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Greg asking Mac to be his cameraman
Macncheese was fan Greg invited to fly out to his home to be his cameraman. Mac later leaked messages between herself and Greg.

**During the events in this article, Kai went by the nicknames "Lainey" or "Lain" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos will not.


Macncheese emerged as a fan of Greg and Kai's in 2017. She was known for frequently commenting on their Younow streams. Some noted her likeness to Greg and Kai's ex, Billie.

On August 19, 2017, Greg used a seflie of Mac in his latest Fan Rating Video. He also used her selfie in the video thumbnail. In the video, Greg joked that he had to come up with something to dislike in the selfie, so he said her shirt was awkward, but everything else was great.

The next day, Mac tweeted about being in the thumbnail for a famous youtuber and tagged Onision, pointing out she was the one with the awkward shirt. Greg replied, "Thanks for being in the video!" Greg followed Mac on twitter. (Source)

On August 22nd during Greg's livestream, Mac thanked Greg for visiting her Younow earlier that day and for giving her tips. (Source)

On August 29th, Greg DMs Mac, asking if she knew how to work a camera. She replies she doesn't. He tells her he is looking for a "hardcore fan" to operate a camera for him. He says he needs someone who is really into his content or it wouldn't work. She apologizes, saying she does not have any experience and she would have loved to help.

The next day, during Greg's Younow stream, Mac commented she wanted to get out of the state she is living in, but doesn't know where to go. Greg replied on stream and says she should learn how to operate a camera because he is looking for a cameraman. (Source)

That same day, Mac messages Greg again and suggests she could have a friend teach her how to use a camera. Greg tells her to do it because it's a good life skill. Mac says it will be cool to visit and says she's going to make this camera thing happen.

On September 1st, Mac messages Greg to let him know she began volunteering with a special needs class and will not have the time to help him film. She apologizes and says she hopes he finds someone. They have a brief conversation on why Kai was seemingly ignoring Mac during his streams. Greg tells Mac Kai doesn't trust her because she started talking to Greg first. He says Kai suspects she is only pretending to be into him. Mac says she understands and offers to stop contacting Greg because she doesn't want to make Kai uncomfortable. Greg says he talked to Kai and Kai says he's not intentionally ignoring Mac.

Mac continued to stay active on Greg and Kai's liveshows throughout September. On September 25th, when Kai asked what color he should dye his hair during a livestream, Mac commented yellow. (Source) Some thought this was evidence Mac could have been a troll all along since Kai's ex Billie recently dyed her hair yellow and Kai was always being accused of copying Billie's hair colors or "skinwalking" Billie.


On October 17, 2017, Mac took to the drama imageboard lolcow to clear up misinformation about her interactions with Greg. She also leaked her twitter DMs with Greg.

Mac clarifies she was not a Patreon and says she was not a troll. She blames her immaturity for her ignorance about Greg and Kai's history and for seemingly trolling Kai by telling him to dye his hair yellow. When asked how she felt when Greg would call her an "18 year old cutie patootie" on stream, she said, "THAT CREEPED ME THE HELL OUT IF IM BEING 100% HONEST. at first i was flattered but he said it so much, and taking his age into consideration, it’s just so odd." When asked when her turning point was, when she realized they were horrible, she says she realized the night before when talking on the phone with a friend. She says she had a moment of realization when her friend explained to her how weird everything was.

Post Leak

In December 2017, Kai spoke about Mac during a Younow stream. Kai says he didn't like Greg talking to Mac because it was "so obvious" Mac was fishing for information. He says she followed people on twitter from the drama blogs and people he had issues with in the past. He says the only reason she'd follow them is if she didn't like himself and Greg. He says nothing Greg said to Mac bothered him and that he trusts Greg not to do anything behind his back. "Asking for someone to be a cameraman is not fucking cheating or flirting." (Source)

In early 2018, it seems Greg was able to find a "hardcore fan" to come to the house to be his cameraman, Sam.

In December 2019, Greg spoke about Mac during a livestream with his Patreons. He says there was a chick he asked to be his cameraman. She never came out, but she was considering it. He says she randomly exposed him one day, but it was so "weak" everyone forgot about her. He says the same thing happened with Vix. (Source)