The ACTUAL Truth About Onision

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The ACTUAL Truth About Onision was a page Greg wrote to combat rumors and criticisms he received for his 2010-2012 relationships drama. He would move this page, along with his Onision Hater FAQ to different incarnations of his Onision site for many years. (Source) It is estimated this was written around 2013.

This page, along with the Haters FAQ, were written by Greg in the third person.

The ACTUAL Truth About Onision

[Image of Greg with the words "Even through all the bullshit and drama, this guy still smiles. I think that;s why I'm still subscribed"]

The Actual Truth About Onision

There are a lot of rumors going around the web about Onision, 99% of these rumors are started by individuals who have never met Onision nor understand what really goes on in his life. These very same people use the full name of Onision and the individuals they claim to be trying to protect, not only violating their privacy in doing so, but also showing how destructive their intentions are.

This page is a response to all the anti-Onision sites, however unlike many of those sites, it will it be dishonest. If you want the truth, it’s here, coming straight from the source. If you want lies/empty rumors, look to the complete strangers that stalk Onision, all the while pretending they are heroes trying to protect the internet from this online entertainer.

Does Onision Really Hate Meat Eaters?

No, he does not. His family consists of mostly meat eaters, in order to hate meat eaters in general, he would have to hate his own family. Onision is simply a very strong supporter of animals and their right to live free from unnecessary suffering/death. Seeing people poorly treat non-human animals, who suffer just like humans do upsets him. He sees a healthy alternative to consuming animals, and doesn’t understand why others do not take it as well considering all the health/environmental/ethical benefits.

Is Onision Gay?

Onision has kissed a man before, however he has never been in a homosexual relationship and is not physically attracted to other men.

Was Onision Violated By His Dad?

No, he does not recall ever being directly violated by any adult.

[Gif of Greg saying "Whatever you do don't kill yourself because you think that nobody cares, but I do."]

What Does Onision Have Against Circumcision?

Onision believes everyone should have the right to decide whether or not they want medically-proven unnecessary procedures done on them. Babies can’t consent to having a piece of their genitals removed, and considering 80% of the planet is uncircumcised and not standing in line to have it done in their adult life, so why cause babies needless suffering just to take away their right to decide?

Is Onision A Rape-Apologist?

No, Onision believes their is no excuse for rape. He has made countless videos against rape, not only supporting the victims but providing advice/resources for recovery.

Has Onision Ever Hit A Woman?

The only woman he’s ever hit is his sister when he was 13 for disconnecting his dial-up internet.

Did Onision Start A Cult?

Onision did start a religion when he was 17. The religion had no leader/god, it was dedicated to respecting the Earth. He became Agnostic shortly after and left “Sicesca” behind.

Why Does Onision Talk About His Exs?

Being known to the online community, you don’t have to talk about your relationships in order for other people to talk about them. Whenever Onision talks about them, it is normally in response to a rumor.

What Happened With Onision & SmellzYeButt?

They are still friends.

[ image of Greg next to Christian Bale]

To some, Onision is just another “American Psycho”

What Happened With Onision & Shane?

Shane told Onision that they were friends at VidCon in 2011. 80% of the visits to LA after that specific VidCon Shane would tell Onision to contact him once he was in town, only to completely ignore him when he arrived. Shane made a song with Onision, had Onision gather a crew & buy a costume only to cancel the project despite having approved of the song Onision spent a significant amount of time putting together. Lastly, Onision criticized Shane for him standing Onision up & bailing on a project he invested in, and ended their friendship.

What Happened With Onision & Cyr?

Onision decided to no longer be friends with Cyr the first time because Cyr asked for a video they were in together to be removed and Onision felt betrayed. They stopped being friends the second time because Onision felt like Cyr didn’t appreciate him, and like the first time, he felt again, used.

Is OnisionSpeaks Real?

The channel OnisionSpeaks focuses on Onision’s personal views of the world. These opinions occasionally change over time, so you may find statements in a video uploaded a week ago to conflict with a video that was uploaded years ago. Sometimes Onision is sarcastic in his videos, or even makes a complete joke video to play off the gullibility of people, this does in fact occur on the OnisionSpeaks channel, so don’t take everything seriously. His intentions are to entertain & help, not hurt. If you assume he gains satisfaction from upsetting anyone, you’re wrong.

Did Onision Really Abuse His Ex Girlfriends?

When someone is an abuser, you’ll notice repeated abuse. Onision’s current wife has made it very clear that she is happy & has not been abused in any way. Because of her honesty, people who hate Onision have turned on her, demonizing her as her statements to not meet their anti-Onision agenda. In all reality, every woman Onision was with made attempts to befriend &/or reunite with him after they broke up, however Onision chose not to.

What Happened To Onision’s Ex Wife?

[Image of the divorce agreement Greg wrote for Skye. It was later determined by the court to be null.]

Copy Of Original Stolen Agreement

She is is still collecting money post-divorce years after refusing to sign a prenuptial before they got married in the first place & stole an agreement which stated he would take care of her for two years after they divorced (clearly not good enough for her, she pursued him for $150,000 instead, and he gave into fear of such a loss, instead signing over $90,000 to be paid over six years). Why did she pursue friendship with Onision after they divorced? Actually she intended to be reunited as a couple with him when Onision was living in LA. Fortunately Onision’s roommate at the time, asked Onision a key question, he asked why Onision was willing to get into a relationship with someone who was taking money from them monthly. Shortly after his roommate asking him this, Onision chose to discontinue talking to her, as he felt no one who cared about another person would take so much money from their significant other or even friend.

Months before Onision’s first marriage ended he discovered his wife felt entitled to 50% of his assets despite him repeatedly making it clear in the past their relationship was not about material items. During an argument he highlighted his original attempt to get a prenuptial agreement, and her refusal to do so. What a lot of people don’t realize about Onision is that he was threatening his wife with divorce long before he ever decided to move on. The girl he dated just after signing divorce papers was not the cause of his marriage ending, as his marriage had already struggled repeatedly.

The key point people seem to miss about Onision and his first marriage is how it was established. Onision was joining the military and wanted to bring his, literally friend, at the time with him. So he asked his, literally friend, to marry him and they did just that. Going from military base to military based, barely ever having marital relations. As you can imagine, Onision moving on so fast after the divorce papers were signed (approximately a week after signing, approximately two weeks after he stopped sleeping in the same bed), was an easy thing to do considering the marriage had little romance.

[Image of Email exchange between Greg and Shiloh]

Onision’s (Canadian) Cheating Ex Writes

What Happened With His Canadian Ex Girlfriend?

The girl Onision moved on to after his ex wife was a Canadian singer. She made her initial contact with Onision by emailing him, as she was a viewer of the OnisionSpeaks channel, she wanted advice for her own past relationships. She told Onision who she was, and he gained great interest in her, being an amazing singer & a very interesting person to him. As they got to know each other more, she exposed Onision to more of her world/psyche, which included emotional scars from a complicated past, a split personality (she referred to it as another soul sharing her body) & as she told Onision, a history for killing animals accidentally.

Unlike other pages about Onision however, this is not about taking sides, or exposing every detail of every persons flaws involved, these facts are only stated to emphasize that Onision had many warning signs getting into a relationship with this girl, and chose to pursue it anyway.

Because of Onision’s relationship with the Canadian pop singer a lot of negative rumors began, implications of illegal activities, marriage disloyalty & other drama consumed their public life. The truth is no illegal activity ever occurred. In his adult life Onision has dated two 17 year olds, however he never took part in any illegal activities with them, many state he had, however they fail to have proof or definitive knowledge of his time-sensitive locations/applicable laws.

[Image of Shiloh's email to Greg complimenting his video quality.]

Onision’s (Canadian) Cheating Ex Contacts Him Again

What Happened With His Texan Ex Girlfriend?

After Onision broke up with his girlfriend (the first major breakup) just prior to a mental break where she threatened to kill herself and make it look like he did it, he called the police on her fearing for her safety & the safety of himself. When the police arrived, she admitted she threatened to kill herself and they promptly took her to be mentally examined. When they put her in the patrol car one of the officers told Onision that if he wanted to leave the home, now was the time. Onision had weeks worth of food in his home, and active utilities so he felt his ex would be fine living in his home while he lived in LA. Within hours, he was on the road, leaving a painful past and hoping for a promising future.

Unfortunately when Onision arrived in LA, he began to feel incredibly lonely. Onision would cry constantly in bed, the shower & whenever else he was alone. He began reaching out to the internet community, expressing his loneliness. Eventually he found someone on his own forums (, a 26 year old Texan. Like most every relationship Onision has been in, tings got heavy quickly, and just like the last relationship, he ignored many warning signs of incompatibility. She was a drinker, he was not, she centered her life on friends, Onision centered his life on love, she had regular relationships not involving love & Onision was against casual encounters etc.

[Image of email Adrienne wrote to Greg]

Texan Ex’s Apology Letter

A week into dating Onision decided to fly to Texas and meet his girlfriend in a hotel. She went to the hotel with him when he arrived in his rental car, and they made love, or so that’s what Onision thought until he woke up the next morning on the other side of the bed, and when he tried to cuddle she pulled away. She then mocked his style of romance in that he wasn’t as aggressive/masculine as she wanted. Onision began crying after being rejected and she threatened to leave the hotel. In response Onision accepted she was not willing to see her boyfriend cry, so he chose to not cry again in front of her.

After continued arguments/misunderstandings with her, Onision got an earlier plain ticket home, and she chose to go back to her house despite Onision asking her to stay. Onision felt very unwanted and that the relationship was over, so he texted her a goodbye and began to pack. Shortly after she called him surprised he was going to leave, which lead to Onision picking her up yet again, and taking her out to eat.

[More of and Adrienne's email exchange]

Onision Forgives Texan Ex

Once Onision returned home the arguments continued on the phone. She didn’t like Onision asking her not to drink anymore, or that Onision focused more on relationships than friends etc. Finally Onision broke up with her only to ask her repeatedly to come back to him via voicemail. Finally he gave up, and said goodbye for the last time only to find she had begun spreading lies about their relationship, Onision didn’t care initially though, he instead made a vlog saying she was right about him hoping it would inspire her to come back to him, but it only increased the public hatred for him so he decided to read into what she had actually said. He soon realized she had painted a completely different picture of what happened than he had experienced. Hurt & upset over what she had said he chose to no longer speak to her.

Months after all the drama died down, she wrote Onision an email apologizing for what she did, Onision forgave her, and in response she asked for friendship. He did not respond.


If you feel this page misses out on an important truth, please post your concerns to the contact page and it should be promptly addressed there. Thank you for enduring me speaking in the third person, I hope you appreciate the truth coming straight from the source.