The Jane Account

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The Jane Account is a written account from an unknown 23 year old female who claims they romantically talked to Greg over a period of time, which ended when Greg began dating Adrienne. It is dubbed "Jane" for Jane Doe, just for the purpose of naming the document. The origins of the file are unknown. It appears to be a message or submission to a blog.


There have been many women (and girls) claiming to have talked to Greg romantically and even sexually. What sets this claim apart from the others is that after receiving criticism for dating 17 year old Taylor, Greg mentioned that he dated a 23 year old well known YouTuber in-between Shiloh and Adrienne. "Jane" 's age and timeline line up with what he stated. That is not to say it's true, but it has a bit of evidence to back it up.

"Jane" 's Account

uhm I asked you where I could send you something because I don’t want all this to turn into another drama … I wrote this not because I wanna be a part of any of the drama but because I just need to let it out…. I just read the letter from Greg’s ex and I’m just blown away by it. I also started watching his speaks videos, I subscribed to that channel, I didn’t subscribe to his other channels because I was only interested about what he said on his videos, most of time I agreed with them and some other I hated what he said, still I was amused by him. I registered on his forum and made a few comments here and there, made a post about a break up with my ex and a few days later he replied to it, later on he send me a private message with his email, we emailed a few times back and forth and then he asked me to skype, I was actually so happy and excited that he noticed me… we skyped a few times and he was so charming… he said to me several times how I should travel to see him and that I shouldn’t have to worry about anything if I was with him, he talked a lot about himself and trash talk his ex’s a lot during the conversations, still I was so into the whole thing, suddenly he just stopped talking and I saw a video of him saying he had a girlfriend, meaning Adrienne. I was pissed, still I kept on watching his videos and commenting on his website, when all the drama went lose I posted a message on the forums saying something about that issue, he immediately sent me an email saying he was really sorry about how everything went and that he was really sad about everything this girl was saying, I emailed back but then same story, he never answered back. Then turns out he is back with the girl he referred to in several times as a psycho or something like that. The funny and must fucked up part is that even though I know and I’ve read everything he did I still can’t stop watching his videos. I’m still a part of the forums and he sometimes answers my posts, I feel so stupid after reading that letter I feel even more stupid because in my case is like if I never existed and everything he told me, he told everyone else even though he knew how fucked up I was about my previous relationships, I feel so stupid knowing that I’m 23 years old and I developed this little crush on a guy who is not what he says he is, I really don’t want my name to be around anywhere I just needed to say this out loud at least for once… I hope you understand why I’m not using here my real name or email and I really don’t want people to know exactly what he said or did to me, i’m not even sure I want you to post this…I just think is fair for people know that he is not the saint he claims to be, it was not the first time he did something like that and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last…