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Newbies Host in 2003
Newbies Host was a web host and design service created and run by Greg in 2003. (Source)


Newbies Host featured many hosting plans that could be purchased from Greg. Like Niqmo, his other hosting site, it reads " Copyright © 2003 Moon Mare Inc." at the bottom of each page.

Welcome Message

NewbiesHost provides all the tools you need to start and enhance your websites. Great hosting plans, site designs and promotions. A wealth of add-ons and features to create and maintain top-notch websites.
Plus, our online team of designers invite you to visit our latest creations. See what we can do for you, or get an idea of what you might like, all at affordable prices.

The site also featured its own message board, although it was not archived.


The site stayed up for years. By mid 2007, it became a directory to websites Greg had created through commissions and for personal use. (Soure) It stayed this way through 2011. By 2013, the URL was no longer being used.