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Greg announces Reptar's death on Instagram.
Turtlegate is a series of events that was triggered after Greg accidentally killed his pet Russian tortoise, Reptar.

Death Announcement

Reptar passed away on August 14, 2013. Greg announced his death with an Instragram photo. The photo showed an upside-down translucent plastic bin in Greg's yard. The text explained Reptar passed away while he was under the bin. Greg wanted Reptar to enjoy some sun without the dogs bothering him, so he left him under the bin for a few hours. When he went to check on him, he was already dead. Greg explains that Reptar was a desert turtle, so the heat could have not killed him. He also mentioned the tub had enough air. (Source)

That same day, Greg posted a picture of himself mourning Reptar's death next to his tank. In the description, he guessed Reptar might have died from panic due to loud noises in the neighborhood. He announced he buried Reptar in a safe place where the dogs won't be able to get to him. (Source)

(Greg has since deleted both of these posts from Instagram and Tumblr.)

Later that day, Greg uploaded "Sad News" to his Archive channel. In the video, he announces Reptar's death and goes into detail about how he decided to put Reptar under the bin. He says people saw his Instagram photos about it and decided to "rip [him] apart", even though he just lost a pet he loved. He estimates he left Reptar under the bin for about two hours. He says he talked to someone and they think either the turtle died from a panic attack from loud noises or due to Greg's "ignorance and stupidity". He questions how could have been "ignorance and stupidity" is he thought so much through. Greg says he feels like crap and after he buried Reptar, he decided not to get another turtle because he believes he lost the right to own another turtle. ($ource)


Many people became outraged at Reptar's death as it was very apparent he was killed from being under the bin for hours. Many began pointing this out to him. He replied by stating he would not be sharing anything about his personal life anymore. He says he is tired of being judged by hypocrites. (Source)

The next day, Greg uploaded "Using Witnesses, Reason & The Facts" ($ource)

After uploading his video, Greg began to defend himself from everyone in the Onision tumblr tag talking about Reptar. He said most people judging him for possibly killing Reptar are meat eaters, so they are all hypocrisies. (Source) After posting several more times about Reptar, Greg announced, once again, he will no longer be sharing his personal life or family due to people blaming him for the death of Reptar. (Source)

After going on a few rants on Tumblr, Greg uploaded the video "COMMENTERS GOING FULL RETARD" to his Archive channel. In the video, he says he is upset at the reactions he got from his last video. He talks about how meat eaters can't jugee him because they contribute to the deaths of animals every day. He says it was only a high of 81 degrees Fahrenheit, a chill day. He compares himself to a child. He says you don't blame a child for a mistake, so why would you blame him? He says the turtle could not have overheated because when he purchased it it was under a heat lamp. He ends the video by saying if you're a vegan, you can judge him, but everyone else are "fucking idiots" and he's surprised they graduated high school. ($ource)

August 17, 2013 "THIS IS RETARDED" Archive ($ource)

Aug 17, 2013 "ONISION PROVEN INNOCENT #ApologizeToOnision" Archive channel ($ource)

Animal Control


"A Professional Review" Aug 24, 2013 Archive channel ($ource)