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Greg vs ED
Encyclopedia Dramatica, or ED, is a satirical and often times offensive encyclopedia made to document internet based drama and memes. An article about Greg and his online drama was created in 2011. (Source)

The article can be viewed here.

ED Article

Early versions of the article seem to focus on Greg's drama with YouTubers, his divorce from Skye, and detailed Onision forum drama. (Source) The page was taken down, but made a comeback when ED was moved to a new URL. It now focuses on his past relationship drama and major drama events such as his VidCon ban, Turtlegate, and YouTuber drama.

Greg's Response

Greg describes Encyclopedia Dramatica as "A collection of various accusations/negative statements about me from many different people who have never met me. I’ve provided a complete response to this page using evidence to invalidate their claims. However despite pointing out the overwhelming inaccuracies, it remains most entirely the same, proving how dishonest the people who post there are." (Source) In 2013, Greg created a long page, defending himself from what was said in the article. He did this by responding to select quotes from the article. (Source)

ED reports Greg's Fans engaged in a 10 day editing war against other ED editors on the Onision article. (Source) It is assumed this happened around the time Greg began complaining about his article on the site.