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Ziogi was a website Greg created. It is estimated it was made in 2004. The site shut down sometime in 2005. The site can still be viewed throught the Wayback Machine.


The site seemed to be a place holder for a lot of information and work Greg created. Almost everything on this site would have its own site by 2005, such as One Mand Band. Much of the site was later "copied and pasted" onto Greg's Gregory J Daniel/Onision site, such as his biography.

When reflecting on the site in 2005, Greg says: "Ziogi ultimately was a failed site, it was basically the first attempt at GregoryJDaniel.com ~ but having little to no time... it just slowly, faded away..." (Source)

Welcome Message

Hey Surfer,

You've come across Ziogi.com >>> This site offers loads of interesting content ranging from comedy bits, original music (you've never heard this stuff before), deep literature, a great online community, fake news, people reviews, video game materials, and so much more.

Now that you have time to check us out, please observe the link descriptions below for all the information you'll need about what this site has to offer you. Each link is clickable so feel free to act impulsively.

If you ever need any help on this site, contact me via the board. My name is Gregory J. Daniel, and I am the webmaster of Ziogi.com >>> Thank you for stopping by, browse long, and visit us again tomorrow.

Ziogi Dictionary

The Ziogi site featured a dictionary of words Greg created. "Time and time again I (Greg Daniel) find actions/sounds/feelings etc. with no words to describe them properly, and so, there is the Ziogi Dictionary ~ here, find all the words you've never known before, and maybe you too will expand your vocabulary ~ lets stick it to Webster!" (Source) Some of the words belonged to his Sicesca religion.

The Ziogi Word Archive

Divant: The space/realm unseen by human eyes which all Sivontes & Zodins dwell.

Origin: The Sicescan Religion & Sicesca.com (2004)

Gewdla: Name of a "Negative Spirit" who claimed to invade the bodies of many others on this Earth. Also stating that it admired the creator of Ziogi, which was rather unwelcome. (1999)

Origin: The Divant via A Quija Board.

Hybrid Eye: An eye which is able to view both sides of reality in an accurate and un-bias fashion.

Origin: HybridEye.com (2001)

Incinnatic: One who is mentally disabled to the extent of raging/violent retardation.

Origin: Created upon realization that Cincinnati sucks. (2001)

Niqmo: A little monkey character used to represent a web hosting/design company.

Origin: Discovered at GoDaddy.com when attempting to register an original name. (2003)

Onision: Alias of Gregory J. Daniel

Origin: The Shadow Board (2002)

Shikbit: One who complains and insults others at simultaneously.

Origin: Thought up at Fred Myer when attempting to think of some original insult. (2004)

Shodae: A protector of humans, one in specific, from the dwellers of the Divant.

Origin: evoPsyche/Sicesca.com (2004)

Sivonte: The post-human souls which have experienced the honor of being awarded a human body to dwell in.

Origin: The Sicescan Religion & Sicesca.com (2004)

Vighkel: Alias of Gregory J. Daniel used to represent his darker side.

Origin: EGHQ Forums (2003)

Ziogi: Mascot for Ziogi.com ~ said to be a frog, but no species is truly accurate.

Origin: Discovered at GoDaddy.com when attempting to register an original name. (2004)

Zodin: The souls which have never experienced human occupation of given right. Often times sociopaths due to lack in experience of human emotion through a first person perspective.

Origin: The Sicescan Religion & Sicesca.com (2004)


Ziogi and Evo Psyche forums
The site shared its forums with The Evolutionary Psychology Forums at one point under the URL socialize.ziogi.com. (Source) Greg's username on the forum was "Gregory". He had thousands of posts on the forum.


Sometime in 2005, Ziogi shut down. The URL became a re-direct to various sites Greg owned until he no longer owned the domain by 2006. (Source)