Reflection of Fire

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Reflection of Fire is a poem by Greg. He originally featured it on his Hybrid Eye website, but in April 2002 submitted it to a poetry website. (Source) This contains information from his submission and the poem.

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April 10th 2002

02:53:04 PM

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This site is beyond many others. It offers the latest and gratest graphic design and contributes also to the music world. Submit your literature and poetry to the site, and it may just be posted.

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I often contradict making it pointless to chose.


Reflection of Fire

In this world of beauty, dwells one chaotic disease.

With an onset of pure bliss, we humans brought happiness to its knees.

A loving world to offer so much, yet the plethora is now drained,

What could have been immortal is now crushed and disdained.

What is left holds only a whimper of hope,

We have all littered never agreeing to cope.

The earth nears its end, as we all assume it to now begin,

Ignorance so broad has been stretched to a hurt within.

Never shall all of them learn that we attack what gives us air.

No matter the screams of pain, few will truly care.

So today I cry, today I bleed,

Spread the word of our fate, we kill what we need.