do it yourself look be fashion makeover from scene kid to mean murderer criminal crook jail berg



QnA With Onision - Episode 4

[Broken video]

Click to Play

This episode may upset you, but I'm thinking about seriously filtering the questions I get because OMG! It sometimes seem's the people asking the questions have never seen my videos before.

Visit my web site: http://www.onision.com --- how did I come up with that name? Magic.

Tags: qna questions and answers episode four 4 onision is really a jerk and has been hiding it all this time


Viking Vlog - Sampson's Hair

[Broken video]

Click to Play

Todays topics are (1) My hair is as precious to me as Sampson's hair was to him (2) The YouTube haters who hate on multiple videos, not just one (3) The YouTubers who like to write me about how I offended them, and how all their friends are mad at me for offending them.

This was a very intense vlog to make, but I'm happy I made it because it says a lot of things I needed to get out.

Visit my web site at: http://www.onision.com

Check this out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/onision

Thanks for watching!

Tags: viking vlog dont cut my hair short haircuts are gay lame stupid ugly people with my hairstyle are jerks and thats the bottom line so eat a nacho


FRIDAY, JULY 4, 2008

Impersonation Contest

[Broken video]

Click to Play

Are you good at doing impressions of people? GOOD! Why not give an Onision character a try?

You could win an autographed photo, your name posted in one of my videos, and some of my used crap if you do the best impersonation in the most interesting/funny way.

So make a video response today! Every video response that is an actual contest entry will be viewed and commented on by Onision.

All your efforts are appreciated! Thank you for being part of the ONISION REVOLUTION!

Visit the web site at: http://www.onision.com and by all means, if you want to be a bigger part of the Onision world, join the forums! http://forums.onision.com

Tags: impersonation contest impression actor acting competition impersonator mimic impressionist onision revolution character actors spy sentinel 007 has nothing on me yo



Piñata Massacre

[Broken image]

Click to Play

You've never seen a piñata massacre quite like this one. Hollow cardboard creatures are torn to pieces, ripped limb from limb in the worst ways possible... or... actually... in the ONLY WAY POSSIBLE.

Visit my web site at: http://www.onision.com and I will reward you with one free viewing of... my web site.

Tags: piñata massacre ricky tulsa onision tantaga comedy sketch pinyata penyata from hell birthday gift nightmares disturbing drama tv



I'M SO GOTH - Music Video

[Broken video]

Click to Play

Music video about Gothic people all over the world. Video analyzes the psyche of your every-day goth, and exposes them for what they are.

Turn to the dark side, and find yourself wrapped in it's cold embrace.

Visit my web site: http://www.onision.com

Tags: im so goth music video gothic medieval evil vampire dark embrace scary vampire desires craving blood emo scene jock punk original song by onision omg feel the fear


MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2008


[Broken video]

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You hear about it in the news, you've known about it for years, now I'm letting you know about a new problem: Human Monster Syndrome or you could just call YOU syndrome!

Visit my web site: http://www.onision.com and did I mention my web site? OMG.

Tags: emo vlog stop animal testing tests on animals makeup companies chemical test for human safety its the corporations because they're all corporationy


SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2008


[Broken video]

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Robots having sex in many different positions to techno music.

If you haven't seen robots have sex before, you haven't seen robots have sex before.

Visit my web site at http://www.onision.com

Tags: robot sex robots having sexual intercourse machine pornography mecha porno full metal porn box people nude ronchy mech bot thrusting :)


QnA With Onision - Episode 3

[Broken video]

Click to Play

Todays questions are from: tiakk22, Merimi, marksforce2, atamagahen08, DramaQueenUno, Remnantx6, ZombieChrist & KingdomHeartsFan63

Not all the questions were answered as some were repeats of previous episodes.

tiakk22 1. When you leave the house (not for work) where is your favorite place to go in Korea? 2. When you leave the job you have and come back to the states what carreer do you plan on going for? 3. Do you have a favorite mythical creature? 4. Do you like Harry Potter? Why?

Merimi - What game systems do you have. - What is your favorite movie? - What TV show would you choose out of these two; The Simpsons or Family Guy? - What did you eat in your video My Husband: The reptilian alien? (It was supposed to be shit from the toilet i think XD)

MarksForce2 - what is the average time on how ling it takes u to come up whith an idea for an im so video and to wright the lyrics? - what is your current ammount of subscribers that u have now?

Atamagahen08 - How long have you been married? - Who is your favorite character played by you? - What is your favorite color?

DramaQueenUno - Who inspires you the most? - Who/Whom would you say are your biggest fans?? - Whats your favorite food??? - Where do you get your ideas???? - What is the one thing you can't live without????

Remnantx6 - The world is going to end in approximately 2 hours. - How would you spend your last 2 hours alive, and why?

ZomBChrist 1: If you could have any type of super power what would it be and why? 2: Whos your favorite super hero? 3: If you could be doing anything else right now what would it be? 4: Zombie outbreak or Alien invasion?

KingdomHeartsFan63 1. If Onision was not your name what would it be? 2. If you could have any super power you want. What would it be?

Tags: tiakk22 Merimi marksforce2, atamagahen08 DramaQueenUno Remnantx6 ZombieChrist KingdomHeartsFan63 qna with onision episode 3 niqmo vighkel mr odd mrodd



Green Guru Challenge: Recycled Bildo

[Broken video]

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Michelle [...] has come up with a brilliant contest, where people of all kinds can come together taking useless garbage and turning it into other forms of garbage except this time using it as decoration instead of what it is... garbage.

YES, this video is a joke, YES, you should recycle. Please have fun with it, don't get your feelings hurt!

Visit my web site: http://www.onision.com

Tags: green recycle style sustainable michelle [...] reuse contest michelle[...] guru challenge recycled bildo garbage nasty hick hillbilly


FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2008

STOP RAPE - How would you do it?

[Broken video]

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This is my own personal 10-step plan to stop rape in its tracks. I'm not trying to tell others how to stop rape, I'm informing everyone that this is how I would do it, and that they should have a plan as well.

My plan would likely end up where I'm dead, and I'm completely fine with that. Your plan however may need a bit more fine-tuning.

Regardless, I've come to the conclusion that if victims aspire to become the perpetraitors (take control of the situation) the rate of rape will decline, as rapists will know that if they attempt rape, they will likely be overpowered, or be up for a fight.

I'm not saying anyone is wrong for the way they go about it, I'm simply saying this is how I would do it, and I believe I am less likely to become a victim by these rules.

Tags: stop rape how would you do it anti rapist guide sexual offenders prevent sex end crime raping criminal put them in jail prison



Scene Kid - This Is The Future

[Broken image named The Near Future of Onision]

The future of Onision as I see it :) Enjoy the video.

http://www.onision.com http://www.youtube.com/onision

Scene Kids Music Video

[Missing video]

URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ff6-bhTyjgo

[16 broken images]

New Scene Kid on the Block Scene Kid Boy Girl Emo Yes? Scene Boy Seen Scene oh Sean Kid Scene Boy Scene Boy Scene Kid Scene Kid Scene Kid Scene Kid Scene Kid Dance Scene Kid Dance Scene Kid Dance Scene Kid Dance Scene Kid Dance Scene Kid Dance



[Broken video]

Click to Play

Original music video about Scene Kids, (Boy & Girl), brand new song, and video as of June 25, 08. Here it first here, and pass it on.

Visit my web site to download this song through the music link on the main page: http://www.onision.com



9 I'm So Not Scene My Name Is Rod Danger Don't Call Me Emo If you're not scene you're a stranger.

17 To call me Scene. That's so obsene. My mommy tucks me in at night. But don't treat me like a child.

25 MySpace is my best friend, I'll add you if you're tool. I mean if you're scene... I mean if you look cool.

33 I'm not a clone. Stop calling me a carbon copy. I'm as independent as it gets, Which is why all my friends rook arike.

41 If you're scene like me. Call me on my celly. We talk about bands and parties. My mom doesn't know about my tongue ring.

49 I wear logos on my shirts, I wear tight pants, My shoes are so retro, But don't you call me EMO!

57 Some people say that we're from the 80's How cool is it to dress up as your mom and dad? Our hair is the wave of the future. Or just one massive comb over.

65 My favorite band is... All of them. I memorize every song. My life is in music and the mirror. I stab you if you take my ipod.

73 Some people say we're punk, That we just copy geezers from the past, Conforming isn't us... I mean them. We're original because we're historical.

81 I got turned down for a job today, Maybe it's the hair, or the make up or the glasses, or the jeans, or my face. Or society? I think it's because they're not scene like me.

85 If I miss this concert I'm a tool. If I don't listen to that song I'm a tool. If I don't have that piercing I'm a tool. If I don't act like a tool I'm a tool.

97 I'm So Scene... Wait no I'm not. Don't call me scene. Call me ROBOT.

105 I'll see you on MySpace The home of true friends, We are Scene, For we are many.

Tags: scene kid kids boy boys girl girls im so emo emos myspace friends song mp3 original music video high school social group punk punks onision revolution


TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2008

Onision Bloopers - Episode 4

Video thumbnail. Click to play

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This episode of Onision Bloopers contains deleted scenes and clips from (1) I'M SO DOCTOR (2) Metal Gear Powder 2 (3) My Husband: The Reptilian Alien (4) Viking Vlog: I'M AN EMO POSER

Visit my web site at http://www.onision.com

Tags: onision bloopers episode 4 im so doctor metal gear powder 2 my husband the reptilian alien viking vlog im an emo poser


QnA With Onision - Episode 1

[Broken video]

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This is the first of what may be many episodes of QnA with Onision, where I answer fan, subscriber & friends questions covering anything and everything.

If you would like to see more of these sessions, please request it in the comments, and I would love to answer some for you.

Visit my web site at http://www.onision.com

And stay tuned!

Tags: qna questions and answers with onision episode one 1 gregory movies videos vlog video log blog xK3LLI3xPARKSx Drogba109


SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2008

Tranny Getting Nerrphed

[Broken video]

Click to Play

A new level of disgusting is in this video. You will never look at getting Nerrphed or Nerrphing in the same way every again... NERRPH!

Visit my web site: http://www.onision.com

Tags: tranny getting nerrphed by a nerrph gun transvestite transexual girl man moaning new toy commercial advertisement for toys dirty icky gross disgusting yet beautiful



June 21, 2008 by onision

He has been acting differently… like something is taking over his mind. He’s been doing so many things that a reptile would do, I’m worried things may get only worse.

Visit my site: http://www.onision.com

Tags: my husband the reptilian alien creature occult supernatural living in the middle of the earth reptile people snake skin scales

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Q & A With Onision

Will Stac sent me a few questions, so I'm answering them here.

When were you first introduced to YouTube? - January 2006, however I did not start making videos seriously until early 2008.

Why are you so awesome? - My answer is the same as your answer to this question "Why are you subscribed to Onision?"

Why do you enjoy making weird but funny music videos? - Absolutely

Why did you do tutorial on cutting hair? - Because I see people paying money to get the same hair cut that I do for free to myself... I just wanted to help.

Where did you get your Viking beard? - It's available on Amazon.com (I think you live in Texas) Is it hot in Texas? - Texas was hot when I lived there, but now I live in South Korea, and it is more humid than hot here.

Do you have any pets? - I have two cats, Caboo & Roxy. My wife named Roxy, I named Caboo. :)

Why did you decide to type the word "Onision" into Google that faithful day? - I typed in a lot of names before Onision, but none of them worked... I can't remember any of them as they were random... I did it because I needed a good universal user name for my email account on Yahoo... then it turned into something big.

Are you emo? - I was very emo at certain points in my life, but right now I am not emo.

Have you ever gotten an STD? - No, I've been very safe with who I've fallen in love with --- so I never made the mistake of being with the wrong person.

Why do you use your wife in so many videos? - Why? Is that a bad thing? I like my wife in my videos... she is a very cool person.

What's your favorite color? - I like Black.

Do you have a car? - No, I don't need one as I live in Korea, and am a mile from work... when I go back to the states I will be buying another car.

What color is your car? - The one I just sold was Black.

What type of car do you have? - It was a 2006 Toyota Corolla S.

Have you thought of killing your self? - Early 2008 I thought about it every other day... but now it's only in a joking tone.

Who is your hero? - Gandhi.

Are your grandparents still living? - My grandma is healthy, my grandpa died from smoking --- I don't keep track of the other side of my family.

Did you go to college? - I went while I was in High School because I hated the High School environment... I graduated right on time, and stopped going to college after my HS graduation.

Did you ever think of marring your cousin, moving to Alabama, and having kids with 11 toes? - Not exactly... I have thought of how gross and dysfunctional incest is, but I never considered marrying anyone.

Can you spell Onision backwards ten times fast? - Yes

Can you do a cart wheel? - I'm sure I could if I tried.

Do own a bike? - Yes.

Do you consider your self to be a political figure? - No

Who are you voting for 2008? - By participating I am subjecting myself to potentially changing the outcome of whether someone lives or dies later on down the line... I'm not sure if I even am voting considering I simply don't agree with how the world is being run. I don't agree with the world essentially.

Do you like the town you live in? - There are salesmen who drive around in crappy trucks and scream for you to buy their food on megaphones, and no one does anything about it, even when it's 10pm they still drive around screaming, waking people up... so I guess what I'm saying is that I despise the noise pollution here, and will never live here again after I leave.

Do you have any brothers? - No.

Do you have any sisters? - I have two.

How long have you gone without sleep? - 36 hours. My job forced me to.

Are you a virgin? - No

Do you have cable? - Yes, but I don't watch as here in Korea all you get are channels that you do not understand, or are uninteresting.

Is Xbox better than PlayStation? - PlayStation's technology is much more advanced. I feel sorry for a lot of people who are in denial about that. It's somewhat insane to me. I don't see how so many continue to argue with the facts. Blu ray is the future, HD DVD already failed due to it's lower storage capacity... I just don't get how there is even still an argument about that. It is not a question of which console is better, it is of which console does not charge you a monthly fee, which console rarely if ever breaks, which console never destroys its own discs, which console has Blu Ray = The clear superior console. But ultimately, I don't think it matters, whatever you have more fun doing.

What got you started making YouTube videos? - Inspiration to express myself.


SCREAM Contest

June 20, 2008 by onision

How long can you scream for? Try your lungs out in this contest!

All you have to do is make a video response to this with you screaming “SNAKE!” the longer you scream the better, and more likely you are of winning!

Visit my web site at http://www.onision.com

Tags: scream contest june 2008 july youtube exclusive video partner post video response winner gets the prize of a lifetime… which is IMMORTALITY!

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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots REVIEW

June 20, 2008 by onision

My complete review of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots for the PlayStation 3 console.

My Rating: 9.999/10 (Best Game of All Time)

Text Version



1. Has the best story line in the history of storylines… only thing close to it is Final Fantasy VII.

2. Has the best graphics in the history of graphics.

3. Has amazing voice acting.

4. Great use of weapons.

5. Great missions, entertainment value.

6. Most everything about this game is awesome…



1. Get rid of the cameras being effected by the environment — if the camera is actually in the game, than by all means, but if it’s just the camera you use “That isn’t supposed to exist” than why is it effected by the environment?

2. Online there is a safety lock that disables your ability to shoot when accidentally hitting someone on your own team - get rid of this.

3. There could be a whole lot more character customization options for online play, but I understand for the sake of lag to not include so many options.

4. Offline versus/co-op mode is important to have, this game did not have it.

5. Let player 2 control the MK-II/III

6. Add alternate endings.

7. In the last fight, there is a glitch with voices. One character is supposed to be an older version of the character, or different clone, and yet they still have the same voice/phrases to contradict that.

8. The music for the fight scene with Raiden and Vamp was completely pointless and uninspired. Consider adding more intense drums next time in a fight scene like that.

9. When using the face camo, the shape of the head changes entirely depending on what character you want to look like… so why can’t the body camo do the same thing? It would be cool to be able to play looking like a totally different character.

10. There were men in uparmored suits… why did we not get to fight them more? Maybe next game include a few extra mini-bosses like that.

And the relationship between Otacon and Naomi was ridiculous. Utterly, pathetic — she died really pathetically, it was way too dramatic, and made me laugh and say “What the hell?” at the same time.

I severely doubt they would act like that in real life, and to me seems like a Japanese movie scene — it was totally out of character.

Ultimately, buy the game if you have the console, and if you don’t have the console, buy the console, then the game.

If you don’t buy it, you are missing out on the most amazing movie/game of all time… regardless of how cheesy Otacon and Naomi’s scenes made it.

Tags: metal gear solid 4 review guns of the patriots mgs4 iv video game ps3 playstation 3 2008 rating critic hideo kojima productions konami old snake best videogame ever made

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Metal Gear Solid Parody (Metal Gear Powder)

June 19, 2008 by onision

Powder Snake, Bro-Con & Throat Sex are in for mind-blowing Tactical Espionage Action.

Visit my web site: http://www.onision.com

This video was created as a comedy/parody of the Metal Gear Solid world, created by Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions staff & Konami.

The recent release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in part inspired the creation of this video.

All audio files and visuals used in this video were created by Onision, and thus are completely original.

Tags: metal gear solid parody mgs spoof knockoff powder snake meryl otacon mgs4 iv hideo kojima konami shadow moses mgs1 psone ps1

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Metal Gear Addiction - MGS 4 (Metal Gear Solid 4)

June 18, 2008 by onision

People lose wives, families, jobs and their lives to this video game. This video shows one family who started with everything and ended up with just MGS4.

This is a comedic video, trubute to Hideo Kojima (Kojima Productions), Konami, Solid Snake (David Hayter) & Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots

Visit my web site at: http://www.onision.com

Tags: metal gear solid 4 guns of the patriots parody comedy mgs4 addiction hideo kojima productions konami 2008 ps3 video game obsession

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I’M SO DOCTOR - Music Video

June 17, 2008 by onision

Malpractice, high medical insurance rates, greed, heartless treatment and the general insanity of general hospitals. I’M SO DOCTOR is a video which may inspire, or enrage, depending on who you are.

Doctors are truly an asset to society, and yet we as a whole have made them ugly, we being them, them being a part of us.

I hope the future holds brighter days…

Feel free to download this song at: http://www.onision.com

Thank you for watching.

Tags: im so doctor music video malpractice high medical insurance rates greed heartless treatment general hospital insanity money tastes so good doesnt it?

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Vampire Opera Singer

June 16, 2008 by onision

For thousands of years he has been seducing beautiful women into his dark warm embrace, never once did he encounter any conflict or dispute, till he met this woman.

Visit my web site at: http://www.onision.com

Tags: vampire opera singer sing singing blood sucking sucker musical rocker goth acoustic guitar player seduction song music mating call to do me

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Viking Vlog - 500,000 Subscribers vs Kellie = Kellie

June 15, 2008 by onision

Subscribers are nothing without heart and soul. Some subscribers have them, but I want all of my subscribers to have them — not just a few. I really do adore my fans who are also my friends.

Due to my last video, I began to realize that not everyone saw things the way I did, not everyone was on the same page as I was… because of this, this entire vlog was made.

I hope you love it, I hope you have a few laughs, but I also hope that you understand that this is not about me being a content producer, and you being a viewer. It’s about the constructive relationship we have — it is not whether or not I chose to be your friend, it is whether or not you are a friend to me.

You know I care for so many of you because I take the time out of my life to ensure you know that your message has been heard, I ask you to support me in understanding who I am, and realizing what I do is for the good of myself, and the viewers alike.

This is the Onision Revolution — not the Greg Revolution (my real name is Gregory) You make yourself as big of a part of the Onision Revolution as you chose.

Please talk to me about this on my forums: http://forums.onision.com

Tags: viking vlog subscribers blog video log comedy rant vlogging griping rave spiel tangent angry vlogger 500000 vs kellie wins complaining about how tiny my man parts are boo hoo


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Pixeljunk Monsters + Encore Review

June 15, 2008 by onision

After playing the game for 40+ hours I have a review for you. You can watch the full thing, or read the description, you will generally get the same idea :)

Visit my web site at: http://www.onision.com

Pixeljunk Monsters + Encore Review



1. Very positive atmosphere/music.

2. Very cool character design.

3. Addictive gameplay (single and multi).

4. Lifespan nearly unlimited.

5. Compatible with people of all types.


1. Add save points.

2. Add character creation/naming.

3. Add 4 player function.

4. Add online play.

5. Add weapons/enemies to expansion packs.

6. Offer upgrading base options to better fend off enemies.

7. Allow the building of walls to slow down enemies.

8. Add self-destruct option, for lost-cause situations, where you can just blow up your tower when someone comes by in hopes of taking them out.

9. Allow characters to change building types for a small fee.

10. Invent a versus mode, where people will chose what enemies are launched at each other, and simultaneously have to build defense for their people.

Weapon Ideas

1. Electric fence (two towers across from each other which would damage anyone walking through)

2. Bug zapper (would attract flying creatures toward it, and they would be zapped in response)

3. Catapult (launch random items from a long distance)

4. Trap (enable a pathway hidden ditch, to slow enemies down by them having to fall in, and crawl out, maybe with water inside or spikes etc)

5. Self destructive (allow your character to sacrifice 100+ coins in order to attack the enemy in emergency situations)

Tags: pixeljunk monsters encore review video game ps3 playstation 3 console pixel junk tower defense strategy coop multiplayer war

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I’M SO VILLAIN - New Music Video

June 14, 2008 by onision

A villain like no other, extremely disturbing, and intense he sings “I’M SO VILLAIN” by Onision. Visit my web site: http://www.onision.com or join my forums: http://forums.onision.com

Tags: im so villain new music video original song joker arch enemy of batman 2008 movie voice of revolver ocelot dark goth omg am i on tv

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[Missing entries]


A Bright Future

Today quite a few amazing things are happening... I'll be working all day on producing high-quality versions of my videos so I can put them on a data disc and send them off to MTV.

The video should be playing in Italy, which is amazing to me. Apparently I am quite the talent, and it is very obvious at this point that all the effort I have been pushing toward this kind of success is paying off fourfold...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful amount of support you have been giving me... I will continue to do what I do, and with a smile :)

I'm very excited by the idea that I will be able to take so many people with me to the path of success... and I am happy to share my prosperity with others.

I updated my YouTube page with content yesterday, an infomercial with Ricky Tulsa who goes completely bonkers... I was very amused by it.


I hope to see many more comments from everyone :) Thank you again.


SUNDAY, MAY 25, 2008

Today today...

Hello... this is yours truly... well.

Something has come to mind, I simply have neglected everything but my YouTube videos... so it's time for a change, it's time for me to start blogging again, it's time for me to start really focusing on my web site, and ensuring that it expands --- hopefully it will become a new source of entertainment for all of you.

Thank you for all you've done for me. I hope to be adding quite a bit in the future... time will tell.


The Time Traveling Tranny

Posted by on Friday,May 23rd,2008 07:16 PM

The Time Traveling Tranny

The Time Traveling Tranny has a message for a person in her past... though it may be hard to swallow this one... this video may disturb you.

What if you could send a video five years back in time to yourself? What would you say?

Please visit my site: http://www.onision.com anytime.

Tags: tranny time traveling paradox go back comedy parody funny transvestite vlog warning future self horrible fate andy dick is a huge trannie

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0T4LzR10Xs

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Music Video - I'M SO ROBOT - Original Political Song

Posted by on Wednesday,May 21st,2008 05:52 PM

Music Video - I'M SO ROBOT - Original Political Song

A tribute to today's politicians, news programs, elderly, mentality and overall leadership of the world.

This video was not created to stir debate, or offend anyone. I composed, wrote & "sang" this song for the objective of expressing myself, and my views, legitimate or not.

Please visit my web site anytime: http://www.onision.com SONG LYRICS


I will bring you liberation, I will bring you our cause, Did I forget to ask you if you wanted it? I catch you smiling on camera eventually. Thousands die every day... But let me sip my tea... As long as their numbers higher... For justice... for peace. You said you want cheaper gas? It's a shame we destroyed the electric car. We could have been gas free by now. Did I just say that on TV? Kids these days have no dignity... There were no orgies in the 70's What's drugs? I never used them. You're too young to understand anyway. Let me stand up here and talk a while... I'll send your children off to die. While they believe in our bullcrap... Let me sip my tea... my tea... Thousands are dead... I'm so robot... I understand your pain... I'm so tool. Watch them kill eachother... And to think they could have been friends. It's not murder of we do it. It's justice. Dear Mom... I killed three kids today... I hope it doesn't get on TV. I commit war crimes for our country... What about humanity... what about my Tea? I focus on things that matter... Did you see Madonna today? Her face was falling apart... By the way, there was a bombing in some country I can't pronounce. Did I mention Madonna? If you children survive... They'll become us too... A generation lost to our propaganda. As if God wants to see them kill... As if any god wants to see us kill... Peace through war... It will work this time. Even though it's never worked before... Peace through war... Till everyone's dead but us... And then? Civil war.

Tags: John McCain George Bush Hillary Clinton Barrack Obama Edwards 2008 Election Parody Music Video Comedy Original Song Bill

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nffoi2JxI6M

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Music Video - IM SO YOUTUBE - Original Comedy Song

Posted by on Tuesday,May 13th,2008 08:05 PM

Music Video - IM SO YOUTUBE - Original Comedy Song

The premier YouTube Music video/original song is here. This song is free for download, right now!

Download The Song: http://www.onision.com/downloads/onis...Visit my site: http://www.onision.com,

Step trip, then fall on your face into the world of ONISION as I take you, and moosh you into a puddy, then I form you back into yourself, and I slap you. Like so, with my hand. And kiss you.

Then slap you.And then you listen. That is the way it is.

And then you watch me dance.

Tags: music video im so youtube original comedy song free mp3 download lisanova cutewithchris jonlajoie join the onision revolution where we will drink kool aide that isn't poisoned

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BekvlBzmUQ

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Music Video - I'M SO ONISION - Original Comedy Song

Posted by on Wednesday,May 7th,2008 11:22 AM

[Missing media]

Music Video - I'M SO ONISION - Original Comedy Song From the creator of "I'm So Emo" and "I'm So Country" comes "I'm So Onision"! A disturbing run through the fake world transmutated into a gargantuine pit of confusion that is Onision's imagination.

Download this track now at http://www.youtube.com/onision or http://www.onision.com

Thank you again for passing this video on to your friends, and physically forcing them to subscribe.

If you haven't joined the ONISION REVOLUTION yet, hop on, and subscribe.

Tags: music video im so onision original comedy song mp3 download emo goth transvestite youtube downloads mtv vh1 here i come blaRGh

URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=YEbR-vS8p-0

MP3 URL: http://www.onision.com/downloads/onision-music-video-im-so-onision.mp3

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Vlog - Grand Theft Auto 4 Addiction! (GTA4 IS CRACK)

Posted by on Saturday,May 3rd,2008 06:21 AM

[Missing media]

Onsion Vlog

Tonights topics: (1) Grand Theft Auto 4 addiction (2) Skye's sick, but will be better soon. (3) YouTube content providers who have no time for their own fans.

Tags: grand theft auto 4 iv addiction skyes sick youtube you tube content providers uploaders partners who dont care enough about their fans gta4 is crack

URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0Gk9Yo2UBUQ

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