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Onision’s Teenage Religion was a page on Greg's Onision.me site dedicated to explaining the religion he made up, Sicesca. On the page, he copies and poasts the original text from his Sicesca website and adds commentary. (Source) It is estimated this was written around 2013.

Onision’s Teenage Religion

When I was 17 I put a bunch of my ideas on a web site and turned it into my own religion, as I did not agree with any other religions at the time, doing so made sense to me. About a year later I became Agnostic (it means I believe in possibility, but prefer not pretend possibility is fact, just because I have “faith”), and have been since.

Regardless, a lot of people have taken what I’ve said back then and tried to warp it to make it seem like I said something I did not. I’m happy to share what was actually written with all of you, enjoy.


[Image of Greg with a thought-bubble containing the word "Pancakes"]

Onision’s religious ideas…

The literary documents provided on this site introduce and evaluate an amazing reality which is now finding homes in millions of information-hungry minds all over the Earth (actually it only found it’s way into a few thousand “homes”). For the recorded years of humanity, one of the many questions before intrigued minds has revolved around the most important topic of all subjects, what is existence for? How do we exist?

Sicesca has become an answer to the vital questions concerning our lives through logical yet amazing facts involving the past and present world. Those capable of understanding Sicesca and the perspectives provided will find the key so many have been searching for (reminds me of how people talked in “The Secret”). Today you have the opportunity to observe an alternative mentality, a path divided from the default standards involving simple beliefs that have convinced most all one time or another.

Existence is a seemingly complicated subject (no, it’s actually extremely complicated, not just “seemingly”) that so few have neared a proper conclusion to define beyond mere present time (a 17 year old drawing the conclusion that most everyone’s religious perspectives/philosophies were invalid). Diversions through methods involving excuses such as downing human capabilities are often times given freely to avoid confrontation of the reality at hand. We have the ability to explain ourselves, and here you will find out how true this statement really is.

You have entered a new section of human comprehension (I talked like I was 95 years old, and had lived a hundred lives). Those seeking a meaningful answer to settle what no system of beliefs has before will continue on through the pages our work has to offer. All others visiting us today will continue their lives devoid of these rare perspectives. The choice is yours…

The Meaning of Life:

Countless questions can be asked regarding the existence of mammals, reptiles, even disease and death. Our lives have always held a beginning, and they all will surely one day meet its end. However, our existence is not the only reality that dwells before the universe’s platter (Why did I talk like this? I sound like the Manny from Modern Family… and he’s like 13). As many know, it is indeed one of the most insignificant, yet despite this, our lives are also remarkable before many other creatures dwelling beyond our eye’s reach.

[Gif of Greg saying: Why? That's stupid"]

Something I ask myself often…

The source of all humanity decided our main objective, such origins are discussed later on in this series of explanations. New human beings are born around this world every moment of every day, each individual has a future, but not a fate. Decisions are made by those who seek out a future absent of other humans controlling it, we all have potential to complete great tasks, and we all have the capability to destroy wondrous possibilities (this was my way of stating the obvious repeatedly in a religious. Sadly, not many ever live up to their potential due to a mindset devoid of confidence & true desire (as you can see, I really liked using vibrant language to say otherwise obvious/simple things).

Stories are made to represent what many of us wish to do but simply believe ourselves to not have the ability, or strength to take part in. Often times due to fear granted by what our peers and ancestors have represented. The value of life is decided by the individual ability to change ones surroundings as they see fit. Whether it is a living room, or a continent, such desires can greet the most astounding repercussions or praises depending on the opinions of those in witness.

The main reason for our existence is a beautiful truth. We were all created to nurture our planet and each other, ultimately in mission of optimizing our earth and inhabitants for the best results on course to an extended survival. Living beyond expectancy is the greatest honor if in prime condition, the Earth today is indeed dying because of many human’s lack of knowledge or appreciation for this fact(no, it’s becoming less inhabitable because of our actions, the reality is, the planet will very likely live on without us). Because of this, the planet will find its end before expectancy, our planet’s end was originally meant to coincide with the destruction of our sun, which by time had been assumed the protectors of Earth would avoid entirely through organic and metaphysical technology (clearly pulling this info out of nowhere). We are destined to become the protectors of this earth, while the Earth mutually protected us.

Love among many things is a sub-objective in life, individual desires in the right minds are respected by the source as was designed. However, like the corrupt have proven, love is a idea that has long run its course only exclusive to few in the common day.

The Source of Humanity: (our mothers reproductive organs?)

From the center of our earth dwells a major power which keeps humanity in play while living out the life span remaining for its future (probably learned that in 6th grade science). Proper respects are rarely given to our humble life source, like plants, water and the soil we walk on, we once came. The Earth once produced chemicals devising and manipulating the pre-human body to near-perfection in order to create advanced creatures to one day defend our Earth’s very life. Unlike the apparent failure of other planets, our earth created both soul and body to serve it with free will while having our own individual lives to advance ourselves. While being the sons and daughters of the world we live in, good nature towards others manifests also as a contribution to our planet, in a small or large portion (while I hate how I said a lot of that, and am clearly full of it, I meant well).

[Image of Greg with the text "This is... ONISION."]

Nowhere does it say or even imply Onision is the leader, but let’s say he is anyway.

On all continents different races and species were created based on the world’s different habitats, and being created by different sections of one life form, came different life-form appearances, and even alternate species’. Since the time of birth, humans have created languages, cultures and furthermore, mentalities which, as time passes, separates many from Earth while focusing more on self.

Nearer to the first births of humans, came a greater sense of respect for our planet as we relied on it while we in return gave it a sense of value beyond other planets (as you can see, I took inspiration for making up random “facts” from other religons). Assumingly destined to mutually contribute, the Earth continued to support our lives in significant portions, since then our planet has even still not given up on us, as we are not yet failures of the cause.

One of the realities existence offers, is to exist. Those who have ability to create life, often times take up the opportunity with honor and appreciation (aka sleep with each other), just as the Earth has.

Originally the Earth created various different types of living and non-living forms. Many of them, we have not yet seen as they have been berried below the depths, beyond the reptiles we call Dinosaurs. After experimentation and learning the Earth created advanced species before a more advanced species due to the trials given to the now fallen life-forms. Today exists a number of those species which dwell among us. None of them powerful to eliminate the most advanced, humans. Some creatures were created to supply food for the seemingly superior species’ which were in result intended to mutually contribute with our earth. Yet in result much destruction, and pointless death has come of our free-will.

While humans are the most advanced creatures in the living world today, we were never meant to end the lives of any other creature unless we ourselves could fully use the physical bodies of the creatures or plants slain for real survival’s benefit.

All creatures on this earth have a purpose, regardless of the fact that humans remain one of the most intriguing and baffling creatures beyond all others.

[image of Greg with the text "Onision has risen"]

Behold, Onision being called to… wait where do Sicescan’s go when they die?

A common nature of living creatures, which can comprehend communication of any kind, is to advance themselves and those of similar kind. This is why fish swim in packs, this is why predators take the lives of others for food in packs. Fish often stay together for survival, while predators, often more-so weak alone, recognize the power in numbers just as none-predators with a contrary defense motivation. With this said, you can also look towards humanity, more complicated creatures with a similar mentality.

We human beings create security systems, alarm clocks, help lines, and many more sources of assistance which help keep our survival in tact, while also making our less vital aspects of life healthy. Now, with what was stated, our earth has made us to keep itself alive, and we must fulfill such a purpose.

The Purpose of Humans:

In the previous sections, there have been discussions as to the purpose of humans to assist the logic behind the Sicescan belief in the meaning of life. This purpose was said to work towards advancements of the human civilization to the point in which we are able to protect the mother of our species, Earth. Beyond this, what is there? Why are we here?

In the Sicescan way of life (wow, creepy way to phrase it), one can easily find that the logistics involve little shades of black and white, but rather a world of color, with many depths, and many realities that you specifically can chose to follow, while in the process being rather accurate as to the genuine truth revolving around our lives. We are indeed destined to serve and protect our Earth when it needs us most (so, this is a hippy religion), however with emotions such as love, satisfaction and pride, we are to satisfy self, which in the end can help create greater strengths in the fight for our survival.

Above yet beside these objectives comes a tremendously unexplored realm which we humans fortunately have the ability to partake in. The Divant realm.

Due to various violent and conflicting religions strongly supported in the common community today, we fear what most call “evil”, we believe all the creatures which we cannot touch and feel with a physical object are either entirely corrupted, or good. There is no central point, their is no belief in the afterlife being a pleasant place without a higher power to protect what need not be protected due to true, yet unexplored self-sufficiency, and the powers our Earth gave our forefathers from the beginning of our existence.

[fan image of Greg containing the text: "This is Greg. Better known as Onision. This man, is not afraid to speak his mind. He is not afraid to share his opinions. He is Beautiful. Greg, unlike many people has saved lives and made thousands around the world smile. But despite this, Greg still gets a lot of hate. He gets pulled down with every update and upload. He is consistently insulted, violated and made out to be a villain.But one thing you don't know about Greg... Is that he is strong. And your hate won't gold him back from the consistent determination and dedication he expresses every day to his fans... his fans. Live is more powerful than anything and Greg is loved."]

A viewer’s opinion of Onision.

The next step that need be taken in human advancement towards the protection of our world is the very realm of which other religions have made us fear, some call it the fourth dimension, others describe it with words such as “Astral Plane”. We all have the ability to eliminate the negativity that can consume our lives through mere drunkenness or suicidal emotions because we are of living-human essence, and in that our abilities far exceed those with little to no physical world abilities or experience. Those equipped with the right knowledge/will can travel into the unseen world of Divant, to assist the sivontes in forcing away the zodin that, at times, consumes their post-physical realm existences.

By controlling and exploring Divant we can also eliminate physical realm threats, such as bio-weapon construction, murders, and many more crime-related activities (bold words… reminds me of science fiction movies).

Our human shells provide an energy which feeds and supports our spirits, while supplying them with a greater potential than any zodin could ever desire.

The Truth About Outside Worlds:

Our planet is not the only massive life form with the ability to produce smaller, less-capable creatures. Amazing amounts of alien abductions and studies have been reported by often times healthy and logical human beings. These abductions are most often for pure study by species’, in ways, more advanced than us. At times the abduction reports are merely, in reality, night terrors, otherwise known as “Sleep Paralyses” yet when actual events do occur, the aliens seek out what not many have been able to comprehend completely. The studies are reaching for a goal in search of what many outsiders fail to understand, our earth produces unseen energies to live with our organic bodies. While outsiders are much like the simplest of our brethren animals (it’s strange how much respect I showed animals during my teen years considering I was a meat eater, I just failed to connect the dots), while also having the ability none of us are able to grasp, to learn and remember for hundreds of years as their lifespan exceeds the common physical human-span four times. This fact is also an aspect of considering why they have advanced sooner than humans have.

The planets some aliens are able to travel from often times, in a perspective, are less compliant with the laws of positive and negative. In lacking a divertive realm for the corrupted specimens to dwell (dude, I want to see this movie), as many planets cannot rid themselves of everything they create. Our Earth banned the negative projects it could not destroy to the Divant however, some tend to break through the human psyche during our weakest points, which is often times where corrupted human beings come from, the unseen world amongst us. The corrupt individuals’ vibes spread outwards, while attracting the other Zodin due to unseen energies. In this, uncorrupted bodies are approached with the seemingly demonic situations, such as haunted houses, and other “evil” encounters. Because the Earth is unable to eliminate the unseen Zodin, another shade of color, as mentioned, lies before us as to why Humans were created with soul, intellect and body.

In relation to alien encounters comes an attitude much like the Zodins. What they have in common with the Zodins is that they also lack the emotion we humans are able to emit, and experience regularly. This causes highly curious questions amongst those who visit us, and is only one of the motivations behind such visitations.

[image of Greg with the text "Praise Jesus"]

Onision mocking religion as usual.

Our planet, unlike so many others is/was advanced and pure enough to come to a rightful conclusion as to how it would be able to eliminate or silence the negativities once created by those not deemed fit to occupy a human body. Sadly the Divant would have to be exposed to the Zodins to prevent them from unleashing and destroying all hope of our planets survival in the physical world, yet even with this near solution, we must recognize how incomplete it really is, and as stated, we humans have the solution.

Once we obtain the ability to pass through as a soul in current ownership of a body, we will have the ability to rid the planet of the negative energies which drain and consume the Divant. In this we will unleash a new world of power helping us defend our planet and its creatures from further unwelcome studies by altering the physical world via the Divant giving the outsiders no choice but to leave our livelihood alone. This cannot easily be done with the Zodins feeding off weak human energy making themselves more resistant, and strong in between our regions of life.

As is seemingly obvious, the Zodins do manage to break through the Divant to alter the physical realm as their desires see fit. Considering how powerful human souls are in comparison to the body-absent Zodins in both the physical and metaphysical worlds, we are more powerful and have more potential to express such strength than any other in the Divant. This is why no matter how advanced technology becomes in other worlds, our planet will remain a wondrous entity to be observed and respected.

Human Potential:

Inside most all humans dwells an amazing force which has abilities beyond what many have ever imagined. Our human shells also have abilities when occupied by a soul. All beings radiate what many call an “aura”, all beings have a past from ages our memories commonly fail to tell. Our strengths can grow with practice, not with time. No matter how many bodies one occupies through reincarnation, strength of the soul does not increase until knowledge of ones power is noted.

Some say humans have the ability to fly without wings or technology, this is not true, nor is the idea that we are able to lift buildings without proper assistance from those of the Divant – however all of the rightfully occupied bodies have the ability to create a protector for their souls that can be seen in the metaphysical realm. These protectors will keep away all unwelcome guests of the Divant, even Sivontes if such a desire is necessary (not really best as a religion, but I think it’s a cool fictional story). The protectors are a reflection of self with a strengthened image to assist efficiency in keeping away negative vibes along with the two classes dwelling in the Divant. These are highly effective for a universally pure life if used in the right manner.

For those who feel more so strengthened than their peers in the soul spectrum, a source of fire/light seen in the Divant can be developed within one of the central points of energy, the chest, or cranium, rapidly making its way outward to radiate a light/flame pushing all energies of any kind away. In such a situation, imagination, and persistence is key, you must create the light or fire within yourself and force it out with a power much like the sun.

[image of Greg]

Onision started a religion? Must be a cult.

Another method of protecting ones body from fear and/or invasion is to write symbols on walls surrounding the area in which you stay most often (wow, the show “Supernatural” wasn’t even on the air yet), only if you believe in these symbols will the proper energies be kept out, otherwise the time spent will be wasted, as a deflective box or circle would not be present in your mind, and with little to no metaphysical structural integrity, the walls may crumble. Such occurrences should be avoided, and another member of the same faith should be grouped to assist in protection. This tactic is exactly like the reference before regarding animals in packs.

These abilities were given to us to fight off those of the Divant who were never meant to find their way into the physical realm. Many people need not create a protector, a safe room or an energy field around themselves for anything below standard protection, as we were all created with such a field of energy. However these will not keep the strongest of Zodins or corrupted Sivontes from hurting innocent humans as they have in the past. Knowledge often does lead to power, and with that you can become your own sanctuary of peace and protection. Without willpower, passion and ambition however, this is near impossible.

The Unseen Post-Living:

When human bodies die, the way we lived our lives will decide whether or not we ever occupy a human body again. Those who are able to stay pure in the Divant and in the physical realm are given the opportunity to find a home in a developing body. Exceptions and measures are taken to save some Sivontes by giving the Sivonte a body which counters their behavior in the past life, or in the Divant. Such examples of this are often times those who spent their lives hurting others emotionally due to lack in compassion will find themselves in an abusive relationship only through this turn being on the receiving end at an age, or mindset which would not allow them to contradict or counter fairly. Another example of such a learning experience would be to handicap/disable a person who would pick on those physically weaker than themselves, giving a new perspective or even astonishing realization that would change them forever.

[image of Greg]

Onision drank the Sicescan Kool Aid.

Upon death, a choice is made, when we occupy new bodies our memory is to be wiped of all but the subconscious, and the soul. Contrary we have the option to dwell in the Divant for a short while, possibly choosing to watch over our families and friends until we ready to move past the life lived until the next death.

Some delusions are made about the afterlife regarding speaking to the dead, not all those who believe they are communicating with the dead truly are, and in that are rather speaking to themselves. This is somewhat like those who believe they are talking to a higher power, or making conversation with a recently passed relative when they had already chosen a new body. This however does not discredit all assumptions of the presence a loved one may have, continue on to discover more in regards (I actually still completely agree with this part).

Our physical minds are powerful enough to create alternate personalities as we see fit. Whether or not we realize they are split personalities is entirely up to the creator of the regarded communication, and in this, an astonishing amount of us seem to drain away our days into doomed hopes and improbable dreams. Much like this, those who believe they are speaking with those in the Divant can find themselves sadly mistaken when they encounter conflictions with accuracy, and plausibility.

The truth beside all Sivonte-human interactions is that we are best connected with them through the unexpressed aspect of emotion. Presence is more often than not genuine when detected by the stronger vibes we sense on an occasional basis. If one is to feel someone next to them only to look beside them and see nothing, this does not mean only air dwells before them, but rather a Sivonte or Zodin stands before them.

Behavioral Guidance:

In society today we find a large amount of conflicting belief systems, cultures and general opinions regarding various topics. One of the major problems we find in society is pressure to use religion as a role in government, non-private schools & various other organizations originally intended to stand absent of any belief system. Considering our past and present, Sicescans encourage all followers and associates to only express the beliefs of Sicesca if it is first requested by peers. In no way do we wish Sicescans to pressure or discomfort those who are not ready for this system of beliefs (nice, even then I disliked forcing religion on people).

[gif of Greg dancing with the text "happy dance"]

The official dance of Sicesca.

We are not a group that should be obsessed over, but rather, we are mere messengers of the truth unlike other groups relying on faith (I supposed because Earth/The Sun is the god of Sicesca that automatically meant Sicesca = fact). Our recognized reality has a main purpose to respect the earth we live on as it is the creator of our lives, and in that we realize the service that we are meant to one day provide.

Attempts to contact, temporarily pass into, or otherwise connect with the Divant are discouraged if alone. As emphasized before, there is power in numbers, but when alone the experiences can become most unpleasant considering first entrance of the Divant has a respectable chance of containing negative entities nearby (so basically this entire religion is focused on your soul & exploring the astral plains, that which I in all reality, have barely any experience with).

To expand your mind and the minds of others by informing others of your experiences should be a main objective. When one mocks, attacks or disturbs the Zodin or even the Sivontes negative recoil is likely to occur. Because of this, and by the ethics encouraged by Sicesca, a respectful attitude when handling the world of Divant is strongly encouraged.

What you do with your life is up to your mind to draw out, if you truly believe in the Sicescan reality, your objectives in life will be to live happy, to make progress, to consider the possibilities available for our earth, to do what it takes to save our planets ecosystem, to make a difference for the better of earth and humanity, and most of all, to live free of shackles society has to offer (sounds pretty liberating, but idealistic/unrealistic).

Perspectives Involving Sexuality:

People of our history have proven to demote the value of the female gender countless times due to one major factor, physical strength. However a contrary conclusion is held clear in our way of life (so this is a pro-female religion… starting to like my 17 year old self more).

[gif of Greg]

Clearly Onision is a cult leader.

Humans were created in two classes male and female, one to compliment the other and mutually so. However in making this attempt for companionship the free will of ego, and the common male’s desire for dominance came into play. Appreciation of the complexities a woman must go through in order to produce a new physical body are not respected as much as strength in the current world are by the masses. In support of both genders, we appreciate both parties for their strengths and weaknesses. Not all people are created equal, yet by opinion, opposing sexes are beside one another, just as they often are in life and love.

A major issue that has been seen around the world for thousands of years both in the home and the public is those who chose to find love with the same sex instead of the opposing. By perspective of many unsympathetic citizens and even major authority figures, this way of life is seen to be a cancer in societies all over the world. Sicesca however has no concern of sexual preference (it’s pro-gay rights too? Considering I wrote this almost 10 years ago, standing ovation, seriously), our focus it is on the conservation of the Earth, and those dwelling on it. Looking over this, all humans with a desire to help are welcome in our cause.

Physical Health:

As we are to keep this world healthy we are also meant to keep ourselves in the best condition possible. By overeating, spreading disease, expressing unnecessary rage, and many more corrupt activities you as an individual make our planet less livable. It is said that those who hate life also despise themselves, and in disliking self, appreciation of all others/things becomes much more complicated (sounds like a lot of Speaks videos, I suppose I haven’t changed that much as far as these specific beliefs go).

[gif of Greg]

The Official Clothing of Sicesca

To make sure your life is a healthy one you should take part in regular dentist, doctor & psychiatrist visitations however often as advised. Those who keep themselves in the right mind and body will find a greater sense of worth, confidence & overall use for the advancement of society.

When people see each other failing in life, unhealthy, un-groomed and unhappy, the vibes sent out can often times turn to be dramatic. Those who fail to care about themselves are in so many ways hurting everyone else in their lives, whether it be through smoking, insulting themselves or any other method of degrade. Don’t ever give up on life, know that there is hope that you will one day be a person of peace and bliss if you truly look for it in others, and in yourself.

We cannot serve the greater cause if we are not healthy. We are all on this planet to prove what we can do for it, and everyone else living on it. We are intended to be the light in the dark, none other but us. If you have ever been seeking a higher power to guide your way, all you ever had to do was look in the mirror, there you will find your past, present, and future.

What you are is an amazing creation unlike no other, respect that fact, and become what you were meant to be.


So, I haven’t read the above (in full) in quite a few years, but I have to say, though I sounded extremely idealistic/unrealistic. Despite what many have stated in the past (dishonestly so as nothing supported their claims), there is no leader of Sicesca, and the only god that exists is the Earth itself and based on what I read, the sun/universe etc.

This religion did not ask for money, it did not ask for an oath or initiation, but you know that considering you read the above.

There were some pretty wild things said, however it had been demonized far too much, so I’m glad I could share what was actually said with you.

Regardless, I remain Agnostic. I love a lot of the above ideas, but dedicating myself to any religion, to me, is unreasonable. I think people should just live their life to be happy, screw doing it for any leader/god or otherwise “superior” entity. Love your family/friends, and be happy.