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Greg and Troll's emails (click to enlarge)

Underage Nude Troll caused a bit of a scandal when Greg replied to an email they sent him that included a topless photo, claiming to be a 17-year-old girl looking to be in his videos.


On May 6, 2013, a troll sent Greg an email pretending to be a 17 year old girl that was interested in making videos with him. "I am such a huge fan of your videos. I'm 17 and I live in the area and would like to know if I have a shot in maybe being in one of your videos. IDK, people say I'm pretty funny and photogenic so if you're interested please let me know. Here's what I look like lol" They attached a photo of a topless woman. Greg replied to the email "Facebook/channel?"

On May 8th, the troll took a screen shot of the email exchange and submitted it to Onision Drama Tumblr with the description:

I emailed Onision, pretending to be a 17 year old chick that lived in the same area as him, and wanted to be in his videos, because people said she was funny and photogenic. And I also sent him a pic of some nude chick I found online that looked convincing enough, and he asked for my facebook/channel. A married, not far from his 30’s get’s sent a pic of a naked chick claiming to be 17 and he responds and ask for her facebook/youtube. (Source)

Word began to quickly spread and many people began to accuse Greg of trying to cheat on his wife, Taylor. Greg soon became aware of the controversy.

Greg's Response

"A New Low"

Greg uploaded “A New Low" May 8, 2013 to his Speaks channel. Greg starts the video with, "Hey guys. This is going to be kind of an awkward video because I fucked up." He says a girl email him a topless photo of herself and that he is used to people doing this. He says he normally deletes them because he is married. He says he did not notice there was an attached photo to the email because he was on his Samsung smart phone. He says he replied "Facebook/channel?" so that he could see what this person looked like. He says it's a less rude way of saying, "can I see what you look like so I know whether or not you're photogenic." He says every YouTuber knows someone who is "easy on the eyes" will give them a better thumbnail and more views. Greg demonstrates on his phone how he missed the attachment on his gmail app.

As he's demonstrating, text shows up on the side of the video: "I wasn't paying attention when I responded. I can't really do anything else about this other than tell you exactly how it happened. I regularly give people the opportunity to email me for collabs, and I regret not realizing there was a pic from a hater attached.

If I was guilty, I would still tell the truth about it, but I imagine most people wouldn't even acknowledge it, and just hope it would go away.

That's not me."

Greg says because of this, he will no longer respond to any emails. Greg tells the troll that if that photo was really of a topless 17-year-old girl, then they just broke the United States law by sharing an underage nude. "That's just another example of how unethical haters are and what they're willing to do to try to hurt me." He says even though he's punishing everyone for the action of a few, he felt like this was a "disgustingly low blow" and he's sick of it. He says it's time to cut off communication and just make videos. He says to thank the people that have been hating on him for so many years that stoop to these levels. He ends the video with "later", because he says a Boob Squeeze would be too awkward. ($ource)

Soon Greg posted a Facebook status saying this will be the last non-video status he will make. (Source) Although, Greg was soon back to communicating with fans through social media updates.

This scandal was even reported on internet celebrity media sites. (Source)