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Greg talks about his friendship with Vix ending
Vix was an online friend of Greg's in 2017. Vix was revealed to be a troll months after their friendship ended.

**During the events in this article, Kai went by the nicknames "Lainey" or "Lain" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos will not.


Vix, a self-described premeditated troll, joined Greg's discord in 2017. She says she always loved internet drama and following the worst people on the internet, which lead to her curiosity about Greg and his discord. She says she joined without paying for his Patreon. She claims she only joined to troll and to laugh at it, but Greg ended up picking her out by her voice. (Source) She said she was just being herself in the discord and had no intentions of meeting Greg or having a legitimate friendship with him.

According to Greg, he and Vix would text back and forth "like crazy." He says they would talk about anime, video games, and life goals. Greg later said this was a big deal to him because he doesn't have a lot of friends and he felt Vix was different because she made him laugh and was always kind to him. ($ource) Vix says the messages between her and Greg made her boyfriend uncomfortable.

According to Vix, Greg invited her to visit his house without first consulting his spouse, Kai. She says he told her she would have to pay for her own flight. According to leaked texts, t seems at some point Greg was considering selling his car in order to afford a plane ticket for Vix. (Source) Greg says he invited Vix so they could film videos and play video games together. ($ource) Vix says she turned down his invitation. (Source)

Friendship End

On July 17, 2017, Greg began tweeting about being upset about a fight he had and losing a friend. He explains he met an amazing girl and he knew they could be great friends and make videos together, but her boyfriend freaked out. He says their relationship would have been professional, but her boyfriend decided they can't be friends. He says she is one of the coolest people he's ever talked to and that he's heartbroken. Greg tweeted "Your significant other is there to love you, not control you." (Source) When Greg made a poll asking what his followers think of guys who tell their girlfriends who they can and can't be friends with, a twitter user replied with a screen shot from a public twitter fight Greg had with his spouse Kai. In the fight, Greg was angry at Kai for tweeting about someone who disliked him and he accused Kai of not being loyal. Greg replied he was wrong for that and has since made fun of himself for that. (Source)

"A Controlling Boyfriend Ended My Friendship"
The next day, Greg uploaded the video "A Controlling Boyfriend Ended My Friendship". Greg starts the video by saying he is bummed out and woke up really sore, like there is a bleeding wound inside him. He explains he made a female friend and he thought everything was fine. They never talked about any relationship stuff, just friendship. To prove this he reads out their last messages before he was blocked. He says they were talking about Super Smash Brothers. She says she lacks the beautiful voice of Jigglypuff and he implied her voice was better than Jigglypuff. He says she told him because her boyfriend has a history of people betraying him, she's not allowed to text Greg anymore.

Greg says Kai would read all of Greg's texts with females, but Kai said his texts with this person were too boring to read, which proves their conversations were tame. He says if Kai, one of the most high anxiety people he's ever met, is fine with him talking to this person, then how mental does this guy have to be to get his girlfriend to block him after talking about Jigglypuff? Greg says this may seem pathetic, but he's not used to losing friends for no reason. He says he feels more sad and alone than before he had this friend.

Greg brings up the fight he had with Kai that was mention previously and says he was being stupid. Greg says he had no problem with his friend's boyfriend, but the boyfriend still took action because he made things perverted. Guys and girls are allowed to be friends. He says he planned on having this girl in Onision videos. He points out he's had a lot of women in his videos who he only had a professional relationship with. He says if you're worried about age, this girl was in her mid 20's.

Greg says he talked to Kai about this situation and Kai told him he has tons of guys he talks to on a regular basis over the phone. Greg says Kai's allowed to talk to however many guys he wants to because they have trust in their relationships. Greg tells his viewers if they're with someone who doesn't allow them to have friends or friends of a specific gender, then they're likely with someone who is controlling you. He says trust and love go hand and hand. If you don't trust someone to text someone, that's not a good relationship. Greg says Kai goes through his texts because he has nothing to fear. He says love isn't blind, you have to prove it. Trust is earned. He says this person said hanging out with Greg, watching anime, playing video games, and being in his videos sounded amazing, but the boyfriend took that away. He tells the person "I miss you dude." ($ource)

Viewers speculated on who the friend might have been. Some even concluded this must have been fabricated drama due to the fact Greg was being so vague about who he was talking about, which is not usually the case for him. Some viewers speculated the friend was his Patreon discord mod, Vix. At that point, Vix had been a part of Greg's Patreon discord for about two months. At this time, Greg created videos with his discord Patreons through voice and image/text chat and would upload them to Youtube, so viewers outside of his Patreon were aware of Vix. Some even noted he seemed to prefer speaking to Vix over other Patreons and some viewers even accused him of flirting with her. (Here is an example of one of these streams.)

After uploading the video, Greg continued to tweet about being sad, even saying he felt like he was going to have a panic attack. (Source) He also tweeted an email from this friend. In the email, she said she feels lonely because her boyfriend manipulates her into ending her friendships with guys. She says she's been with her boyfriend for 9 years and she is happy with him, but she feels suffocated. He doesn't trust her and accuses her of cheating. (Source) Greg also tweeted, "I love that you love anime." Kai replied, "ok but I don't." (Source) It was well known that Kai did not watch anime, so it seemed he was still talking about his friend. Some took this as a sign Greg had more feelings for this friend than he lead on due to the use of the word "anime". It was speculated whenever Greg and Billie were separated, they would tweet about anime as code to secretly express affection toward one another. (Source)

For the next few weeks, Greg continued to bring up Vix on his Younow streams. On his August 3rd stream, Greg mentioned Vix re-joined his Patreon server. She left a frowny face, then left the server. (Source) By this point, it was confirmed the friend was Vix. Greg may have confirmed this himself on his streams, but none of his Younow streams from this time have been archived.

Troll Reveal (Vixmas)

In September 2017, the anonymous gossip imageboard lolcow experienced downtime due to maintenance. A second lolcow imageboard was implemented called "tempcow". Tempcow was planned to be terminated after maintenance. Because of this, the threads there were more fast paced and chaotic. Tempcow had a feature where users can watch other users type their posts live before posting. On September 3rd, an anonymous user used this feature to talk to readers of a thread dedicated to Onision without making a post. They claimed Greg invited them to his house, but they turned him down. They claimed Greg does not consult Kai before inviting girls to the house. When asked for screen shots, they said Greg was completely cordial and didn't say anything "milky" enough to leak. They mentioned they were of legal age and thanked readers for listening. (Source) Some users questioned if this was Vix. (Source)

It seemed Greg still thought highly of Vix by December 13th. He visited her Younow stream and commented, "Yeah it's Greg. Just saying hi! Bye :P" (Source)

Tempcow was implemented again around December 2017. Vix took this opportunity to confirm she was a troll by dumping screen shots of her interactions with Greg onto the chaotic threads. Many who read the messages believed Greg was interested in dating Vix and some even accused Greg of emotionally cheating with Vix. Board members dubbed this time period as "Vixmas". After tempcow's deletion, most of Vix's posts were not archived, but many of her screen shots were.

Kai reacting to the Vix leaks
On December 13th, Kai was streaming when viewers told him to read the leaked conversations between Vix and Greg. After ending the stream, Kai read the leaks and returned to Younow for a second stream. On the second stream, Kai says he already discussed these messages with Greg and they already talked about Vix coming over to be a cameraman and to film videos. He doesn't understand how this is "cheating". He says in the messages Greg kept calling Vix his friend and nothing about the screen shots was weird. He says people were saying Greg was going to fly Vix to their home to kick him (Kai) out. He says these messages were supposed to be so incriminating, "bitch where?" He says when Greg told Vix he was going to kidnap her it was an obvious joke, like "I'm grooming you." He says he tells his friends who live far away that he wants to kidnap them all the time.

Kai says apparently is Greg wants to be friends with a female or have a friend in a video, it's creepy and weird. Kai says he has lot of guy friends and he tells them they like being friends with them and that they're a cool person. That's not creepy or flirting. He says he can also be friends with girls even though he's attracted to them.

Kai says he's very jealous human being and if he reads something that makes him slightly uncomfortable it makes him jealous and he didn't feel that way in the slightest when reading the texts.

Kai explains the selling the car text. He says they were already planning on selling the car to have a cushion for in case the IRS were going to take more than they thought they were going tot take. He says since that cushion would be there, Greg could afford to fly out a friend for a video collaboration. He says there is nothing wrong with that. He explains they ended up not selling their car because they ended up re-mortgaging their house instead. (Source)

On December 14th, Vix went live on Younow to discuss trolling Greg. (Only short clips from this stream were archived, Source)

On December 17th, Vix streamed on Younow again. She spoke more about trolling Greg and said she believed he is not capable of having a real friendship. She says she's 27 years old and she believes it worked in her favor because at that time Greg was trying to prove he was friends with people in their 20's. She also mentioned Greg rated her a 9.8 in one of his videos. Someone asked why she released the screen shots. She said she's been holding onto them since the summer and didn't see the point of holding onto them. She says she would have to get stoned to tolerate talking to Greg and his Patreons on Discord voice chat.

When asked about her interactions with Kai, Vix said Kai needs a friend, but talking to him is like pulling teeth. She says in the Erin screenshots that recently came out, you can tell Kai only wanted to talk to her when he wanted to complained and when Erin wanted to talk, Kai would ignore her. (Source)

During the livestream, Vix also reacted to Kai's livestream. She corrects Kai and says she was not supposed to be Greg's camera man, that was macncheese. When Kai says people were saying Greg was flying Vix there to kick out Kai, Vix said that she never said that and she's never seen anyone say that online. When Kai says Greg would say they were friends in texts, Vix asks her viewers if they tell their friends that they're friends in every text? (Source)

On December 17th, Vix leaked conversations she had with Kai:

Post Troll Reveal

After Vixmas, Vix abandoned her twitter and disappeared from the internet.

A month after Vixmas, Greg briefly spoke about Vix in a Younow livestream. He said she did not look how he thought she would. He said he went to her younow and said "oh.." while making a surprised expression. He laughs and says that's all he's going to say about it. He said she messaged him on Patreon asking why he showed up to her Younow and he said he was blocking her on Younow. He said she was still a $5 Patreon, so he blocked her there too to help her out and saved her some money. (Source)

In a 2019 livestream with his Patreons, Greg spoke more about Vix. He was telling his Patreons about people who he says came out to "expose" him, but had weak info so everyone forgot about them, like macncheese. He says Vix was similar to macncheese. When a Patreon asked who Vix was, he explained her as someone he invited her to his house to be a cameraman, but randomly exposed him for being inappropriate with her. He says an example she gave of him being inappropriate was him asking her if she wanted to play Super Smash Bros. Greg says he just wanted to play because it was fun but she was trying to say he wanted to fuck her. He says this is why his current Patreons never heard of these people, their shit was so weak everyone’s like “fuck you”. (Source)